The sports-nutrition scene is a busy one. It is a tall order to create a brand that stands out of the crowd for the right reasons amongst an army of established companies selling sports supplements.

However, Redcon1 decided to take on the challenge, starting life in the second half of 2016 in Boca Raton.

The company’s founder and former editor-in-chief for, Aaron Singerman created Redcon1 with the aim to “ensure end consumers get real, hardcore products that deliver real results”.

Following the launch of their first pre-workout supplement, Total War, the Florida-based company went on to develop a large range of products in a short space of time.

Creating products for the Redcon1 range, the company wanted to stay true to the meaning behind the brand. They wanted to sell supplements that helped costumers achieve the highest state of readiness.

In 2017, only a year after the company was founded, Redcon1 was crowned brand of the year by

Today, Redcon1 offers pre- and post-workout supplements, fat burning and muscle building products, proteins and other meal replacements, as well as some more general health supplements. They even have their own range of apparel and workout gear.

As well as a range of products for different goals, Redcon1 offers a lot of their products in wide variety of flavours, to cater for different tastes.

Products aside, the company has been running their 12-week transformation challenge, the Redcon1 Readiness Trials since 2017. Following past years’ success, they have recently made an announcement on their blog about their 2019 Readiness Trials with a prize of $50K.

Redcon1 are confident about the quality of their products and to demonstrate this, they offer customers 100% money-back guarantee, should they be unhappy with the flavour, effectiveness, or quality of the product.

Going from strength to strength, in May 2018 Redcon1 has been named supplement company of the month by

As well as these achievements, high profile athletes like strongman champion Brian Shaw, NPC Women’s Physique competitor Chloe Sannito and MMA fighter Anthony Johnson have been one of the many professional sports man and women endorsing Redcon1’s products.

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