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Androrush is a natural testosterone booster made by Betancourt Nutrition. It is designed to increase strength, endurance, vitality and vigor. It is also said to promote a “healthy stress response”.

The formula’s eight ingredients include vitamin D3, which is said to not just regulate testosterone, but also to build muscle mass, boost weight loss and reduce fatigue.

Androrush also features ashwagandha, which is thought to enhance strength and reduce stress.

In addition, agmatine sulfate (as AgmaPure®) could boost nitric oxide, which in turn may stimulate testosterone production.

There are 120 capsules (30 servings) in every bottle of Betancourt Nutrition’s Androrush.


3 reviews for Androrush

  1. Firefighter

    Add a little testosterone boost to your pre!
    Hello all I am a 27 year old firefighter from Ohio. My main fitness goals are to maintain a solid shape for my job and to build muscle/ strength. A huge shoutout to Betancourt for allowing me to review their test booster Androrush!

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    This has a nice fairly simple label with no proprietary blends. To start they have vitamin D and Vitamin B. Next they have 600mg of KSM 66 ASHWAGHANDA. This ingredient supports testosterone, cognition, lean mass, strength and stress levels when used with exercise. Next ingredient we have is 500mg of Agmapure which increases nitric oxide production. That will helps increase blood flow. Following that we have 300mg of Longjack 100:1. This ingredient has been known to support male vitality and vigor. Next up we have 250mg of Coleus Forskholii (20% Forskolin). This ingredient helps aid with fat loss and supports testosterone. Following that we have 200mg of DIM-Diindolylmethane which supports healthy estrogen metabolism. And lastly we have 1mg I’d Yohimbine HCL which is a stimulant. That’s it for the ingredient label.

    There is no initial taste due to it being a capsule. With that being said when taken on an empty stomach I did burp up a chemical taste. But when taken with food I did not experience that. There’s no mixability issue due to it being in capsule form. The capsules are average size. The dosing seemed to be right on. I didn’t like having to take 4 pills at a time but that’s pretty common amongst testosterone boosters.

    To start I’m going to say this is definitely not as potent as a prohormone or a cycle. This is basically an add on to give you a little kick. I actually think this product gave a nice little boost to me each day. It’s definitely not gonna skyrocket your testosterone and should not be used alone if you have low testosterone. But it definitely gives a nice litte extra boost. I noticed I felt a bit stronger overall while taking it. I feel like it gave me a bit more of an alpha male mindset when I was lifting and I liked that. It definitely increased my Libido a bit and mines already quite high so that was interesting. My back did breakout in some acne during my use but to me that was just a bit of proof that it was doing it’s job. I feel like I did make some nice muscle gains as well which is definitely a plus.

    The cheapest I was able to find this product was for $40 on several different websites. There are 30 servings and it breaks down to about $1.30 a serving. It’s a bit expensive for just a little extra boost in my opinion. I will say that many testosterone boosters are in this range as well.

    —-Side Effects—-
    No negative side effects felt besides a little bit of back acne.

    Well to conclude I will say it did work and I was happy with it. I went in with the mindset that if I feel anything I’ll be happy and I ended up happy. The price is a bit much for it basically being an add on each month but if you got some extra cash give it a shot. I would definitely use it again in the future if I found it on sale somewhere. Thank you again Betancourt and I can’t wait to try what else ya got!!!

  2. Brotein

    Androbust would be a more fitting name for this
    It was good to see a company like Betancourt finally taking the plunge and deciding to participate here on the site. I’m sure we’re mostly all familiar with Betancourt and their work. This time around, I gave their Androrush a try.

    —-Ingredient Profile—- —-7.5/10—-

    This was a decent looking product on paper. Touting its ability to help manage stress levels, boost strength and endurance and raise vitality (libido), here are the key ingredients:

    600mg KSM-66 Ashwagandha
    500mg Agmatine
    300mg Long Jack
    250mg Coleus Forskohlii
    200mg DIM
    1mg Yohimbine

    Ashwagandha is used to help reduce stress levels. We all know about the benefits of our good friend Agmatine when it comes to pumps. The rest help support “vitality”.

    I find a majority of these ingredients to be below what is recommended daily along with my personal preferences as well. 500mg of Agmatine is low and the Yohimbine literally as well not even be in here at only 1mg. I think that’s in there more for name recognition than anything else, which I don’t support. Basically, Betancourt has included lots of good ingredients in suboptimal amounts for the most part. There are a few that seem ok, however. DIM should be dosed from 100-600mg from what I’ve read, and the Forskolin is right on the cusp as well with a minimum of 250mg recommended. Ashwagandha should be around 1200mg daily, so Betancourt has half of that. Overall, it’s a mixed bag where the good outweighs the bad. But did it work? That’s the real question.


    Dosing was easy enough, with Betancourt recommending a 4-cap serving per day with or without food, leaving that up to the user. Never had a problem taking this every day and there was never any aftertaste or unpleasant burps. No complaints here.

    —-Effectiveness—- —-4.5/10—-

    In all honesty, if someone told me I had been taking sugar pills the whole time, I wouldn’t be surprised. There were no strength gains or lean mass that I noticed. There was no additional energy or endurance. No extra pump from the Agmatine when it was taken close to pre-workout. If anything, I may have had a very tiny bit of a libido boost, but nowhere near the likes of some other products I’ve used before, such as Launch Sequence. Overall, there was barely a difference between me on Androrush and me not on Androrush. I’m still young, but I’ve tried enough products like this to know what works and what doesn’t, and this was one that didn’t. Shame, but they can’t all be winners.

    —-Value—- —-5/10—-

    Fortunately for Betancourt, they’ve put together an affordable supplement here. This is currently available on TF Supplements for only $25, working out to less than a dollar a day for a months’ run of Androrush. If you were looking to try something new, this wouldn’t break the bank. However, based on the fact that it basically did next to nothing for me, a 5 is the highest I’m comfortable rating this at.

    —-Side Effects—-


    —-Overall—- —-4.7/10—-

    All things told, I wouldn’t actively discourage anyone from trying this one out for themselves. However, this will go down as being extremely forgettable and I wouldn’t know the difference if I had never tried it at all. Thanks again to Betancourt for sending this out for us to try.

  3. Vaughn

    An ok natty test booster that helped me as a mild PCT

    Hey SR, time to review a natty test booster by Betancourt Nutrition called Androrush. I am no stranger to natty boosters, I often look to them for a slight boost, break plateaus, and help in body composition. Being 36, natural testosterone production is starting to slow down and I have found these supplements to have numerous benefits in strength, looking and feeling better, and libido. Let’s see how Androrush did for me.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    Fully disclosed label which is nice. In this profile we have a lot of usual suspects found in other natty test boosters and sexual aids. We have a nice serving of 600 mg of KSM, which is good for cortisol control/test boosting. I really like every product that has this ingredient in it in the past. Then we have Long Jack, Forskolin, and DIM. I like the 200 mg of DIM and this has been an effective anti-estrogen for me in the past, I’d like to see the amounts of the Long Jack and Forskolin a little higher though. Another highlight is a good dose of D3 at 3,000 IU which has shown to boost test in studies. Two ingredients I’m torn on are the agmatine and yohimbine. I like both of these ingredients, but the doses are pretty low and most likely are added for the blood flow/libido boost rather than naturally boosting test. Overall, some good ingredients I have used before in the past with success so I was happy to give this a try.


    No taste or mixability as they are easy to swallow pills. Dosing is 4 per day with or without food and I usually took this dinner. Easy as can be.


    Ok, my review of the effectiveness will be a little different than the natty test boosters I have used in the past. For really the first time, I used one as a PCT. Before starting this, I was sent a couple bottles of Alpha Gainz DHEA (review to come soon, it was AWESOME). This is considered a PH, albeit a very mild one, so I saw this as opportunity to run this near the end of the DHEA and forward to preserve any gains and prevent any kickback/regulate my natural hormone levels. I can say I think this did help me preserve a lot of the gains, and more importantly for me, the body composition I had at the end of my DHEA cycle. Out of all the ingredients that were in this, I attribute it mostly to the DIM would helped with the estrogen and learn muscle look I received. When using the DHEA I had an uptick in everything from strength, libido, etc. and I was able to maintain those really well with Androrush. So while this worked well for a maintenance, I didn’t receive a huge boost like other natty test boosters I’ve used before and that very well could be because I had just used DHEA. I didn’t get some of the usual side effects of the best nattys like acne, aggression etc that are clear signs of elevated test. So overall, I thought this test booster worked well as PCT and maintenance after my very mild PH cycle, but I’d have to re-evaluate it as a standalone test booster.


    Not the best, not the worst. I found this as low as $37 for a 30 day supply. This is a little high for me, but comparable to a lot of other test boosters on the market.

    —-Side Effects—-



    I can recommend this as a decent option for coming off a very mild DHEA cycle as I thought I preserved a lot of my gains in strength and body composition. I’ve had test boosters work and feel a lot better than this, but that could because I used this as a PCT.

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