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3XT Pump is a pre-workout/pump product manufactured by USN. It is designed to provide “intense energy” and enhance muscle pumps, while also improving mood and endurance.

The product features several common pre-workout ingredients. L-citrulline malate and L-arginine base are thought to support increases in nitric oxide, which could improve blood flow and promote more noticeable muscle pumps.

Beta-alanine is another amino acid, which is believed to increase endurance by preventing the accumulation of lactic acid.

In addition, L-acetyl-L-tyrosine and caffeine could increase focus in the gym.

3XT Pump is available in “Cherry” and “Orange” flavors. Each 420g tub contains 20 servings.


1 review for 3xt pump


    Less pump but extra grunt in the gym, good but meh…

    Hey guys, another review here. This time on USN 3xt pump – the new gen, it came up on special so I decided to give it a go as the profile looked pretty decent. USN has recently revamped their efforts with this new gen pre and also lava(fat burner) not to mention the new labeling is fire, so this also was a deciding factor as bad experiences with b4 bomb was horrible imo.
    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    (Pictured below) Now again each to their own, I just feel L-citrulline was underdosed (@3400mg) and very apparent in the lack of pumps, I dont particularly know where the proper fatloss ingredients are but I suspect they assumed the high amount of caffeine is enough to warrant it as a thermogenic which to me isn’t good enough, not to mention some ingredients for focus which was absent to every session (tyrosine,choline bitartrate would improve it drastically not to mention alcar would make the formula look alot more worthy). They have their own mumbo jumbo in there like fitnox (increased muscle performance) and enxtra (preventing a caffeine crash) and unfortunately As from 1 January 2017 Oxilofrine (methylsynephrine), as contained in Advantra Z and other Citrus Aurantium versions, is on the WADA prohibited substance list (sports banned substances). Please refrain from using products containing Advantra Z if you are a professional athlete who gets tested by the Anti-doping Agency. So it isn’t a concern for me but can be a concern to athletes or those being tested, its not the most advanced or ground breaking pre (as b4 bomb owns the more premium title for USN) but its simple formulation can prove favorable to some. The addition of beetroot extract was a nice touch – I might add even though it wasn’t at the dosage I wanted but alas overall its rather good for a local product. One thing I extremely dislike is the addition of fructose and maltodextrin, just fillers in my eyes and shouldn’t have a place in a proper hard hitting pre IMO. —-Taste—- Cherry Lemonade 6/10 This stuff smells amazing like fruity sherbet, but unfortunately it doesn’t taste as it smells. It is overly bitter yet sweet and lacks any cherry or lemonade taste lol, more like a berry cough mixture. with all the flavoring advances and efforts surely it could have tasted better and atleast with a few flavors not just cherry lemonade. It certainly needs to improve in this department especially if your using this as your staple – although not life or death it certainly makes a slight difference to the whole experience. —-Mixability—- 8/10 Again not a make or break area, it wasn’t too bad at all, I just threw a scoop in a glass and it mixed rather well. One thing I need to point out is this pre is extremely gritty and does require additional water to down the entire mix. It is rather unpleasant to be left with grit and the texture is rather thick. —-Dosing—- 1 heaped scoop with about 300ml of water 30/45 mins before your workout.
    7/10 First off I found this to be really good the first couple of workouts, there after it wasn’t as good. Pump: Was very minimal and extremely lacking, especially for a product named “3xt PUMP”, it would great benefit more additional ingredients that would lead to a greater pump Energy: Was good and very clean, I never had any palpitations or issues which is great. I found the energy was prolonged and very effective especially with longer, more strenuous workouts which was always a plus as some pres die out nearing the end. Stamina: Was really phenomenal, even though the effectiveness of the pre wore out nearing the end the stamina remained and lead to extra reps and even allowing me to add in longer sessions of cardio which is always a bonus. Strength: Not much to note here, didn’t do much in the department at all for me. Focus: Was very disappointing and underwhelming, I felt myself still not in the “zone” even if I trained before the 30mins but nothing. It is imperative to have something to “zone” you in and get you hyped in the gym. I found it excessively hard to push heavier sets and breaking my personal best lifts, it became increasingly difficult to visualize me crunching the weight and had to force myself into deep thoughts that eventually helped. It is seriously lacking a proper focus blend. Fat burning effects: Unfortunately there was no fat burning effect whatsoever, the claim is a bit outlandish imo and without proper focus I could hit it harder in the gym which would have lead to greater intensity and inturn increase the amount calories burned. But unfortunately it fails here, and fails badly. Intensity: Also a let down, intensity came and went, I find it hard to remember when last I was drenched in sweat. A hardcore training session to me requires a certain amount of intensity but alas this isn’t one for intensity.
    8/10 As value goes, it is pretty good. I did get this at about $22 on special, which for 20 servings lasts me about 6 weeks. It normally sells for about $28 here, so it is one of the cheaper pres locally but still its not so bad, considering this needs a lil bit something extra for focus etc its not the most cost effective if you need to add in extras.
    —-Side Effects—-
    5/10 The crash was here and there, some workouts the crash would just crush me. I trained some mornings and midday and noticed that approximately half of my workouts ended up being crashed by 3xt. Its a lethargic feeling and most of the times I felt like falling asleep lol, but everyone is different.
    To me 3xt pump is a product that has an identity crisis. It claims to be a fat burning pre and has Pump in the product name but both are more or less absent to, ingredient and feel wise. It is a —-good—-pre, quite straight forward with a good amount of caffeine. It certainly impressed when it came improved endurance and nice clean energy. I just don’t see the reason 3xt pump exists as b4 bomb is more or less the same formulation, it is just one of those floating pres you wonder if it ever sells (well atleast I do). I must admit the labeling has drastically improved the look of this compared to the older packaging – but once you use this you wonder, why? Sure the price was good but it lacked in so many areas it was a waste in retrospect. There are so many options out there (taste, flavoring and most importantly formulation) and most are legal – so why risk on this? unless its on a super special as was the case with me. MEH..

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