MuscleTech Vapor X5 Next Gen Reviews

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Category: Pre-Workout
Sub Category: Stimulant
Vapor X5 Next Gen Reviews
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About Vapor X5 Next Gen

Vapor X5 Next Gen is a pre-workout made by MuscleTech. It was created to give you “explosive” focus and energy, to help you build muscle and to improve performance in the gym.

The product’s “Musclebuilding Matrix” uses creatine and betaine to improve body composition and strength, while beta-alanine and taurine are included in the “Performance and Endurance Compound” to prevent fatigue.

Vapor X5 Next Gen’s “Pump Matrix” uses arginine and hawthorn extract to enhance muscle pumps, while caffeine and choline are said to provide “explosive energy”. To help improve alertness, the “Neurosensory Blend” contains a mix of L-theanine, galangal extract and yohimbe extract.