Nugenix Thermo Review

Nugenix Thermo is a thermogenic fat burner supplement designed for men.

While far from being one of the best fat burning supplements available, Nugenix Thermo is a reasonably effective product that offers some benefits for anyone trying to burn fat and develop lean muscle.

In this Nugenix Thermo review, we’ll explore the pros and cons of Nugenix Thermo by examining its benefits in detail and explaining why it fails to compare to other fat burners.

Nugenix Thermo at a Glance

The Nuganix thermogenic fat burner is a quality product that offers modest fat burning benefits. This fat burner will help you to reduce body fat when used in combination with a low calorie diet.

Compared to any other fat burning product, Negenix Thermo offers average results. It’s not a bad fat burner, but it’s certainly not the best fat burner.


  • Boosts metabolism
  • Increases thermogenesis
  • Features natural ingredients


  • Relies too heavily on caffeine
  • Lack of evidence supporting some ingredients
  • Offers only moderate benefits as a fat burner

Nugenix Thermo Background

Developed and distributed by USA-based company Adaptive Health, the Nugenix Thermo fat burner is part of a range of health supplements being sold under the Nugenix brand name.

The most popular and well-known product from the Nugenix range is the testosterone booster, Nugenix Total-T.

Building on the success of Nugenix Total T, Adaptive Health introduced Nugenix Thermo, to help their customers burn fat quickly and easily while maintaining muscle mass.

The formula is designed to increase metabolism and boost thermogenesis. Increasing the rate of these two mechanisms results in more calories being burned and less fat being stored in the body.

Nugenix Thermo Ingredients 

To accomplish its fat-burning objective, the Nugenix Thermo fat burner uses a combination of ingredients each selected for its particular fat-burning properties. These properties include the ability to boost metabolism, regulate blood sugar levels, increase nutrient absorption, and stimulate thermogenesis.

As we will see, one of the downsides of Nugenix Thermo is that it includes a whole lot of caffeine. Five of the 13 ingredients included in Nugenix Thermo are focused on increasing caffeine levels.

Caffeine can boost your metabolism and increase your energy levels, but it can also result in unwanted side effects, such as nervousness, irritability, shaking, headaches, and dehydration. Nugenix Thermo’s over-reliance on caffeine is one of its main drawbacks.

Ingredients In Detail

Contained in two Nugenix Thermo capsules are the following ingredients in the stated amounts:

Vitamin C (17mg) – Although not directly contributing to fat loss or the development of lean mass, studies have demonstrated a link between vitamin C deficiency and an inability to lose weight [1].

Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract (100 mg) – Some studies suggest that coleus forskohlii can reduce body fat while contributing to building lean muscle mass by boosting testosterone. However, another study conducted on overweight women demonstrated no significant weight loss as a result of consuming coleus forskohlii, but suggested that it might prevent weight gain [2].

Cayenne Extract (100 mg) – Cayenne red pepper extract is a valid ingredient for any fat burner. Red pepper’s active ingredients, capsaicin, has been shown to aid weight loss in a number of ways, including increasing thermogenesis and suppressing appetite [3, 4].

Ginger Extract (50 mg) – There is some evidence to suggest ginger has appetite-suppressing properties that will help you to achieve weight loss goals [5]. It may also contribute to thermogenesis, although the evidence for this is limited to one small study [6].

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (30 mg) – Often found in sports supplements for its energy-boosting properties, L-Carnitine has also been linked to modest fat loss [7].

Niacin (16 mg) – Niacin is associated with a host of benefits including boosting brain functioning, improving skin health, and decreasing blood pressure. What’s more, lack of niacin can result in fatigue, cutting your workout short. For this reason, niacin is a popular sports supplement.

Chromium (200 mcg) – Another common ingredient in diet and fat burning supplements, chromium regulates blood sugar levels. Having a stable blood sugar level will reduce the likelihood of overeating as you will not feel so desperately hungry.

Sicilian Red Orange Extract (400 mg) – There is some evidence that red orange extract can help you reduce weight, although the mechanism driving the weight loss are currently unknown [8].

Caffeine Anhydrous (150 mg) – This is dry caffeine, or caffeine powder.  It has the benefit of containing a standard, measurable amount of caffeine, as opposed to coffee which is inconsistent in the amount of caffeine it contains.

Caffeine is regularly included in sports supplements as an energy booster and also to increase metabolism. However, the evidence suggests caffeine has only mild metabolism increasing properties, with one study recording a 3-4% metabolic increase from 100mg of caffeine and a reasonable increase in thermogenesis [9].

Green Coffee Bean Extract (75 mg) – Nugenix Thermo’s second dose of caffeine comes in the form of green coffee bean extract.

Whole Coffee Fruit (50 mg) – This formula includes yet more caffeine from another source: whole coffee fruit.

Guarana Extract (50 mg) – Made from the berries of a plant found in the Amazon rainforest, guarana extract is one-fifth caffeine.

Green Tea Extract (50 mg) – Green tea extract offers another hit of caffeine, included for good measure. It also increases metabolism and thermogenesis, which makes it a more interesting ingredient than the pervious three, which only offer caffeine. The ECEG antioxidant that is found in green tea has been shown to increase the breakdown of fat and work together with caffeine to boost thermogenesis [10].

Does Nugenix Thermo Work?

Since Nugenix Thermo features a somewhat mixed bag of ingredients-not all of which have been definitively proven to work as fat burners-and has an over-reliance on caffeine, the answer to the question “does Nugenix Thermo work?” is: yeah, kind of.

Nugenix Thermo is a fat burner and contains appropriate ingredients that will help you to burn body fat and develop lean body mass without losing muscle. Yet most of the ingredients have only modest fat-burning properties and even combined together will only ever have mediocre results.

The company claims Nugenix Thermo is an extreme metabolic accelerator, meaning it will dramatically increase the rate at which your body converts food into energy. The faster your body metabolises food the less is stored as fat. It might be fairer, and more accurate, to say that Nugenix Thermo is a moderate metabolic accelerator that will give you a decent energy boost thanks to all the added caffeine.

Nugenix Thermo Side Effects: Is it Safe?

Yes, it’s safe to use. There are no reported side effects from using Nugenix Thermo. It does contain a bit too much caffeine, but the main issue is that it focuses on caffeine at the expense of other, potentially more effective, ingredients.

The actual dose of caffeine contained in Nugenix Thermo is not dangerous, though it may result in mild symptoms of caffeine overdose.

Nugenix Thermo Conclusion 

Nugenix Thermo is a thermogenic fat burner but only a moderately effective one. Used in combination with a healthy, low calorie diet you will likely see some positive results and begin to burn extra fat. But Nugenix’s claim to be an extreme metabolic accelerator is perhaps overstated. It is a modest metabolic accelerator at best.

The ingredients included are natural and safe, but unfortunately not all of them are supported by enough scientific evidence. While it is likely that many of the key ingredients increase thermogenesis and metabolic rate, it is not clear by how much. Nugenix Thermo will boost energy levels though, thanks to its high dose of caffeine anhydrous and other caffeine-rich ingredients.

For a more effective thermogenic fat burner supplement that offers fast results, try one of these fat burners instead.


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