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Described by NutraBio as an “essential amino acid powerhouse”, Intra Blast is an intra-workout supplement.

The product is designed to be taken during workouts – and it contains nutrients which are said to enhance performance, reduce tiredness and accelerate recovery.

Intra Blast contains over 10,000mg of essential amino acids (EAA). These are known as ‘essential’ because the body cannot self-produce them – EAA must be obtained from the diet.

Among these EAA are branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), a blend of leucine, isoleucine and valine. The NutraBio website states that BCAA helps promote muscle growth and decrease muscle soreness during exercise.

The product also contains L-ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate to further reduce soreness by lowering “ammonia concentrations in the blood”. Meanwhile, electrolytes are included to help improve hydration.


5 reviews for Intra Blast

  1. MarsheS

    What’s that? It’s an Avalanche, run! No wait, it’s not an Avalanche, it’s all the Foaming created by Intra Blast!
    What’s up SupplementReviews. It’s time to review NutraBio Intra Blast. Thank you to NutraBio and to SupplementReviews for making the connection possible and trusting us to write a review about your products. NutraBio is one of our favorite companies because they don’t hide the amounts of each ingredient, they put each amount of milligrams on the label, including the flavoring! That’s great. They also make top quality products with high clinical doses. Before taking them, I used to think they were just some greedy people trying to make the most amount of money with their overrated supplements, that was just a perception, a wrong one.

    But now that I’ve tried them, I can see why their price is high, sometimes it’s justified, sometimes it’s not. In order not to sound bias, let me remind you I made a review of their Casein, you can read it here if you haven’t and if you want: I put that Casein in the “not justified” category. I also made a review of NutraBio Reload and PRE-Extreme and I loved them, especially PRE-Extreme. So I think I’m unbiased towards them.

    Let’s see where Intra Blast fits. Btw, before starting, thank you Nutrabio for the water bottle and the samples! Considering you added the samples, I feel it’s necessary to talk about the taste of them. The sample of NutraBio Classic Whey Cookies & Cream flavor was very delicious! One of the best Cookies & Cream flavors I’ve had, maybe the best. The sample of Intra Blast Fruit Punch was alright, it was a different fruit punch taste. Sweet Tea (the one I got to review) is way better though.

    Don’t forget to check the Value section, I think it’s the most relevant section in this product.

    The main ingredient are the BCAA. 7.4 grams of naturally fermented BCAA. That’s great! The average is 4g so good job here. Then they add 6 aminoacids. Lysine helps with Calcium absorption, cold sores, genital herpes, some sources say it can help with performance but I’m not convinced with this last one. SR says it helps to maintain nitrogen balance and preserve lean body mass during times of stress. I read it helps to deal with anxiety and stress but I couldn’t find too much info about performance benefits nor muscular benefits. Doses range from 800mg to 3g so with 850mg it’s fine I guess. L-Threonine is transformed in the body into Glycine which helps to prevent unwanted muscle contractions. I don’t know if 850mg is enough for that benefit though. Then it comes 450mg of Histidine. This is a very important addition IMO because Histidine interacts with Beta Alanine to form Carnosine but considering we don’t know if our Histidine levels are ok or not, then having some in a supplement is positive, even more considering it interacts with Beta Alanine, a popular preworkout ingredient. So considering this, I would have liked to see a higher dose of Histidine, maybe 1 gram or the same 850mg of the previous 2 aminos.

    We continue with 300mg of DL-Methionine. I could only find 1 source saying it can help with bone strength. I imagine they added Methionine because of Creatine. Same thing with the L-Threonine (although if it helps to prevent unwanted contractions it’s cool). Creatine is made up of Arginine, Methionine and Glycine. So I guess the inclusion of these 2 aminos is to help with the natural production of Creatine. If that was the goal, then good. I just don’t know if 300mg is enough. DL-Phenylalanine might reduce the perception of pain, might help with depression (so yes, if you lift and your gf cheated on you, don’t worry, your mood will be covered! hahaha). I read doses are recommended between 100-500mg so 300mg is good enough! Tryptophan might help increase tolerance to pain during intense exercise but the dose is so low (55mg) that I highly doubt this will have any benefit, I’m surprised NutraBio added an ingredient with a dose that I think it’s too low to feel any benefit.

    Overall, I think I would have been happier if they added more Histidine. More investigation is needed to find if the dose for L-Threonine and DL-Methionine are good enough to get the benefits I mentioned. So until we can find those doses, I’m not convinced with the addition of most of these [i]secondary[/i]aminos.

    5 grams of patented Glutamine Kyowa Quality in the category called “Muscle Growth Accelerator”. Accelerate what? 2g of Betaine Anhydrous for strength, great. 1g of OKG to reduce Ammonia which should make your performance better. 2g of Taurine. Taurine has plenty of benefits at high doses so I’m happy this has 2 grams. It can help to prevent cramps, helps with hydration, performance, etc. And finally, patented electrolytes.

    Overall, a good formula, except for the 55mg of Tryptophan and maybe some of the aminos included.

    I put as Flavor Preference: Passion Fruit but I received Sweet Tea. I usually drink tea so no problem with me here. This is a new flavor launched in August so that’s why we probably were all sent this new flavor. NutraBio usually makes delicious flavors and this wasn’t the exception. Consuming this flavor with cold water feels great! It tastes exactly like the word says: “Sweet Tea” with a strong taste.

    [u]MIXABILITY[/u]: This is the part I didn’t like. This is the part where the Avalanche comes. This flavor creates A LOT of Foaming, and a sticky foaming, the one that never dissapears even if you leave it for 1 hour without moving. They need to fix this issue. Apparently it’s only with this flavor because when I used the sample of Fruit Punch they gave me, it didn’t create foam. There’s an ingredient in another amino (CytoSport Monster Amino) called “Dimethylpolysiloxane” that is used to prevent foaming. It works with that amino and that amino uses a 6:1:1 ratio. The foaming dissapears rapidly. Maybe Nutrabio should use that for this product (flavor) because it’s annoying and I think it reduces effectiveness.

    [u]DOSING[/u]: I did 1 scoop daily and tried it several ways: Sometimes Post-Workout, sometimes Pre-workout, sometimes Intra-Workout. I usually used 12oz to feel the taste stronger. Taste starts to vanish after 16oz.

    [u]Post-Workout[/u]: Sometimes worked great and sometimes it worked average like a 5g BCAA.

    [u]Intra-Workout[/u]: I’m not a fan of taking intra workouts because I think I take a preworkout for a reason. But it doesn’t mean I don’t believe intra-workouts can work well. I just consider them a luxury and prefer to take my aminos in another moment. But Intra-Blast did a good job, I usually drank the liquid fast to get the most amount of benefits from those 7g BCAA, 5g Glutamine ,etc. The foaming stopped me several times though. And if you do this with cold water when you’re thirsty from your sets, then the taste will be almost orgasmic!

    [u]Pre-Workout[/u]: I love my preworkouts with aminos so combining Intra-Blast with my preworkouts was the most effective way of taking this. I think it’s because it gives the body enough time to absorb and digest the aminos. When my preworkout ended (Outbreak Pathogen), I used Intra Blast, DMHA and Dioxyme MPO and it worked great, I felt IntraBlast was leading this group effectively.

    I took it like 2 times during my off days when I was sweating a lot and this is where I saw the Hydration part working the best. Good job.

    Benefits: Train for longer time, strength maintenance, faster recovery, more hydration, less sweat, tasty.

    The reason I didn’t give it an 8 is because of my expectations regarding the formula. I expected more from Intra Blast. I could tell it was working and got good results (which is an 8) but looking at the formula, I expected elite level results and I’ve had better results with aminos that have less dose of each ingredient added here. That’s why I gave it a 7.5. It’s not a bad score and I think the problem here was the foaming. I don’t know if it’s mental or not but I think the foam made me feel the effects less. I’ve read that when products create lot of foam, it’s because of the Leucine. And if the Leucine is not ingested adequately because instead of interacting with the other ingredients, it’s staying in my shaker bottle, then that will probably reduce the effects because Leucine = King of BCAA. It’s not the same or atleast I don’t see it as being the same entering the body in liquid form than gas form.

    So Value is probably the most important section in this supplement. Many of the last reviews of Intra Blast have said this has a price of $39.99 and that they consider it fair. They said it was fair because it was effective and especially because you’re basically getting 2 or 3 products in 1 (High BCAA dose, patented 5g Glutamine, High Betaine, patented electrolytes, extra aminoacids, high dose of Taurine). I used to think like them, I used to agree with their words.

    Until one day, drinking this delicious Intra Blast Sweet Tea post-workout, I start to think about the Value. As I continue thinking, I remembered I also consumed NutraBio Reload Recovery Matrix some months ago. I checked my review to see the price of Reload and it was $39.99. I checked the current price of Reload and it’s still $39.99 (cool). So considering they both had the same price, I wanted to see what made them different and here’s one of the keys. Long story short: Reload has more amount of top quality ingredients and also higher doses but they have the same price!

    Reload has 8g BCAA, IntraBlast has 7.4g BCAA (600mg less) || Reload has 5g of Kyowa Glutamine, IntraBlast has the same || Reload has 2.5g Betaine Anhydrous, IntraBlast has 2g (500mg less) || Reload has 500mg of OKG, IntraBlast has 1g (500mg more) || Reload has 1.5g Taurine, IntraBlast has 2g (500mg more) || Reload has 3 electrolytes not patented, IntraBlast also has 3 electrolytes and 2 of them are patented.

    So those are the ingredients that they share. But Reload still has plenty of more ingredients left: Reload has 1.5g of patented Carnitine Tartrate, IntraBlast has none || Reload has 2.5g of patented Creatine Monohydrate, IntraBlast has none || Reload has 1.6g of patented Beta Alanine, IntraBlast has none || Reload has 1.1g of DL Malic Acid, IntraBlast has none || Reload has 500mg of patented Creatine Magnapower, IntraBlast has none || Reload has a high dose of Vitamin C, Thiamin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin B5… guess what vitamins IntraBlast has… [u]NONE![/u]

    I’ll tell you what IntraBlast has that Reload doesn’t have: Lysine, Threonine, Histidine, Phenylalanine, Methionine, Tryptophan.

    So who wins? Who has a much better formula? Obviously Reload does and by far. And they cost the same according to NutraBio and the retailers selling this. This has an explanation: April 2016 IntraBlast had a price between $30 and $32. What does that tells me? That $30 max $32 is the correct fair price of Intra Blast. Again, for an unjustified reason, this was increased to $39.99, same thing happened with their Casein supplement that I made a review some months ago (check the Value of that review too). A justification might be that considering they decided to sell their products to other retailers, then it’s normal they had to increase the prices in their website. Cool, I understand, but if that means increase the price to the product everywhere, then it’s not cool.

    Reload’s price is fair ($39.99). IntraBlast price is NOT fair ($39.99). Not fair because you want the same amount of money for a product who has a weaker formula than Reload. IntraBlast fair price was the one it had before ($30-$32). I would say maybe a maximum of $35, no more than that, not $35.01 (I wouldn’t pay $35 though). That’s why IntraBlast has earned a dissapointing score in Value of 6, because I would prefer to buy Reload and because IntraBlast price is not fair and you know it. What I think Nutrabio is going to do about this? Guess what? *5 seconds pass* They will increase Reload’s price, just wait and see. They already increased NutraBio PRE Extreme. It’s great to know the exact dose of the ingredients but now it will be good to know what exactly is happening with the prices.

    Foaming was annoying. Fix this issue, I suggested using “Dimethylpolysiloxane”, if you can find a better solution, then use it.

    Great formula. Delicious new taste. Sometimes worked great, other times average (which is why I gave it a 7.5). Foaming was annoying, it was sticky. Maybe it’s something related to the new flavor because the sample of Fruit Punch I received didn’t create any foaming. If IntraBlast’s price can go down to something between $30 and $35, it would be great because that’s its fair price. If it stays with $39.99, I prefer getting Reload whose formula is way better as I’ve already explained above.

    1. Fix the foaming issue with Sweet Tea flavor (I gave a suggestion above to fix it).
    2. Bring the price down.
    3. Maybe put more Histidine in the formula.

  2. bnbooner

    This may be the supplement that made me finally like BCAAs
    (About yourself, 1-3 sentences maximum)
    I’m a natural bodybuilder who is attending the University of Arizona, I run a fitness page on instagram @ boonbrandon, and I have been fascinated by supplementation for quite awhile and have put hours and hours into reading sports medicine journals and research papers testing how effective supplements/individual ingredients are.
    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    The ingredient profile is one of the more comprehensive formulas I have seen in the aminos market, with around 3 grams of Essential Amino Acids to accompany the 7.2 gram BCAA matrix (with an efficacious dose of Leucine, which isn’t found in some BCAA supps per 1 serving). On top of this, there’s 5 grams of glutamine, 2 grams of betaine (one of my favorite ingredients – stacks nicely with the betaine in my pre workout), a gram of ornithine in the form of OKG, and Taurine, Calcium/Sodium Phosphate/Magnesium Malate (electrolytes and for hydration support)

    I’ll start with taste: I received the Sweet Tea flavor and at first was slightly disappointed since I was hoping for a fruit flavor like passion fruit or orange mango. The first day that I used it, I didn’t really like it and it kind of reminded me of what “diet” sweetened iced tea/green tea tastes like. For some reason though, every day it tasted better and better to me and as I just finished the container and had to go to the gym with just water, I was a little disappointed. I will say, it was in its sweet spot when I used lots of ice or really cold water, and over 20 ounces of water per scoop.

    Mixability: I saw a couple people mention foam in their reviews but I really didn’t see this as an issue. If you use a solid amount of water like >20oz and then shake it up, it will be slightly foamy at the top for a minute or two but then it goes away and is perfectly normal consistency for the rest of your workout

    Dosing: I think the dosing on this supplement is pretty close to perfect. The BCAAs are all dosed pretty generously, passing the 3 gram baseline level of Leucine to be truly effective in a pre. the 5 grams of Kyowa glutamine surpasses pretty much all other supplements containing it, the 2 grams of betaine is impressive considering many other companies would only use 1-1.25 grams of it. All of this is very convenient because it truly is a 1 scoop formula, it’s not like many other amino supps where you need to use 2 servings to get the clinical, truly effective dosages you want.

    Effectiveness is a hard one for me to tell with BCAAs. I personally amino supplements are far more important to take when you’re cutting compared to bulking, and I took this while bulking. I ESPECIALLY become weary over just how useful bcaas are while looking at recent studies ( …. however this supplement does contain more than simply the 3 BCAAs so that is something to definitely consider.

    HAVING SAID THIS: whether placebo or not (I don’t think it was because I never really had insanely high hopes) I do feel as though my endurance/hydration during exercise was slightly prolonged, and my recovery positively benefited from taking this. It’s hard to quantify how effective it was and try to value it, but I could tell that it definitely had SOME sort of positive impact on my training. If I was in a deficit, I would DEFINITELY want to utilize this product

    Most places I have seen for this sold for around 40 dollars per 30 servings which makes it around $1.33 per serving. While this isn’t necessarily super expensive, many BCAA supplements can be found at around $.70-$1.00 per serving, even as low as 60 cents per serving for Xtend (I think Intra Blast is better than Xtend and more comprehensive of a formula, but it IS double the price per serving). I would definitely buy this if it was on sale or if there was a deal along the lines of “Buy one get one 50% off” etc.

    —-Side Effects—-
    I’m happy to say this is the first BCAA supplement that’s caused no sort of heartburn or stomach discomfort even a single time across the whole tub’s usage. I’ve experienced this in the past with several amino supps. Good job NutraBio!

    Overall, this is the first amino supplement I have actually “clicked” with and truly felt confident taking/felt a benefit from. The only drawback that I can really think of is the price is a lot higher than many competitors’ amino products BUT you do get what you pay for and I find this to be a superior product to those! Will definitely consider buying in the future

  3. Cray

    Possibly the perfect intra-workout supplement… but get out of here with that Sweet Tea flavor.
    As I’ve written in other reviews, I’m a fan of constantly supplementing BCAAs for overall health and recovery. I’ve been impressed with the other NutraBio products I’ve had the opportunity to try, and jumped at the chance to IntraBlast (especially considering how much positive press it’s garnered on this site).

    Sincere apologies to NutraBio for the delay in posting of this write-up.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    All I really care about in my intra-workouts/BCAA supplements is the actual dosing of BCAAs. 5g of essential BCAAs per serving has been clinically proven to be the minimum effective dose for the average human (at least, that’s what I’ve found in my research). I typically like to dose at closer to 7-8gs twice a day.

    IntraBlast does it right with a solid 7.2g of essential BCAAs per scoop. Outstanding. Additionally, this product is loaded with other goodies including Glutamine, non-essential BCAAs, and electrolyte/hydration support. Pound for pound one of the best intraworkout ingredient profiles on the market today.

    I believe I requested Orange Mango or something along those lines. I got Sweet Tea. SWEET. TEA. I HATE sweet tea. I actually groaned when I opened up the box and saw that flavor on the label. That said it wasn’t terrible. Has a somewhat generic sweet taste that isn’t overpowering. Yes, does have some tea flavoring, but since I was mixing each scoop in 32oz. of water it wasn’t strong. Would I order this flavor again? Hell no. But if you like sweet tea then this is a nice alternative to the standard blue raspberry and fruit punch flavors.

    I mixed one scoop in my Nalgene bottle and sipped throughout my workout. As is the case with well-dosed BCAA products, there is some foaming and bubbling, but the powder fully dissolved within a few minutes.

    I personally can’t tell the difference between most BCAA products. I notice a difference in my recovery time and the amount of DOMS I experience when I’m taking a BCAA versus when I’m not, but not usually between individual supplements. That said, IntraBlast really shines here. I noticed a significant difference in my DOMS. I’d actually just finished a tub of Amino Pro prior to this product, and if you read my review you’ll see that I complained about the low dosing of BCAAs and my subsequent jump in DOMS when running that supplement. IntraBlast got me right back on track.

    I also liked IntraBlast as an intra-workout fatigue fighter. The dosage of sodium and potassium (common electrolytes) is solid. I also appreciated the inclusion of Glutamine. While I don’t have any issues with joint pain, I still felt good knowing I was getting extra support in that area.

    Most solid BCAA supplements will cost you around .80c per serving. Some of the flashier products with broader ingredient profiles will run you closer to $1.00 per scoop (or more). This is the case with IntraBlast. At ~$37 for 30 scoops, you’re paying around $1.23 per workout. That said, I would argue that what you’re getting is worth the extra expense. You don’t need to be concerned about supplementing additional BCAAs (as you do with some other products), you’re getting the added bonus of anti-fatigue and hydration support for more intense workouts, and you’re getting joint support.

    —-Side Effects—-

    This is a strong recovery product with an outstanding profile and effective dosing of all ingredients. As is the case with most NutraBio supplements, you know exactly what you’re getting and getting exactly what you need. Yes, you’re paying a little extra for the quality, but on the whole this is a product I would wholeheartedly recommend to fitness enthusiasts at any level.

  4. wjmathewsx

    Great Intra-Workout Drink…One of the more tasty ones.
    Good morning folks. I was given the pleasure of trying another great product from NutraBio. Those guys really know how to make supplements. I still haven’t had a bad product from them. I am big on intra-workout drinks to sip on during the workouts/basketball games I participate in. I am a believer that they help you during the strenuous workouts you put your body through as well as helping you recover afterwards. This didn’t disappoint at all.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    FULLY DISCLOSED!!! If you have read any of my previous reviews you know I’m a fan of a fully disclosed ingredient label. It just makes it easier to believe the company isn’t trying to pull a fast one on us health nuts.

    BCAA drinks, to me are supposed to carry between 5-10g’s of BCAA’s per serving. At least, that is my opinion. I like to have closer to 10g’s a couple of times a day. NutraBio has 7.2g’s of BCAA’s in each serving. That’s right in the middle of what I think a solid BCAA product should have. Kudos for that. If you combine that with a few other ingredients such as Glutamine (5g’s), and some hydration support you can begin to see why I like this so much.


    I had the Sweet Tea flavor. It was actually tasty to me. I’m not a huge tea drinker but I enjoyed sipping this. To me, I’d rather have the Tea flavor then half the fruity flavors available. It even had a little lemon flavor to it. The mixability was a little different. When I drink a beer I don’t like it to have a lot of “head”. Same goes for my BCAA drinks. Unfortunately, this did have a lot of “head”. That’s the only way I could compare it. Good news is the powder does full dissolve so you don’t have to worry about clumping or grittiness. I would usually mix 1 scoop with about 20oz of water and sip. Sometimes I would drink one in the morning and one with the afternoon workout.

    BCAA products are always hard to judge. Best way I have learned is to go how you feel the day or two after a workout with the DOMS you experience. I always seem to experience less when I have had an ample amount of BCAA’s the day or two before. When I don’t use a product for a while I can definitely tell that the DOMS comes on quicker and stays longer. IntraBlast did what I was expecting in this category. It reduced the DOMS I experienced because it gave me the right dosage I think, for my body to not be as sore.

    If you want this product you will definitely pay a little more for it. I found it for $39.99 on most sites I went to. That’s more than I usually want to pay for a BCAA product. However, when a product offers me 7.2g’s of BCAA’s and tastes as good as this one did I am ok with paying just a little more. If you can find a special on this you should DEFINITELY pick it up.

    —-Side Effects—-

    In conclusion, let me reiterate that I thoroughly enjoyed trying Intrablast by NutraBio. I didn’t expect the sweet tea flavor to taste as good to me as it did. I always appreciate a fully disclosed label, and reduced DOMS. If there was a way to fix the foaming issue then I’m sure they would’ve, but that is to be expected with most BCAA drinks. Overall, it’s a solid BCAA product that can help you in several ways. Like I said above, if you could find it on special you should grab you some. It’s not that expensive, but I feel it could be cheaper. Lastly, thanks to NutraBio for sending it out and thanks to for running such a solid program. Take care!

  5. PiccoloPete

    Back at it again with a Good product, NutraBio! Featuring: Intra Blast
    Hi SR! Most of us on here know that NutraBio has been a proud supporter of the Troopers. As Trooper I would like to thank them for their patience and kindness.

    The past couple months have been quite stressful as I was given a new role at work that is very mentally involved. This has caused me to fall off the wagon in regards with the amount of time I spent in the gym. I went from working out 5-6 days to 3-4. I also stopped eating fairly clean and went into full fluffer mode and stopped caring. This is all happened while taking some of the claimed items.

    Everyone please enjoy this review.

    **Ingredient Profile**
    IntraBlast is loaded with all sorts of goodies. If you know most of Nutrabio’s products have ingredients that are at lease clinically dosed. In this case I have attached the label down below. MarsheS, Wade419 and a few other reviewers have done an amazing job in explaining what Intra Blast is made of. Please check out their reviews as well

    EAA/BCAA 10g
    o 7.4g of BCAA’s – Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine: These help with protein synthesis, help with muscle soreness after training. Another added benefit of BCAA’s can help increase fat burning/support fat loss, while sparing muscle. Plus they help ones endurance while training.
    o2.6g of EAA’s – Also help our bodies with protein synthesis, these amino acid can only be obtained via food or supplementation.
    Glutamine 5g – Helps with recovery and immune system support
    oBetanine 2g – Can help with increased muscle endurance and NO levels
    oOKG 1g – helps with muscle protein synthesis, control muscle fatigue and recovery
    Electrolyte and Hydration
    oTaurine – Helps balance our bodies water balance and helps prevent dehydration
    oCaliK and Sodium Phosphate- Electrolytes that help prevent cramps and increase our performance in the gym

    So when I think of sweet tea I don’t know why but I think of McDonalds Sweet tea. I have not had this in years but the craving sometimes arise and I contemplate getting it, but I know it is 100% non-essential and also harmful. This is the flavor that I requested Sweet Tea, honestly it was not MCD’s sweet tea but it was really damn delicious. Mixability was not bad, it foamed slightly and left very little residue. I normally mixed mine in a 32oz shaker with about 15oz of water and ice up to the rim. For some reason I think the ice prevented it from foaming more.

    I dosed Intra Blast at one scoop per workout and only as an Intra workout.

    **Effectiveness & Side Effects**
    I had no side effects from Intra Blast to note.

    I did however have pretty good results. As I mentioned I can say I was not my normal self while taking these products, my diet and exercise routine had changed for the worse. But what I did notice was my performance in the gym was not getting as bad as I would imagine it would have. I gained some weight and some body fat but it wasn’t as much as I have without theses supplements.

    Intra Blast helped me reduce my DOMS and have good endurance every time I worked out (3-4x per week) I can imagine how much more beneficial and effective Intra Blast would have been if I wouldn’t have fallen off the wagon. The hydration aspect was quite noticeable when squatting and benching, I have had some serious cramping issue in my lower lats and upper back. But I never felt these while on Intra Blast.

    I feel it helped me retain some of the muscle that I gained while on a few supplement that I took and reviews will be coming soon. It probably was not a lot of muscle but I’ll take it.

    **Value & Conclusion**

    40 bucks for a tub of Intra Blast, it seems like a pretty steep price at first look or if you are looking to use this as a intra and post workout as you might be using more than one serving per workout. I recommend using this specific product as an what it is intra, I am normally all for using products with BCAA’s as pre intra and post but in this case it will help make the value better this way. Plus I didn’t not feel the need to take this any other times of the day. All in all Intra Blast is a good product that I really enjoyed and look forward to trying out another flavor in good time.

    Thanks again!

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