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Rep: +101
Trust: 100%
  August 19, 2011

Hello everyone, I guess I am relegated to reviewing some of the websites I have used to order supplements until I finish a few bottles of my current supplements, so here goes.

Obviously Amazon is one of the most well known online retailers for just about everything under the sun. I have used them to order supplements on several occasions and they have their advantages and disadvantages just like any other company, though those characteristics tend to be a bit different due to their size and business model.

Service (9 out of 10): As far as everything I have ordered from Amazon that they process themselves, I have never had any issues whatsoever. However, as a middleman/marketplace for third party vendors, you can often run into some issues. There are far too many vendors to ever personally go through them all, and if everything goes smoothly I tend to chalk it up to Amazon and if something were to ever go wrong then I would remember that specific vendor for screwing something up. They do have some nice safeguards in place however, one of which I recently ran into a few weeks ago, which is that if any vendor does not ship an item you ordered within 30 days then the order is terminated and you are not charged. This definitely helps to keep the consumer from being hung out to dry by a less than reputable vendor that might have had an inflated rating on the site, or if something is just hopelessly out of stock. I generally prefer to buy things that are processed directly by Amazon and try to avoid any vendors with less than a 4 or 4.5 star review. I make sure to note how many reviews a vendor has received and if it's less than 100 I usually opt for someone else because I would rather pay a few dollars more for reliability than get screwed by an unknown vendor. I saw that a few people in other reviews mentioned Amazon Prime which is their upgraded service that you can buy for $79 a year and get all kinds of extra advantages on the site, including free two day shipping, which really can end up paying for itself if you use Amazon to buy enough things. An extra perk to this is that any college student with a .edu address can use that email address to sign up for a free year of Amazon Prime. Now, it's not the full blown version that people pay for since it's a free trial essentially, but you do still get to take advantage of the free two day shipping. The other nice thing about Amazon Prime is that only orders that are processed by Amazon directly are eligible for it, which can be a double edged sword but in my opinion at least I know that it's going to go smoothly and not left to a vendor. When I recently started my Master's degree I signed up for Amazon Prime to get cheap textbooks shipped to me quickly for free, and then soon found myself using it to order supplements as well. I would definitely recommend any college student take advantage of this before they lose their .edu address, to include any of my military comrades on here that use tuition assistance to go to college. Even if you're only taking one course a term it doesn't matter, as long as you have that .edu address that's all you need. While Amazon has been great while I was home, I have run into an issue while deployed where they are not allowed to ship some supplements out of the US even though I technically still have a US APO address. This is what lead me to start using Nutraplanet, though I suspect I will use both sites when I get home. You can always have it mailed to someone in the states and have them mail it to you but that can get to be a hassle and after trying that once I quickly got over it. However, when I did get supplements sent to Afghanistan it always took less than a week when I used my Prime eligibility to get their fastest international free shipping.

Selection (8 out of 10): Since they are so big they usually do have a large and varied selection, however, I have found that it can tend to be a bit all over the place. They have had probably 80-90% of the supplements I have searched for, which isn't bad, but one would think that such a large retailer would have a more complete selection. They have pretty much all the mainstream stuff, but if you're looking for something more obscure or perhaps a little more shady then you're probably looking in the wrong place.

Prices (8 out of 10): While they are able to offer very low prices because of their high volume, sometimes their prices can be a bit scatter brained it seems. And if something is discontinued or running low, Amazon seems to be one of the first places (along with Ebay) that you will see price gouging as the market dries up. The free two day shipping with prime definitely keeps the prices low and can save you a lot of money so that can often offset other issues if they don't have the lowest price. Another price advantage they offer on certain items is to sign up for a subscription and they do offer this on many supplements so that you can knock of say 25% of the price per unit if you sign up to receive a bottle every month or something along those lines. I've yet to have a reason or desire to do this but perhaps when I get back to the States I will find the right supplement to subscribe to that I would need that regularly.

Overall (9 out of 10): Amazon is definitely a site I trust more than most, just make sure to do at least a minimal amount of homework if your purchase is going through a third party vendor. Definitely take advantage of Amazon Prime one way or the other. I also like how they continuously tailor the products they show you based on your purchasing habits as well as the purchasing habits of other customers. This has definitely lead to me finding some complementary supplements that I wasn't aware of at the time. I find that the reviews on the site are fairly trustworthy, especially if there's a large enough volume of them. Be wary of any products with only 5 star reviews because sometimes certain companies will just build up the ratings of their own products and you can never get an accurate opinion on certain supplements, so just make sure you do your homework as with anything else in the supplement world. I think all the great things about Amazon definitely outweigh the bad and I will continue to use them throughout my life for supplements and other purchases and they carry my full recommendation.
Rep: +652
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 40
  January 28, 2017

Probably like a lot of people, Amazon is a site I spend way too much time on. I have a Prime membership that has paid for itself many times over, and many supplements are "prime eligible" meaning they'll typically be delivered within 48 hours. Their customer service is unrivaled as well. They usually have multiple pricing options for products, and will often allow you to order from Amazon directly or from another company via their site. If there is a less expensive option available for an item, they'll notify you of that too.

7/10 - They don't have everything. However, they have almost everything. I'm not sure how their supply chain really works, but I'm assuming they must get some sort of cut by allowing other companies to list their products on and it's up to the retailers whether they want to participate.

----Layout and Ease of Ordering----
Incredibly easy. Simple search bars bring you to your product, and alternative flavors (when applicable) are usually listed right there on the product menu. Amazon seems to tier their pricing based on popularity, so you can easily shop around for the less popular choices if price is most important to you. They also provide similar product suggestions, along with other products that are usually bought together if you want to create a stack. Sometimes they'll also provide additional deals for buying multiple items together that are commonly stacked.

Amazon almost always has the best prices, and almost always has free shipping for prime members. If something is particularly expensive, I'll usually just run a quick google search to see if it's cheaper somewhere else. Most of the time Amazon has the best price though.

If it's shipped by Amazon, shipping is great. If it isn't it can be painful. For example, I ordered APS Creatine Nitrate on January 16th and it won't arrive until the 30th. It feels like a lifetime! If it isn't shipped by Amazon, shop around a bit more.

Unrivaled personal service. Call, Chat, or Email. Amazon is incredible when it comes to customer service.

If Amazon is involved at every step of the way, they're hard to beat. If not, it becomes very average-- maybe below average. I always shop here first and if I can't find everything I'm looking for I'll look elsewhere-- but that rarely happens.
Rep: +1,989
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 67
  December 14, 2015


Hello again all. Figured I might as well put my two-cents in on using Amazon for supplement purchases. This is my primary source for the non-mainstream brands that have a lot to offer for the most part. Brand names I generally go through All Star Health, which I reviewed recently. Anyways, I've provided my experience with Amazon and a few things I know about some others don't.


There's a pretty wide selection to choose from on Amazon, which is sold through their warehouse and third party merchants. This could be a good or bad thing. Amazon items are perfectly fine because they actually monitor everything that is going on with their warehouses, but third party vendors can be a little less trustworthy. The horror stories are true about how some have false supplements with an awesome looking label and description.

They sell as many as possible before Amazon shuts them down after numerous complaints. I was a victim of this because of my impulse to stock up on supps that don't cost too much. Then you can't trust the reviews on most supplements. These companies pay freelancers to write 4-5 star reviews for them in exchange for money (the FDA deems this illegal by the way). This isn't really Amazon's fault necessarily, but they take a little too long before they ban the fake sellers and false advertisers.

Other than this you got a pretty great selection to choose from. Search "test boosters" or "pre-workout supplements" and see at least a few pages worth of products to choose from.

----Layout and Ease of Ordering----

You can easily find out if they have a product you need in a single search. The reason I like them for their search feature is because they show a lot of great recommendations to consider purchasing, which is how I found a few of the supplements I still purchase from time-to-time. The ordering process is quite simple, and if you haven't purchased from them before just create an account to make things easier. The only issue with ordering is that they took away PayPal some time ago. Not quite sure why.


The prices are almost always pretty good and marked down from their retailer price. You can catch daily/weekly deals on supplements, but you have to manually go on the hunt for them since they generally don't advertise them. A lot of the supplements I purchased were 25%-75% off the original Amazon selling price.


Amazon and most third party vendors are pretty good about shipping the next day unless you purchased on the weekend. Generally the process and shipping time up until I receive my package is 2-3 days. Keep an eye on the third party vendors and make sure they are within the U.S. I accidentally ordered wrist wraps from a seller in China and it took nearly a month to receive.


The service provided from Amazon is pretty quick. I contacted them about the whole supplement incident and they provided me a free product that is similar in price from their own warehouse. This might not always happen, but I was pretty lucky the person on the other end was in a giving mood. That being said, anybody I contacted through email or phone with is pretty understanding and try to help the situation to the best of their abilities.


I would recommend anybody to give Amazon a test run for purchasing their supplements, but also advise them to be cautious with sellers not a part of Amazon.
Rep: +1,251
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 38
  June 1, 2012

Amazon in my opinion is the best place to buy supplements.

Price - 10/10 - The prices fluctuate almost daily and they are better than almost every other website out there, outside of random/daily sales at some other websites. You can consistently get the best prices on most products nearly every time you browse. What I do personally, is put a lot of supplements on my "wish list" and watch the prices change throughout the month. Amazon even makes you aware of how much the price has changed since you added it to your wishlist.

Service - 10/10 - It's amazon, any time you have an issue. They will fix it no questions asked and often times reimburse you on top of cost for the inconvenience. Can't say enough about them.

Selection - 8/10 - This is where they struggle a bit. I use SR to find a lot of "smaller" brands and this doesn't mesh well with Amazon's selection. Even some of the more "known" brands are not sold on Amazon. However, they've got essentially all the big boys being sold by multiple sellers, so you should find what you need in most regards.

Shipping - 10/10 - I am an Amazon prime member, so I get everything within 2 days for no extra cost. They are always incredibly timely with their shipments and there has never been an error in my 50+ shipments. They ship everything out the same day, within I believe a 16 hour window. You cannot beat that. My last order, I ordered outside of their window by about 90 minutes and they still got it to me within 2 days by using overnight service for no additional charge.

Great, great, great e-tailer.
Rep: +1,096
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 57
  August 3, 2015

Just did my review on TFsupps, felt I should do one on this site as well since it has become one of my main sources for supplements and weightlifting accessories.

-Selection- (9.5/10)
It's Amazon, they have just about everything you could possibly need. I found Blackstone Labs Resurgence for $10 less on Amazon then anywhere else I had found it, plus it was prime(Which I am a member) and I got it in two days, you cannot beat that.

-Layout and Ease of Ordering-(10/10)
Amazon has their system down to perfection for ease of ordering, and their layout on their website and app is impeccable. I absolutely love Amazon for how easy it is to use.

Now, they are not a dedicated supplement website so some of their prices on certain items might be high, however on others they're unbeatable and usually they're primed so being a member makes it even better. I found that on most items the free 2 day shipping makes an item a better deal than most other websites, it can vary depending if a site is running a sale or something like that. Also all supps sold directly by Amazon come with a price match guarantee.

One word: Prime. If you have an account (which you can use for much more than supps) it makes this one of the best websites for supplements and weightlifting accessories. I purchased the rebrnad 7mm knee sleeves, price was the same as everywhere else but they primed it making Amazon the best option. Their shipping is fast, and always on time.

The service is great, they hold all of their retailers to a certain standard and they're always willing to help you out with any problem you may have.

Amazon is by far my favorite online store, and one of my favorite stores for supplements. Their service is great, shipping is fast and their prices rival any one else's selling the same item. I would definitely recconmend them for supplement or weightlifting accessories.
Rep: +500
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 42
  September 15, 2015

Amazon has been my go to site for buying stuff, whether it is supplements or not. I am a prime member so I get free two day shipping.

Selection A

Unfortunately even as big Amazon is, they do not carry every single item I have looked for. Ex) They do not carry Pre JYM, the #1 rated preworkout on for 2015. Generally speaking though, I have been able to find the big and the well known brands.

Layout A+

Amazon's home layout is very simple and very easy to follow. Someone new to Amazon would be able to learn and find what they needed in minutes. Amazon also has an app, which is very simple to use. It is very similar in layout to the website. In the app there is a barcode scanner. This allows a person to scan a product at a store and see the reviews or the price on Amazon.

Ease of Ordering A+

Amazon remembers your credit card from your previous purchase. This helps so that you do not have to reinput the card and the numbers. However this feature is seen through many websites now. Ease of Ordering is getting an A+ for one reason: one click purchase. With one click of a button on the website, you can order a product without having to go through the process of rechecking your information. Now Amazon has created a physical button called the Dash Button. Makes ordering even simpler.

Prices A

Fair prices. Supplements are usually a little cheaper than There are always deals of the day or lightning sales.

Shipping A+

Throughout the time of being a prime member, I have not run into any trouble with Amazon's shipping. With prime comes free two day shipping. It is the best thing in the world. Two days later, the package is right at my door. Sometimes if the package is small, it comes in a day. I had ordered swimming goggles in the morning, and the next day that same package was at my door. Never has my package come later than two days or has ever gotten lost.

Service A

Amazon's service is excellent. The past times I've had problems with my product, I have emailed Amazon customer service. They have always gotten back to me within 5 hours. A pair of headphones I had purchased 6 months ago had stopped working. I contacted Amazon and they said they would ship me a new pair, free of charge with free one day shipping. All I had to do was send back the non-functioning product. Amazon always makes sure to take good care of their customers

Overall A

I would highly recommend using Amazon. Amazon has a large selection of products and their prices are very reasonable. With free two day shipping, Amazon is my go to retailer. Customer service is great and their shipping is always on point.
Rep: +32
Trust: 58%
  April 5, 2011

If you already have an Amazon account and have purchased threw them before then you might as well order some supplements with them. I (like everyone else) love getting the cheapest price for my supplements but I hate having to register with a new site then receive email’s from them all the time. I have a b.s. email account for that very reason. Amazon’s prices are typically right around as low as they get. The item(s) always gets to me but the time frame always differs which I understand because they use all sorts of other companies (or companies use them). I have had cases where I received my supplement 2 days after I ordered, but then I have had up to 7-8 days (5-6 business days). But I have always received what I paid for so Amazon will always have my business. Plus I order other stuff threw them so they are a great multi-purpose ordering website.
Rep: +487
Trust: 100%
  March 27, 2012

Been shopping here for quite awhile now, usually just for electronics and stuff, but I recently started buying supplements off Amazon.

Price: 9.5 Found some NO pills Ive never heard of (I love trying new products) for $10 and only $5 shipping, which is excellent compared to some other places that have incredible prices but then rape you in shipping.

I recently bought a two month supply of Opti-Men for me and a two month supply of Opti-Women for my girl as well and paid a grand total of $28 and free shipping.

Selection: 5.5 They honestly have a very poor selection, for most of the stuff IM looking for anyway. They do however tend to have a lot of unknown or just starting out companies so its a pretty decent place to try new things.

Shipping Cost: 10 Excellent shipping prices, I usually pay no more than $8 but thats if I even pay for shipping, only $25 worth of sales from Amazon themselves and you can, on most small items, select Super Saver Shipping which is free shipping, just a bit slower but Ive never had something take more than 7 days.

Shipping Speed: 7 Im basing this off of comparing to Supplement Warehouse for instance (which is 2 days shipping). Unfortunately the shipping takes awhile longer (especially if you choose free shipping) but in the long run its by far worth it. If you are just restocking something then simply order a week before you run out and youll be resupplied before its out and have saved a ton. Of course you always have the option of paying more for faster shipping.

I greatly recommend, for almost anything.
Rep: +1,143
Trust: 100%
  September 12, 2015

Whats up guys another review. I first found out about SR when I got into weight lifting. This has been my go to site for what to buy and what not to buy. I used to go to local stores for my supplements. I used to do sales and was selling cable and internet inside best buy. I kept hearing about people coming in and window shopping and than buying their electronics online at amazon instead. When I moved to Ohio I got into going to a local store. Although the owner and I became friendly I was never really able to get products for as cheap as I got them back in California. I believe this was mostly due to the fact that I grew up with the owner and his family back in CA and he was extremely nice enough to give me huge discounts and great advice. Also I realize that small businesses need to make money and if they give me a discount then they will have to give others the same price etc. I understand completely as a business owner myself. I also realize that me being able to provide for my family, pay bills, and saving money for future endeavors come waaay before my need to buy supplements. Part of growing up is having and honoring responsibilities. Although I still need supplements I would like to not get over charged for them when I could use money for something else. I thought one day after spending what I feel was way too much for some protein powder to look online. The first place I thought of was amazon because I figured the same principle would be applied to supplements as the electronics. And here is my experience.

Okay the only thing that I feel that can be improved on is their selection. I realize that amazon is comprised of hundreds of thousands of different individually owned stores that come together to be sold on this one site. I used to manage shipping orders from several amazon stores and ebay stores alike. No online store has everything you need. Amazon I feel doesn't have it as much as I would like them to. Not a big deal but it makes it easier when I can buy everything in one place.

----Layout and Ease of Ordering----
The layout of the site is dummy proof. Easy flow very straight forward. No complaints whatsoever.

Okay so when I was looking online to see if I could save some money rather than going down the street I was amazed. Instead of spending around $96 for protizyme I spend $72. Instead of spending $55 for ESP I spend $30. Instead of spending $44 on metabolic CGP I get it for $16! $16! Yes again I realize that small business cannot compete with Amazon. I completely understand that. But a $10 discount after spending over $500 I feel is not the best way to keep customers coming back. Also I feel like overpricing supplements and than having to buy a membership to a supplement store in order to get the supplements not as expensive but still completely overpriced than what they should be is also not a great way to keep customers. I workout and powerlift as a hobby. Some guys spend all their time and excess money on cars and car parts. Those guys also seek out the best deals so their car parts are still what they need and it doesn't affect their family's finances. It's the same school as thought so what I just posted I saved $77. This money can go to anything I choose. Or if I stayed with the local business I would have to literally buy what I posted close to 14 times in order to save the same amount I do by switching to amazon right off the bat.

I guess I just keep buying from reputable sources on amazon because I have never once had any problems in this area. Also I got a free trial of Prime and got my preworkout in two days so I was ready to use it quicker than I was expecting which was also a plus.

I don't have too much of a view here. I guess there service is good because I get the email saying when it has shipped. I never had to contact customer service or had any questions regarding any issues so I never actually experienced their customer service.

My conclusion on amazon is it will always be my first choice for any supplement I want to try/take/get again. As I look around at other sites the prices never compare. If they don't have a product of which I am seeking out I will look at SR and check out which site I should order from in order to get what I need. Hint: Lockout supplement shop review coming in a couple weeks or so.
Rep: +408
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 3
  February 13, 2011

Amazon is good and sometimes has even better prices than But a bad thing is that it takes like 1-2 weeks just for them to SHIP it out and another week for it too get here. Its like cmon sometimes i dont even want to order from there and dont mind paying an extra 5 dollars for faster delivery from allstarhealth or But it does have a great selection and the value of these products are as good or better than bodybuilding.coms.

All in all i would recomend it.

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