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  1. bctuthill

    Batch 27 was an enjoyable PWO, but some of the label doesn’t make sense…
    —-Quick Summary—-
    Batch 27 is pretty tasty and effective, but mislabeling makes me leery about recommending it. The scooper also weighs in a bit heavy, so you are best off using a microscale to ensure accurate serving sizes.

    Hi everyone. I want to begin by thanking TC Nutrition for the opportunity to review their PreWorkout. I lift very early in the morning and tend to miss getting enough sleep on a daily basis, so I (over) rely on a good preworkout to ensure I get the most out of my lift every day. I chose to try Batch 27 because it had a really well-rounded label that included tons of different stimulants, plus nootropics, and pump ingredients.

    It’s just about everything you’d want to see in a preworkout, but label claims, pricing, and serving sizes ultimately prevent it from receiving the green stamp of approval.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    I’ll quickly address my concern about the labeling here before getting into the rest of the details. On the front of the bottle they highlight 325mg of caffeine. However, on the ingredient panel we see there is actually 275mg of caffeine and 50mg of caffeine citrate. That would mean we have 325mg of caffeine-related ingredients but because of the CafCit’s bond to a citric acid it means we are only getting 300mg of caffeine base. This might seem like I’m splitting hairs, but it’s simply concerning to see a mass produced product be mislabeled in its formulation. Is 25mg going to make a huge difference? No, but this should be a pretty exact science for how simple these calculations are.

    Other than the caffeine we have…
    Citrulline Malate at a 2:1 ratio (8g). This is a great dose here and very effective for creating the pump effect.
    Beta-Alanine (3.5g). Exceeding the 3.2g clinical dose is great and will help prevent fatigue and improve recovery time.
    Betaine Hydrochloride (1.8g). Also great for pumps, this should increase blood plasma volume.
    Creatine HCl (1g). Creatine Hydrochloride is supposed to absorb more easily but at this dose it’s probably more of a placeholder. This is above the common single serving size of 750mg, but typically you want to take 2-3g daily in total. C-HCl aborbs significantly better than Monohydrates.
    Agmatine Sulfate (600mg). This is another pump product that users seem to love or hate. Personally, I’m a hater. I find that it detracts from my pump, but this is a solid dose and I think more people realize a positive effect from it than a negative one.
    Tyrosine (600mg). A nice added nootropic. This should help you focus and instill a sense of calm. It may help soothe the reaction to having so many stimulants being digested at once.
    L-Carnitine (500mg). Nice addition here and one I wish I saw more often. Carnitine will help shuttle triglycerides (fatty acids) to your mitochondria for cellular energy production. As a result, its also a great non-stim fat burner.
    Theobromine (250mg): My personal favorite ingredient to say out loud. It’s also heavily underrepresented IMO. Not only does it aid in blood flow as a vasoldilator but it also acts as a stimulant, which is a very rare combination.
    Synephrine (110mg): A less potent relative of ephedrine. Effective at burning fat and acting as a stimulant, banned by CrossFit.
    L-Theanine (100mg): A neuro-stimulant (not cardiac stimulant though), this will also aid in providing a sense of calm and easing the absorption of stimulants.
    Huperzia Serrata (120mcg): We need more research on this. It appears to be an effective nootropic.

    These servings were based on 18g; but a level scoop yielded 21.7g. Best to use a scale on this or eyeball a little below a full scoop.

    Overall this is a stellar ingredient panel, and if it weren’t for the mislabeling I would have nothing negative to say about it whatsoever. Great job with it overall.

    Taste: I received Sour Batch flavor and TC Nutrition really hit the nail on the head. It was sour and sweet, just like a sour patch kid.
    Mixability: Mixability was no problem. There was some settling, but to be expected. Not everything contained within it is water soluble. My only beef is that they opted to use artificial colors but the color they created was a sort of swampy green color that didn’t allude to the flavor at all. I think they’d be better off using red or blue or going uncolored altogether. It would need to be bright green to match a sour patch kid, but this was very dark. It seemed like a waste of dye.
    Dosing: I took this daily around 4am. By the time I was lifting at 4:30 I was ready to go!

    I must say, this worked really well. Even on days I barely broke the 5 hour mark with sleep, this got me going. I never felt groggy after drinking it at all. The energy lasted well into the morning without me feeling fatigued at all for about 5-6 hours after taking it. I didn’t feel at all jittery despite all the stimulants, and the unique flavor was something I began to look forward to. Pumps were not quite as good as I thought they’d be with 8g of CM 2:1, but I also don’t respond well to agmatine, and the CM was competing with a lot of vasoconstricting stimulants. That said I never felt like I was struggling to refuel between sets, but I wouldn’t say I was blown away with the pump as I have been with other products in the past. As far as focus goes, just a slight improvement there; it was right on par with what I’d expect from the sprinkling of nootropics. Just enough to gain an edge I’d say, but never achieving any sort of tunnel vision.
    This is a knock. At 1 scoop you only get 20 servings and the bottle is ~$45. If they can get the price below $40, they might have a contender, but at $45 it’s just too much. There are other products out there that are just as effective at a lower price point.

    —-Side Effects—-

    If TC Nutrition can correct the labeling errors I think they have a really good product here. I think the mistake is going to cast a shadow of doubt on the rest of the product’s accuracy though, so I think they will also need to incorporate some 3rd party testing for accuracy and really make a point to showcase the results. They did a great job in the formulation overall and the flavor, and this could become a really popular PWO if they can get the label right and create confidence in the brand by the consumer. Right now I don’t think that’s there. I’ll recommend it with slight hesitation.

    Thank you again to TC Nutrition!

  2. smashley23

    Nice Batch, But It is A Costly One
    —-Quick Summary—-

    This is a pretty solid pre-workout, high energy, solid pumps, but there are a number of other products that will do the same job, so I’d only recommend this one if it’s on sale.


    I’m a competing powerlifter, and I’m currently shedding some vanity pounds and getting ready for a 10k. I hadn’t heard of TC Nutrition before, but the profile was good, so I decided to give Batch 27 a go.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    They offer two options in the profile: 1 full scoop or 1/2 a scoop. One full scoop, gives you:

    300mg caffeine (the front says 325 but caffeine citrate is only 50% caffeine).

    8g Citrulline Malate 2:1 (5.3g citrulline)- Citrulline malate is a pump enhancer and can also help with muscular endurance. 8g is a pretty liberal dose.

    1.8g betaine Betaine is a genereal health supplement that people are now taking for athletic performance: improved power output, muscular endurance etc. I personally haven’t seen any benefit from it, but there is some research to support it’s use. 1.8g is a bit low. People often use 2.5g/day (sometimes split in two doses).

    1g Creatine HCl- Creatine is one of the best known and studied ergogenic aids out there. The most common one is creatine monohydrate (which is dirt cheap and very bioavailable). Here, we have creatine hydrochloride which is supposed to be more absorbable, so less of it is needed. I honestly think that’s marketing bs. There are countless studies on CM. There are virtually none on C-HCl and the only one I could find suggests that it may be worse than CM. In any event, 1g is too low.

    600mg Agmatine– Agmatine is a metabolite of arginine and is often used as a pump enhancer. I’ve found it to be very effective for that purpose. I think this is a good dose.

    500mg L-Carnitine- Carnitine supplements are often used for various reasons. It can help with fat loss, insulin sensitivity, etc. It’s commonly dosed at 500mg-2000mg per day.

    250mg Theobromine– Theobromine is mild stimulant and a vasolidator. More research is needed in terms of how to dose it.

    110mg Synephrine– This is a common weight loss ingredient. It’s chemically related to ephedrine, but no where near as potent or effective. I honestly think it’s just a filler ingredient.

    100mg l-theanine– This amino acid will help take the jitteriness away from caffeine. I like it’s addition here. The dose is reasonable. Too much can make you feel groggy.

    5mg black pepper extract– This can help improve the absorption of other supplements. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will help with any of the ingredients in this product. A lot of companies add it because it’s hot right now.

    120 mcg Huperzine A- a nootropic similar to a racetam that may need to be cycled. This is a good dose.


    I got the Sour Batch flavor, and I thought it was pretty good, 8/10. It tastes like a sour candy.

    The mixability was fine. There was some residue in my shaker, but no clumping issues.

    I started with a 1/2 scoop as that was one of the options on the label. I also tried 3/4 scoop and a full scoop and I used 3/4 most of the time. I only used a full scoop on a day that I felt like I was dragging


    I found this product to be pretty effective when I used either 3/4 a scoop or a full scoop. The energy was strong without being jittery (I don’t like shaking when I’m trying to lift), and it would last about two hours, which was more than enough time for me to finish my workouts.

    The pumps were nice and full. The vascularity was decent, and I actually found that I liked the focus at 3/4 scoop better than I liked it at a full scoop.

    At 1/2 a scoop, the energy and focus were still decent, but the pumps were not there. That’s not surprising as 1/2 a scoop will not give you enough citrulline or enough agmatine.


    One tub is $45, which is a lot for a 20 scoop product ($2.25/serving). If you use 3/4 scoop at a time, you get 26 servings, which brings you down to ($1.73/serving). I still, though, think that is too high. There are a number of pre-workouts out right now that are similar and cost $30-32.

    Batch 27 is almost 50% more than the competition right now. That’s just too much.

    —-Side Effects—-



    I enjoyed my time with Batch 27. I just can’t justify paying that much for it when there are other products I liked just as much that were cheaper. If the price came down (and made some minor tweaks from the formula) I think they could have a top contender.

  3. Vaughn

    A great batch of ingredients to help your workouts
    —-Quick Summary—-

    A very well dosed and comprehensive preworkout/


    Hey SR, here today to review a preworkout called Batch 27 from TC Nutrition. I workout fasted very early in the morning before work so I depend on something to get me going at the gym, but also something that won’t make me crash as I have a long day of work and family ahead of me. I really look for strong but extended energy, endurance, and focus in my preworkouts. HEre’s how Batch 27 did for me.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    Overall, I think this is a very nice and comprehensive ingredient profile. Some of the highlights are a very big dose of citrulline at 8 g for a pump, big doses of beta alanine and betaine at 3.5 and 1.8 grams respectively for endurance support. Then we have the usual suspects of stimulants and nootropics with caffeine, carnitine, tyrosine, huperzine, etc. What I do like seeing is a 275 mg dose of caffeine, but then an extra 50 mg of citrate. I have found that I really like caffeine blends as they don’t stim shock me but last throughout my workouts and don’t cause a crash. I really like this profile as it addresses all of my major needs for a preworkout in fully disclosed and solid dosages. I attached the profile for you to look at as well.


    Pretty standard dosing, one scoop 20-30 min preworkout. I always took in the morning. No foaming or grittiness, this mixed well in my shaker with water. The flavor I had was sour patch kids, and it was a little disappointing. Very sour, and even though like sour more than sweet it took a little getting used to. It’s a preworkout though so just chug it and enjoy.


    I’ll break down this preworkout in the usual areas:

    Pump: I always view a pump as a bonus, and respond the best to beet root or hydromax, but this does a great job here probably due to the very high dose. I receieved consistent pumps every time I took this.

    Energy: Excellent. This woke me up very quickly upon taking and by the time I hit the gym I was ready to go. The energy lasted throughout my hour-hour and a half workout with lifting and cardio. Nothing super crazy, but steady clean energy.

    Endurance: I switched back to lifting heavy during my run of this and feel that it helped. I was able to power through my sets and reps better when taking this even though my muscles were in shock by the heavier weights. I felt I could keep going at the end of lifting.

    Focus: I have really come to love nootropics, mood enhancers, and focus ingredients and although this helped some with the energy, I didn’t feel a huge boost in focus that other products have provided. This is one area where this could be improved.

    Overall, this is a great preworkout that worked everytime for me. I have since switched preworkouts, and miss this one.


    So little distribution and well dosed ingredients equals a big price tag, and you get 20 servings here for $45. This hurts since I workout 6 days a week usually and honestly at this price it would be hard for me to buy again, but I don’t feel the value is way off as it worked extremely well for me and are receiving good doses of ingredients. I will be on the lookout for sales though.

    —-Side Effects—-



    This is an excellent preworkout that you should try, especially if you have some extra money to spend.

  4. shae2311

    Batch 27 was solid, but you are going to get into your wallet.
    —-Quick Summary—-
    A solid preworkout that hits all the bases of what you would want fairly well.

    I’m always down to try out a new preworkout if it looks to be dosed well and it even more intrigues me when they have some out of the norm flavors too so when I saw sour batch kids and this profile I snagged it.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    The ingredients in this have been gone over so I’m gonna highlight what I really like about the ingredients. They went with a little extra beta alanine at 3.5 grams just slightly higher than the usual 3.2 you find in most products these days. It’s not a lot but I really felt the beta flush and tingles early on in my workout which I really enjoy. They also went with creatine HCL at 1 gram which I personally respond to better than the typical monohydrate. There are a few things I would have liked differently, maybe a little more agmatine. Citrulline, instead of cit DL malate. And maybe a little hydromax or nitrogisine.

    I received sour batch kids like I requested and it was great, very tart and tangy but not so overwhelming that it made you sick to your stomach. Mixing was pretty good, maybe a few extra swirls towards the ends but not too bad. Dosing was 15-20 minutes before workouts.

    Energy/focus-these 2 categories is where the product really shined for me. I did most of my workouts after work when im wore out and tired. While using this I was able to get in the zone and have the energy to get through my workouts with a little leftover in the tank.

    Performance/pump- the beta alanine kicked in fairly quickly and I was able to push through my workouts and feel great while doing them. As far as the pump goes, it wasn’t bad but I found myself adding pump ingredients or just being left a little flat. It’s categorized in the site as a pump product but I felt it was more of an energy focus homerun.

    At $45 for 20 servings this just isn’t feasible to me. If they can get the price down to around 28-30 I could see paying for it.

    —-Side Effects—-

    A solid preworkout that really hit the spot for me and gave me tons of energy but I can’t afford to spend $50 For a months worth of workouts on a single supplement.

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