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Also known as: HydroMax (Glycerol Powder 65%)

Everyone is always after a good pump during a workout, and they inevitably turn to nitric oxide boosters. But they're forgetting about the great water-based pump that HydroMax offers. Read on to see how this glycerol-based product can take your pumps and performance to a new level!

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What is HydroMax?

Many supplement users and pump fiends alike are well aware of glycerol as an ingredient used in many pump-oriented pre workouts. Typically, powdered forms of glycerol are in the form of glycerol monostearate (GMS) and contain at most 25% glycerol, with the remainder being composed of fats.

HydroMax is a patented, highly concentrated form of powdered glycerol, and silica. It contains 65% glycerol thereby increasing its potency and function. The end result of this exceptional hydration and superior pumps compared to traditional GMS. Its available as part of pre formulated pre workouts or capsules making it easy to add to your stack should your current pre workout not contain it.

Where Does It Come From?

HydroMax is a trademarked product created by Glanbia Nutritionals,, a company that specializes in manufacturing and selling nutrition and sports supplements.

What does it do?

Many supplement users are familiar with glycerol monostearate as its been widely used in pump-centric pre workout since mid-2014. The issue, however, is that GMS is only comprised of 25% glycerol and 75% saturated fat, which means some hydration and a lot of unnecessary calories from the fats. Enter HydroMax with its 65% glycerol concentration and lower fat concentration. To understand exactly how HydroMax works, you need to understand glycerols function in the body.

When ingested, glycerol has a hydrating/dehydrating effect. It has the rather unique ability to hold onto water, so much so that mold can actually grow on it unless some form of antiseptic is added in conjunction with a softening agent. This water-binding ability offers huge benefits to both bodybuilders and endurance athletes.

Endurance athletes can benefit from glycerol supplementation in conjunction with increased water intake prior to an event. This causes something referred to as hyper hydration due to the fact that the athletes muscles will retain more water and thereby enhance their performance.

Additionally, bodybuilders also have found benefits from incorporating glycerol supplements into their stacks. It drives water into the muscle cells thereby inducing a major pump. Whereas most traditional pump supplements operate off increasing Nitric Oxide (NO) production, glycerol fosters water-based pumps. They may also incorporate glycerol prior to going on stage at a competition without drinking any water to help dry out. This would cause existing water levels in the muscles to leach out and go into the blood plasma. The end result is that shrink-wrapped, well-defined look that so many physique athletes look for when taking the stage.

With continual use, the effects of HydroMax build on itself. With proper water intake, and regular use of glycerol, youll increase overall blood plasma levels due to the extra water your body will retain. This also helps to regulate your body temperature when working out by ensuring you wont succumb to any sort of dehydration due to loss of fluids and electrolytes caused by sweating profusely.

Benefits of HydroMax

  • Increased blood volume

  • Improved hydration

  • Bigger pumps

  • Greater muscle fullness

  • Helps regulate body temperature

  • Increases endurance and overall performance


As part of a pre workout stack, HydroMax can be dosed in 325-2000mg doses 30-45 minutes prior to working out. Dosage can increase based on the individuals tolerance and reaction to incremental dose increases.


While most people interested in greater pumps turn to arginine boosting products by default, they are doing themselves a great disservice by not utilizing HydroMax. Not only will you experience increased muscle fullness (and greater pumps), but youll also ensure your muscles are properly hydrated. The end result is increased performance and well-defined muscles.

Want even more pumps? HydroMax can stack perfectly with Agmatine, Nitrosigine, or any other arginine-based pump inducer. Youll experience pumps like never before and your muscles very well may explode out of your skin!

Just remember that this ingredient needs WATER to be effective so be sure to use a good 12-16oz of water when using HydroMax to give your muscles the swole look youve been wanting!

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