Outbreak Nutrition

Outbreak Nutrition is a supplement company based in New York City, New York in the United States.

Its full name is Outbreak Nutrition LLC and its parent company is Distinct Global Brands LLC.

The brand founder and chief executive officer is Terry Katz, who is also the former CEO of Platinum Labs LLC (another supplement company).

The Outbreak Nutrition features a video which describes the aftermath of fictional nuclear apocalypse and is very reminiscent of a first-person shooter videogame. Although the brand doesn’t state it explicitly, its products appear to be aimed at gamers.

The brand’s product line is divided into separate types (according to goal): “Energy & Focus”, “Fat Loss”, “Muscle Building”, “Protein” and “Recovery”. To help emphasize its gamer-focused branding, product names include Pathogen (“apocalyptic” pre-workout) and Survive (whey protein blend).

According to outbreaknutrition.com, all Outbreak Nutrition supplements are made at a “state of the art” facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). All supplements come with “fully transparent” labels, which the website says allows users to “know what the hell [they’re] getting into”.

In fact, users of Outbreak Nutrition products include – or have included – Wildcard Gaming, Vicious Gaming and Rectify Esports. The manufacturer also offers a 15 percent discount for members of the military.

Outbreak Nutrition supplements are available via both national (US-based) and international distributors.

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