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Fast Fuel Reviews

By: RSP Nutrition

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Fast Fuel is a Pre-Workout manufactured by RSP Nutrition. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.
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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to RSP Nutrition for sending it out!
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  July 1, 2017

  • Good Value
  • Slight Pump
  • Inclusion Of BCAA
  • Slight Energy Crash Post Workout
  • Lost Effect Around 45 Minutes Into Workout
  • No Focus Increase


First and foremost, I would like to thank RSP and the TROOPer program for the opportunity to test out RSP Fast Fuel. This is my first official TROOPer review, so that's another achievement in life knocked off. I am 37 years old, lift 5-6 days a week and stick with lifting, as I cannot do much cardio due to past injuries. I look for a PWO to get me fired up prior to getting to the gym, or to at least push me that extra motivation to get there. I also look for PWOs to help me maintain my energy during my session which range from 45 - 90 minutes depending on the day. Fast Fuel was able to give me the boost I needed, though did peter out sooner than I would like, but we will get into the details below. The concept of this PWO, I though was interesting, was to take a dose Pre workout, and one intra, acting as your all in one PWO and BCAA for Intra, not a bad concept. My stack consists of Green Magnitude, a multi V, Fish Oil, Joint Supplement, Super Carb, BCAA 5k, started a fat burner halfway through, and Protein.

Ingredient Profile

Okay, so we have 4 prop blends here, which is what it is. I personally prefer transparency on the label, but I do understand from a business model perspective of why prop blends exist. Either way lets break each one down.

BCAA Matrix: Your standard Leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine. Each scoop gives you 2500mg of combined BCAAs, and if you do the 2 scoops as per instructions then you get your standard 5g here. I am assuming this is a 2:1:1 ratio, but cannot be sure. I do like the inclusion of BCAAs in a PWO, and as long as you do the 2 scoops you get a nice dose.

Max Contract Matrix: 1,750mg (per scoop) of Creatine Monohydrate, Beta Alanine, and Glutamine. Again, hard to say how much of each is in this blend, but I feel this is dosed pretty low. We will go over this more in effectiveness, but the beta alanine "tingles" was barely noticeable. Comparing this to the last 2 PWOs I have taken (Pre-Jym and C4 50x) this is a low dose. Creatine Mono, cool inclusion but this could not be your sole source of daily Creatine intake. Glutamine we see commonly taken for joints, but according to WebMD there is not enough proof in this to say it actually works. Since I deal with quite a bit of joint pain on a daily basis, the inclusion of this sure does not hurt, but again I feel this is too low of a dose to even be noticed. This prop blend I wish RSP could break out, so I can actually see what the doses are of each ingredient.

Energy Matrix: 500mg (per scoop) of Taurine, Caffeine, and N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine. This is another pet peeve of mine here, I truly like to know how much caffeine I am getting in a PWO, but again we just don't know. The Taurine is used here to improve performance, but studies in the past have shown that it helps in Cycling workouts, but not in Strength or Sprint performance (another WebMD study). While people's opinions on this will vary, it just did not seem to be that exciting to me, especially if this makes up the bulk of the blend. The Tyrosine portion, that's where the focus kicks in. 150mg a day is said to improve alertness, I did not feel much effect here, so I would be curious on the dosing of this as well.

NO Matrix: 250mg (per scoop) of Agmatine Sulfate, Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, and Arginine HCI. As of now there is lack of much human evidence on the true effectiveness and dosage of Agmatine. Most of the studies take Agmatine by injection not orally, so hard to say. It is said to aid in lowering pain and depression, but obviously it is used here to boost some NO. Of note, Agmatine uses the same receptors as Arginine so putting both ingredients together makes absorption more difficult. Arginine is said to directly produce NO via the Nitric Oxide Synthase enzymes, but studies in healthy adults have shown both positive results and neutral results. So, like anything else out there, there is not much proof in the pudding. Again, here you have agmatine and arginine fighting to use the same receptors, but thats just the science behind it. I have seen a slight pump with this product, which I originally attributed to Mass HGH/AD-3 a while back, but been close to 3 weeks and the pump remains.

There is a lot going on in this product, and its trying to cover a lot of ground in one product. I would like to see the actual ingredient breakdown in this, because the potential is there, but I do not think the dosage is.


Taste: I received the Orange Flavor. It was fairly bland, but at least it was not sweet. I had a strange aftertaste for a few seconds after every sip. Overall it tastes like a failed attempt at making orange Gatorade or tang, but drinkable, and good enough for those that workout early in the morning like me. The last thing you want is sweetness at 530am.

Mixability: This mixed very easily. When you first put it in the water it appears clumpy, don't let it fool you it shakes up nicely in just a normal shaker. I tend to reshake every sip (just my OCD), but found that was completely unnecessary for this. No residue or anything left at the bottom.

Dosage: Instructions state to take on training days, 30 minutes before workout. For maximum results, take an additional serving per workout. I tried dosing at 1 scoop Pre and 1 intra, and also 2 scoops Pre. Overall, two scoops are required in my opinion to get the best effects of the dosing here. When i took 2 scoops pre workout, I got slight beta alanine tingles, not enough to get excited about. I found the best combo was to do as instructed and take 1 pre and 1 intra.


So I kept a log daily as I tried this, which I will not bore you with here, but gave me a good overall concept of how this product worked and with what dosing. First lets talk about the label claims, then I will break it down by week:

Increase Endurance: To a point! I found that no matter how I dosed this PWO, right about the 45 minute mark of my workout my energy level would drop severely. It became, how much more is left in this session versus, I am done but wanna do more!!! So a slight endurance increase, and enough to get you out of the house and into the gym. I tried taking this as a stand alone intra, and combined with Super carb intra, but still had same results.

Build Muscle: It gives you that slight energy boost to get in the gym, so I guess I can say this claim is not far off. I do not believe there is enough Creatine in there to take as a stand alone without another creatine source, that's just my guess since I do not know as its a prop blend.

Burn Fat: Did not notice any difference with this.

Recover Faster: The BCAA element definitely helped in this product. I know I require lots of BCAAs to recover (just my genetics), so when I used this in conjunction with another 5g BCAA course, DOMS were fairly diminished and really did not exist. So Yes, I believe this product does help and aid in recovery, though I do not think the Beta Alanine is high enough to tout that claim alone.

29 May - 4 June: Gave a decent amount of energy, at this point my energy level hit the 60 minute mark in a workout with no issues. At this point, once I finished the second dose about 3/4 into my workout and got my energy boosted back up. Great start on the product. The energy was not anything crazy, no shaking, no weird reactions in the body, very slight and you knew you were ready to get going. I noticed a slight pump in my workouts too but at this point was unsure as i was stacking Mass HGH/AD-3 too. Right about my 4th and 5th workout of taking this, the effects were diminishing, and that nice energy boost intra workout was non existent. I got concerned I was adapting to this product quickly.

5 June - 11 June: Energy level was still there very slightly. No real changes at this point, just enough to get going and this is where I started to hit that 45 minute mark and my energy would fade. This remained consistent throughout my run of the product. I got concerned I had built too high of a stim tolerance, and tested out Pre-Jym for a couple workouts. Nope I still reacted very well to the Pre-Jym, so my stim tolerance was not too high, at least this was the best way to compare in my opinion. This was the week I tried 2 scoops Pre workout, did not seem to make much of a difference on how I dosed this.

12 June - Finish: No real changes, any workout over 45 minutes (which is all of mine) became a challenge and I had to mentally dig deep to keep going. Again, I probably just need more caffeine than some people (I do weigh 240 pounds), so maybe this was just not enough for me. It still worked to get me in the gym and moving on my workouts, and the recovery with the added BCAAs maintained itself as long as I took another BCAA source later in the day. After coming off my Mass HGH and AD-3, I did notice my pumps remained there, it was slight, but noticeable. That was a nice touch and makes you feel good in the gym. Beta Alanine tingles were just not there though.

Overall Assessment: I believe this product will work great for those with a low stim tolerance, and really as a beginner PWO. If you have little to no PWO experience, or slight caffeine works for you then I would recommend this. This probably works great for those that workout at night as well, but I always do morning workouts so I cannot say for sure. Its nice to have one product you can use pre and intra workout. Again, 1 scoop would not cut it, you would have to take both. I did notice a crash after my workouts every single time. It was not a huge dramatic crash, but I would get tired afterwards. So I was torn between giving this a Meh or Recommended, I am going with recommend with the stipulation of it being for beginners or low stim tolerance folks.


So the tub comes with 45 servings, which should last you at least 22 workouts. So this will last you depending on how often you need a PWO for a workout. I got a solid month out of this easily. The lowest I could find this for sale using my google Fu was at for 28.94 for 45 servings. FYI, the amazon price on top of this page takes you too the wrong product and they sell it for 30 bucks not $13.50. Anyways, this comes out to about $1.32 per workout (at 2 scoops), and 64 cents per workout if you use 1 scoop. Overall value wise its not bad, since you are getting some BCAA and Creatine action in this. Depending on how you dose it, and how you supplement this with other products its average to good value wise.

Side Effects

This was the best part of the product. NO SIDE EFFECTS. The last few PWO I have taken, Pre-Jym, C4 50x, and Pre Extreme all give me significant GI issues and I need some bathroom time before my workouts. Not RSP Fast Fuel, nothing, nada, zip! I took it, hit the gym, drank it intra, no interruptions, so that part was pretty great in my opinion. The only time I had GI issues was when I took Fast Fuel at the same time I took Green Magnitude, for whatever reason that combination gave my body fits. Other than that, its good to go!


At the end of the day I would recommend this product to someone looking for a low stim PWO, or someone just starting out in the PWO world. While this did not give me the proper rage and energy level other PWOs have in the past, it still got the job done. I also lost no strength while taking this, and even hit a new 3RM max in my main lifts (Press, bench, squat, deads). So it does the job in the end, just in a more subtle way. I personally love the PWOs that make me turn into the incredible hulk in the gym, but that's my preference and this will obviously work different for everyone. While I did see a decline in energy from the first week and on, it did maintain a slight energy level throughout its use. Other PWOs lose effectiveness to me after two weeks and that was not the case here. Thank you again RSP and TROOPer program for this opportunity, I hope this review does this product justice.
  • Orange: 6/10


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