With its headquarters in Ontario, Canada, MuscleTech has been around since 1995.

With more than 20 years’ experience in creating and selling sports supplements, the company’s mission statement is simple, but ambitious.

“To continuously research, develop, patent, produce and market the most effective diet and sports supplements in the world”.

By their own admission, MuscleTech is committed to product development and continues to invest in research and development by using their in-house research facilities as well as funding clinical research and reviewing third-party scientific studies. Their formulas continue to be backed by human clinical trials.

In terms of their products, MuscleTech offers a broad range of sports supplement products. These include pre and post-workout supplements, protein powders, fat burners and diet supplements, testosterone boosters, vitamin and food supplements as well as some of their own line of fitness apparel and accessories.

One of their most popular fat burner supplements, Hydroxycut, was first brought to market back in 2002. It was reformulated a number of times since the initial release before achieving its present-day formula.

Since it first came to market, although still under the MuscleTech umbrella, Hydroxycut has grown to be a standalone fat burner brand with a vast number of individual fat loss products in the range.

MuscleTech’s sports supplements are made in the USA and are manufactured according to Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) standards. As well as complying with FDA guidelines, MuscleTech’s nutritional supplements are also transparent about the ingredients in the formula. They avoid using proprietary blends and fully disclose the list of ingredients and their amounts in the products.

MuscleTech products are available to purchase worldwide either through the official website or via local retailers. A list of which is available on the MuscleTech site.

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