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Vapor X5 Next Gen is a pre-workout made by MuscleTech. It was created to give you “explosive” focus and energy, to help you build muscle and to improve performance in the gym.

The product’s “Musclebuilding Matrix” uses creatine and betaine to improve body composition and strength, while beta-alanine and taurine are included in the “Performance and Endurance Compound” to prevent fatigue.

Vapor X5 Next Gen’s “Pump Matrix” uses arginine and hawthorn extract to enhance muscle pumps, while caffeine and choline are said to provide “explosive energy”. To help improve alertness, the “Neurosensory Blend” contains a mix of L-theanine, galangal extract and yohimbe extract.


5 reviews for Vapor X5 Next Gen

  1. Firefighter

    Hey bro………do you even vapor X5 ????
    I am a 26 year old male fireman from Ohio. I have been into weight lifting and keeping in good shape for about 4-5 years now. I love trying new and different supplements.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    The ingredients in this supplement are great. They have a lot of different ingredients that do various things. Some of the highlight ingredients for me are Betaine, Nitrosigine, Choline bitartrate, L-theanine and of course caffeine. I like the variety of ingredients they add to support pump, focus, energy, and muscle building.

    The taste was great and probably the best thing about this preworkout. I had candy watermelon and it tasted exactly like it sounds. It mixed perfectly and I did not experience any settling or any clumps at all. The dosing is where I have my issue with this preworkout. Like many other supplements out there they tell you there is 30 serving per tub. Which seems like a great deal. But if you really want to get the proper dose to get these ingredients to have any noticeable effects you need to use at least 2 scoops minimum. So that leaves you with at most 15 serving per tub which is the major downfall for me.

    Using one scoop I noticed almost no effects at all. I felt a slight increase in energy due to the caffeine but that was it. 1 scoop was basically a waste of money and water. Now when I started using 2 scoops I began to feel an increase in focus. Using 2 scoops I never really got a noticeable pump which was a bit upsetting.

    I bought this product when it was on sale for $25 which at the time I thought would be a good deal. I have recently been seeing it on sale for $20 on a few different sites. Personally unless your buying 2 I don’t think this is a good value for the serving size needed to get any effects.

    —-Side Effects—-
    I did not experience any side effects while using this product besides some slight disappointment.

    Overall I would not recommend this product to any of my buddies unless they come across a phenomenal 2 for 1 sale and are able to double up their doses. I don’t think the effectiveness for this product is worth the price. Unlike a lot of people I have like many of muscletechs products and was excited to try this one. Well this one didn’t work out but I’m hopeful they will create a new preworkout soon.

  2. Antbox

    Solid, but not game changing pre workout
    (About yourself, 1-3 sentences maximum)
    I found out about SR the same way I’m assuming most users do, looking up reviews. I’m posting so I can contribute to the site with my experiences. I’m trying to cut a bit of weight and put back on some muscle mass after taking a hiatus from working out after getting out of the military. I’ll be reviewing Vapor X5, LeanBCAA, stacked protein, and muscletech creatine.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    1.5 grams of creatine monohydrate – a welcome addition, but not enough to meet the 5G daily recommend for Max gains.

    1.25g betaine anhydrous – also lower than the recommended 6 gram daily dose. Has shown to help with weight loss, digestion, support liver function, and build muscle mass

    1.6g carnosyn – the minimum daily recommended dose. No prickly feeling. Helps with preventing muscle fatigue.

    500mg taurine – has similar effects to creatine

    750mg nitrosigine – an advanced version of arganine that has higher bioavailability. Increases NO and pump

    190mg caffeine – self explanatory

    There’s some other ingredients of lower importance, mainly for “neuro performance”

    Taste for the watermelon flavor was good, not great. Mixes a little grainy. A lot of the dosing is underdosed if you want the max benefits and don’t want to supplement them.

    It is definitely noticeable in the energy department, but not overwhelming because of the relatively low caffeine content. I noticed pretty good pumps for not taking an additional NO product

    Value was great. $45 for 2 30 serving tubs.

    —-Side Effects—-
    The standard NO Xplode side effect haha

    A solid, but not great pre-work out. It’s got some solid ingredients, although underdosed on many of them. This is a good pre-workout if you don’t want the jittery caffeine feeling and can find it on sale.


    MT Ultimate Preworkout? Close but meh (Jay Cutler edition?)
    Hey guys, Glad to bring you my awesome experience with Vapor x5 Next Gen! Ever since the very first Nano Vapor came out I think a decade ago, I have always have looked upon it with favor as I remember that very advert with Jay and Dex flip it was lit but the pre workout itself was really effective for me. Even though the previous nano vapor was a true disappointment, next gen looked alot better, and it was.

    —Ingredient Profile—
    *Pictured Below*
    right, full dosage of beta alanine and a good amount of betaine per full serving is good you know, but that aside this formulation worked really really well and I felt that immediately. Caffeine content isn’t too high, but i would like to see more L-Citrulline added not to mention an addition of ALCAR which is always nice to have, the addition of Choline is a nice touch but overall nothing super sensational but overall “solid” is the best word that come to mind, to sum up the ingredient profile. (Not ot mention huge fan of cocoa)

    Fruit punch 8/10
    Fruit punch was not bad at all, I found the less liquid added to the mix the better. It was a strong medicinal taste but heck it was good, It tastes alot like the original nano vapor which I enjoyed because of the hardcore taste.

    Never had an issue when it came to mixibility, only slight residue if left unconsumed for a bit.

    Easy 1-2 scoop 15 mins or so was the sweet spot for me. I prefer 1 extra mountainous scoop but that destroyed my wallet. (ps the funnel scooper is so rad)

    For me I really am specific when it comes to preworkouts, I usually get a good feel of a preworkout within the first 2/3 days. Normally if it works I keep if not then it’s on to the next. I felt a lot of goodness on a heaped scoop and really looked forward to every training session literally I only had 1 or 2 bad workouts due to poor sleep but damn it was really good, better than the original I must say. Energy was really clean without any crash whats so ever, I cannot tell you how I dislike crashing its the one sure way I will just discontinue using a supplement. Energy was good but not overwhelming, Intensity was really awesome and every workout ended up sweat educed and drippin – you can’t beat that. Focus was good, not the best but good, I felt an overall sense of well being and some strength gain too. Not the hardest hitting pre out there but certainly a bit surprising it could have been alot stronger but maybe it woould have thrown off the balance you know… Not that I am making excuses or anything just a thought. Pumps were great, even though underdosed, but I guess that is what nanoX9 is for. Interestingly enough I got a NanoX9 free with my vapor x5 but darn I still enjoyed Vapor x5 as a standalone, the pumps with the two combined were mediocre at best… But yes effective was really good, its no Muscle marinade but its great in a softcore way.

    Meh here is the real bummer. Although it came with the nanoX9 (for a respectable $45) it actually lasted like 3 weeks and I only train 4 times a week, so 30 servings (1 scoop) albeit 1 heaped scooped lets say too the serving size down to 20 scoops , that should be 5 weeks atleast. But to my amazement my tub finished on nearing the end of the 3rd week which made me really angry and annoyed. Maybe it was just my tub (conspiracy) but meh that’s being ripped off. I know has sweet deals on the vapor x5 range but seriously the ripped was weak af, vapor x5 next gen is the best outta the range.

    —-Side Effects—-
    none, besides intensity and looking swole lol.

    With all the false advertising back in the day till the more realistic ads lately (well sorta) MT has really upped its game I feel, but with so many products there’s bound to be flaws in some products. When I think of MT I reminisce of the good ol’ gakic powder, anator p70, aplodan, intravol, mesotech even damn anabolic halo – call me a fan boy or jerk boy (no dont) but I do think the intentions have always been there to be innovative and one step ahead of the game. Times have changed MT is more realistic and their New Vapor X5 next gen is a great example this new, less advanced, less BS, rather simplr formulation – that I think is kick ass and really I loved it tbh. Really no pre will ever be perfect (except muscle marinade) coz we all have different experiences you know, but this is worth a try… not to mention the taste brought a few tears to my eyes as the taste reminded me of the good ol days (when jay was losing to Ronnie, and bodybuilding was really at its pinnacle imo) and reminded me I’m getting fudging old lol.

  4. Redweilerfan

    MuscleTech Vapor X5 Next Gen Review: True potential, but also lacking in key preworkout areas.
    Hello again SR nation. Redweilerfan here with a review of a popular preworkout, namely Muscle Techs Vapor X5 Next Gen, which is their reformulated and updated version of the old Nano Vapor. Today we will go in depth with this supplement and see if it holds up to scrutiny and if it really lives up to its bold claims of being a more or less complete pre. Im a preworkout addict and work out four times a week and never without a pre circulating in the blood stream. At the same time I’m very demanding and picky since preworkouts are must have products in my supplement arsenal. In a good pre I want not only solid energy to take me through my sometimes up to 2 hour workouts, but also mental focus, strength, stamina and endurance and I want the pre to be able to motivate me all the way. And don’t forget pumps and aggression! Most of us lead busy lives and when you finally hit the gym after an exhausting day at work, one do feel the need for a pre that covers all those areas. So, did Vapor manage to do just that?

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Muscle Tech boasts with a “5 in 1 formula” which is “the most powerfulproduct available”. Vapor X5 in its 2 scoop serving “delivers unparalleled energy, extreme muscle pumps, a surreal sensory experience, enhanced strength and performance, plus scientifically validated musclebuilding power.” Further, they state explicitly that Vapor contains “zero underdosed key ingredients”. Well, all that sounds terrific, right? Sign me up for a tub bro! It is quite clear that Muscle Tech here aims at presenting a more or less complete pre. So, all the marketing tactics aside, we will take a closer look at the ingredients and see if Muscle Tech lives up to the claims, which are quite bold on a very competitive market. In the max 2 scoop serving, (1 scoop= 8 grams, 30 servings total in a 228 g tub), we get;

    Calories: 35
    Total carbohydrate: 1 g (of which sugars 0 g)
    Vitamin C 60 mg (100 % of your daily allowance)
    Vitamin B6 1 mg (50 % of your daily allowance)
    Vitamin B12 12 mcg (200 % of your daily allowance)

    Performance & Endurance Matrix

    Beta alanine (Carnosyn) 3.2 g
    Taurine 1000 mg

    Pump Matrix

    L-Citrulline 3 g

    Muscle Building Compound

    Creatine Monohydrate 3 g

    Explosive Energy Matrix

    Caffeine anhydrous 380 mg
    Cocoa extract (as Theobroma cacao) (seed) (Standardized to 6 % theobromine) 100 mg

    Neurosensory Blend

    Choline (as bitartrate, AlphaSize alpha-glycerol phosphorylcholine , Cognizin citicoline) 200 mg
    L-Theanine 100 mg
    Galangal extract (as Alpinia Officinarum) (stem and root) 100 mg

    Okay, so Vapor covers 5 key preworkout areas here; muscle building, mental focus, energy, stamina and pumps. By looking at the formulas, we do have an attempt at a form of a complete pre, even if there are no BCAAs in it. One good aspect is the full disclosure label; no prop blends, so kudos for that. Initially, it looks promising; we have some vitamin C, B6 and B12 for absorption and natural energy to start out with. B-vitamins can also take the edge of high stim contents. Beta alanine comes here in the Carnosyn version, touted as the best, and we have a full clinical dose in 2 scoops. This ingredient buffers lactic acid build up in your muscles and provides you with stamina and power so that you can manage to do those extra reps that counts. It can also decrease time needed to rest between sets. Taurine at 1 g primarily helps with muscle power output and muscle volumization and the dose is clinical and adequate, although I have seen much higher dosages in other preworkouts. For pumps and vascularity we have 3 g of pure citrulline, which is a clinical dose, since this is not citrulline malate, which is citrulline bonded to malic acid. For strength and stamina we have our old friend creatine monohydrate in 3 g, which seems to be the more or less standardized dose in most pres nowadays, although I would say that 5 g is the optimal clinical dose. Creatine fuels your muscles, provides strength in concentrated explosive reps and delays muscle fatigue. For energy we get a stout dose of caffeine in 380 mg together with cocoa extract in 100 mg. The active ingredient theobromine works similarly to caffeine, but is weaker in its effects, although with the high caffeine dose it works synergistically providing even more energy. For focus and “feeling” we have a blend of choline in different forms in a 200 mg dose total. However, this is seriously under dosed since choline bitartrate used also here in its own right is clinically dosed in at least 250 to 500 mg depending on the individual. Some claim that even higher doses than that are necessary for a clinical effect in mental cognition and boost. The l-theanine relaxes the body without having a sedating effect and I would say that it is placed here solely for taking the edge of the high stims, although it could have some attention increasing properties (the 100 mg dose is then under dosed in that regard). Finally, we have galangal extract, which is an herb botanically related to ginger. It is common in Asian traditional medicine and is used for flavor in foods and for treatment of gastro-intestinal disorders. Some say it has a pain-relieving effect, but there are no applications for it in a mental focus/neurosensory blend so it is in my opinion a filler ingredient. Also, 100 mg is ridiculously under dosed, since a “clinical dose” would be alongside 6 g usually. So, the focus formula is problematic and I will elaborate upon this more in the Effectiveness section.

    I had the Blue Raspberry Fusion flavor and I must say that it is a good tasting pre (it also comes in Fruit Punch). The taste is “natural” and more reminiscent of blueberries than raspberries. It is not an overly sweet taste and neither is it artificial, which is a bonus. It is overall pleasant and easy to drink so it is definitely an option for people who like to sip on their preworkouts. Mixability is decent enough, a little bit of fine residue usually remains even after shaking, but nothing that I would complain too much about. The dosing I found to be tricky though; 2 scoops came towards the jittery side of the spectrum for me, so I had to find a compromise, since 1 scoop was under dosed in the key ingredients. My compromise landed in a 1 scoop, which seemed to solve the dosing issues and landed in a good balanced effect. I usually dropped the powder in 8-10 oz of water, shook it and drank it on the way to the gym. 20-30 minutes before workout would be the ideal way of taking it.

    The section that counts, did Vapor work? Yes and no. I will divide the effects in positives and negatives:

    Positives: one very noticeable thing throughout my use of this pre was the increase in strength overall. In fact, it was very noticeable in comparison with many other preworkouts I have used before. I increased the weights for many key muscle groups like chest, shoulders (a weak spot for me!) etc, so that was a big positive. I got that feeling, you know, when suddenly the weights felt like bags of feathers, when before you had to struggle with them. Pumps were pretty good as well and I got some good vascularity to boot. The other big positive, if dosed correctly, was energy. The energy was long lasting, solid and I had no trouble going through a 2 hour workout. Even after such a workout, the energy continued to be present for hours and there were no post workout crashes, making it ideal for morning or lunch time workouts. So in that sense, with the proper dosing for me, the energy was clean. But that line could easily be crossed however. Another positive was that tolerance build up seemed to be pretty much lacking here; energy and strength continued to be strong even if taking Vapor continually for long periods of time.

    Negatives: lets start with energy. For about 50% of the tub I went for the max 2 scoop serving and every time the energy became a bit jittery. It was there, but it became hard to actually channel it for what it was supposed to do. I’m used to strong pres, I have taken 400 mg of caffeine pres before, but this one stood out with that jittery energy, so I decided to go for 1 scoop to obtain that perfect balanced energy. Okay, problem solved! Next problem, which definitely was the worst negative of all; for the whole tub and during all my workouts I totally lacked focus and concentration. The “neurosensory blend” promised “surreal” sensory experiences, but the only surreal thing here was the total lack of focus! I think that maybe 4 or 5 workouts felt good, but the rest were all about raw strength and will power, because the ridiculous “neurosensory” blend sure didn’t help me out. It is really annoying when you realize that you are doing everything else but working out ; such as looking at TV screens, the ladies, people walking by etc. It was simply hard to focus. I didn’t have any tingles from the 3.2 g beta alanine dose either, but I am used to it so maybe that’s the problem. Also a negative; I lacked that aggressive mindset which is useful in the gym, I want to have that extra boost hitting the weights, but no. So the claims of an “ultimate” neurosensory blend (indicating euphoria) quickly went down the drain.

    It is a pricey pre and with what you are actually getting, it isn’t a good value overall I would say. If you go for 2 scoops a serving, then you only get 15 servings for around the 30 dollar mark. I paid around 36 $ a long time ago, but you can find it cheaper now if you look around a bit online (A1 Supplements have a buy 1 – get 1 for free campaign for 39.99 $ for example). On Amazon it is available from around 22 to 29.99 $, so there are options if you want a cheaper price. If you go for 1 scoop serving you have 20 servings total, which is better but still kind of pricey. And then you miss out on proper dosages of key ingredients. So, for 36 dollars the price per serving was 1.20 $, not the best. I won’t buy this product again and with abovementioned in view I would say that the value drops a few notches as well.

    —-Side Effects—-
    The energy in the 2 scoop serving was towards the jittery end of the spectrum, which I don’t like. Other than that, no issues.

    Muscle Tech fails in the attempt at making a solid complete pre. Vapor is not the worst I have had, and in some instances it was actually quite good. Strength and energy are primarily the winning factors here. Pumps and stamina was nice overall. The negatives unfortunately overshadowed the positives with non-existent focus, concentration and feeling, and no aggression. So, can I recommend it? I will say this; if you are primarily interested in a strength and energy based pre that will take your workouts to the next level in those areas; yes I would recommend Vapor. If you are used to high stim pres, even better. But on the other hand; if you are in the market for a pre that offers consistent focus, euphoria, and which provides you with that lovely overall boost to maximize your workouts; then I wouldn’t recommend it. Vapor do have potential, but it was just too bad that it didn’t stack up in other key areas belonging to a complete pre. Also, in a very competitive category as with preworkouts, Vapor tends to disappear among countless of other options out there.

  5. basorre

    Vapor X5: Decent pre-workout for the money.

    Browsing around for a fairly inexpensive pre-workout, I came across this potential jewel. Vapor X5 my Muscletech. I have tried various pre-workouts, including the original Nano Vapor and have good and bad experiences with them.

    MuscleTech has been around for many years now. As a teenager, I remember if you were not buying their products, you were not in. I have purchased my fair share over the years in this line and hit a lull with much of the stuff they have come out with. I purchased Vapor X5 due to it being around $20.00, because I have been known to be a penny pincher. I will tell you, though, I was not disappointed with the outcome of my inexpensive purchase.


    Betaine: An active metabolite of choline, is said to increase strength, muscle, and power. Creatine is essential for athletes for strength and size gain. Each serving contains 1.5g’s of Creatine. Beta Alanine is a key supplement that also aids with some energy. Nitrosigine and Galangal extract close out the profile. Nitrosigine is a N.O based ingredient said to ramp up your pumps. Finally, Galangal Extract helps with circulation and as a side note also apparently helps with stopping certain digestive issues.

    I purchased the Icy Rocket Freeze flavor. It mixed really well. I was surprised on the flavor. I did notice that there was a strange minty refreshing type aftertaste with it. I am not sure if it was the flavor or one of the ingredients that caused that. Nothing to worry about.

    After taking a break from Pre-workouts, coming back to this was pretty spot on. I can say that my energy was where I needed to be and I had some pretty good pumps while I was in there. My workout state of mind was in place the whole time and I was not distracted one bit.

    For the price I purchased it for, this stuff is pretty good. A pre-workout with the effectiveness I received from this to me would cost at least $45.00.

    —-Side Effects—-
    I had no side effects with this product


    In a world of supplements, it is hard to find something that will not A. Break the bank or B. Kill you with stimulants. Vapor X5 was both affordable and effective in what it claims to do. Of course, results may vary, but I am one happy camper and I ended up buying about 4 tubs of it.

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