Leanbean Review

A lot of weight loss supplements cater to both men and women, even though they are physiologically very different to one another.

This is especially true when it comes to the body’s fat stores. On average, women have around 10 percent more essential body fat than men. Where it is stored differs too. For women, more fat accumulates in the gluteal-femoral region, whereas for men more body fat is stored in the abdominal region.

Differences tend to become more pronounced with age as well. As women enter menopause, they are more likely to develop metabolic syndromes than men, which makes it easier to gain weight and harder to lose stubborn fat.

This is compounded by a tendency for women to experience more intense food cravings than men, especially for foods high in sugar.

With these differences in mind, the manufacturers of Leanbean decided to make a supplement formulated especially to help women lose weight.

In this review, we’ll take into account Leanbean’s ingredients, effectiveness, cost, and safety to determine whether or not it is one of the best fat burner supplements.

Leanbean Review: Quick Take


  • Strong dose of effective appetite suppressant
  • Some metabolism-boosting benefits
  • Suitable workout supplement for those sensitive to caffeine
  • Suitable for vegans


  • A little short on energy-boosting ingredients
  • Some claimed fat-burning ingredients lack credible research
  • Money-back guarantee only in force for three-month purchases
  • Appetite-suppressant could cause digestive issues for those who are sensitive

What Is Leanbean?

Leanbean is a fat burner supplement designed for women that’s manufactured by Ultimate Life Ltd, a UK-based nutritional supplement company that’s relatively new on the block and caters specifically to women. There focus is on helping women with losing weight and reducing body fat, particularly stubborn fat, using weight loss supplements.

Most fat burners formulated for men tend to contain potent doses of stimulants, such as caffeine, which women generally react more strongly to, leading to adverse side effects like the jitters.

On the contrary, male-focused fat burners often have fairly low doses of proven appetite-suppressant ingredients, like Glucomannan, which can be seriously effective at helping to burn fat.

Therefore, unlike many male fat burners, Leanbean’s formulation contains hefty doses of ingredients aimed at reducing your hunger cravings as well as gentler doses of stimulants. Leanbean is also formulated with other energy-boosting ingredients to keep you alert and focused at the gym, without the crash afterwards that often comes from strong stimulants.

In brief, Leanbean is intended to work in three ways; reducing cravings, giving your energy and metabolism levels a boost, and reducing tiredness and fatigue. All in order to help you lose weight, consume fewer calories, burn excess body fat, and increase your fat metabolism.

Leanbean Review: The Ingredients

Leanbean contains 12 active ingredients that are aimed at losing weight. These come in a capsule, which the manufacturer recommends taking two at a time, three times a day. This recommended daily intake is considered one serving.

For best results, Ultimate Life Ltd advises taking the capsules 30 minutes before each meal, and to make sure you drink plenty of water.

Leanbean is gluten and GMO-free, made only with natural ingredients, and is suitable for vegans.

If used in accordance with the guidelines and in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, Leanbean claims it will help you lose weight by reducing cravings so you consume fewer calories, boosting fat metabolism, and increasing your energy levels and focus.

Let’s take a look at each of the ingredients and the science behind them to assess their inclusion in this weight loss supplement.

Vitamins and Minerals

Unlike many weight loss supplements, Leanbean contains a range of vitamins and minerals that support your body’s essential functions, acting as a crucial foundation for losing weight. They are:

  • Vitamin B6 and B12 – 1.7 mg and 2.4 mg
  • Chromium Picolinate – 35 mg
  • Zinc – 11 mg

Vitamin B6 and B12 perform various functions in the body but, in particular, they play an important role in regulating metabolism, supporting muscle function, and reducing tiredness and fatigue, all of which can help with weight loss.

Chromium Picolinate is an essential trace mineral that helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels and normal macronutrient metabolism levels, which ensures you aren’t needlessly storing excess body fat and is making the most out of available macronutrients.

Zinc, meanwhile, supports the efficient metabolism of carbohydrates and fatty acids to promote a healthy body weight, as well as the synthesis of protein to help with muscle growth.

Glucomannan 3000 mg

The chief appetite suppressant in Leanbean, Glucomannan is extracted from the root of the Konjac plant and is one of the most viscous dietary fibres that we know of.

Very low in calories, Glucomannan takes up a lot of space in your stomach, thus promoting a feeling of fullness to stave off cravings and ensure you don’t take on more excess body weight. As a soluble fibre, it also reduces the absorption of fat into the body promoting weight loss.

At 3000 mg, Leanbean has a large dose of Glucomannan, but it is recommended by the EFSA as optimal for weight loss. This has been backed up in multiple studies, including one which concluded Glucomannan induced weight loss in overweight participants. [1]

Choline 82.5 mg

Choline is a nutrient that’s produced by the liver, but not in the quantities in which it is needed by the body. It plays an important role in normal fat metabolism, as well as homocysteine metabolism, resulting in quicker weight loss.

This is backed up by a study from 2014 which found female athletes were able to lose weight rapidly through choline supplementation. [2] However, this study administered doses of 1 g per day, much more than what Leanbean contains.

Garcinia Cambogia 100 mg

Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit that contains hydroxycitric acid, which helps you lose weight by reducing blood lipids and suppressing appetite.

A 2010 meta-analysis of randomized-controlled trials revealed a small, but statistically significant difference in weight loss for participants taking Garcinia Cambogia, compared to the control groups. [3]

Green Coffee Bean Extract 50 mg

Roasting coffee beans turns them brown and it is what gives them their distinctive aroma. However, this process also strips coffee beans of many of their healthy compounds.

Leanbean’s green coffee bean extract is rich in antioxidants, particularly chlorogenic acid which is believed to have potent fat-burning properties. However, a 2011 meta-analysis of studies concerned with the use of green coffee bean extract as a weight loss supplement revealed that while it is associated with weight reduction, the effect is moderate and that many of the included studies were of poor methodological value. [4]

Turmeric 50 mg

Turmeric is a thermogenic spice, meaning it creates heat leading to increased cellular activity with resulting weight loss.

Its stimulant properties are milder than caffeine, but turmeric doesn’t have its unpleasant side effects, which include increased blood pressure, nausea and insomnia.

Turmeric’s fat-burning and metabolism-boosting effects are backed up by a 2019 meta-analysis investigating the effect of turmeric intake on weight loss among patients suffering from metabolic syndrome. [5] It revealed significant reductions in weight among participants who’d taken turmeric.

Acai Berry Extract 20 mg

Acai berry is native to Central and South America, where it has been used in traditional medicine for centuries to promote digestive function and relieve joint pains.

However, while it is often touted as a “superfood”, studies to date are yet to back up many of the purported health benefits of acai berries. In particular, research into acai berry’s potential to help you lose weight and boost metabolic function are inconclusive.

Piperine 5 mg

A black pepper extract, Piperine helps to increase the bioavailability of essential vitamins and nutrients by supporting their absorption by the body. In so doing, it amplifies the effects of the other ingredients in Leanbean, making it an even more effective fat burner that will help you with losing weight.

Does Leanbean Work?

Everyone has different fitness goals, so Leanbean won’t work for everyone. The brand acknowledges this insofar as it caters primarily to women and is focused on body weight.

If one of your main fitness goals is to lose weight by reducing the amount that you eat, then Leanbean, in combination with a healthy diet, will help. Its 3000 mg helping of glucomannan will ensure you feel fuller for longer.

On top of this though, Leanbean claims it will also boost your energy levels and metabolism, as well as fending off tiredness and fatigue. This is a bit less certain to us.

While Glucomannan is a proven appetite suppressant, it can also make you feel a little lethargic. And due to Leanbean’s insistence on not including caffeine, it’s hard to see from the ingredients where you will get the stimulation you need to overcome this and train hard. Turmeric and Green Coffee Bean extract will help to some extent, but probably not enough to counter the heavy dose of Glucomannan.

The main fat burners included – Turmeric, Garcinia Cambogia, and Choline – are all welcome additions to Leanbean to help you lose weight. However, Garcinia Cambogia is rather unproven as a weight loss aid, while the other two would undoubtedly be more effective fat burners if included at higher doses.

If you already have your appetite under control, this probably isn’t the fat burner for you.

Do Customers Think Leanbean Helped them to Lose Weight?

Customer reviews of weight loss supplement Leanbean are hard to come by as the company only sells the product through its webshop, and the overwhelmingly positive testimonials found there probably shouldn’t be taken at face value.

Reputed health blogs, meanwhile, are generally positive about Leanbean but warn there are more effective weight loss dietary supplements for those who want to lose weight by regularly training hard.

Is Leanbean Safe?

The Leanbean fat burner is made with natural ingredients that are produced in FDA approved facilities to GMP certified standards, so it’s a weight loss/fat burning product you can trust.

It is not, however, recommended to use Leanbean while pregnant or lactating, and anyone considering it who has an underlying health condition or is using medication should first consult with their physician.

While Leanbean will not cause the undesirable effects caused by high caffeine intake, the potent dose of Glucomannan could cause digestive issues for many users. To mitigate against this, the manufacturer recommends drinking 250 ml of water with every two capsules you take. On the plus side, drinking plenty of water also helps with weight loss.

How Much Does Leanbean Cost?

A month’s supply of Leanbean weight loss supplements starts at £39.00, with free worldwide shipping from the USA and the UK.

If you buy three months’ worth, then Leanbean throws in an extra month’s supply for free.

Leanbean offers a complete money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product, but this only extends to purchases for three months’ worth of Leanbean. Be sure to monitor your weight loss and calorie intake during the first month to see if the Leanbean fat burner is really helping you lose excess weight. If you’re not losing weight, then you have every right to apply for your money back.

Leanbean Review: A Summary

Leanbean is a much-needed addition to the range of fat burner supplements available today with its focus on the weight loss needs of women. It will help to burn fat faster, reduce food cravings and calorie intake, increase fat metabolism, stabilise blood glucose levels, and help you to achieve a healthy body weight that you are comfortable with.

With its blend of vitamins and minerals, it provides a solid basis for a healthier lifestyle on your weight loss journey, and its generous helpings of Glucomannan will help ensure you’re not tempted to undo your hard work at the gym by giving in to food cravings and piling on more body fat.

So, as a natural appetite suppressant and nutritional supplement, Leanbean is great. Its ability to boost your energy levels and metabolism are not, however, as strong as some of the best fat burner supplements available. Additionally, the lack of potent stimulants to overcome the effects of Glucomannan could be a problem for many users.

As such, if you’re looking for a potent fat burner to give you an edge at the gym and maximize the effects of your workouts, Leanbean probably isn’t the best of the weight loss supplements for you. If, however, you are more concerned about your willpower with food and don’t have problems with motivation or focus when exercising, then Leanbean could be the answer to losing that excess weight.


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