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  1. TKCofRedLine

    Have Your Dessert, And Get Gains Too!

    —-Quick Summary—-
    A great protein powder which tastes more like a treat than a supplement. It’s only fault is being a Nutrishop exclusive.
    No workout supplement is as useful or versatile as as a great protein powder. It is the staple of every lifter’s supplement stack. Whether being used as a meal replacement, a mass gainer, or even a night time snack, VitaSport definitely has you covered with Pro7ein Synthesis.
    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Pro7 utilizes a blend of two different protein complexes: WPI (cross flow microfiltered whey protein isolate) and WPC5 (whey protein concentrate, hydrolyzed casein, potassium caseinate, micellar casein, egg albumin) What all of this essentially means is that Pro7 is a blend made up of both whey and casein proteins. Some manufacturers choose to utilize a blend because of the difference in the proteins’ rate of absorbtion. Whey protein is rapidly digested within 30 mins to an hour, whereas casein breaks down more slowly. The intention here is to provide a fast acting protein that can be absorbed quickly for post workout recovery, while also containing a slow absorbing protein for the body to absorb throughout the rest of the day. Pro7 does contain some artificial flavors and sweeteners, however the fillers are kept to a minimum. One notable filler I would like to point out is the inclusion of glutamine, an amino acid linked to muscle growth and recovery, and also known to reduce DOMS. VitaSports does not disclose how much is included in the product, however it is listed in the ingredients panel along with the other fillers.
    Taste: In my opinion, one of the best reasons for purchasing this product is for the incredible flavors. To this date, this is still one of the best tasting protein powders I have ever had. The first tub I purchased was the cookies and cream flavor, which I have purchased multiple times since. It had a sweet and smooth taste without being overly sweet. I was easily able to make it through the entire large container, sometimes more than one in a row, without tiring of it. The other flavor i tried was the caramel pretzel, which was easily my favorite. Once again, it wasn’t overly sweet but had a strong caramel flavor with a bit of a salty finish. It was one of the more unique protein flavors I have had for sure. Both flavors tasted great whether mixed with water, almond milk, or whole milk, and always left me trying to get every drop from the sides of my shaker cup. Mixability: The product mixed about as well as any other protein powder I have used. The cookies and cream flavor does have small “cookie” pieces in it which give it a bit of texture, but not enough to be an issue. Dosing: One 41g scoop provides a whopping 34g of protein. I used the product once or twice a day, typically a shake in the morning if I decided to skip breakfast and always one post workout.
    Protein is protein. As long as it is taken as a supplement to a balanced diet and exercise plan it should work. That said however, there are some things that I would like to highlight. First off, is the inclusion of glutamine. Somewhere in the 7g of non protein ingredients in each scoop is an undisclosed amount of glutamine. The presence of glutamine definitely helped in my post workout recovery. I saw a very noticeable decrease in muscle soreness on the days following my workout, which can be attributed to this ingredient. I also would like to point out the fact that Pro7 only contains 2g of carbs (1g net carbs) and no added sugar, as well as only 1g of fat, making Pro7 great protein for both bulking and cutting. Overall, I would say this product was just as effective as other protein products in terms of muscle building, however it outshines most others in terms of recovery.
    $60 for approximately 57 servings, which puts this at just above a dollar a scoop. Personally, I feel as though that’s a pretty fair value, especially considering one scoop contains 34g of protein as opposed to the typical 20-25 seen in most products nowadays.
    —-Side Effects—-
    No negative side effects were experienced while using this product.
    One of my all time favorite protein powders, VitaSports have a homerun in Pro7ein Synthesis. Great taste, great recovery, and an excellent ingredient profile for a decent price considering what you get. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to try a new protein powder.

  2. Vannfe

    Love the chocolate!!!

    Love the chocolate! Great for post bariatric patients! I’m 14 years out of a Rouen-Y and this stuff tastes fantastic, is filling, doesn’t spike my sugar, and works great as a meal replacement. I fight regain due to physical limitations preventing a lot of physical activity and this stuff keeps me on track and well within my daily calories. Plus it tastes great and discourages carb and sweet cravings. Mixing a spoon of it in Greek yogurt it great too! I’ve also tried the Churro flavor. Since I love churros and anything with cinnamon, I thought I’d love it. Unfortunately I do not. It tasted like super sweet vanilla with hints of caramel and a slightly nutty finish. I love the original chocolate, in the RED jug. There’s a new “Gourmet” variety made with stevia instead of sucrose and it is not the same. Tastes chalky, sticks to my teeth with a nasty coating and doesn’t mix up as smooth with water. It also has a slightly chemical taste, common with other stevia products I’ve tried. Plus the new Gourmet formula is higher in carbs and calories. It is rather pricey, but I find that its worth it. I wish there were more places that I could buy it. And I’m disappointed that, according to my local Nutrishop, they’re not going to be carrying or making the regular, red bottled, chocolate and its being replaced by the Gourmet varieties made with stevia. So now I’m back on the hunt for a good protein shake again.

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