Outbreak Nutrition Pathogen Reviews

Category: Pre-Workout
Sub Category: Stimulant
Pathogen Reviews
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About Pathogen

Pathogen is a pre-workout made by Outbreak Nutrition. It is intended to boost energy, heighten muscle pumps and increase focus.

Pathogen contains nine active ingredients. Of these, L-citrulline malate is a mix of malic acid and citrulline that is said to reduce fatigue and increase training volume. Alongside L-norvaline, citrulline malate may also help increase blood flow and intensify muscle pumps.

Both caffeine and choline could help increase focus and boost training volume in the gym, while theobromine is believed to increase nitric oxide for more intense muscle pumps.

Pathogen is – or has been – sold in four flavors: “Double Barrel Berry”, “War-Torn Melon”, “Agent Orange-Pineapple” and “Nuka Colada”.