Burn Evolved Review

Losing weight should involve nothing more than eating less and exercising more, right?

Well, in practice, we all know it’s a little more complicated. Slow metabolism, stubborn fat cells, and problems with mood, focus, and energy all make shifting excess weight without losing lean muscle a significant challenge.

As nutritional science has developed to better understand the mechanisms behind weight loss, there has been an increase in the number of products that claim they’ll help you lose weight and burn fat more easily.

But not all such fat burning products are made alike. There are a lot of pop-up companies out there promising the earth with ineffective or even dangerous fat burners.

Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved is not one of those, but nor is it one of the best fat burner products. In this review, we’ll look at its ingredients and dosages, the science behind its formulation, as well as its safety, efficacy and cost, to explain to you why this is the case.

Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved Review: At A Glance


  • Green tea extract and cayenne pepper extract are potent, thermogenic fat burners
  • Strong stimulants help ensure elevated energy levels for workouts
  • Trusted company


  • Some unproven ingredients
  • Lack of an effective appetite suppressant
  • Not suitable for vegetarians
  • Doesn’t deliver to the UK

What Is Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved?

Burn Evolved is a fat burning supplement aimed at reducing excess body fat that’s formulated, manufactured, and distributed by US-based Sculpt Nation, one of the world’s leading sports nutrition brands.

Burn Evolved is Sculpt Nation’s second-generation fat burner product featuring an updated formula from its original Sculpt Nation Burn offering.

The new formula is designed to burn excess fat, increase energy levels, boost metabolism, and suppress appetite through its thermogenic blend of ingredients, so as to help you lose weight.

How exactly does Burn Evolved do this though?

Burn Evolved claims it can help you achieve this by unlocking your body’s natural ability to burn excess fat in three ways.

First, it triggers your body to produce Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT). Though this is a fat, it is different to the white fat that makes up most of the stored fat in your body. BAT is responsible for thermoregulation. It does this by infiltrating white fat cells, breaking them up, and unlocking their energy. This is why babies and children have so much BAT, as it helps them grow quickly.

Second, Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved raises your metabolic rate, which is your body’s long-term capacity to burn through fat for energy.

We’re not so sure of the science behind the third way, which Burn Evolved claims involves its thermogenic ingredients “reaching into your cells and ripping the fat right out” to be used as energy, as opposed to other fat burners that leave fat in your blood before it finds a new home elsewhere some days later.

Let’s see how the ingredients stand up to scrutiny in our Burn Evolved review.

Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved Review: Ingredients

The Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved fat burner comprises six active ingredients cased in a gelatin capsule, so it is not suitable for vegetarians.

The product’s guidelines recommend taking two capsules per day. This is considered one serving, and the capsules can be taken together or at different times of the day.

Here’s our take on Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved’s ingredients and dosages in detail.

Capsimax 100 mg (from cayenne pepper fruit extract)

What Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved considers its “star ingredient”, Capsimax is a patented concentrated extract of capsaicin, which is found in cayenne pepper and is responsible for the burning sensation these chillis provoke.

Capsimax serves a dual purpose. It boosts your metabolism to help your burn more calories during workouts or when at rest [1], and it is an appetite suppressant meaning you overeat and snack less. [2] As Burn Evolved puts it, this results in a “significant improvement in waist-to-hip ratio.”

However, the studies in question concern capsaicin, not Capsimax. The two are very similar but as a patented formula, the exact ingredients and doses of Capsimax are kept under wraps, which is why we’re not such big fans. The fat burners have open and transparent ingredients.

Epigallocatechin 300 mg (from green tea extract)

Epigallocatechin (EGCG) is a potent antioxidant derived from green tea extract, which has long been used in traditional medicine as a fat burner.

Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved claims EGCG increases fat oxidation during exercise and at rest, as well as helping to support healthy glucose metabolism.

While studies into EGCG effectiveness as a fat burner are somewhat inconsistent, a meta-analysis of EGCG studies in humans reported significant weight loss in participants who took a minimum daily dose of 100 mg over 12 weeks or more while also using caffeine. [3]

Caffeine 100 mg

This is a big part of the reason why Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved contains a 100 mg dose of caffeine, which is about equivalent to a strong cup of coffee.

As the world’s most popular stimulant, caffeine is also included for its energy-boosting and appetite suppressing properties, helping you to train harder and make the most of your workouts while ensuring you don’t then eat your way back to where you started.

Not only that, caffeine is a fat burner as it encourages greater fat oxidation for longer, with one meta-analysis of thirteen studies concluding it helps promote weight, BMI, and body fat loss. [4]

Paradoxine 30 mg (from paradise seed extract)

This is Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved’s magic ingredient that activates and increases BAT, a brown fat that uses regular body fat as fuel.

Primarily triggered by exposure to cold temperatures, BAT has generated a lot of interest for its potential as a fat burner through dietary supplementation in recent years, but human research into its weight loss effects are still tentative. [5] Most research on BAT to date has been on rodents.

One study on Paradoxine and weight loss, however, used the same dose as is found in Burn Evolved and reported a decrease in visceral fat area at the umbilicus level, but no effect on subcutaneous or total fat. [6]

Indeed, while BAT’s ability to unlock energy from white fat appears clear, researchers contend the body may employ countermeasures to achieve some kind of homeostasis, such as by increasing appetite.

Yohimbine Hydrochloride 6 mg and Rauwolscine 3 mg

Yohimbine is a fat-burning compound present in the bark of the evergreen Yohimbe tree of Central and Western Africa.

It’s believed that Yohimbine blocks alpha-2 adrenergic receptors in fat cells which leads to weight loss. The results of clinical research into Yohimbine’s fat-burning potential are rather mixed though and perhaps a little outdated.

One study into Yohimbine’s effects on 20 obese women indicated it was associated with nearly a 50 percent greater weight reduction than the placebo group. [7] However, this was with a dose four times greater than that found in Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved, while two other studies have reported no significant effect on weight loss through using Yohimbine. [8, 9]

Rauwolscine, meanwhile, is structurally very similar to Yohimbine. Indeed, it is what’s known as a diastereoisomer of that fat burner compound. Rather than helping to burn fat though, Rauwolscine is thought to function by blocking signals released by the body to preserve fat stores. However, research into this compound is very limited so it’s hard to say for sure what effect it has.

Burn Evolved Review: Does It Work?

Burn Evolved does work as a fat burner, but not to the extent that Sculpt Nation would like you to think. It is certainly not one of the best fat burners.

Its use and dosages of EGCG, Capsimax, and caffeine ensure that Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved is a potent, thermogenic fat burner that will help many people with their weight loss goals even if, in the interests of transparency, we have some reservations about patented substances like Capsimax. As we’ve said, the best fat burners are honest and open about what’s inside.

However, the research backing up its BAT claims doesn’t yet stand up to scrutiny. Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved relies on decades-old studies that did not reach solid conclusions regarding its weight-loss potential to justify the inclusion of Paradoxine. It could well be the case that this extract of paradise seed grain works miracles at burning stubborn, dormant fat cells and helping you lose weight, but we need to see more evidence.

Another issue we have with Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved is the lack of a proven long-term appetite suppressant. Caffeine and Caspimax certainly reduce hunger cravings, but they are more of a quick fix. We think an ingredient such as Glucomannan, which is included in many other fat burners, would have been a good addition.

Another notable absence from Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved are vitamins and minerals like vitamins D, B6, and zinc. Western consumers are often deficient in these, and they would do so much to help the body make the most of the other active ingredients.

What Do Customers Think Of Burn Evolved?

There’s no reliable way of gauging customers’ opinions of Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved as a fat burner since the company doesn’t include these on its website and it sells directly to its customers from its webshop.

Reviews of Sculpt Nation on Trust Pilot reveal a pretty major split down the middle between those who this it’s an effective weight loss supplement and those who hate Sculpt Nation’s fat burner. Many of the complaints concern issues obtaining a refund or dealing with customer service, while others claim the product did nothing for them on their weight loss journey.

Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved reviews on health and wellness blogs are also fairly ambivalent about the product. Many commend it for its effect on energy levels and its metabolism-boosting effects but lament the lack of a proven appetite suppressants to help stave off food cravings, and note there are better fat burners on the market.

Is Burn Evolved Safe To Use?

If you are sensitive to stimulants, then it’s perhaps not a good idea to use Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved. The same goes for pregnant and lactating women.

The lack of comprehensive, long-term studies on Rauwolscine is of some concern but to date there have been no reported serious side effects from using Burn Evolved. Sculpt Nation is a trusted company that manufactures its product in GMP-certified facilities, so you don’t have to worry that what you’re consuming is different to what you read on the product label.

As with all health supplements, if you are on medication or have underlying health issues then you should consult with a physician before using Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved.

How Much Does Burn Evolved Cost?

A one-month supply of Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved is normally $67 but it’s reduced to $41 at the time of writing. Savings are possible if you buy in bulk, and Sculpt Nation offers a lifetime money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

However, Burn Evolved is currently only available to customers in North America, and it is not recommended to use third-party sellers on sites like Amazon as they could be peddling fraudulent products.

Burned Evolved Review: Is It Worth It?

In short, not really.

Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved is a decent fat burner that may help you lose weight and burn fat, but it doesn’t have enough going for it to be considered one of the best fat burners in the nutritional supplement space. The market is saturated, after all, with fat burning supplements that try to outdo one another.

Burn Evolved’s most effective fat burner ingredients can be found in most fat burners, and its use of more experimental ingredients like Paradoxine, Yohimbine, and Rauwolscine alongside bold fat-burning claims aren’t backed up by credible or current clinical evidence.

As a weight loss supplement, it also lacks effective natural appetite suppressants to prevent food cravings and it would benefit from additional minerals and vitamins. All in all, it’s a reasonable product but there are better fat burners and weight loss supplements out there.

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