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Nitro-Tech 100% Whey Gold is a whey protein powder made by MuscleTech. It vows to help you build more lean muscle, recover faster and achieve “better results” in the gym.

Each 33g serving contains 24g of protein. This includes a blend of whey-protein isolate (97%), whey-protein concentrate and whey peptides. Nitro-Tech 100% Whey Gold also contains 5.5g of branched-chain amino acids and 4g of glutamine to support recovery and reduce fatigue.

In terms of nutrition, each serving also provides 120 calories, 2g of total fat and 2g of total carbohydrates. The product is free from gluten.


2 reviews for Nitro-Tech 100% Whey Gold

  1. mjtuf1

    Good product, but doesn’t take home the GOLD.. would recommend only if there’s a promotion on it!

    I’ve been going to the GYM for 9+ years now, started out the weakest skinniest kid, and have gained a lot of size and strength over the years. I’ve been buying my protein at Costco (cytosport whey protein, which I’ve also reviewed) for a cheaper price for more servings, but decided to give this product a shot since they had a promotion on it at I’ve gotten huge results using the protein I was already on, but decided to switch it up. This product is good, but nothing special.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    120 Calories
    2G of fat (1G sat fat)
    Cholesterol 65 mg
    Carbs 2G (2G sugars)
    Protein 24G
    Calcium 100mg
    Iron 0.6 MG
    Sodium 150 mg

    Lets take a look at the Amino’s in this product, which in typical muscletech fashion, this product lists the Amino’s on a BAR GRAPH CHART, which really annoyed me.. instead of just flat out saying “this product has 2.5G of this Amino, you have to look on a small bar graph and try to figure out the amount for each serving!

    5.5 Grams of BCAA’s – (bar graph)

    Leucine – just over 2.5G
    Isoleucine – just under 1.5G
    Valine – just over 1.25 G

    Essential Amino Acids (I’ll estimate these as best as I can with this chart)

    Histidine – 400 MG
    tryptophan – 300MG
    Lysine 2.1G
    Threonine 1.6G
    Phenylalanine 750mg
    methionine 500mg

    Non essential amino acid profile

    Arginine 550mg
    Cysteine 500mg
    Tyrosine 675mg
    Proline 1.3G
    Glutamine and Precursor 4G
    Aspartic Acid 2.5G
    Serine 1G
    Glycine 400mg
    alanine 1.1G


    I bought the double rich chocolate flavor – it tasted okay, nothing really better or worse than other whey proteins I’ve used. Serving size is 1 (33G) scoop – directions says to mix in 6 oz of water, I mix it in 10-12 oz of water.. It mixes well, no issues with that for me. I use a blender bottle.


    This is as effective as what a whey protein is supposed to do. It helps supplement my diet with additional protein and Amino Acids to help me recover after my workouts.. This product didn’t yield me any better or worse gains or performance than with other whey protein products.

    This product calls itself WHEY GOLD, and I will say it is dosed alittle bit less in every single category than the whey protein that I’ve been using before it, which costs less than this one. That factored into my rating for “effectiveness” and why I rated it alittle bit lower in that category.


    I bought this as a promotion (on 2 containers 2.24 LBs each , (“approx.” 62 servings total) for $34.20.. so I bought 4.5 LBs for $34.20. Today this product sells 1 container of “approx. 31” servings for $28.99.

    4.5LBs and “approx.” 62 servings for $34.20 is a good value.

    This product is happy to announce on the label that it’s now giving 10% free as it’s a new bonus size. So the previous size was 2 LBs and now it’s 2.24 pounds as part of the extra 10%. I did the math on that, and the extra 10% amounts to 3 additional servings. The container claims it has “approx. 31 servings” but I did the math, and it actually has 30.21 servings, but typical muscletech fashion to round that number to the nearest whole number, when they should really just call it 30 servings, because that’s really what you’re getting – 30 full servings, with enough left over for 1/4th of a serving.

    —-Side Effects—-

    None to report.


    This is a good product, but doesn’t take home the GOLD, or even silver or bronze in my book. I bought 2 containers of it for $34.20 as part of a promotion, but if there wasn’t a promotion, and I wasn’t looking to try a different whey protein, then I’d have no use for this product. It is an inferior product to the whey protein that I was already using before this. Prior to this I’ve been using “Cyto Sports” 100% Whey at 75 servings (6LBs for $40), and this product is dosed alittle bit less in every single category including protein, than cyto sport’s whey protein.

    And a few things about the company, “MuscleTech” and their dishonesty, are present on this container, which annoyed me even more with muscletech.

    As I’ve state earlier, it has 30.21 servings in it, but muscletech has the nerve to round that upwards and claim it has “approx. 31” servings per container, when it’s not even close to 31. They have to announce on the bottle that they are now giving 10% free for the same price, when doing that simply only makes this product less of an over priced rip off than it already was.

    Cyto sports whey protein lists in detail the exact amount of every amino acid in it’s profile so for example for 1 amino acid it will say “1,635 mg”, where as NirtoTech Whey Gold’s label has a bar graph on it, so instead of just telling you how much on an amino is in it, you have the look at the line and try to figure out – okay it’s just passed 2G but a good amount under the 2.5 line so how much is really in it.

    I’ll end this off by saying – this wouldn’t be 1 of my 1st choices of whey proteins to use, muscletech isn’t really the best company so I tend to avoid them and only buy their products when there’s a really good promotion going. I’d only buy this product and recommend it when there’s a good promotion going, like the one I used to buy it.


    The new golden WHEY forward!
    Hey Sr fam, back again with a bang. Seems like I am covering plenty of MT but in fairness this came at a time when I needed something to challenge the so called king of gold – Gold standard whey. Theres a ton of Nitro Tech products now – a bit of overkill but alas this seemed right up my allay with a nice simple blend of proteins and a solid profile. This is still pretty much unknown and undervalued my side of the world but heck I am hoping this will change soon…

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    5.5 Lbs, Double Rich Chocolate

    Serving Size 1 Scoop (33g)
    Servings Per Container Approx.76

    Calories 120
    Calories from Fat 20
    Total Fat 2g
    Saturated Fat 1g
    Cholesterol 65mg
    Total Carbohydrate 2g
    Sugars 2g
    Protein 24g
    Calcium 100mg
    Iron 0.6 mg
    Sodium 150 mg

    Other Ingredients:
    Premium Protein Blend (Whey Peptides, Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate 97%), Whey Protein Concentrate, Cocoa (Processed With Alkali), Soy Lecithin, Salt, Natural And Artificial Flavor, Gum Blend (Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan, Dextrose), Silicon Dioxide, Acesulfame-Potassium, Sucralose.

    A really impressive profile that interestingly enough is near identical to that of its rival Optimum nutritions gold standard whey, which seems to be the number one whey for alot of peeps. I need reiterate the near identical make up of both since they share so much in common, both contain 5.5g of BCAAs and 4g of glutamine and precursor – not to mention they contain nearly identical macros. So its a really great match up of the two bigger supplement companies in this industry.

    Each scoop contains a nice 24g of protein per scoop which equates to around 73% but Optimum does triumph with around 77%, but with that being said the edition of whey peptides really pushes this ahead, this means faster absorption. I like that this contains no unnecessary fillers – its pretty much to the point and to the point I mean premium and effective.

    Double rich chocolate

    I was a bit disappointed to see that locally only this and vanilla flavor where available. I opted for this because chocolate is generally a better flavor, but seeing that there are so many different flavors now, it does leave me feeling slightly bitter – I should have done a special order on

    To the taste – this is really rich, like an unpleasantly sweet taste with I had to more often than not chug down, I have had issues in the past when it came to their flavors. Its disappointing to think that with so many advances in taste tech that this tastes so mediocre and unpleasant.

    Is a bit of a hit and miss due to the fact that this mixed well in water with a little extra effort than usual but in cold milk it mixed horribly, it would just be bits and chunks of powder. So I would recommend using a this in water or in a blender – especially if you are using milk.

    1 scoop in 6oz of water or 2 scoops in 12oz of water. I used this post workout, which suited me best.

    Now before I get into this, I need to make it apparent that I am a bit sensitive when it comes down to protein shakes, some tend to upset my stomach and cause gas whilst others are just right. I found out the hard way that it is basically best to stick to what you know, in my recent example I had the opportunity to finally a nutrabio product – so I elected the classic whey and it was a bad choice, with stomach discomfort and bloating.

    On to the main part now, for my personal needs I opted to use this post workout since it was a premium blend of proteins that I feel could help me accelerate my recovery without the stomach issues. It really did help gradually with my recovery and in the long run that increased recovery yielded better results overall when it came to reduced soreness and less DOMS – plus made me hit the gym even harder. I am not going to say its revolutionary but it does take quite a supplement to make a difference, since I have been in this game for such a long time.

    Probably the unsung hero was that I had no stomach issues at all, and I was able to hit a meal about 30 mins later or sooner which is a pretty big deal since some proteins tend to cause me to be over full with the bloating and gas but this was really great! There is nothing I can say bad about this but it can be versatile for a pre workout shake, post or even first thing in the am.

    I felt the value of this was about spot on considering premium blended protein cost around $60.00 for a 5LB, this is around $100.00 a tub here which is slightly more expensive than O.N – O.N is alot more popular here so there are alot of online stores with O.N but MT is pretty much dwindling this side of the world. Nitro Tech gold sells at $56.99 for a 5.5lbs – for 76 servings (its around $0.75 a serving), it is marketed as a special since you get a percentage free but I wonder if that size would ever be a 5lbs since the 5.5lbs equates to slightly cheaper than O.N gold standard. I guess its all about marketing with that bonus size but its a great product without that mention of it being a percentage larger than standard and it being free. It is currently on a nice promo at 25% on so its a great deal right now. A tub lasted me over a month so I was really chuffed with that and it being so effective and all.

    —-Side Effects—-

    A really great attempt to topple the best which is considered to be Optimums gold standard. To me this offers more in terms of digestibility and the inclusion of peptides which further push this past the so called best. It did aid with recovery really well and is worth every penny in my opinion, the extensive range of flavors make this a great match up between them and O.N.. Investing in a solid whey has always been a top priority to me and my pursuits of lean gains and recovery. With the exclusion of all the other flavors but vanilla and chocolate here in South Africa, it is a bit hard to swallow but alas the results and digestibility are worth the chug.

    Thanks Fam

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