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Rep: +2,619
Trust: 100%
  April 18, 2012

When it comes to purchasing supplements online there are always a top few sites I never stray too far from, well is one of them.

Selection – 9/10
The selection is pretty darn good here. Just about everything you want will be here; a few things I wish they carried products from Purus Labs. In general you can find everything you really want, excellent selection.

Service – 9/10
Haven’t had any real issues here. I always have received my orders on time. Never had issues with billing or customer service either, always quick to respond to emails and not hard to get a hold of by phone.

Price – 8/10
The prices are generally pretty good. For the selection they have and the convenience of not having to search like crazy over the internet I’m not complaining one bit. If you search around you might find a few products a bit cheaper, but it’s never by much.

Overall – 9/10
Overall this is a great website. It’s easy to use, well known, and reasonably priced. Whenever I’m looking for something online this is always the first place I check.
Rep: +3,547
Trust: 100%
  August 29, 2011

This was the first time I ordered from and it will also be my last. I ordered 200.00 worth of protein and other supps along with a hoodie. I recieved the hoodie a week later, not too shabby. However, according to my order status the rest had not yet been shipped so I went online and did their live chat thing. The guy told me he had no idea why it hadnt shipped and he would send an email to the warehouse immediately. 3 days later the status hadnt changed so I do the live chat again, same guy, said the warehouse must have lost the email, apologized and offered me a 10% coupon on my next order (big freakin whoop like there isnt a million of those around) and offered overnight shipping. I was like, cool I just want my Its been 4 more days and I MIGHT get it today, it has been shipped. It has been nothing but a hassle. Prices are mediocre, they do have good specials. The help staff was nice but I thrive on results. I think Ill try a smaller company next time.
Rep: +606
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5
  July 30, 2015


Hello again SR. It's Onder18 back with another review. This time instead of reviewing a product I decided to review one of my favorite online stores, I learned about just surfing the internet and before I realized how many more great online retailers there were this was the only site I would order from. I figured since this used to be my main site I would give it a review.


So the selection of products is pretty big. There are a few brands that they don't carry that I wish they would but overall the selection is pretty generous and will satisfy most people. Now you won't find your SARMS and pro-hormone type products on here, but most people that use those products will know better than to look on for them.

----Layout and Ease of Ordering----

The website is very well laid out and very easy to navigate. There are always alot of articles posted on all different types of fitness topics and nutrition topics.


The prices are not the best but they are not bad. After shipping you still end up paying a little less than you would at a regular supplement store. They always are running different specials and often times those deals are pretty good.


This is an area in which excels in my opinion. Shipping prices are always reasonable and ship time is always fast. Now I know that where you live can play a factor in how fast you get your order. With that being said I've never had to wait more than 3-5 days for my order, usually 2-3 days.


I can't really say a whole lot about their actual customer service representatives because my orders were never screwed up to where I would have to talk to one. I can say that I always get prompt confirmation emails telling me my order status and I always get some type of free samples(sometimes more than others). I can say that if I had to complain about something
it would be that one time I got a free sample of women's vitamins as a free sample with my package(and nothing else),
that was a little disappointing. But overall service was definitely a strong suit from what I experienced of it.


So overall I can say is a great site and I can easily recommend them. They aren't the cheapest out there but their prices are reasonable and they always have deals. They aren't my favorite anymore(that title now belongs to Lockout Supplements), but I often times go back to them and they are always reliable(that is a big deal to me).
So that's my review SR, I hope you found it helpful.
Rep: +500
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 42
  September 15, 2015

I found this website from a friend who got me into lifting. Now it is a website I frequently visit on a daily basis.

Selection A

Generally speaking ( has literally almost every supplement on the market. However I was interested in buying some supplements from USPLabs like their BCAA and their JACK3D. But a message popped up saying that it is out of stock and they would not know when it will be back in stock. Other than that I have been able to find all my supplement needs.

Layout and Ease of Ordering A+

Very simple layout. Easy to see where everything is. Shows the deals of the day/week as soon as the page loads. Simple checkout, not to complicated, not to hard. If you make an account, it will remember your credit card for future purchases.

Prices B+

This is the only thing that I do not really like about The prices are a few bucks higher than Amazon. Plus there is a shipping fee. In order to avoid paying the shipping fee, you will need to spend $75 or more. HOWEVER, does have a lot of sales with BOGOs or 25%, etc. Also includes a free gift if your total comes to be more than $75 or $100.

Shipping A+

I have only ordered from a few times. But have always gotten great shipping. The standard shipping says it takes 2-5 business days to arrive. My orders have always come within 2 business days which is awesome. They have other options for shipping, like military, overnight shipping, or same day shipping. When I open my package, there are always a few supplement samples included for free. I always look forward to opening my packages.

Service A+

I am a man with many questions.'s staff always have had the answers. has a live chat feature which is nice. All you do is give them your name. I have never had to wait to talk to representative. Service is fast and prompt. All representatives I have talked to have been very helpful and informative.

Other is not only just a site that sells supplements. There are many workout programs, nutritional advice, motivation pictures/stories, and training tips. I visit this page everyday and I always learn something new. If I need motivation, I look at's We Mirin' series or YouTube videos. This site has also helped me find a program that fits my goals. has a app/program called BodySpace. It not only helps to be able to track your workout, but get help, motivation, and tips from other fitness minded individuals.

Overall A

If your in need of supplements, motivation, or a workout routine, head over to
Rep: +45
Trust: 12%
  August 8, 2015

(Background info on yourself, your supplement buying experience, how you found this retailer and how you discovered SR)
26yo Male, 6'1 198lbs. Full time Graveyard Seurity Officer with a one year old baby. I workout 4-5 days a week and whenever im not qorking out im playing hoop or at the track hitting some Sprints. Ive been buying supps online for about 6 years now and have tried many sites (Amazon, A1supplements, Supp Warehouse, AllStarHealth and more) was probably the easiest site ever to find hence its name. Plus, MusclePharm had a small photo shoot/product trade show at my work where I was first introduced to their product and this site.

I've been able to find everything ive ever searched for except for maybe 2 or 3 items and i think 1 brand, selection is huge, almost too huge. You'll be looking for a specific item in a category then see a deal on something else and change your mind

----Layout and Ease of Ordering----
Layout is put together very well and a HUGE variety of things, Meal plans, programs, SUPPS, Social media community, etc. Ordering is very easy as its color coded so you know exatcly what youre clicking/touching.

Prices are much better than stores (Nutrishop, GNC, etc) but im usually able to find the same product a few dollars cheaper elsewhere. I do love that they ALWAYS send free samples with my order and also have a free sample section when you buy from them where you can choose a couple free samples with your order. Nice variety of shipping options too

Lots of options, and they are QUICK, i've received my last 3 orders within 3 days of ordering in CA. Not sure if they have anything to do with it but the company that has delivered my packages (DHL) leave my package in the SUN on my front door WITHOUT knocking

Only have had to email about an issue once and they replied within 24 hours and resolved it quickly.

The most versatile and user friendly site of its kind that i've came across, ALMOST perfect but i can usually find better prices. The app could use some work as well (Workout tracker *see JeFit)
Rep: +111
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5
  March 29, 2016

Howdy folks, I'm back again for another quick review of a solid retailer. Most folks know about as this retailer is #3 on SR but I wanted to give credit where credit is due and support this website/retailer, especially because they offer more than just supplements.

----Selection---- 9/10
So far has had all the major products that are ranked highly here on SR. Since starting my supplement journey last year they've had every product that I've wanted to try. The only reason they don't get a ten here is because of SR's description "had every single product I could ever want". So far they've had all the products I've wanted but I can't speak for the future, although I'm very hesitant to think I'll be disappointed.

----Layout and Ease of Ordering---- 10/10
SR doesn't have a description here so I'm giving a 10 here. I really like how all the different options are laid out on a product page giving me easy access to what the cost of each package size is as well as the rating of each flavor. On that same product page they usually include all the necessary information on the product that I need, including nutritional info for each flavor of a product. Finally, on the same product page (see where I'm going with why this is a good layout yet?), it's very easy click the flavor you would like and add it to your cart. Very simple.

----Prices---- 8.5/10 seems to be near the top of the list every time when it comes to good pricing. While they aren't the cheapest every time, they are usually only off by a few bucks at most. They also run some pretty good deals on a regular basis. At the time of this writing they are including a free ON gold standard PWO when a 5lb tub of gold standard whey is purchased. That's a $35 value for free which is an awesome deal. This isn't a rare deal either. I've seen equally good deals almost every week. There's no guarantee that the deal will line up with what you're looking for at the exact moment you're looking for it but if you keep an eye on the site you can usually find something good.

My favorite part of when it comes to supplements. Their shipping surprised me with how expedient I received my products. With standard shipping I was expecting at least 4-5 days for delivery, mostly because I didn't expect the product to leave the warehouse for a few days or for it to be shipping from the west coast or something (I live in the midwest). To my happy surprise has a warehouse in WI and even on weekends the product ships within 24h with only 2 days travel. A great example is I ordered a protein and pwo, the same I mentioned above, over the weekend. They both left WI yesterday and should be at my door when I get home today. I'm not expecting this every time but I think is creating a solid reputation since this is the 4th order I've placed and all my products have been delivered within 60h of ordering. Plus the status of the order was easily tracked through emails they sent me and on their website where they post the delivery service's tracking information. I don't have to go to the separate website if I don't want to.

Very straight forward here. The customer service here is solid. I use the email for customer service issues and always receive an email back the same day, unless I email later in the afternoon or evening. Thankfully I haven't had many issues, and the issues I've had aren't the fault of The issues were of my own volition.

----Conclusion---- 9.4/10
I think these guys live up to there rating here on SR. I wanted to give them a boost to 9.4 rather than 9.2 but again because of SR's appropriately described "10", I can't say they've received a 10 yet. There are many other retailers out there that I have yet to try. I'll definitely keep coming back to them for a while though, so who knows when I'll have another retailer to review. They've got a repeat customer in me for sure.

One final note - has much more to offer beyond supplements including workout gear, workout programs and tons of other resources. I highly encourage anyone that is trying to improve their fitness to check them out.
Rep: +418
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 40
  October 26, 2016


In my 4 years of lifting and still, I have always resorted to as my go to supplement store website. As a college student on a budget and someone that likes his things in a timely manner, meets expectations.


The selection of is enormous. This supplement website thrives on providing hundreds of brands of Pre-workourts, Proteins, Fat-Burners, Sleeping Aids, Creatine, Amino Acids and many many more. The website is extremely easy to navigate & you are greeted with daily deals and discount on their homepage.
In addition, is filled with an extensive database of Muscle-Building/Fat-Burning Programs by many Celebrity Trainers and hundreds of videos of real people teaching you the movements you want to learn.

----Layout and Ease of Ordering---- excels at providing a simplistic yet thorough website to meet all of your needs. It is really user-friendly and straight forward in having tabs that state what you may be looking for such as navigating through, "STORE, TRAINING, FINDING A PLAN, MEN(section), WOMEN(section), and VIDEO + APPS.

Ordering a product is HASSLE-FREE. You search for the product you want, select a flavor, proceed to checkout and within a minute you can purchase the product as you please.


This is where THRIVES. Because of their large selection you can guarantee you will always find a deal in any one of the products you seek. You are constantly met with daily deals, holiday specials, random cut-prices, and new users can enjoy 10% off their first order by signing up.

If you love to receive your items in less than 2 days, worry-free, and in great condition than BODYBUILDING.COM is the way to go. Any first time user will agree, that their shipping service is phenomenal. User pays a standard rate of shipping and will be extremely please to find that this company expedites their shipping orders. I have never received a purchase that took more than 3 business days.


I recall one instant when I purchased a Protein Powder than I was not very fond of its taste. So, I emailed a representative and I was met with an immediate response. They informed me I would have to speak with a representative of that said Protein's company, but they were very stern in reminding me that if I needed further assistance they would help. I have never in what may be 30+ purchases had a problem with the service.

----Conclusion---- is a gift and a gold-mine to all beginning and veteran lifters. With an extensive brand selection, remarkable prices, exceptional service, user-friendly layout, and Usain Bolt-fast shipping, should be your #1 spot for your lifting needs. Truly above a class of its own, with quality that defines their notable reputation. Highly Recommended.
Rep: +173
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 14
  November 24, 2016

Im a 25 year old firefighter from Ohio, my goal is to maintain a solid shape for my job. I also wouldn't mind packing on some muscle mass along the way. Im a big fan of using and trying various supplements.

I am always impressed with the selection at this website. They always have every product Im looking for and I use just about every category of supplements from BCAA's to whey to PWO's and etc. I don't recall them ever being out of a product I wanted. If I ever felt like trying a new brand or product I just selected that category and browsed. I was happy to find that whenever I searched around I found tons of new products or brands I never seen before. They have plenty of members who review the products on their website which is nice for a quick reference. Plenty of brands to choose from and plenty of products from each of those brands. They also have almost every flavor each product offers and sometimes they offer special flavors other sites dont offer. They offer clothing brands and accessories too but it is not nearly as plentiful as the supplements.

----Layout and Ease of Ordering----
The layout of the website is pretty standard. Its easy to find your way around if its your first time visiting the site. The search options are great. Some breakdown options are category, brands, goal, price, clearance, top 50, and ingredients. They also have the standard website search bar if you know what your looking for. The ordering process is pretty standard here too. Once you add all items to your cart you can sign in if your a member, sign up as a member, or guest check out. The payment options are the same as everywhere else too, credit card, paypal, gift card. They send out order confirmation email right away which is nice.

The prices here have always been pretty good. They have sales and specials very often. Ive noticed some other websites might have products cheaper but they charge you a ton for shipping to make up for it. The prices are about average to slightly below average compared to most other sites. Its definitely cheaper here than ordering direct from most companies. They always have deals where if you spend a certain amount of money you can get various free items. I gave it an 8.5/10 cause to receive a 10 it would almost have to be free.

Honestly I feel that shipping is this websites best quality. The price for shipping has always been reasonable. But the very best part about their shipping is the speed. Ive never had any website ship my items as fast as this one. There has been 2 occasions I have ordered fairly early morning and received my items by the end of the next day at the standard shipping price. Thats almost unheard of anywhere else. On the occasions it didnt come the next day it was no more than 2-3 days. I believe they are able to do this by having various warehouses throughout the country which is great in my opinion. I know the condition of the package depends on who delivers it but the boxes have always been in good shape and sealed up nicely. The products are always secured good inside with shipping plastic.

Service here is just about as good as the shipping. I only had one issue ever ordering here which was I didnt receive an item I ordered in my shipment. I made a call to their customer service and was treated great. They offered to ship the item to me for free or receive an e-mail gift card worth more than what the item cost, oh and I was not charged for the item as well.

Overall I give everything about this website a 10/10. Never had a bad experience here and have always been pleased with my orders. They often send free samples and a copy of their magazine which is always a bonus. I use this website for ordering supplements way more than any other. Besides the supplements they have a ton of other things like a great forum, articles, contests and a solid app. I cant promise anything but Im guessing you'll have a good experience ordering here.
Rep: +1,899
Trust: 100%
  January 6, 2010

One of the best online supplement stores availible. Placed a huge order and received it in 5 business days. There are cheaper sites out there but have alot slower shipping and poorer service. The service at is great, they process your order and ship it out in the sameday. I found the the selection is awesome they carry just about every brand out there. If there prices were just a little lower they would be 10's across the board. I will be buying from them again in the future.
Rep: +1,186
Trust: 100%
  August 12, 2011

i've been purchasing my supplements from this website for the last couple of months, so i thought i'd write a quick retailer review to give my opinion.

Selection: i can't think of a time where i had a major issue not finding what i was looking for. they usually have what i want and if they don't at the current time, eventually they will get it in stock.

Prices: reasonable prices for most of the supplements/shipping that you'll find while shopping around online. i used to shop at that was just a little cheaper than, but the freebie's that they throw when when you spend a certain amount of money or samples is a plus. who doesn't like free stuff?

Service: a few small issues with placing orders before, such as not receiving an reciept to print out (i like to keep track of my funds) and not having a product that i ordered shipped to me with the stuff of a stuff i received in the box.

customer service fixed this problem by shipping out the product that was missed, sending me a full free container of another product and emailing my reciept to print out. since this happened i haven't had any other issues.

Overall: unless i find a killer deal at a local GNC, i'm probably going to continue using this as my #1 website to order from. reasonable prices, great selection, customer services takes care of you quickly and free stuff with orders!

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