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ActiGin is a Nutrient Repartitioner manufactured by NuLivScience. It is meant to help the body use the macronutrients of protein, carbohydrates and fats more efficiently.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +3,253
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TROOPer Level: 56
  March 17, 2017

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
(Thanks to NuLivScience for sending it out!)
I'd run a preworkout that contained ActiGin (BuckedUp - which I rated a 9.0 in effectiveness), decided it would be worth supplementing it separately, and grabbed a bottle of NuLivScience's product when it popped up for the Troopers. I'm not usually one to stack a bunch of additional supplements on top of an already-complex preworkout, but I am glad I gave this a go.

ActiGin is an exclusive ingredient researched and developed by NuLiv. They do market and sell the ingredient to other sports performance companies who utilize it in their own sports nutrition formulations, but are the only source to purchase ActiGin directly.

----Ingredient Profile----
First off, ActiGin is not a nutrient repartitioner (as it's currently categorized) and should be not be confused with AstraGin. ActiGin is an endurance and recovery supplement that claims to naturally load muscles with more glycogen and reduce inflammation. It is naturally derived from two plant sources and is an approved compound by all governing bodies (per NuLiv's website).

That said, there's no profile to examine. Each ActiGin pill contains 50mg of the product, which NuLiv claims is the minimum effective dose. As mentioned, this is straight from the original manufacturer and thus there should be no concerns regarding purity or product quality.

The pills are very small and easy to swallow. I usually took one pill about 30 minutes preworkout. To be fully transparent, I always took ActiGin along with a standard preworkout drink, however I had days where I regularly skipped my dose of ActiGin just to ensure I could delineate the effects I was feeling into those caused by ActiGin and those caused by the preworkout (if that makes sense).

No issues with powder burps or stomach discomfort or anything along those lines.

ActiGin was bipolar for me. With respect to increased endurance, I noticed a marked effect. I was hitting workouts harder, cramming in extra sets, and working out for longer on the days when I dosed ActiGin. Honestly I was surprised at just how effective this product was for me in this respect. I usually don't feel much of an endurance-boosting effect from most supplements - it was one of the things I loved about BuckedUp - so I was obviously really happy with this result.

On the flip side, I felt no change in DOMS or my level of recovery. Now, I'm not hitting the gym as hard as I did when I was younger and didn't have kids. I still feel sore after a good workout, but we're not talking those brutal days where you have to manually lift your legs to get into your car. Perhaps higher-level athletes would feel more pronounced recovery effects from Actigin.

That said, I was really pleased with what I did get out of this product.

ActiGin will cost you ~$26 for 60 pills, a per dose cost of .43c provided you feel effects from a single dose. NuLiv does recommend upping the dose to two pills if necessary. I never went that route, but obviously if you had to do so it would impact the value.

Considering this is the only vendor that sells this product directly, it's impossible for me to do my standard price comparison.

Personally I feel that $26 is a good price for 60 pills, especially if you only need one pill per dose. The effect is worth the money in my experience.

----Side Effects----

It was clear when I ran a tub of BuckedUp that something in the product hit me just right, and I'm almost certain now that it was the ActiGin. I loved the endurance boost I got from this product. It fell flat for me with respect to recovery, but I honestly didn't care and can see several scenarios in which I would recommend this product.

If you're trying to cut out stimulants, this is worth a look. If you're a junkie and want to stack "bonuses" on top of your preworkout, you need to give this a try. If you're one of those nutbags who cobbles up their own preworkout potion using raw ingredients - this is absolutely something to include. All in all, this is a solid and simple product that does what it's claimed to do and is available at a fair price. High marks from me.
  • Increased Endurance
  • Better Workouts
  • Stackable
  • Not Widely Available
Rep: +641
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 38
  March 5, 2017

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
(Thanks to NuLivScience for sending it out!)
Thanks to NuLiv Science for sending this out!

----Ingredient Profile---- 10/10
This one is pretty simple. There's 50mg of ActiGin in each capsule. ActiGin consists of Rosa roxburghii, which purportedly has antioxidant properties, and Panax Notoginseng, which purportedly has recovery and stamina/endurance enhancing properties. This is single, namesake ingredient supplement so there is not much else you could ask for here. This is exactly what you want if you want to try ActiGin. Furthermore, it is worth noting that NuLiv Science is the manufacturer of ActiGin so this supplement derives straight from the primary source of its ingredient - you cannot get any better or legit than this.

----Taste/Mixability/Dosing---- 10/10
I took one capsule before one of my workouts for most days. Occasionally I would forget to take my serving, or I would feel extra sore, and would take it later in the day. That did not happen too often and I didn't notice a significant increase in results at two capsules. Also, these capsules are relatively small and one of the easiest types of capsules to take.

----Effectiveness---- 6.5/10
These kinds of supplement are always a bit tricky to judge in terms of effectiveness. However, I've been trying to review more to challenge myself as a reviewer and communicator [of my experience] and improve the consistency of my ratings. That being said, it was a still a challenge to close in on an effectiveness rating.

NuLiv Science claims that ActiGin improves endurance and recovery. I experienced modest results in each area. I never noticed an immediate effect after dosing and believe that time likely amplifies the effects. After about a week, I noticed some slight enhancement in endurance. Specifically, cardio felt a little easier to do. A 30 minute cardio session felt like 29 minutes. That does not seem like much, I know, but for someone who can absolutely despise cardio sometimes it is a noticeable difference. After two weeks, and progressively with each succeeding week, a 30 minute cardio session began to feel more like a 27-28 minute cardio sessions. Again, that is not much but it can feel like a world's difference at the time.

In an effort to be fully transparent, I never took ActiGin completely on its own. I always consumed a preworkout supplement or caffeinated beverage of some sort before cardio and sometimes during cardio. It is very possible that some of the improvement in endurance I experienced was due to these other supplements. In fact, I acknowledge that some of it must have been from the other supplementation, but I do believe ActiGin was partly responsible. Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell just how much of these results were a result of Actigin. Given my past experience with staples like beta alanine, however, I think ActiGin was about 25% responsible. It's hard to quantify such a subjective experience but this is my best attempt to put it in more relatable terms.

Recovery benefits from ActiGin supplementation were similarly noticeable but a little easier to quantify. Closer to two weeks into my ActiGin run, I experienced a unique recovery feeling. I may have absolutely destroyed my chest the day before - you know, one of those days where you are just enjoying the gym, feeling yourself, and get a little carried away - and I would wake up with only a slight soreness. It still took a few days to completely subside, but it began at an intensity akin to having already been sore for 1-2 days. Towards the end of my run, it increasingly felt like I had already been sore for 2 days. Despite being a little sore, I never really felt that my soreness held me back in the gym like I have in the past.

If I were to compare ActiGin with other staples in the recovery/endurance category like BCAAs, I would have to put this below a little below BCAAs. You should probably spend money on BCAAs first - I have not used a non-hormonal supplement in the recovery/endurance category that bests the results I get from simple 2:1:1 BCAA supplementation yet. However, if you already use BCAAs, or cannot for some reason, definitely give this a shot.

----Value---- 6.5/10
I found a 60 capsule bottle on Amazon for about $30 with shipping. Given that you could get anywhere from 30-60 days from this bottle depending on how you dose it, this is not terribly priced. $0.50-$1.00 a day is not too much if the results are there. However, for this price you can pick up a good 2:1:1 BCAA supplement with just as many, if not more, servings. Since value should also incorporate a relative cost/benefit analysis of sorts, I believe that this should be reflected in the rating. In other words, since better recovery/endurance supplements exist within in this price range, I cannot rate this in 7.5+ range. Still, since the price is not exorbitant at 1 capsule a day, I think a 6.5 rating is fair. In short, try it if you can afford it but do not buy ActiGin before the staples.

----Side Effects---- 10/10
I experienced no side effects while taking ActiGin.

----Conclusion---- 6.7
ActiGin will probably help your endurance and recovery a modest amount, especially with continued use. However, its consumption should not be prioritized over staple endurance/recovery ingredients with more concrete scientific and anecdotal evidence. If you have the extra $ to spare, then I suggest you try ActiGin out. I came to a 6.7/10 rating after averaging the Effectiveness and Value categories (both 6.5) and adding a small bump for lack of side effects, simple ingredient profile, and easy dosing.
  • Longer Sets
  • Higher Reps
  • Increased Endurance
  • A Bit Pricey If All You Do Is Lift
Rep: +1,787
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 59
  February 22, 2017

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
(Thanks to NuLivScience for sending it out!)
What's going SR family! I would like to thank Nuliv Science and the Trooper program for allowing me to run Actigin. As I near the big 50 for me, I am starting to restructure of supplement regiment to be able to maximize my goals and to assist in my longevity. When I saw Actigin become available for the Troopers, I was interested in trying it, considering some of the positive feedbacks I saw regarding the benefits of Actigin.

----Ingredient Profile----

The profile on this is very simple, one capsule contains 50 mg of Actigin. Nuliv Science claims the following when using Actigin:

Faster Recovery
Enhanced Endurance
Supports Intense Physical Activity

In addition, Actigin has been shown to reduce inflammation, its water soluble, and helps increase glycogen levels in your muscles. Furthermore, it Actigin is high in antioxidant properties, which is higher than the antioxidant levels in Vitamin C.

Taste - They are capsules, so nothing to taste; however, if you are looking for a faster absorption, you can open the capsules and mix it with whatever you are taking, keep in mind, it is very bitter if you do so.

Mix - There is nothing to mix, pop a capsule and go

Dosing - Nuliv Science, recommend taking 1 to 2 capsule before working out; however, I decided to play around with how this was taken and I will explain further in my effectiveness experience.


The 1st week, I followed the recommended way to take this, I notice some recovery benefits after my workout; however, when I would take Actigin, with following supplements, it shows me that Actigin was working:

Fish oil - When I would Actigin with my Omegas, I notice a good reduction of joint pain. In addition, I knew it was working and boosting the absorption of my Omegas, I had to keep clipping my nails every 3rd day; my wife was calling mini Wolverine!

Taking with my Pre-workout - There are a number of companies who are now including Actigin in their profile; however, the pre-workouts I had, did not have any. When I would take 2 capsules with my pre-workout, I noticed a boost in the energy level I normally would get. I am sure this was due to the mechanisms of increasing glycogen levels, since I would take my pre-workout with a complex carb drink.

Recover - By the 3rd week, I noticed the recovery effects, my DOMS were not completely eliminated, but it was reduced to manageable levels, especially after a nice leg workout. Furthermore, Actigin gave me similar effects live being on Creatine, I looked a little fuller around the shoulder area about the 3rd week into it.

Value - The lowest I found Actigin was on Amazon for $26.00, not bad for a 30 day supply; therefore, for the value, it is on the money.

Sides - None to speak of


Actigin to me worked well, as I always state, everyone one reacts different to supplements. Nuliv Science has done their research well for Actigin and in my opinion, this should be a stable to everyone's regiment; for the price, it is worth it. Yes, there more and more companies adding Actigin to their products, but what is the quality and how much of it is really in the product?
  • Longer Sets
  • Higher Reps
  • Increased Endurance
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Increased Supplement Absorption
    Rep: +651
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 33
      November 12, 2014

    I would like to thank NuLiv for hooking me up with this. I think it is a wonderful new product that I feel is similar to creatine. I think NuLiv Science has done a good job at getting their product out there and promoting in on the boards (http:// and by offering freebies to a lot of the members.

    Actigin is made up of 2 ingredients. From the Actigin website:

    “Rosa roxburghii, widely regarded for its high antioxidant properties. Belongs to the rose plant family. It's fruiting body is extremely rich in antioxidatives. Gram for gram, rosa roxburghii contains significantly more vitamin C, super oxide dismutase and other antioxidative markers than other available citrus fruits and plants.

    Panax notoginseng. Research has shown that there are 2 main groups of ginsenosides, Rb1 and Rg1, with various sub-molecules under the Rb1 and Rg1 grouping. On-going research indicates that certain compounds in Panax notogineng may aid with endurance & recovery.”

    Simple enough and works like a charm for me.

    I thought this was similar to trying creatine for the first time. I felt like I was able to squeeze out a couple of more reps on sets. My recovery time between sets has been quicker, even on heavy lifts. There have been times that I felt I could go again after a 2 minute break instead of taking my usual 3 minute break. I was also off it for a couple of months before purchasing some more. I could tell that difference when I did not have it anymore especially in recovery time.

    This is where I have an issue. From what I can find, this can only be purchased on the Actigin website. You can purchase a single bottle (30 day supply) for $42.45 including shipping. Would I buy it again at this price? Not at all. I think this is way too expensive. However, if you can shell out the money for the bundle price breaks 3 bottles for $87.45 with shipping or $154.95 with shipping than I think it is worth it as it brings it down to a dollar a workout or less when taking it. I also hate this. If you can sell me 6 bottles at a unit price of $25.83, why can’t you just sell me one bottle for that price? I would be more apt to buy it again and recommend it to others.

    I think this is a great product that I would add as a staple to my regimen if it were not so price prohibitive. Due to the price though, I’ll just have to hold off till I have the extra $85 - $155 to buy in bundles.
    Rep: +39
    Trust: 62%
      June 13, 2014

    I have been taking actigin on and off for the last 2 and half months. I usually will incorporate it on my weekend runs/hikes or for my weekly basketball games with buds on Wednesdays. I already like AstraGin so I was willing to take a leap on ActiGin from Nuliv. (I also paid like $20 bucks for BOTH of the products way back in January hehe)

    They market ActiGin as an endurance & recovery supplement. Oddly, I've seen it in other PWO workout supps. According to the brochure I picked up at FitExpo, it's suppose to deliver more glycogen to your muscle tissue while reducing inflammation after a long workout. This review is only for cardio, I haven't really used it for pure strength conditioning.

    Composed of panax notoginseng and rosa roxburghii. I had no f'in clue what the latter was and after some googling, realized it's a rose plant and sister plants have been used in England since WW II. (Rose hips).

    Ingredients: 8/10. It's made of only two plant extracts, supposedly "highly fractionated" or purified. I'll just trust their science, their logic is probably better than my bro science ha.

    Effectiveness: 9.5/10. This is one of the very rare products on the marketplace that actually does what it says. Theoretically, more glycogen delivery=more fuel for cardio. Also I think the antioxidants in the rosa roxburghii help minimize a bunch of inflammation responses by your body. When I take actigin I'm definitely not as sore the next day after a decent run/hike/bike/bball session. I'm in my mid 30's now and believe me, playing full court bball for 2 hours drains you big time. You're sore, all beat up, and just want to reach for a coors lite when you get home. I also never hit the wall so to speak. Like if I HAD to run another mile, or got pestered into running another couple pickup games, I know I could on Actigin.

    Value: 10/10. Obviously my price paid will be different than what most others pay. I did a cursory search on their website, I believe it retails for $40 now. I paid $10. I think if you're using this exclusively for weight lifting, it may not be a good option unless you're the hardcore bro that spends 2 hours on a muscle group and needs the extra fuel. But if you're a older guy like me and needs a subtle boost to performance and recovery, it's a great product.
    • Increased Endurance
    • A Bit Pricey If All You Do Is Lift
    Rep: +4,289
    Trust: 100%
      December 22, 2013

    Once again a big thanks goes out to Nulivlifestyle for allowing me the opportunityto test out Actigin.

    A description of Actigin directly from the Nulivlifestyle website:

    'ActiGinâ„¢ is a proprietary novel all natural high sports performance nutraceutical ingredient that has shown in one in vivo and three human studies to support high-intensity endurance performance, energy level, and glycogen recovery in muscles, and to reduce muscle damage in rats and humans during and after high-intensity physical activities.
    ActiGinâ„¢ is a proprietary all natural plant based formulation derived from highly purified and fractionated Panax noto-ginseng plant and Rosa roxburghii fruit using a proprietary pharmaceutical extraction and processing technology available only from NuLiv Science.'

    A 50mg extract of Panax noto-ginseng plant and Rosa Roxburghii fruit.

    A little info on Rosa Roxburghii, again from Nulivlifestyle's website:
    RosaExâ„¢ is a proprietary fruit extract from the rosa roxburghii plant. Rosa roxburghii contains high levels of vitamin C, polyphenols, bioflavonoids, SOD, Catalase, reduced glutathione, and more. RosaExâ„¢ has demonstrated in large amount of studies to reduce many damaging free radicals, such as superoxide, down to oxygen and water. A truly amazing anti-aging and free radical scavenging fruit extract'

    Not much to say here. It has the same base ingredient as astragin, panax noto-ginseng and the inclusion of some supposed super fruit...Meh

    Effectiveness: 5/10
    Just like its counterpart Astragin, I did not see much tangible evidence that Actigin did anything beneficial for me. I do a lot of high endurance exercises and this seemed perfect for my goals atm. I tried nearly every dosing protocol possible, as well as combined it with astragin on many occasions, but it came up short on all its claims for me unfortunately. No increased endurance, energy levels nor better recovery. This is not to say others may not benefit from this supplement, I just got very little from it.

    2 caps preworkout, very simple

    Around $30 for 60caps, a month + (dose dependent)

    Unfortunately, just like Astragin this one fell way short of the mark for me and there is very little I can say about it. I have spoken with several people that say they really enjoy using Actigin/Astragin so that is why I gave them the benefit of doubt with 5's across the board.
    Either way I cannot put my stamp of approval on Actigin.
    Rep: +6,973
    Trust: 100%

      June 26, 2013

    A shout out to the guys at NuLiv Science for the opportunity to test another one of their supplements - Actigin.

    Actigin is a supplement that is meant to be taken to improve the delivery of glycogen to muscles as well as reducing post exercise inflammation. It is purported to increase energy, endurance and aerobic capacity. It can enhance the effects of a pwo. I will start this review with one caveat: this seems to me to be of most benefit to endurance athletes, something that does not describe my training style. As such, I will rate this based on a benefits for a typical strength training athlete.

    Profile: 8/10
    Like Astrigin, it is composed of 2 compounds: panax notoginseng and rosa roxburghii. I covered the first ingredient in my review on Astrigin and the second ingredient is another eastern herb that has strong antioxidant benefits. There is far less information available for Actigin than there was for Astrigin but basically it appears to be a profile targeted at high endurance athletes such as runners or tri-athletes. (my perception)

    Dosing: 10/10
    Take 1-2 caps with fluid or pwo prior to exercise; doesn't get much simpler than this.

    Effectiveness: 7/10
    As I said at the beginning, I was probably not the best person to test the effectiveness of this as I tend to do medium to high volume strength training with small amounts of HIIT. Anyone that knows me, knows that I consider steady state cardio as the Great Evil. As a result I really wasn't able to test the upper limits of enhanced endurance. What I did see was a slight to moderate increase in energy during high volume training like GVT. I did enjoy a small increase in my ability to finish out sets. So that still was a nice plus and would lead me to believe that there is some validity to the claims of increased energy, endurance and aerobic capacity. However, I cannot verify this through direct experience.

    I had wondered if this would work similar to a GDA, but there really wasn't much direction as to whether or not to take this with carbohydrates or its effects on blood sugar or insulin, so that would lead me to believe that it is not intended for that purpose. I did try taking it with Vitargo prior to training, but did not see any noticeable changes versus taking it solely with my pwo.

    Value: 6/10 (weight lifting), 8/10 (endurance)
    I'll average this as a 7 in the top ratings
    Each bottle contains 60 caps so a bottle lasts 1-2 months depending on dosing. Since this is only available from the manufacturer, the price is $24.95 + flat rate shipping of $3.99. That comes out to somewhere in between .50 to $1.00 per serving, based on either 1 or 2 caps. So for the average lifter, I'd rate this 6 in value and recommend looking at Astrigin instead. For an endurance athlete I speculate the value would be much higher since enhanced glycogen storage, increase aerobic capacity, etc. would be of greater value to such an athlete or training style. Although I am not a runner I would assume this could theoretically extend the time until you "hit the wall". But again, since I do not do endurance training I can only speculate.

    Overall: 7/10
    Actigin did not wow me quite the way Astrigin did, but given how I train, that is understandable. A true test would be to have another ER who is endurance athlete give this a similar review and I encourage NuLiv to send another bottle for review with that caveat. I know we have at least a couple of ER's that do Crossfit (or Crossfit style) training and they would be ideal candidates. As such I rate this a maybe. For the average lifter, its probably not the best way to spend your money. For someone who uses endurance training such as running, biking, Crossfit, etc. I would certainly recommend giving this a try.

    Overall I believe that NuLiv Science is the real deal and I am planning on purchasing a couple of their other products (especially Optimum Blood Sugar Support). Their approach and ingredients resonates with me and I especially like the idea of supplements that help augment how the body functions. The fact that other supplement companies (RCSS, Muscle Pharm and others) use NuLivScience ingredients in their formulas only further strengthens my faith in this company.
    • Longer Sets
    • Higher Reps
    • Increased Endurance
    • A Bit Pricey If All You Do Is Lift

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