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Ghost Pump Reviews

By: Ghost

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Ghost Pump is a Pump Product manufactured by Ghost. It is meant to increase blood flow, muscle pumps and increase vascularity. It can be stacked with a stimulant based pre-workout for an added stimulant effect. This promotes an environment for increased muscle mass and fat loss.
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  August 5, 2018

  • Good Taste
  • Builds Muscle
  • Increased Endurance
  • Muscle Fullness
  • Effective

    Quick Summary

    Hello Everyone! Second review ever here so I am excited to help out with this one. Absolutely loved the product. I am eighteen years old, a group fitness instructor at my local gym, and have been working out for two years straight now. This is my second review on a product that does not have any reviews to begin with, so hopefully this helps!


    Ghost Pump is the most recent supplement dropped by GHOST, a brand known to be popular with my age group and is also known for its normally high prices. The product comes in two flavors, Lemon Lime and a flavor that GHOST specializes in WARHEADS Sour Watermelon. Most of their products are paired with the WARHEADS company (those little candies that are extremely sour.) The product is intended to increase muscle fullness and recovery.

    Ingredient Profile

    Breaking down these ingredients
    L-Citrulline (Vegan Fermented) - L_Citrulline is dosed at 4000mg. This helps your arteries work better which allows them to improve your blood flow through out the body much better.

    Arginine Nitrate (NO3-T) - Arganine Nitrate is dosed at 2500mg. This is nice to see because the Nitrate helps the L-Citrulline break down into Nitric Oxide, providing bigger and better pumps for those muscles.

    Taurine - Taurine is dosed at 2000mg which is a amino acid that provides muscle growth and building.

    Glycerpump - Glycerpump is dosed 1500mg which has been put into the product in order to avoid clumping or hardening of the supplement.

    Astragin - 50mg of Astragin allows your body to absorb key ingredients like amino acids, proteins and glucose.


    I purchased a tub of the lemon lime pump because to be honest I am just getting tired of all the sour flavors with supplements, anyone else? Anyways my gut was absolutely right when I decided on the lemon lime because damn it is so good. This drink almost tasted like a dessert, its sweet and tarty and is just overall delicious.

    It is exactly like a lemon lime gatorade.

    No problems here, a little bit of foam on the top immediately after shaking but that settles right away and there is no clumping or residue. Perfect.

    Each container comes with 40 servings if you only use one scoop a day. I found my best workouts were when I was using two scoops a day which GHOST recommends. 1 scoop a day should do the trick, yet the two scoops really impressed me.


    Now, I'm new to pump products so I do not have a experienced stance on how truly amazing this product was, or if all pump products deliver this feeling. I do know that when working out with two scoops of GHOST pump, sipping in between sets, my arms felt like they could explode. I could easily tell my blood flow was improving as my biceps grew and filled up. My pumps were insane! I even noticed that I was more willing to keep pushing out the extra reps when I was getting tired, because I just did not want the sensation to stop. Vascularity in my forearms grew as well and I could see each individual vein popping out which is always a good feeling. Since I finished this tub, I had to purchase a different pump product, Big Noise by Redcon1 because GHOST was out of stock! Maybe this was best so I can compare the two. Very effective pumps when I was using pump, and my arm days were not the same without it.


    You can buy a tub of this on for 36.99, which we all know will be $42 with shipping. They are currenty out of stock so I doubt you could find it at a GNC or Vitamin shoppe, especially since its a such a new product. The product may be a little expensive for a pump product especially if you plan on using 2 scoops like I do. Keep in mind GHOST is known for their expensive price and packaging.

    Side Effects



    Overall, this product was a game changer for me. The pumps were insane and my strength, endurance and vascularity increased greatly. I was able to keep my workouts to 1 1/2 to 2 hours which is great for me. Soreness was not an issue either. Great product with great taste. If you are looking for something new, definitely try this out!
    • Lemon Lime: 10/10

    COMMENTS (3)

    • DaSlaya
      Rep: +2,967
      August 5, 2018

      Great job on the review! Glad to hear this, I just ordered and received this product, so will run it this fall when I do a mini Ghost stack! I enjoyed Big Noise in the past, and look into Quake by scivation also. Not all pump products are created equal.

    • dmf8625
      Rep: +2,021
      August 5, 2018

      Just a bit of information in regards to your statement about Glycerpump. That active ingredient is not included in this product for the sole purpose of anit-clumping. Glycerpump is the trademarked version of Glycerol from Australian nutraceutical supplier Pinnacle Ingredients. Some of the benefits include:

      Improves hydration
      Decreases urine output and free-water clearance
      Greater endurance (up to 24% improvement!)
      Reduces "thermal burden" of exercise in heat
      Decreases heart rate during exercise
      Longer time to exhaustion
      Improves aerobic and anaerobic power and performance

    • scholl24
      Rep: +107
      August 12, 2018

      Thanks to you both! DaSlaya I will definitely look into that product thanks for the recommendation! dmf8625, thank you for the extra information. Glycerpump/Glycerol is an ingredient I am not familiar with, and Ill get better with my reviews for sure. Thanks for the help -Scholl

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