Dioxyme was founded by Bennett T. Schneider (a former pro ice hockey player) and his father, Marc S. Schneider, MD. The company is based in Fort Myers, Florida and was founded in 2014.

Described on the site as a “surgeon, patent holder and mad scientist”, the elder Schneider decided to make “homemade” supplements to help his son improve performance “in the gym and on the ice”. This was born out of frustration with the supplements that were available commercially at the time.

According to the Dioxyme “story”, the elder Schnedier was stunned by the positive results that his concoctions had on his son’s performance. And when the younger Schneider retired, the pair decided to start Dioxyme to help others “be healthy”. Marc Schneider is now Director of Product Development, while Bennett Schneider is Chief Executive Officer (CEO). They were later joined by Joseph A. Quattrocchi as Head of Marketing Operations.

Now, the company follows the guiding principle of “no gimmicks, just results” and promises “supplements with morals”.

To achieve this, the people behind Dioxyme follow strict standards for “QSE” (quality, safety and environment). With this aim in mind, the company says it uses only “premier ingredients” that have been tested by scientists and are “proven effective”.

The brand also declares that all Dioxyme are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility. The company’s adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practices helps shield the brand’s supplements from lead and heavy-metal contamination, as well as mold, bacteria and other “unsafe substances”.

As proof of quality and safety, a number of Dioxyme products bear the Informed-Choice logo. This mark shows the supplements are free from banned substances and are safe for use by athletes in competition.

The Dioxyme product line features amino acids, nootropics, muscle builders, fish oil, and multivitamins for men and women. Customers may also buy branded apparel from the Dioxyme website.

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