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Caffeine citrate

Also known as: CafCit

Combination of anhydrous caffeine with citric acid monohydrate and sodium citrate dihydrate that requires a higher amount to elicit the same effect as regular caffeine.

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What Is It?

Caffeine citrate, also known as CafCit, is prepared by combining caffeineanhydrouswithcitric acidmonohydrate (citrate) andsodium citratedihydrate. Caffeine Citrate operates in the body the same way regular caffeine does, as the citrate salt dissociates in water.

However, the differences bewteen the two is in the amount of caffeine contained within each molecule. Due to the citrate component of CafCit, a larger dose is needed to get the same amount of caffeine. Typical ratios of the caffeine base to its citrate counterpart is typically 1:2.

Basically, you'll need a dose twice the size of caffeine anhydrous to see the same boost in energy and performance.

For a more in-depth analysis of caffeine's benefits and actions in the body, see our full write up on caffeine, here.

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