This Cookie Policy describes the terms and conditions which you agree to adhere to when using and relates to cookies and any similar technology.

There are generally two types of cookies:

Essential – Saved on your device when you use our site

Non-essential – Only ever saved with your consent.

For more information on how consent works, or if you want to opt out, see below for more information.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file of data which is saved on your computer, tablet, phone or other device. It is used for various reasons, such as saving website data for faster loading, or saving your preferences. They are common across the whole internet.

Essential or non-essential cookies in detail

Essential cookies

  • Typically used to send communications over a network
  • Integral function of the website and your use of it
  • Used at checkouts and carts

Non-essential cookies

  • Can be used to record user behaviour
  • Can be used to advertise to users


Cookies can also be labelled as ‘session’ or ‘persistent’. ‘Persistent’ cookies can remain on your device and will only be deleted after a certain time period or if you remove them manually. ‘Session’ cookies only last as long as your browsing session, after which it will be deleted automatically.

There are also ‘First party’ and ‘Third part’ cookies. ‘First party’ cookies are placed on your device by our website, where ‘Third party’ cookies are put there by a third party.

Cookies we use uses essential and non-essential cookies to function as designed.

We use information gained from essential cookies in accordance with Article 6(1)(f) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Essential cookies – Opt out

If you wish to opt out of essential cookies, you may be able to do so using your browser. Be warned however, the website may not function as intended as a result and we accept no responsibility for any issues caused.

First & Third Party Cookies – Opt in or out

If you use you consent to the use of First Party Cookies. If you do not want to use these cookies, please do not use our website.

Additionally, if you accept our cookie policy when prompted, you consent to using Third Party Cookies as detailed in this policy.

Analytical cookies

This cookie keeps data about some actions you have taken on a site. For instance, how long you have bene on a page, where you have visited or how you arrived on our site.

We use Google Analytics cookies which are first party. If you want more information on how these work, please click here: Google Analytics Information.

If you want more information on how Google uses data with its cookies, you can view this information here.

Google Analytics cookies – If you want to opt out

If you don’t want Google Analytics to track you register your opt out.

Additional information

For information on Google, data and advertising see here.

If you want to see how Google uses cookies for it’s own determination click here.

Similar technologies

Web beacons

Sometimes we will place these in an email so we can track to see if you have received it, if you have clicked on it and other activity like your computer type, browser, location and IP address. This helps to provide you with a more personalised experience. These are not stored on your device.

Facebook pixel

A Facebook pixel is tracking technology which functions similarly to cookies but is for Facebook Advertising purposes. It helps to target you with more relevant advertisements based on your behaviour.

Blocking cookies

If you want to block cookies you can usually do so using your web browser.

Google Ads opt out

You can opt out of adverts from Google AdSense here.

Facebook adverts opt out

If you don’t want to receive targeted adverts on Facebook you can download the plugin here:


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