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Arginine Nitrate

Also known as: ArgNitrate

L-arginine bonded to nitrate that improves blood flow, nitric oxide production, pump, power output, endurance and recovery

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What Is It?

The supplement market is flooded with all sorts of arginine supplements and various "hybrid" arginines that all promise better nitric oxide production, "skin-tearing" pumps, and vascularity. However, the majority of these alternative forms of arginine actually do very little except empty your wallet. Until now

Arginine Nitrate is novel hybrid form of supplemental arginine that is bonded to a nitrate group. The duo of ingredients not only improves the bioavailability of the amino acid, but also promotes muscular growth, vascularity, and efficient protein synthesis during and after your workouts.

What Does It Do?

Arginine Nitrate does the same general thing that L-Arginine supplements claim, i.e. they help increase nitric oxide production, promoting nutrient delivery as well as giving you a tremendous pump. However, Arginine Nitrate uses a very different method to go about increasing N.O. levels in the body.

Most N.O. products use the well-established L-Arginine-N.O.-Synthase (eNOS) pathway as the primary process for increasing N.O. levels. Basically, this pathway is dependent on the activity of the eNOS enzyme, which itself depends on a number of other co-factors. This rarely is an effective, or efficient, means of increasing circulating nitric oxide.

But, Arginine Nitrate makes use of the Nitrate-Nitrite-Nitric Oxide Pathway, a "reverse" or alternative pathway of sorts. Here, Arginine Nitrate is first converted to NO2 (nitrite), which then gets converted to the N.O. that the body needs.

This pathway is beneficial when low amounts of oxygen are available (towards the middle and end of your workouts). Despite the low oxygen, this pathway still facilitates vasodilation so you can continue to get nutrients and as much nitric oxides as possible to your muscles, especially when fatigue would be taking over.

Several studies demonstrate that nitrate supplementation reduces the oxygen cost for a given exercise intensity thereby leading to increased athletic performance and stamina during competition. Not only does Arginine Nitrate improve your pumps, but contributes to more productive workouts all around.

Benefits of Arginine Nitrate

  • Enhanced blood flow

  • Greater Vasodilation

  • Better nutrient delivery

  • Increased Nitric Oxide production

  • More pronounced vascularity

  • Bigger Pumps

  • Increased athletic performance

  • Improve cardiovascular health

  • Reduces exercise associated oxygen cost

How Much?

Unfortunately arginine nitrate isn't sold as a standalone supplement by most distributors. Rather, it's frequently included as part of a nitric oxide boosting complex in many pre workouts. Typical doses for arginine nitrate range anywhere from 500mg up to 2,000mg.


If you want to experience a truly effective form of arginine product, arginine nitrate is your answer. It provides everything you'd want in a true N.O. booster: gorging veins, bigger pumps, greater strength, and improved endurance.

The only drawback to arginine nitrate is that it takes A LONG time to get into your system and start working. Typical nitrate products take between 45-90 minutes to really "load" in the body. As such, you'll want to dose your pre workout extra early to take full advantage of all the benefits that nitrates offer to your workouts.

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