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Pro-Antium Reviews

By: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series


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Protein > Blended Protein

Pro-Antium is a Blended Protein Powder manufactured by Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. It contains a blend of different types of protein and will promote lean muscle mass and fat loss.

Creatine bonded to hydrochloric acid which possesses all the same benefits as creatine monohydrate without the bloating and GI distress.


Active metabolite of choline that increases power output and strength, decreases soreness, and supports creatine production in the body.



Rep: +101
Trust: 100%
  April 1, 2016

Hey all! I'm back with another blended protein review. I will eventually get off this protein bandwagon as I introduce more supps into my regiment but for now bear with me please. My goals right now surround increasing muscle mass/decreasing body fat and this was a good product to continue down that road with.

----Ingredient Profile---- 7.5/10
I'm rating this lower than I really want to because of the fillers and so I'll separate this portion into 2 sections. What I'll call active and inactive ingredients.

- Active Ingredients (10/10)
RC's put together a well thought out muscle building profile here with 30g of actual protein (from all the good sources) per serving PLUS 5g of creatine and 2.5g of betaine. With seemingly full disclosure from RC it's apparent he's putting emphasis on building muscle and mass, especially when you add in 8g of carbs and 2.5g of fat per serving. For some this is really high in carbs but I was using this as my breakfast and the carbs helped satiate my hunger a little more compared to a straight whey protein. When you add the active ingredients together that comes up to 48g of active ingredients/51g serving which makes sense. The last protein I reviewed had issues with amino spiking which made me think I was getting more protein than I actually was. After a little schooling from a fellow SR member I learned the error of my ways and came to love this profile.

- Inactive ingredients (5/10)
While a lot of these ingredients seem to pop in most formulas I still don't like them. I wish there was less filler content. In it's condensed version this product has the following fillers: natural and artificial flavors, gum blend, non-dairy creamer, flour, salt, sucralose and acesulfame potassium. If one is to read the label these fillers are expanded out (thanks to RC's transparency!) to show more even more ingredients. This won't stop me from using the product in the future but it'd be nice to see a slightly cleaner profile in the future.

----Taste/Mixability/Dosing---- (6/7/10)
I mentioned the dosing a little more in the section above than I probably should have but I felt it was important to tie the profile to the dosing with this product. To recap, 48g of active ingredients/51g serving is pretty awesome! No short changing the "10" score this product deserves. The only negative (which doesn't impact MY scoring) was the fact I needed a lot of liquid (>24oz) to get this to a good consistency that I liked because the dose was so large at 51g v. a more common dose near 30 or 35g/serving.

Taste and mixability were a little bit of an issue for me here. I'm a huge chocolate fan and like a rich/full chocolate flavor in my protein (and chocolate bars). The double chocolate cookie crunch flavor I used was heavy on the cocoa but didn't enhance some of the sweetness I've come to enjoy in chocolate. This may have been deliberate by the manufacturer but I wasn't the biggest fan. As far as mixing is concerned it took a lot of liquid as mentioned above to get this product to dissolve and usually required a 20-22oz h2o/4-6oz milk blend to get most of the graininess out of it. The cookie crumbs were supposed to be present but there was more graininess beyond that.

----Effectiveness---- (8.5/10)
Coupled with my workout program I'd say this was a very effective supplement. I dropped 2inches in my waist, lost about 1% body fat while maintaining my weight around the 355 mark while this product and most notably I increased my predicted 1 rep maxes on several lifts. 2 examples are a predicted 20-30lb increase in my bench press, and 20lb increase in my shoulder press. That's pretty damn effective if you ask me.

----Value---- (9/10)
This product is right up there and quite possibly one of the best in terms of value. For ~$50 or $1.00/serving you get 30g of protein (more than the avg), 5g of creatine and 2.5g of betaine. I've set my goal at <$1.00/serving for protein alone. Some simple arithmetic shows 5g of creatine (pricing from nutrabio's creatine monohydrate on amazon) would add $0.27/serving. That price addition alone would push this out of my purchasing limit so it's very easy to say this product it's worth the money you pay for it!

----Side Effects----
Later on in the tub I started to notice a little gas after taking my morning shake. I'm not sure if this was the protein or the creatine causing it but I'm hypothesizing that it is the creatine since I haven't noticed any issues with protein blends in the past. Either way the gas was minor and only last about an hour or so in the morning.

I must admit, when I thought about writing this review I was worried I would have to give the #2 blended protein on SR a bad review. However, after I sat down for a few minutes and thought more about about what it did for me and what I got out of it, I realized I couldn't cut RC down. He's made a quality product that is high on my list to purchase the next time I'm looking to boost my strength and muscle mass. Thanks for making a good product RC! I'll be back for certain!
  • Gains In Muscle
  • Betaine
  • Strength Gains
  • 5g Of Creatine
  • Effective
  • Addition Of Creatine May Be A Con For Some
Rep: +21
Trust: 30%
  May 31, 2014

Hey SR, its been a while, this is my first review on my new profile... And what a product to review! I was luckily enough to get this from abroad after some time of anxiously waiting!

Has already been listed by many expert reviewers, so no need to waste time here with every nutritional detail etc etc... But high quality ingredients , 29g protein, 1g sugar, 2.5g betaine, some healthy fats and not to mention 5g creatine makes for a top quality supplement, Ron knows how to make the very best and this is evident!

Simple, 1 scoop (with 8oz water) post workout. I kn0ow everyone has their own say in how much creatine one should have but I prefer keeping it 10g or under. I would have preferred to have more than one serving(preworkout meal) but with the availability of pro antium(the 2.2kg) absent here, I tried to make it last longer.... And I did occasionally add a scoop to my midday meal replacement(off days) just to get in that there taste.

P.A mix well in 8oz of water, I hardly never had an issue with mixing which can be the case in other multi blended proteins! I occasionally did have a clump here and there... but nothing to really complain about.

Originally I ordered chocolate but I got strawberry instead... But WOW, This is the best tasting protein I have ever had, and I'm not just saying that for fun.... Its like having a milkshake with real added bits and pieces of cookies(No jokes).The flavouring was spot on, not to rich and not too sweet... It was just perfect. I looked forward to slowly sippin' it after every workout and on non workout days...

A protein is hard to gauge, you cannot expect it to make or break you. But whilst on P.A I noticed my recovery was slightly improved, especially after my chest workout(which often leaves me broken). I noticed my strength remained the same even though my calories were slightly reduced, which is an added bonus as my strength does dip when I drop calories! After a full tub of P.A I was slightly heavier on the scale, without the fat accumulation(the mirror and wife don't lie lol), I was highly impressed after my tub of P.A!

A cost for a 2.2kg P.A costs me about $90, yes its shocking I know. But with everything here being overpriced I still think its good value for money due to it being effective at just 1 scoop! A container lasted me well over a month, as I had 2 scoop on my off days. But with this being potentially my favourite protein I wouldn't mind spending the doe to grow!

Ronnie has done it yet again with another really brilliant product, it's a perfect blend between taste and effectiveness, which is hard to do... the supplement industry has tons of proteins... but P.A stands out! I dare to say... My favourite protein ever! But with the exclusion of creatine ,P.A would be more versatile especially for those who drink a number of protein shakes daily. With the only flaw being the creatine and the price tag(because it an international product here), I still give P.A a huge 9! Amazing taste, texture and some lean gainz! This makes me wonder how iso tropic tastes :'( due to P.A being the tastiest multi blend protein shake I have ever had(And it was strawberry!)! Thanks Ron for producing another epic product!
  • Taste. Unreal
  • Excellent Texture
  • Mixes Great
  • Strength Gains
  • Betaine
  • Gains In Muscle
  • Good Recovery
  • Effective
  • A Little Pricey
  • Would Like A Creatine Free Version
Rep: +1,105
Trust: 100%
  April 1, 2014

Their are many great reviews of this protein and it will be difficult to build upon them and shed new light for this product. Though I enjoyed it so much, that I felt inclined to review it anyway. I purchased my first tub on my own and still have a second in the wood works from JoeFlah, and the RCSS team. Much appreciated fellas, your certainy a top shell company who keep the customer the priority. We all know in the supplement industry," you can pay for school but ya cant buy class"

This was the only supplement I utilized over the course of fifty days. I was even removed from the use of creatine for well over a month as well. Which I believe will enable me to give a fair assessment of this product without bias and will be able to attribute any positives recieved by this protein.
Feel me?

Ingredients... 9
All of the previous reviews list them in depth. I'll list the ones that's really mattered for me.
29 grams protein
5 grams creatine mono
2.5 grams betaine
13.5 grams EAA

This lineup is what really inclined me to write this review. This really is your one SCOOP a day whey. . I loved the convenience of taking a single scoop and knowing that im getting exactly what i need for my workouts and daily rquirement of creatine. If I may add, I really enjoyed the handling and location of the scooper. Everyone should know by now how crucial that is.." And if ya don't know, now ya know " itches.

Taste 10
I had the chocolate
The most delicious flavored whey protein I have ever tasted. I would throw this in the magic bullet with ice, skim milk and a banana... straight banging..Buff said..
*edit* Nuff

Side effects 9
Absolutely none, never gave me any stomach discomfort or poor mix ability issues.

Effectiveness 9
Now this is where things got interesting. Like I stated earlier , I had been cycled off creatine for around six weeks. I lost my typical 4-5 pounds and slight strength imcrease that I always get on creatine. Now in to the third week of taking pro-antium, got my size back. Not only that but I finally got a p.r on my bench that I've been stuck in a stale-mate for some time. Was it anything to write home about? For y'all, prolly not but I broke my plateau of 5 reps of 305 and got it to 7.

Value 8
Yeah it's 50 balls for a tub. You want results? Stop begging and cough up the buck per SCOOP..

In my opinion this is the best protein. For what it offers in taste, effectiveness , ingredients. Best of da best right hur..
  • Taste. Unreal
  • Excellent Texture
  • Mixes Great
  • 5g Of Creatine
  • Strength Gains
  • Betaine
  • Gains In Muscle
  • Good Recovery
  • Great Taste
  • Effective
  • A Little Pricey
Rep: +1,269
Trust: 100%
  March 29, 2014

Here lies the review for the other half of my RCSS experience, Pro Antium! Another huge thanks goes out to joeflah and Big Ron for showing me some serious love once again with this logging opportunity. This was a great run. Let's talk about it shall we?

Other supplements used during the run:
Multi/Fish oil
Dermacrine/Endosurge Turbo by BPS
iForce Compete Intra
Generic Monohydrate(5G) as needed added to Pro Antium


As with every other product on the RCSS line, this profile is quality and covers a variety of angles. Ronnie really wanted to include everything you might need during the day and especially post workout. Here are some highlights:

1 scoop(44g) serving for 50 total servings
Total Fat-4g
Creatine Monohydrate-5g(not creapure)
Essential Amino Acids-13.5g

The protein comes from fast,medium, and slow acting sources including whey concentrate, milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate, whey protein hydrolisate, micellar casein, egg albumin and calcium caseinate.

This product also includes Medium Chain Triglycerides for some healthy fats.

Overall a very comprehensive profile that provides most all things lost during your workout. This is not the most clean protein source though. There several other ingredients in here. That being said, I don't necessarily think you would be buying this for cleanliness. That's what they make whey isolate for.

Easy. One scoop post workout. I went as much as two scoops for about 2 weeks of the run. The label suggests 1-4 scoops a day but that would give you as much as 20g of creatine and would greatly take the value out of it. If your diet is how it should be, one scoop is plenty. I took the 2 scoops to get the 10g of creatine since I train mostly for powerlifting I felt I needed a little more than 5g. I eventually just started adding in a separate monohydrate with one scoop. I liked this idea better and it worked out better for me.

I know Im gonna seem crazy but I had the Vanilla Wafer Crisp and although it tastes good, I was getting a little tired of it towards the end. It has a great, strong taste but was just a little much especially at 2 scoops. In water was good but in milk it was much better.

It mixed good with some extra shaking. It would eventually smooth out and was very drinkable after a few minutes. It wasn't like a pure isolate but you can't expect that from a product with so many ingredients packed in there. I was impressed overall.

Yeah always tough to gauge this with a protein but there are a few things to note. It killed late night cravings and I was never starving in the morning. It seems to really keep me on track even though my diet wasn't perfect. I rarely over-ate though which is a plus for me. I tend to snack a lot but not while taking this. I had not taken any creatine for a few weeks before this and I did se some nice strength gains. I starting looking fuller and feeling fuller muscle wise. I gained a good 5-6 lbs with a good 2-3 of that being water weight and the other being muscle. Maybe an indicator of the creatine. My recovery is usually pretty good and stayed that way with no huge differences. So yeah, very effective product.

Side Effects-8
I wanted to note that at 2 scoops I had some stomach issues. No pain or anything but just some really excessive gas. I noticed it throughout the day but the most while I was working out. I had to make multiple trips to the bathroom so I wouldn't gas out the entire gym lol. It was kinda of annoying to have to go fart before a big deadlift or squat set though. This was drastically reduced with one scoop. Still a good score but something to be aware of.

Around 50 bucks for 50 servings. Not bad at all. I think you shouldn't need any more than one scoop and you can manipulate your creatine intake like I did by adding a separate, cheap monohydrate if you do in fact need more creatine. You could make an argument that you don't need the creatine in there at all and could add your own, even cheaper creatine. It's hard to say because we don't know what the cost of this would be without creatine so you don't know how much you are actually saving. I guess you just have to assume that it would be more expensive to get your creatine from a protein supplement. Who knows?? I did take a fraction of a point off for this reason.

Of all the proteins Ive tried, this has been the most effective of them. You have to trust that Big Ron is working is butt off to make quality products and this one is holds that standard. This is a great all-around product that will save you from having to go out and buy a multitude of various other products. This is your one stop shop. I highly recommend you go out and try this and this doesn't just seem to be my opinion, but also the opinions of almost anyone that has tried it. I will be running this again and Im thinking of picking up the chocolate flavor.

Check out my log of both this and the Stacked N.O. starting on page 15!!!
  • Great Taste
  • Gains In Muscle
  • Effective
  • Comprehensive Profile
  • Taste Got Old
  • Stomach Issues At 2 Scoops
Rep: +4,729
Trust: 100%
  February 23, 2014

A big time "Yeah Buddy" grade shout out to Joeflah, Big Ron himself, and all the boys at RCSS for hooking me up a tub of this king worthy protein.

Today, I discuss my experience with what is quickly becoming one of the most popular protein supplements on today's market and for good reason. Pro-Antium is specialized protein supplements formulated with a blend of various source proteins, bcaas as well as other essential amino acids, creatine, betaine, and healthy lipids. Essentially, it's got almost everything aspiring hardworking athletes needs to be at their best.


A numerical score was simply not enough for this category. I had the strawberry shortcake flavor and it was beyond delicious. The flavor was the right amount of rich and smooth. I've experimented with various mixtures and found that chocolate almond milk mixed with a scoop of strawberry shortcake (or any other flavor I am sure) is true Mr. Olympia Muscle Food Sizzurp!!

Ingredient Profile (9): While there is more to the profile, the following are the key ingredients comprising Pro-Antium's contents:

One scoop will provide..

29g Protein
5g creatine
2.5g betaine
3.5g bcaa
1g sugar

The most favorable thing I like here is the 29 grams per single serving. Most proteins on today's market often have 20-25 grams per scoop. I usually opt for no lower than 20 myself. So when I saw that one scoop of pro-antium provided a substantial 29 grams, I was almost instantaneously sold. It is worth noting that the protein content is derived directly from these sources:

Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Micellar Casein, Egg Albumin, Calcium Caseinate

All of these have their unique characteristics of digestion rates and bio-availability, so to have them all clearly creates a favorable spectrum of protein quality.

Next we have 5 grams of creatine monohydrate. Based on the reviews I've read from other members both here and on other website forums, the addition of creatine seems to get mixed standpoints. I would assume that a user looking more for a primary protein supplement would most likely consider the addition of creatine a con. This would especially be unfavorable to users who may react negatively to creatine in general. Me personally, I actually favor the addition of creatine mainly because I've always responded well to creatine in general. I've found it increases my recovery, mass, and overtime strength development. Of course, I do carefully monitor my intake of creatine from other sources and ensure to stay well hydrated. In summary, I prefer the addition of creatine, but perhaps a creatine free version would also be welcomed by many.

Third we have betaine. Betaine has gotten mixed reviews as to its efficacy as an ingredient in general. I find that betaine acts best as a synergistic ingredient, aiding in the absorption and metabolism of other macro-nutrients. This would in turn enhance their influence on muscle development.

Lastly, we have a good amount of the basic bcaas needed for recovery and protein synthesis support.

One final thing to note is that pro-antium also provides some medium chain triglyceride sources to aid in protein metabolism and energy restoration.

In summary, pro-antium has a very good and complete ingredient profile that is sure to aid any athlete meet some of their basic dietary needs as well as aid in muscular development.

Usage: Being that this has creatine, it is important to abide by the suggestion given on the tub itself to limit servings to 1-2 scoops a day. I myself never went beyond 2 scoops a day, and there were several days where I settle for simply one scoop. I would mostly have it either sometime post workout or first thing in the morning. Perhaps if creatine was not included, users may find more versatility in the product, but as I said, the creatine does not heavily influence my favor in pro-antium.

Effectiveness (9): Being that this is a protein supplement, gauging efficacy is difficult. One cannot simply assess if protein is working since protein in itself is a nutrient obtained from our basic diets. It is not like a stimulant in the fact that we know a stimulant is working or not because we are able to feel it's effects on our cognitive abilities. When it comes to protein though, the only way to score efficacy is to relate it to how it may have benefited you directly in terms of what you were expecting from it. Being that pro-antium has a substantial amount of protein as well as extras like creatine and bcaas, I do believe it definitely aided in allowing me to obtain supplementary nutrients vital to muscular hypertrophy. Of course, that's not to say I wouldn't be able to develop without it, but it's supplementary benefits truly do help when ensuring that you are providing your body with additional building nutrients.

Value (8): A great product equates to a great price as many on today's market are not cheap in their own right. For pro-antium, 50-55 dollars for 50 servings of a blend consisting of high quality 29 grams of protein and other extras, this price range is not the worst. Nonetheless, pro-antium isn't cheap, so definitely do some shopping around.

Overall (9): Pro-Antium has undoubtedly earned its spot in the machine's list of "ups in the supps". I will be using pro-antium again in the near future, especially should a creatine-free formulation be released. I highly recommend anyone looking to add a great supplement to their stack in terms of the protein category to consider pro-antium. My next task will be putting Iso-tropic max to the test when it arrives.



  • Taste. Unreal
  • Good Recovery
  • Betaine
  • Strength Gains
  • 5g Of Creatine
  • Excellent Texture
  • Expesnsive
  • Addition Of Creatine May Be A Con For Some
Rep: +3,798
Trust: 100%

  January 17, 2014

I received several small bags of this a while back from the ER program. So obviously, the shout out goes to the king, Ronnie Coleman for being a part of our forum here and hooking us up. This is protein so I'm not gonna spend too much time here, as I consider protein just a food supplement to fill in the gaps where you are missing protein in your diet. But I will give Ronnie his dues here.

The profile: 7/10
Pro Antium is a blend, yielding whey concentrate, milk protein isolate, whey isolate, whey hydrolisate, Miscellar casein, Egg albumin, and calcium caseinates (listed in order of abundance). You get some of the higher end as well as the lower end types of protein. The difference in these are typically negligent but worth sharing. You also get 5g of good ol creatine monohydrate, some MCTs, and Betaine. The amino acid profile is on par as well, here.

My thoughts on this: I do like the fact that I can have a scoop of this and my daily creatine intake is hit. However, this can yield a small issue if you are consuming more than one scoop a day. You only need 3-5g of creatine mono a day to reap the benefits so my daily use with this is limited, where as with a creatine-free protein, I can throw in two scoops to make a thicker smoothie or a bigger serving in general. This is also a higher calorie formula, bringing 192 kcals, 4g of fat, 10g of carbs, and 29g of protein. I wouldn't deem this optimal for the competitive bodybuilder on poverty macros and a large caloric deficit. But for most, this is a pretty reasonable profile.

Taste/mixability: 9/10
As most have stated, Ronnie pretty much nailed the taste with this. I got the vanilla wafer crisp and I enjoy it, although I can't remember the last time I actually mixed protein powder in water so I can't say for that aspect. I usually make a whey sludge or a smoothie.

Value: 6/10
You'll find that a tub of this protein runs you in the 50-60 dollar range in most places, yielding 50 servings per tub. I suppose if you are to take a serving a day (which I'm held to do with the creatine content), it would last you 50 days. I don't see a high value here though since creatine mono is dirt cheap. It's not a rip-off by any means and could certainly fit in most peoples' budget. I would something like this to be a bit lower on the price range to be competitive for my purchase though.

Overall: 7/10
Ronnie, I love your protein but I'd like to see it without creatine and a bit of a lower price to earn a higher rating. With that said, I do enjoy it and I will try it out again sometime in the future. I'd recommend this protein to anyone who likes the higher calorie content and typically doesn't use much protein powder (unlike myself). If you are in that category and don't like buying creatine separate, certainly give this a go as you will enjoy the taste and get a quality blend of proteins and creatine.
  • Great Taste
  • Mixes Great
  • Amino Acid Profile
  • Creamy Texture
  • Good Protein Blend
  • A Little Pricey
  • Would Like A Creatine Free Version
Rep: +103
Trust: 100%
  December 30, 2013

Hi there, just my second review on SR so feedback is deeply appreciated. First of all i found SR while looking for reviews of supplements. The amount of reviews really helped me in making my supplementation decisions and now i feel that its about time i help others.

Firstly, this was my 3rd tub of whey protein after Dymatize Elite WPI (rich choc) and MP Combat powder (choc milk). Still looking for the best one for my body. Was actually about to buy Optimum Gold Standard but then saw there was a real good promo for RCSS products i couldnt miss.

I took the 6lbs Double Chocolate Flavour and wow the taste is unreal. It cant be protein. It really beats the hell out of my last 2 protein in terms of taste. Hands down the best protein in terms of taste.

Each scoop is much bigger though at 44g per scoop. It has 29 grams of protein per scoop too. This is also higher in calories than your average protein powder at 192. It was better for me as i was going on a bulk. However a downside could be the fact that is has creatine in it. I say this is a downside as firstly, most people supplement with creatine already secondly, some people might be cycling off creatine and lastly, the way this protein taste i could well do more than 3-4 scoops a day.

In terms of the effects, i can say it has made me grow bigger maybe partly due to my higher calorie intake. I also had no digestion problems while taking this protein as well as no side effects. Recovery also increased slighty which was quite pleasing.

In terms of mixabilty, i would rate it a 8.5 simple because elite whey mixed the best. However it still mixes brilliantly in water and milk with and without the blender ball.

In terms of value, i got this 6lbs at 79sgd (62usd) so i think its pretty decent tbh. it costs the same as ON here (Singapore). Basically you get what you paid for.

In conclusion, a very good tasting protein powder that also helps if youre bulking up. it is also a great meal replacement powder. very effective, great taste, mixes well, decent value, real cookies wow. Will definitely be getting this protein again. Only wish it has no creatine inside.

I also noticed that Mr Ronnie Coleman is on SR? If you are reading this, Yeaaah buddy!
  • Taste. Unreal
  • Good Recovery
  • Betaine
  • Strength Gains
  • Would Like A Creatine Free Version
Rep: +57
Trust: 75%
  December 22, 2013

I just wanted to start off by saying I am extremely glad I came across this protein.
This protein to me was a huge game changer!

Ingredients: From what ive seen the whole rcss line has some solid products with some really solid ingredients such as the astragin found in there pre but in this protein i have to say the mix of whey casein and egg protein at 29g along side 5g of creatine and 2.5g of betaine was top notch imo preferred this over hydro builder. The little cookie crisps at the bottom made me crave it!

Taste: Holy Moly! I never thought i would find a better tasting protein than syntha 6(which i really dislike because of their ingredient profile and the gas o get from it) but drinking this protein was like drinking a protein fit for a god. It was just the right amount of creamy and i found if i left it in the freezer with me it tasted just like cream milkshake even when mixed with water! Mind blowing! It was hard not to drink it all day long.

Effectiveness: As if the taste wasnt amazing enough this protein provided some solid gains and recovery. From the first day i tried it i noticed right off the back after taking it after my workout that my muscles literally felt like they were filling back up and recovering almost instantly that i almost had to remind myself that i went to the gym lol

Overall: When your looking for the best in protein blends look no further because you have found it in pro antium! Would i buy it again too late i just bought a 5lb tub for 38 hows that for value! Thanks for the solid products big guy! Go Ronnie!
  • Taste. Unreal
  • Excellent Texture
  • Mixes Great
  • 5g Of Creatine
  • Strength Gains
  • Betaine
  • Gains In Muscle
  • Good Recovery
  • Great Taste
  • Effective
    Rep: +1,223
    Trust: 100%
      December 2, 2013

    I figured after going through four bags of RCCS Pro-Antium that I would drop a quick review on my experiences. This protein was purchased by myself and I was fairly pleased with the experience but I do have one sort of indirect gripe with this profile.

    -----------------Profile (7/10)-------------------

    Upon first glance I immediately thought of Optimum Hydrobuilder. It is structured similarly with protein blends, betaine, and creatine in the profile. Upon comparing, however, I found myself wondering why Pro-Antium has a 44g serving and Hydrobuilder has a 52g serving. I did the math on Hydro first and everything matched, 30g protein, 2.5g fat, 8g carbs, 2.5g betaine, 5 g creatine, 2g amino acid matrix equals 50g plus the little extras. Makes sense right? Well Pro-Antium with a supposed similar profile has a serving of 44g consisting of 29g protein, 4g fat, 10g carbs...wait that's 43g already and we haven't even gotten to 5g creatine and 2.5 grams of betaine??? My only conclusion is that either the printed serving size is wrong or that they just consider 2.5g betaine and 5g of creatine to be part of the 29g protein. And all of those BCAA's and EAA's? Part of the protein count too. And while those might be technically accurate I hate when you start thinking that there were extras added in when really those were part of the profile already.

    Now that I am past that little observation, on to the rest.

    ---------------Effectiveness (7/10)---------------

    Due to getting (what I thought) was 29 grams of protein per scoop, I only took 1 scoop of Pro-Antium post workout because I am not really trying to bulk or cut at the moment, just regain strength and recover. I believe that this product did its job in that regard. Nothing spectacular or flashy obviously.

    Now one thing with me is that if it isn't straight isolate, I am gonna have protein matter what and this was no exception. I took Genomyx Gut Health starting about 2 bags in and it helped a little, but not a lot.

    ------------Taste/Mix-Ability (7.5/10)------------

    I tried 3 different flavors of this. The vanilla by far being the best. The vanilla was absolutely impeccable both in water and in milk, just straight up delicious and the cookie bits were awesome. The chocolate was a little bit more toned down to average. I am a bigger chocolate fan so I have tried a lot of proteins in the chocolate form. I have had quite a few that simply tasted better but this was by no means a bad tasting one...just average. The strawberry, however, fell short for me. It just lacked overall taste. The only part that really tasted like strawberry was the itty bitty cookie bits, the rest just pretty much tasted like nothing.

    The mix-ability of all three flavors was fairly good. Just keep in mind with the egg albumen and casein protein you will just need a little more liquid in general to keep it from getting too thick. And definitely more milk than water or else its like waiting for ketchup to come out of a glass bottle for that last little bit of shake.


    Make no mistake, no "good" protein these days is cheap and this one is no exception. I bought four 12 serving bags on sale for about 12 bucks each on clearance at GNC. Online you will pay anywhere from 1.20 -2.00 per serving which is starting to get up there. This along with my questions about the profile make me rate the overall value a little below average.

    -----------------Overall (7/10)-----------------

    Overall for me, this is a middle of the road protein. I like the idea behind it and I actually enjoyed using it more than Hydrobuilder in terms of taste, mix-ability, and it was fairly price competitive with that. I just hope RCCS can clean up the profile issues, maybe add a little more MCT's, and up the protein count to a true 29-30 gram amount.
    • Betaine
    • 5g Of Creatine
    • Excellent Texture
    • A Little Pricey
    • Ambiguous Profile
    Rep: +1,278
    Trust: 100%
      November 18, 2013

    After hearing about and seeing what RCSS Pro-Antium had to offer I had to pick up a tub or two for myself. I'm really glad I did as this is by far one of the best dietary supplements I have ever taken.

    Content: 9/10
    Everyone else has already done more than a thorough job of judging the profile, so I'll just give it a quick recap. Depending on the flavor, Pro-Antium has less than 5 grams of fat, 10 or less grams of carbs, and 29 grams of protein. And contains all of your slow, medium, fast, and very fast absorbing protein sources, even including some Whey Hyrdolisate. But that was not obviously enough for the guys and gals at RCSS, so they threw in 5 grams of Creatine Mono and 2.5 grams of Betaine just for good measure. All in all this makes Pro-Antium have one of the best looking profiles I have ever seen.

    Oh and did I mention that each flavor of Pro-Antium also has REAL cookie bits in it? You know the ones that don't taste like they were baked on the freaking cargo ship that carried the raw ingredients over from China and were thrown in at the last moment. But I'll talk more about that later on in the review.

    Dosing/ Mixability: 10/10
    I used two scoops of Pro-Antium a day for both of the two tubs I had. The first scoop I took post-workout with fast carbohydrates which was usually very early in the morning. The second scoop I used either later in the day to make protein sludge or as my nighttime protein source one to two hours before I went to sleep. As one scoop contains 29 grams of protein, this more than sufficed in helping me meet my daily protein intake.

    I never had any problems with mixing Pro-Antium, I just threw a scoop in my cup, added the liquid, and gave it a couple of good shakes. No clumping, no floating chunks of undissolved powder. It was really just nice and simple.

    Effectiveness: 9.5/10
    Obviously with any kind of high protein diet, you want most of your protein to come straight from whole foods. And with protein powders it's somewhat difficult to judge something you don't immediately see or feel any changes from, such as pre-workouts. However, I never had any kind of abnormal stomach issues such as bad gas or bloating while using Pro-Antium. And when I used it before bed, I would wake up the next morning not feeling hungry at all. Adding it in to meals also left me feeling fuller longer and more contempt.

    Now in terms of recovery I will say that Pro-Antium matches, if not exceeds, the same kind of results I have gotten from some solid whey concentrate/isolate proteins I have used in the past. I was still waking up a bit sore each morning, but my DOMS was really reduced as compared to before. And I was still able to consistently keep increasing my weight ranges across the board.

    Taste: 10/10
    I have used both the "Vanilla Wafer" and "Double Chocolate Cookie" flavors of Pro-Antium and they are without a doubt the best tasting proteins I have ever tried. Whether in water, soy milk, whole milk, and even soda the texture is really thick and creamy. Add in the delicious cookies bits and I was in fat kid heaven over and over again.

    Value: 8/10
    A 50 serving tub of Pro-Antium will run you right about fifty or so dollars online. This is about the same price as most other blends so it is fairly competitively priced. I can understand that this would seem a little expensive to most people, especially since you get less servings for the same price as other products. But, try doing a side by side of Pro-Antium to the others and it's like trying to compare Justin Bieber to King Ronnie Coleman himself. Needless to say I'll definitely be paying for another tub in the very near future.

    Overall: 9.3/10
    I really truly had my doubts about the entire RCSS line as I had expected them to be another crappy company shrouded behind the face of a very famous bodybuilder. But it looks like I was delightfully wrong and Pro-Antium has made me a firm believer in the company. And of course I definitely would recommend this product to everybody.

    [Insert "Yeah Buddy!!" here]
    • Taste. Unreal
    • Great Taste
    • Good Recovery
    • Strength Gains
    • Mixes Great
    • Excellent Texture
    • A Little Pricey

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