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Prime-T is a natural testosterone booster made by RSP Nutrition. According to the manufacturer, it was created to provide “complete testosterone support”.

The product features 12 ingredients. These include vitamin D and D-aspartic acid – both of which are widely used in this kind of product. The people behind the product say these ingredients could “support free testosterone levels” and promote “a healthy sex drive and libido”.

Maca and fenugreek are also thought to boost the libido, while boron has been researched for its ability to boost testosterone and reduce stress.

Each bottle of RSP Prime-T contains 120 tablets (30 servings).


4 reviews for Prime-T

  1. WarMachine

    A Complete And Effective Natty T-Booster, Sure To Give Mr. Johnson Some Overtime Drive

    A thanks to RSP Nutrition for their continued participation and support here on Today, I discuss my experiences with their testosterone booster Prime-T. Guys, lets be honest, testosterone is king. It is the hormone that builds muscle, gives you the alpha feeling, and ensures your rocket has got the fuel to lift off when your woman wishes to blast off in the bedroom every night. I’m no stranger to t-boosters as I have tried several. Many were good, while some simply didn’t deliver. Primarily, when I take t-boosters, in addition to heightened libido, I also look for increased aggression and any muscle benefits that would suggest anabolic support.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    The profile is fully disclosed with plenty of well-known ingredients known for having favorable effects on testosterone levels. To avoid overly cluttered looking format, I am going to list the ingredients only, so please refer to the image of the label for full dosage disclosure.

    Prime-T contains effective dosages of vitamin D, vitamin B3, folic acid, vitamin B12, zinc citrate, D-aspartic acid, fenugreek, maca, DIM, Safed Musli (velvet bean for l-dopa source), boron citrate, and bioperine.

    I think by now, most if not all of us have seen these ingredients more than enough times to know their functions as they relate to higher t-levels. The included vitamins, zinc, DAA, fenugreek, maca, and safed musli are best known for helping to boost natural test levels directly. DIM and boron have been shown to aid in increasing test levels through estrogen reduction and SHGB inhibition, allowing more free testosterone.


    The directions call for 4 pills taken 30-60 minutes before bedtime on an empty stomach. That’s exactly how I did it, more specifically, I took 4 caps an hour before bed at least two hours after my last meal.


    I’ll use the category method on this one.

    Libido (9/10): Yup, gotta start with the most immediate benefit with most t-boosters first. My libido was plenty high while on Prime-T. I had more frequent morning wood, stronger erections, and Mr.Johnson was definitely pulling in the overtime on this. (Sorry if this was TMI)

    Aggression (8/10): When I say aggression, I’m referring to gym aggression, not the idea of being short tempered. I was pounding the iron with more juice and my resulting focus on my workouts was improved. I especially enjoyed the increased aggression during my boxing workouts. (Maybe I should challenge Mayweather while on this)

    Pump (6/10): I wasn’t expecting a pump from this, but I did notice some increased vascularity at times and a moderately improved swole feeling on my heavy compound lifts. This isn’t something I normally get from t-boosters often, but it was a welcomed effect nonetheless.

    Strength/Mass/Recovery (7/10): Truthfully, I give this a 7 because Prime-T showed some influence in all three. I did not gain any steroid like results, but I did notice my strength and mass creep up somewhat, mostly on my accessory and isolation movements. Recovery was also better, and my DOMS felt reduced while giving me some more natural energy in the morning. Also in terms of recovery, I noticed better sleep with Prime-T, so that would clearly aid recovery as well.

    Overall, Prime-T has several positive influences, but of course don’t expect anything overly phenomenal.


    On amazon, Prime-T goes for 34.99 with free shipping. However, you can currently get Prime-T on a BOGO deal from for 34.97, with shipping costs I’d presume. Depending on how long that sale goes on for, wither way, I say this is a really good value considering it’s a full month’s supply for an effective t-booster.

    —-Side Effects—-

    An occasional acne flare once or twice, but nothing general hygiene won’t solve. In addition, you may get spontaneous erections at times and that could prove to be embarrassing depending on where you are.


    If you’re looking to give your man engines a boost, Prime-T will boost you plenty. You’ll have increased libido, aggression, recovery, and as long as you got your training and diet in check, Prime-T may also help in the developing muscular strength and mass. Just be sure to conceal yourself well in the event Mr. Johnson decides to reach out for an unexpected high-five.


    GO RED SOX!!!

  2. Clipper83

    An affordable, yet solid PCT option. Worth the investment


    RSP labs has been pretty well known for making simple, yet affordable products. I never see anything innovative from them, but I never see anything that I can’t fit in my budget either. I was in need of a test booster, and when this came up, I thought I’d save myself some money and run it.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    What I liked about Prime-T was that it wasn’t just a DAA product. It has some extra good ies there as well. Fenugreek, which is hit or miss really, maca root, which can really amp up libido(according to Seaver), a solid dose of vitamin D, Zinc citrate(which is a good form), and some DIM. Not big on the DIM part, but I do like the addition of Boron, which may increase free testosterone levels.

    No proprietary blends is a good thing of course. The dosages RSP chose are quite well, DAA is at its clinical dose and they didn’t skimp out on vitamin D either.

    Overall, it’s a test/libido boosting product. Some good ingredients, some not-so-good. Well-balanced, and well dosed.


    4 big tablets. I personally prefer tablets, and I had no problem swallowing 4 of these every night. However, I could totally see some people having issues with swallowing these. They are almost as big as the pills you find in Animal Pak actually.

    They are coated, so they go down easy, at least for most of us. No funny smell of taste.


    Now, I used this as part of my pct. along with a cortisol control product, I ran this and I must say, it worked quite well. I had no issue coming off and my “good friend” had little issue and is working with little issue to this day, and seems to be getting back to normal quicker than I expected. I was told stories of losing libido and erections quite significantly after running a cycle, however, this was not the case. If anything, my libido stayed the same.

    For the most part, I was afraid I could not perform for my girlfriend for a while after everything I had run, this turned out to not be the case. Of course my PCT was well thought out, Prime-T just made it easier for me as I didn’t have to buy both maca and DAA on their own, which I was planning on doing in the first place. It performed exactly how I wanted it too.

    I would not run this as a standalone, as now that I’m done, I don’t need any extra boost, but this will be my go-to for future PCT options. I lost little to no strength after all was said and done, which was great. Prime-T played its part.


    Alone, you can get this for $35 on However, I always see them running a 2 for $50 promo. At $25 a bottle, that a great buy.

    If you are an older guy who just wants a little boost in your day, this would be a great product to try out. Especially before you decide to go on TRT.

    —-Side Effects—-

    I did not get any acne while on this, which is good as DAA on its own tends to make me break out. DAA tends to make me a bit anxious, which I got a little of. I’m used to it now and know where it comes from, so it wasn’t that bad.


    Prime-T was a great option for PCT, as well as a great libido booster. I came off and went through PCT with no problem, and even avoided the dreaded testosterone drop.

    For the value, when/if I ever run anything in the future, Prime-T will be my go-to. I don’t mind swallowing 4 pills every night to keep my girlfriend happy in bed.

  3. Vaughn

    A kitchen sink product for natty test boosting that worked great

    Back at it again sR to do a review for the natty test booster by RSP called PrimeT. I’m 35 (almost 36) regular lifter so I am a prime candidate for a natty test booster. I have had some endocrine problems (thyroid cancer 3 times), so I don’t think I will ever jump into the PH realm. However, at 35 my test levels are surely decreasing some and I look for natty test boosters to break through a current plateau, help with some strength increases, and in this state of my fitness life improve body composition. Natty test boosters aren’t world changers, but I have tried a ton of them and you can tell when one is working. Overall, PrimeT worked great, and here’s the review.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    I am extremely impressed with this profile. First, 100% disclosed which is great. Also, this is absolutely packed with a ton of ingredients at great dosages. All of the ingredients are aimed at boosting natural testosterone production, reducing estrogen levels, and increasing libido. All things at 35 years old are welcomed. Some highlights from the profile are a full dose of DAA, 250 mg of DIM, 3000 IU Vitamin D, Fenugreek, Boron, and Maca. Many of us have used DAA with some success and it’s nice to see the full dose in here, most of us are always deficient in Vitamin D as well so this is nice. DIM is one of the best natural AIs I have ever used and 250 mg is a great dosage, and fenugreek and maca are great for libido and a slight natty test bump. The one ingredient I don’t know a lot about is the Safed Musil extract which I looked up and there are some studies of some natty test production and increased semen count. Overall, this profile is jam packed with a lot of well known ingredients at good dosages aimed at helping test production, reducing estrogen, and providing a libido boost. A+ profile.


    No taste or mixing as these are caps. Dosing gets high marks here too as dosing is once a day. A lot of natty test boosters have multiple times a day doses which isn’t too bad but the once a day is much preferred. The directions state to take this 30-60 min at night and I did on most days although I did play around with it some. I believe the theory behind the night dosage is to elevate test at night to help with recovery (and libido), but I also took this preworkout some and some with dinner and I don’t think it affected it’s effectiveness.


    I did not have bloodwork done to truly test to see if there was an increase in testosterone, but I think there are a few sure fire signals that you are experience elevated testosterone. First, I did experience a slight strength increase. For those that have been following my reviews, you know I have been cutting for quite a while and of course it’s hard to improve in your lifts while in a caloric deficit. That being said, I did improve in both endurance and strength slightly while on this. Currently I have been a high rep/cardio routine and the reps were easier and I was able to move up in weight in a lot of my lifts. Second, I broke out a little. I have very clear skin and hardly ever have any pimples, but when I take a good natty test booster I will break out some. I did experience some slight acne on my face as well as some on my chest. Nothing horrible and this is definitely not a great benefit but it can be a sign that you’re producing some more testosterone. One of the main things I look for when taking a natty test booster though is whether my attitude changes. I am usually a VERY patient dude. I’ve been a middle school teacher for 12 years now, you kind of have to be to survive. When I take a good test booster though my aggression goes way up, I get a lot more irritated at smaller things (especially road rage), and have more motivation (alpha feeling) at the gym. This was definitely present while taking this. This really began to take effect in the 2nd week and lasted throughout the rest of the bottle. Lastly, libido increase hit right away. Much more frequent erections, desire, and erection quality. All aces there haha. Overall, when using Prime T I felt an increase in all of the areas I look for when taking a natty test booster. I was very happy with the results.


    I feel this is another strong component of this product. You get a month supply for $34, and there is a buy one get one 50% off at which I think is nice because I would like to run this for 8 weeks in the future. If you buy a DAA product like D-Pol example with DAA and Vitamin D, it’ll run you a little over $20 by itself. This has the DAA and Vitamin D and then includes a lot of other well dosed ingredients to complement it. If you bought those as standalones I think you would go way over with the price, so this is a budget friendly all in one product.

    —-Side Effects—-

    Good: strength, libido Bad: acne, temper


    I would definitely recommend this product to someone in my age bracket looking for a natural boost. Don’t expect PH like gains but if you’re looking to break through a plateau and improve your workouts I think this is a great option that is also budget friendly.

  4. LionHeart

    Saddle up boys, Prime T will send your T flying high
    Ciao SR team, LionHeart here with another riveting review. Today I’m sharing my experience with RSP‘s Prime T natty test booster. I decided to try Prime T after reading other Troopers reviews here on SR. To my surprise, this has been one the the best T boosters I have ever used, and I’ve used a lot of them. About me, 47, active, decent shape, looking to defy the effects of aging. At my age, hormonal balance is crucial, so after reviewing the ingrdients in Prime T and my previous experiences with DAA products I decided to run Prime T along with Optimum Nutrition‘s Optimen and MAN Sports Nolvadren XT. I just finished my 8 week run on these, pleased beyond belief.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Since the product label is posted, I won’t bore you with the details. First off, no prop blend here, all ingredient amounts a listed. Kudos to RSP! What we have here with Prime T is a DAA based natty t booster with some interesting extras that enhance the experience. Solid dose of vitamin D, couple B vits, interesting that B6 is not present, and some other goodies like fenugreek and maca. Also included is Safed Musli which I have had positive results with in the past. My concern with this was the limited estrogen blocking support, while it does include DIM, us older guys need a little more help in that department which is why I added in the Nolvadren XT, a staple e blocker for me.

    Here is another change up RSP has thrown in, these are tablets. Yes, tablets. Been forever since I took booster in tablet form. The tablets are white and they are BIG! I could not take them all in one gulp. The dosing protocol is for 4 tablets taken 30 to 60 min. before bed which is how I took them. To be honest, I actually enjoyed the tablet experience, they went down fairly smooth and there was no odd or strange smells with this product.

    WOW, just about sums up my experience with Prime T. This was a fantastic product! I got the complete elevated T experience with this. Increased strength, energy, libido, all of it. Even the sides that seem to naturally come along with elevated testosterone levels. During this run, I was able to increase weights on all my presses and was also able to go longer in the gym with increased reps. I felt it also helped with recovery as I was not as sore as I usually am on heavy lifting days. For me, took about 10-12 days for me to start really feeling the effects of this and unlike straight DAA products that seem to fade around week 7, this was in full force the whole run. The effects kicked in and just kept kickin’.

    Another great benefit of Prime T is the cost. I picked up a couple bottles for $25 each on Amazon. Each bottle contains 120 tabs, a full 30 day supply. I must have bought on the right day because the next day the price went up to $34. I checked around and prices for this are all over the map but on average you can pick up a bottle for around $30 which is a exceptional price for what you get in the product and it works!

    —-Side Effects—-
    The only sides I experienced with Prime T were the typical elevated T sides which is usually how I judge a t booster’s effectiveness. Acne on my back and shoulders, major aggression, short temper, and a crazy, insane libido! The libido thing was really the most noticeable. I could never get enough, I’d get some and a few hours later was ready to go again. I guess as a result of this elevated libido another side you can add to the list was chafing. LOL

    If you’ve read this far, I think it’s clear that I was extremely pleased with Prime T. The ingredient profile is perfect for guys, like myself, in their 40’s looking to turn back the hands of time a bit. For the younger guys, I think this is definitely a plus that will maximize your T levels and give you the extra benefits of increased strength, energy, and recovery all at a price that’s affordable. All in all, I am comfortable saying this has been one of the best products I have ever used and will be using it again. Highly recommended!

    LionHeart, signing off…

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