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Weight Loss > Stimulant Free

Neco-Adipem is a Stimulant Free Weight Loss Product manufactured by TOREM. It can increase metabolic rate and fat loss without the use/inclusion of traditional stimulants.


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  January 13, 2017

Verified Full-Container Use through SR TROOPs.
(Thanks to TOREM for sending it out!)
So in my quest to get (and keep) my body fat level at or below 10% (I'm being realistic here), I find myself in a constant lean bulk/recomp phase. As such, I'm constantly looking for ways to increase my definition and lose an extra bit of fat. I want to thank Torem for supporting the TROOPs and for having such a unique name. When I see Torem, I immediately think of my go-to SERM post SARM or post andro, epiandro cycle. Needless to say, they had me at Torem. It's kind of like having a music teacher whose last name is're immediately curious. The product is called Neco-Adipem, which I believe is Latin for destroyer of fat, or something like that. Cool names aside, does it work? Read on.

----Ingredient Profile----
If there were a grade for packaging, Neco-Adipem would get an A++. The product came in a fancy looking blue box. Inside, there were 60 individual packets containing 2 pills each. Each 2 capsule serving contains 250 mg of InnoSlim, 25 mg of ActiGin, 250 mg of Green Tea Extract, 100 mg of garcina cambogia, 50 mg of synephrine, and 50 mg of cayenne pepper extract. No prop blends, full label disclosure--that's always a plus with me.

InnoSlim and ActiGin are the two workhorse ingredients in this formula. Here's some info on both of them.

InnoSlim is a proprietary all natural plant derived compound extracted from highly fractionated Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus using a proprietary pharmaceutical extraction and processing technology. NuLiv's in vitro, in vivo, and human studies have demonstrated that InnoSlim can effectively regulate glucose, fat cell, and muscle cell metabolisms and have significant positive effects in reducing glucose absorption, and in increasing fat cell combustion and muscle cell glycogen synthesis. These effects make InnoSlim a perfect nutraceutical ingredient to be included in weight, blood sugar, and cholesterol and blood lipid management as well as countless other food and dietary supplement products.

ActiGin is a 100% natural sports nutrition ingredient that has shown in cell, animal, and human studies to support enhanced recovery times while providing a small but significant boost to endurance. ActiGin demonstrated in a published study available at PLOS One (impact factor 3.53) that it can significantly reduce inflammation in muscle tissue up to 4 days post exercise while enhancing exercise to exhaustion times an additional 20%.
ActiGin is a proprietary, all-natural plant-based formulation derived from highly purified Panax notginseng and Rosa roxburghi using a pharmaceutical grade extraction and processing technology available only from NuLiv Science.

Those two ingredients, combined with the others, make Neco-Adipem a very solid stim-free fat burner. (9)

Dosing is simple: take one packet (2 capsules) twice a day.

Neco-Adipem did a great job keeping my appetite in check, which is what I've come to expect of most fat burners. What I didn't expect was the extra endurance I had during workouts. I was able to add an extra set and grind out maybe 2 extra reps on each exercise. I didn't sweat profusely with this product, but I felt a little extra warmth; nothing over the top, but just enough to let me know that it was in my system and working. Heartburn was a non factor, unlike many other fat burners, so that was another welcome surprise.

I lost a little more than 5 pounds and took about 2 inches off my waist. Those aren't the most dramatic results, but I was already a pretty lean 225 pounds, and I tightened up very nicely. There is definitely more definition in my abs and obliques. Stubborn areas finally cooperated and started to disappear. I have a few more visible veins also. Although Neco doesn't "feel" like a fat burner (no jitters, no excessive sweating), you can tell it works...mirrors don't lie, unless you're in the fun house hall of mirrors. (9)

This is the only area that I scored lower. The cheapest I could find Neco-Adipem was for $57 on Amazon. That's a little steep for a fat burner, but it's not really a complaint. Neco works. Well. Perhaps if it came in a bottle instead of a fancy box and individual pouches, the price might be lower. Nevertheless, I REALLY like this product. (7)

----Side Effects----
None noted (10)

Skald used to be my favorite fat burner, but Neco has replaced it. It does everything well. The ingredient profile is solid, the endurance it gives you during workouts is a pleasant surprise, and the packaging is just plain awesome! It's a little pricey, but I'd gladly pay a few extra dollars for a product that works.
  • Increased Endurance
  • Burns Fat
  • Stimulant Free
  • No Jitters
  • Enhances Definition
  • Increased Energy
  • Too Expensive


  • Torem
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    Rep for this Brand
    3 days ago

    Thanks so much!
    Let us know if you ever need any more! :)

  • Darkman
    Rep: +263
    Trust: 100%
    2 days ago

    Torem, I'd love another box!

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