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AminoLean is a weight-loss/recovery product hybrid. It is made by RSP Nutrition and is designed to increase energy, build muscle, burn fat and boost recovery.

In addition to some vitamins and electrolytes, AminoLean contains three proprietary blends: “Amino Acid Blend”, “Weight Management Blend” and “Energy and Focus Blend”.

The Amino Acid Blend features taurine, which has been tested for its ability to improve running capacity, reduce muscle soreness and help users lose weight. The Weight Management Blend uses green tea extract, which is widely used to help raise the metabolism.

In addition, the product’s Energy and Focus Blend contains natural caffeine – a popular stimulant said to improve exercise performance.


5 reviews for AminoLean

  1. WarMachine

    If You Prefer Something With A More Generous Stim Concentration And A Bit Of BCAAs Than It Might Be Ok, Otherwise, Not Impressed Overall

    A thanks to RSP Nutirtion for their participation here on Today, I discuss their BCAAs energy formula Amino Lean. Amino lean is supposedly formulated with ingredients that create a favorable effect towards energy, endurance, and fat loss. I’ve used BCAAs plenty of times and combined them with other products such as PWOs, creatine, protein, etc. I like the idea of using something that is both flexible to use and effective where it needs to be.

    But is Amino Lean a product that is effective where it needs to be?

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    My first immediate complaint, much like the reviewers before me have pointed out, is the presence of not one but two prop blends. I despise prop blends with a passion even though they may not always be a deal breaker.

    First we have a 5g quantified Amino blend consisting of the well known BCAAs, other essential amino acids, beta alanine, and taurine. At 5g, I don’t even have to explain as to how clearly there is some serious under-dosing here. 5g alone is just barely sufficient for beta alanine itself, but you’re supposed to divide that 5g among an array of other ingredients with high range dosage protocols of their own? Fail….

    Second, we have a 1,500mg fat loss blend containing CLA, LCLT, and green tea. Again, under-dosing is very apparent here.

    Finally, 130mg of a natural energy and focus blend consisting of theobromine and green tea derived caffeine.

    Rsp Nutrition states to not take more than 8 scoops (4 servings) in on day. If you removed the caffeine and made this a product solely as a BCAAs oriented one with some extras, than I can confidently say that at those dosage blends, I would take that many servings just in efforts to get the benefits of the amino acids. Of course that would mean the product would last a little over a week.

    Overall, good ingredients, but simply not sufficiently dosed.


    I received the blackberry pomegranate and I personally enjoyed. it wasn’t too sweet, tart, or chemical like. Mixability was a little sediment containing, but not too bad.

    For an initial week and a half, I tried Amino Lean alone to assess it’s effects. I mixed two scoops and took it about 15 minutes pre workout. Following the initial week and a half, I added the two scoop serving to a serving of Radiate and created a pre workout concoction of my own.


    When used alone, Amino Lean did little in terms of what it is touted to do. The energy I got was about similar to that of a medium cup of coffee. Endurance and intra workout integrity was unchanged for the most part and I saw no real fat utilization effect.

    When combined as a compliment with a pre workout like Radiate, it seemed to work better as it helped to act as a synergist with the ingredients in Radiate, or probably any other pre workout. I could actually feel the beta alanine tingles this time and the energy was more apparent.

    However, since the review is strictly focused on Amino Lean, I have to say that the product alone fell very short in several areas.


    A 30 serving tub is about 20 dollars. Pretty cheap so as Vaughn pointed out, I guess you get what youy pay for. Still, the product’s lackluster beneficial factors would most likely have you looking elsewhere even if it means throwing down a few extra dollars,

    —-Side Effects—-


    In conclusion, Amino Lean simply missed all the marks I was expecting it to provide some notable benefit in. The under-dosed prop blends and lack of desired effects will have me unlikely to invest ini the product regularly and have me going to grab something better. The ingredients are definitely good additions, but RSP needs some major dosage overhauls.


    GO BRUINS!!!

  2. pancow

    Just not enough Amino’s to use in supplement name, and not enough energy to use in supplements subtitle…

    First I would like to thank RSP for sending Amino Lean out, and the SR TROOP’s program for making the connection possible. This particular amino supplement I wasn’t to happy with once I read the label after receiving it, and I even ended up mixing other BCAA’s in towards the end just to make sure I was getting enough for muscle retention. Definitely underdosed product that needs some tweaking to be a good product. Good idea but cheap execution.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    The Amino proprietary blend is only 5g’s, this alone is close to what the BCAA‘s should equal on their own, but instead we got beta alanine, taurine, and other aminos thrown in to see what sticks. It’s so low I didn’t feel any type of skin tingle from beta alanine, and I feel it when having only 1g in a product. Severely underdosed and seems to be more a ploy to sucker poor people trying to lean into buying this product.

    The fat loss blend is 1,500mg, which again isn’t the greatest considering what ingredients you have such as CLA, green tea, and green coffee bean extract. The 130mg energy and focus blend was not noticeable. Just really can’t say I was too impressed seeing a crap load of different amino’s being jammed into one blend with only 5g’s to work with.


    Taste was at least pretty good. I received the watermelon flavor that was almost perfect and mixed very well. Dosing was 4 scoop throughout workout overtime, but started off just doing 2 scoops for intra workout consumption.


    Nearly all properly dosed BCAA supplements I’ve used were noticeable in recovery and helping during workout. While using this I just didn’t have this right feeling in the muscles and just kept wondering if I should just add more aminos in. Basically over time I did do that and ended up feeling better and lifting for a bit longer. The energy was never really felt and don’t believe I can credit any fat loss to the blends in this product.


    $19.97 on various websites is a decent deal for 30 servings of amino acids. Seems to be the more common amount now, but for amount of nutrients in this I don’t feel it’s worth that much even with it being cheaper.

    —-Side Effects—-



    Definitely tasted awesome, but when it came to working good it just fell short. Even felt I wasn’t retaining muscles which is just not a good thought indeed. RSP isn’t a bad company and I like several supplements, but this particular product was useless for me.

  3. Chuntz

    Amino Lean has me leaning towards trying something more effective next time
    First off, thank you to RSP for making Amino Lean available to use troops! Secondly, I apologize for the delayed review. Finals week has been absolutely destroying me. Nonetheless, here is my Amino Lean review!

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    Amino lean is comprised of three separate blends, Amino Acid Blend, Fat Loss Blend, and Natural Energy and Focus Blend. I don’t despise blends completely, but for an amino I’d rather see the typical 2:1:1 dosage. The Amino Blend is 5,000mg of our typical aminos along with citrulline, beta alanine, and a few other ingredients thrown in. I’ll take about this more in the effectiveness section, but if you want a preview, I did not feel anything. The Fat Loss Blend 1,500mg of CLA, green tea extract, and green coffee bean extract. First off, once again we do not know the exact dose of each, so this is already coming in under-dosed. Personally, I feel they should take all these extra add-ins out and focus on correct dosing of aminos, that will give it some potential, maybe.


    I asked for and received the blackberry pomegranate flavor of Amino Lean, so again, thank you to RSP. I wasn’t sure what to expect for this flavor, figuring it would be either waaaaay to sweet or not sweet enough. RSP did a good job with the flavor, I felt it was just right, not to overpowering, yet just sweet enough. It tasted how blackberry pomegranate should, in my opinion.


    Amino Lean mixed well in my blender bottle (no wire whisk ball used). No foaming. Crisp. Very slight residue at the bottom of shaker after consumption, almost non-existent. I feel like every product leaves a smidgen of residue behind though, for the most part.


    I used Amino Lean two ways, either one dose upon waking up or as an intra workout. At first I was just using one scoop, because the tub has 30 servings. The actual serving size is 2 scoops, so I bumped it up after the first few days when I realized I was only taking 1/2 a dose.


    While taking Amino Lean I had no noticeable differences in recovery time, DOM’s, or endurance. There were no increases in energy while taking this product, but I did not expect to see much there. The energy and focus blend comprised of caffeine from green tea and thebromine was unnoticeable, which leads me to add that I experienced no increase in mental focus during workouts. I’ve been cutting losing 1-1.5lbs per week but I contribute this all to diet. Amino Lean has a fat loss blend but I’ve been dieiting since January and this product did not increase or decrease my weekly results, they have stayed steady throughout the past 5 months. Overall, I felt like I was drinking flavored water and nothing more.


    Alright, for 30 servings amino Lean comes in at $19.97 on, with the option of Buy 2 Get 1 Free (select flavors). Not a terrible deal, but if you’re looking for effectiveness, I’d look elsewhere. If you just want to flavor your water up, this is something that may attract you.

    —-Side Effects—-

    I had one side effect while taking this. This only occurred when I dosed this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Once consuming a dose of Amino Lean, about 15-20 minutes later, I would have to rush to the bathroom. Personally, I’ve never had product that has done this to me, besides Detoxn8, but it’s supposed to clear you out. This was the main reason I stopped taking it in the morning. When dosed as an intra workout there were absolutely no problems.


    Truthfully, I wouldn’t pick this up again, not even if I was in a bind for some cheap aminos. They buy 2 get one free is the only appealing aspect of this product to me. They need to revamp their formula.

  4. DaSlaya

    AminoLean: Attempts to be Jack of All Trades, Falls Short, and Is a Master of None.
    I am 37 years old and lift 5-6 days a week in the Gym. I take BCAAs very serious, because to me they truly do reduce my recovery time and aid in diminishing DOMS. Without the aid of an effective BCAA product, I suffer from DOMS given that I spend half the week on strength training and the other half of the week doing Hypertrophy, it all adds up! I received RSP Amino Lean by accident when I signed up to review a tub of Fast Fuel. RSP of course re sent out the Fast Fuel, so I got the benefit of trying this one out as well. Technically this is not my first TROOPer mission review, but its close and I wanted to of course say THANK YOU to RSP and SR for making this happen! Now, formalities out of the way, on to the honest review:

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Oh the dreaded Prop Blends. The ingredient list on Amino Lean are a combination of 3 different proprietary blends. There is the Amino Acid Blend, Weight Management Blend, and the Natural Energy and Focus Blend. Lets go over these one by one with the sub ingredients in each. Keep in mind the serving size here is 2 scoops, so this is per 2 scoops.

    The overall Amino Acid blend contains 5,000mg of the 3 x BCAAs and 11 other Amino Acids. I prefer the standard 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs alone with a minimum of 5g (that seems to be the sweet spot for me), but this has 5g of a whole lot of other amino acids as well. Not to make this review complete overkill, but I went ingredient by ingredient so I could try and understand RSP’s mindset of adding such a blend here.

    Leucine/Isoleucine/Valine: Branch Chain Amino Acids, Leucine is there to burn fat, Isoleucine increases endurance and aids in recovery, and Valine promotes normal growth, repairs tissues, and provides the body with energy. Since these are 3 of 14 ingredients in this blend, I can surmise that this is severely under dosed for a BCAA/EAA product.
    Taurine: Conditional Amino Acid (can be manufactured by the body) said to treat congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, liver disease, ADHD, and diabetes. This feels like a filler for this products purpose.
    Beta-Alanine (Carnosyn): Non Essential Amino Acid that may aid in improving athletic performance and exercise capacity and building lean muscle mass. I never felt the tingles using this, no matter the dosage, so this is also under dosed.
    Glutamine: Amino Acid used to aid in recovery and digestive issues.
    Citrulline: Non Essential Amino Acid that boosts Nitric Oxide (NO) in the body.
    Arginine: Amino Acid that converts into NO and stimulates the release of the Growth Hormone, insulin and other substances in the body.
    Tyrosine: Amino Acid that helps aid in mental alertness
    Histidine: Amino Acid involved in a wide range of metabolic processes in the body.
    Lysine Hydrochloride: Essential Amino Acid typically used to build muscle protein and aid in recovery.
    Phenylalanine: Amino Acid that is said to improve focus
    Threonine: Amino Acid typically used to treat nervous system disorders. The AA changes into Glycine in the body and works in the brain to reduce constant and unwanted muscle contractions.
    Methionine: Amino Acid to help prevent liver damage.

    The Weight Management Blend totals 1,500m and includes:
    CLA Powder: Group of chemicals found in fatty acid linoleic acid that may help reduce body fat deposits and improve immune function. If you take CLA by itself you would range from 800mg to 2.4g daily, so this is one component of 4, so while intentions are good here, its likely under dosed.
    Carnitine Tartrate: Amino Acid to help the body produce energy
    Green Tea Extract: Improve mental alertness and thinking
    Green Coffee Extract: Coffee beans that have not been roasted; aid in weight loss because it affects how the body handles blood sugar and metabolism

    The Natural Energy and Focus blend contain 130mg of Caffeine and Theobromine. The two products used in conjunction with one another stimulates your nervous system, keeping you more alert and awake. It is possible this combination can also make you agitated and more anxious, though I had none of these issues, something to keep in mind to those sensitive to caffeine, though this is a very low dose equaling about a cup of coffee.

    The blends here seem to be trying to do way to much and there is no strict focus here. While most of the ingredients are nice additions to have, they are all very under dosed to truly be effective, we will get to effectiveness down below. To me, RSP could have just taken this blend of ingredients and made multiple products, giving them the ability to up the dosage of each instead of trying this all in one product. Overall, since these are all prop blends and under dosed I give the ingredient profile a 4 out of 10, and to me that is almost being generous, but there was nothing truly unsafe in here, and the intentions were good.

    Taste: I received the Blackberry Pomegranate. Its not a bad flavor at all, not sweet and is subtle, so you can drink it easily. The taste will not excite you either but very drinkable.
    Mixability: Mixes real easily, no issues here at all. I mixed this by itself and with Green Vibrance as well as Super Carb on different occasions and never had any issues.
    Dosing: The Label reads “Mix 2 scoops of AminoLean in 8-10 fl oz of cold water.” Yup no issues here very simple. There is also a chart on the label showing # of servings, # of scoops based off the energy intensity. The recommended use are still 2 scoops, with lower doses (2 scoops) in the evenings and higher doses in the mornings or on training days. You can dose this anywhere from 2-6 scoops, but not to exceed 8 scoops in a 24 hour period. I tried 1 serving (2 scoops) and 2 servings (4 scoops) at different times, which we will talk about in the effectiveness.

    Overall, I do not think this product did anything for me at all. At least nothing that I noticed. With such low dosages and trying to be an all in one product, you almost have to supplement this supplement with something else and with higher doses to be effective. I will talk effectiveness from the product claims and how I tried to dose this.

    Support Lean Muscle Recovery: As long as I was taking another supplement that contained BCAAs with this, it worked fine, but as a stand alone BCAA supplement it did not do anything for me, and DOMS kicked my butt leading me to longer recovery periods.

    Build Lean Muscle, Increase Energy & Endurance, and Burn Fat: I experienced none of these effects at all.

    Taken Intra Workout: I initially took AminoLean to replace my Intrablast, as I enjoy drinking my BCAAs intraworkout. I combined this with NutraBio Super Carb during my workouts and had no real noticeable effects at all. I did however experience a crash post workout which I attribute to the caffeine I got from taking Pre-Jym PWO and more added caffeine during the workout. I was only taking 1 dose (2 scoops), but after two workouts like this I had to move how I dosed this so i could actually function at work during the day, since I workout first thing in the morning.

    Mid-Day with Green Vibrance: I moved to taking this around 3pm in the afternoon to mix in with my Green Vibrance, since I typically mix BCAA to hide the god awful Green Vibrance taste. It does a good job at masking the taste, but again I felt no energy boost at all, even mid day.

    2 servings or 4 scoops: I tried Intra workout at 4 scoops and mid day at 4 scoops. Intraworkout i took the 4 scoops alone, no PWO no Super Carb, and again felt nothing, not even beta alanine tingles. Mid day at 4 scoops, same verdict, nothing.

    Since I got this free, I had to do some Google-Fu to check the prices on this. Currently you can get it from for $19.97 for 30 servings (67 cents a serving) and get a second container at 50% off. Amazon has similar price point without the special. All in all its a nice cheap Amino Acid product, but I take this section as not just value monetarily but are you getting what you pay for. I personally would not buy this product, nor can I recommend you do the same. Yes its cheap, but with no effectiveness, its paying for nothing in my opinion.

    —-Side Effects—-
    None at all.

    All in all, this product had absolute zero effect on me, and caused me to crash and be very tired taken in conjunction with a PWO and first thing in the morning. I appreciate the opportunity to review this product, but I cannot recommend this to anyone. Of course, keep in mind everyone reacts differently to supplements so this is not a one size fits all situation, but this did not work for me. I see what RSP is trying to do here with this 3 in 1 product, but its very low dosed to be effective at anything. Its barely a jack of all trades and definitely not a master of one. I would like to see the blends moved to stand alone products and their dosage moved up to really be effective.

  5. Frankiemusc

    A 3 Headed Ingredient Profile, that Fell Flat on its Face

    Thank you to the folks at RSP and the SR Troops program for the opportunity to try RSP’s product Amino Lean. This product contains ingredients that could be used for recovery, energy and fat loss. My staple supplements always include one for energy, and one for recovery-BCAA’s.

    Apologies for the late review.

    Why I selected this product:

    The 3 headed ingredient profile in this product is what intrigued me and it’s been a while since I have tried such a formula.

    —Ingredient Profile—

    I am not going to provide a detail on the 20 ingredients listed on the label, as previous reviewers have done a great job in covering these already.

    Amino Acid Blend 5 grams- contains your staple bcaa‘s and l-arginine, l-glutamine, just to name a few
    Thoughts: Prop blend, which appears to be under dosed all around, with the 14 ingredients in this blend.

    Fast Loss 1.5 grams-CLA, L-Carnitine L -Tartrate, Green Tea Extract and Coffee Bean Extract
    Thoughts: Another prop blend that appears to be under dosed. Especially for the CLA and L Carnitine Tartrate, 1.5grams
    could be an effective does each

    Energy and Focus 130 mg Caffeine from Green Tea and Theobromine
    Thoughts: Clearly under dosed based on just the two ingredients listed here


    I had the blackberry pomegranate. The taste was delicate, definitely not over powering, or overly sweet. Just a hint of flavor would best describe it. It was a refreshing flavor for me.

    I mixed this either in a 24 ounce shaker or in a 16 ounce plastic water bottle. Mixing was excellent, no residue and it seemed to dissolve effortlessly into the water.

    Added ice cubes in the shaker.


    1 scoop in the above water amounts.

    I took this as a pre-workout and didn’t exceed this amount for 30 days, as I wanted to stay within the 1 a day serving size.


    Overall a big MEH.

    Energy- just wasn’t enough. I train at 4:30 or 5am 3 days per week and I require a nice kick to get me going at my age. The product fell short here. I felt a cup of 10 ounce coffee has a better result than this product.

    Recovery-I didn’t feel any speedier recovery or reduction in doms etc, but hopefully there was some underlying benefit to the product. Some BCAA products I have felt working in the past and some I did not.

    Fat Loss- No noticeable leaning aspects of this product whatsoever. I have taken L-Carnitine on its own and have noticed a leaning effect, but at much higher dosages. The fat loss concept of this product was most disappointing, in terms of the amount of ingredients.


    The product can be purchased on Amazon as of this review, $16 for 30 servings. Value is based on effectiveness and based on my lack of effectiveness, I am not sure I would spend $16, or 53 cents per day, for something that was ineffective.

    —Side Effects—

    No side effects


    Overall this was an under dosed product in which no physical positive effects were experienced. Hopefully, there was some underlying benefit to my muscles with the amino blend, however the energy and fat loss blends fell flat.

    Possibly this would be deemed a “beginner” product, for someone that is just starting out in the gym or very sensitive to stimulants.

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