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Also known as ISO100 and ISO 100 Hydrolyzed, this product is a whey protein isolate supplement from Dymatize.

ISO-100 is designed to promote muscle protein synthesis and to help users build muscle. Free from sugar and fat, the product contains under 116 kcal in water – and it’s said to provide the “right quantity” of protein for muscle growth “with as little surplus calories as possible”.

Each serving of ISO-100 contains 25g of protein and 5.6-5.8g of BCAAs. It is suitable for vegetarians and is certified free from banned substances by Informed-Sport. It was also named “Isolate Protein of The Year” fives times in row (2013-2017) by


5 reviews for ISO-100

  1. zbikowski88

    Dymatize continues to hit the mark…. ISO100 is no different.
    Protein is the main staple of my supplement stack as well as many others. I’m always on the lookout for a new protein powder to try, although this wasn’t a blend I had to give it a shot. Why give it a shot? The biggest reason is because of the brand…. Dymatize is one of the better supplement companies out there. I’ve been using Dymatize supplements for a while now and they haven’t let me down with quality & price.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    The ingredient profile is fairly simple…. it features:
    Per Serving 1 scoop (32G)
    120 Calories w/ 5 coming from Fat
    2g of Total Carbohydrates
    1g of Sugar
    25g of Whey Protein Isolate – purest form available w/ protein concentrations of 90% or higher. 1)

    Dymatize also goes over typical amino acid profiles w/ 25g total amino acids per serving
    2:1:1 BCAA Ratio 5.5g
    11.8g EAAs
    27% CEAAs to include 4.4g Glutamine
    26% Non-EAAs 6.5g


    Taste – For this review I received the Chocolate Coconut flavor which is one of many flavors available. The flavor was great, it had a strong chocolate flavor with a hint of coconut.

    Mixability- No issues in regards to mixability… Since this is an isolate it mixed up smoothly. During processing of Whey Protein Isolate there is a big removal of fat & lactose.

    Dosing- Really no wrong way to dose protein powder. For the most part I mixed a scoop of protein powder with 5 oz of water following my second workout. On non-training days I mixed up one scoop right upon waking up in the morning.

    It can be hard to judge the effectiveness of protein powders. I like to use two different points of emphasis to judge: Recovery & Digestibility. Dymatize hit the mark in both of those areas. There were no issues with digestion or bloating that can come with milk protein sources. With regular whey protein I usually have some bad bloating issues. Isolate is a good choice if you have digestibility issues with milk protein. I felt my recovery was improved following training sessions and even made some nice strides with PRs. Because of the taste this product also helps you fill your daily macro goals. Because of the taste you can have a shake or bake with it.

    The cheapest value I could find was on – They have 1.6lb Tubs for $25.49 (23 Servings) while 5lb tubs cost $60.99 (75 servings). For the 1.6lb tub your paying about $1.11 per serving which is a little high. However your pretty much always going to pay up for a isolate protein powder. I’d go with the bigger 5lb tub where a serving costs around .81 cents. That is a great deal in my opinion.

    —-Side Effects—-

    Dymatize continues to put out quality products especially with protein. This hit on all areas for me and because of this I’m looking to buy the bigger tubs and try new flavors. I definitely recommend trying out this product! Thanks again to Dymatize for participating in the SR TROOP Program.

  2. bzyczek

    Delicious Peanut butter flavor that had me enjoy every sip. Very smooth and easy to drink protein.
    First and foremost I would like to thank [b]Dymatize Nutrition[/b] for sending me out their product so I could try it and review it for you guys. I would also like to thank SR for providing me the opportunity and the tools so that I can share with you guys my experience.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Very simple profile … very top notch …

    120 Calories
    1 gram of Fat
    10mg of Cholesterol
    2 grams of Carbs
    Protein 25g

    So I received the Peanut Butter flavor and it was spot on. I think they just added the peanut butter powder to the protein powder so relatively this was an easy flavor to make. Still, I liked it a lot! I usually had one spoon with 6 oz of milk and it didn’t take long to finish.

    This is a very easy to drink protein supplement that will have you enjoy every sip. It really is not going to be very difficult to reach your macros with this product if you had a limitless budget. You only need to consume 6 oz of fluid to get 25 grams of protein so getting more is not that difficult. This also stays very easy on your stomach so having more after a hard workout won’t be that difficult.

    Usually the largest tub you going to get is going to save you the most money … so it would be logical to go with the 5lb tub. That’s going to cost you 1$ per serving or if you want to be very accurate it’s 0.042 cents per protein … This will cost you just a little less than the Nutrabio … but definitely more than our top contender.

    —-Side Effects—-

    It’s a good product that is top quality … it’s definitely in my top three … The taste was awesome. The quality was great I didn’t feel it on my stomach at all. I could have probably drink this right before a soccer game and I don’t think I would have felt it. Although, in the end … it’s all about price per value and I feel like our top contender has a leading edge …

  3. Xcmiler

    ISO-100 Was Effective for Performance and Recovery but the Taste Was Not That Great
    Dymatize has been around for a long time. Over the years, I have tried their products since they seem to go on sale quite a bit. Out of all the products, I have tried I never used one of their protein powders. So, when it came up to claim I wanted to try it. Here is the review.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    ISO-100 comes in a variety of bottle sizes and the one I received contains 23 servings. Each 32g serving contains 120 calories, 0.5g of fat, 2g of carbohydrates, and 25g of protein. That 25g of protein comes from hydrolyzed whey protein isolate and whey protein isolate. In terms of the sweeteners, you have sucralose and stevia. I was surprised by the stevia but I did not notice it in the taste. The label of the product mentions that it has a 2:1:1 ratio of BCAA at 5.5g and 4.4g of glutamine. In addition, the product is also informed choice, which is something that I like to see. The product is also gluten free and contains 0g of lactose. Overall, it is a good ingredient profile. However, I am curious whether that additional whey protein isolate is cold filtered or ion-exchanged.

    ISO-100 comes in over 10 different flavors with two naturally sweetened options. I received the fudge brownie flavor for review. The powder of this protein smells quite good, it smells like hot cocoa mix. I exclusively used this product with milk so take that into account as I describe the flavor. The smell of the mixed powder with milk has a chocolate milk type smell with a hint of something artificial. When you first drink it you are hit with a very sweet chocolate taste almost like milk chocolate candy. It is followed with a very slight artificial type taste. It is hard to describe but it kind of tastes like straight splenda (sucralose). I’ll be honest I have gotten that taste from a lot of different powders. It is very sweet, I did not really like the flavor as I personally prefer richer chocolate flavors that are less sweet. In terms of mixability, it mixed quite well with a blender ball even in milk. I was surprised because other powders I have tried have not always mixed as well as ISO-100. As far as dosing goes, I used this to fill my protein macros so the timing and scoop size varied by day.

    It is hard to rate the effectiveness of protein powders as they are a food source. Over the course of the bottle, I did not notice my performance decrease at all in terms of recovery or building muscle. Therefore, I believe this was an effective product in terms of muscle building and recovery. When I really look at effectiveness of a protein powder (other than quality), I look at the taste and how appealing it is to use. If you have a protein product that tastes bad regardless of the quality you probably aren’t going to want to use it. Or, you still will but dread drinking it. As far as ISO-100, I felt that the sweetness and that odd artificial taste made me less inclined to use this product. Now, it was not awful and I still went through the container but I never looked forward to drinking this product. There are numerous other flavors so maybe one of them would have appealed more to me. But, I will note that chocolate is always my go to flavor.

    The 1.6 pound tub I received retails for $29.99 making it about $1.25 per serving. Now, there are other sizes of tubs with the largest being 5 pounds. The serving price on that one is $0.99, which is good for a whey protein isolate. As far as value goes, I think taste comes into play here greatly. It might be worth a try to test out some flavors and if you like them get a larger tub since $0.25 will add up overtime. I do see some value in the informed choice certification. One concern I do have with the value is the other whey protein isolate on the label, is it ion-exchanged or cold filtered?

    —-Side Effects—-
    I had no side effects while taking this product.

    I honestly thought this product was just okay. I did not notice any dips in performance or recovery so I believe this was an effective product. However, I did not like the flavor, which I think impacts that effectiveness due to not really wanting to use it. In addition, I question what that other whey protein isolate is in the ingredient profile whether it is ion-exchanged or cold filtered. I do think based on price and performance this might be worth a try if you find the right flavor.


    EDIT: I am unsure why the run says 353 days but I claimed this back in May.

  4. Frankiemusc

    Dymatize, I Fell in Love with You All Over Again
    —-Quick Summary—-

    Dymatize Iso 100 is a hydrolyze why protein supplement. This is a higher grade form of whey protein. There is no whey concentrate in this particular Dymatize protein powder product. Dymatize has been around for a long time and they have rebranded their packaging within the last few years.


    Thank you to Dymatize and, for the opportunity to try Dymatize’s Iso 100 whey protein supplement. Whey protein supplements are a staple for me daily, I probably have been taking them daily for over 15+ years, maybe more. Ironically, Dymatize was my go to whey protein brand for at least 5 years. I have never tried a full container of the Iso 100, always stuck to their regular whey protein.

    Why I picked this product:

    I have never tried Iso 100 from Dymatize and have heard very positive things about it.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    I think certain flavors may vary slightly, below is the flavor I received- Chocolate Peanut Butter:

    Per 32 gram Serving (23 servings per tub)
    Calories 120
    Total Fat .5 grams
    Cholesterol 10mg
    Sodium 160mg
    Potassium 180mg
    Total Carbs 2g(includes 1 gram sugar)
    Protein 25 grams

    Protein consists of-Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate and Why Protein Isolate

    There’s a 2:1:1 ratio of BCAA’s (5.5 grams total) which is pretty standard, consisting of 2.7grams of leucine, which is directly involved in starting protein synthesis.

    Also, 4.4 grams of glutamine– potential benefits of muscle recovery

    Sucralose is the sweetner

    Pretty Straightforward


    Taste: Ahhhhh the taste, this is my favorite flavor to date !!! The Chocolate Peanut Butter was dead on and delicious. The flavor has a very light sweetness to it, and the chocolate peanut butter was flavorful, not an over powering taste you can get with some whey proteins.

    Mixability: I mixed the product in 6 ounces of water in a shaker or 6 ounces of low fat milk in a shaker. No issues with mixability, it blended into each liquid with ease. A couple shakes of the shaker and mixed.

    Dosing: I train fasted early in the morning, so 1 scoop immediately after my workout for training days. On non-training days I would take my 1 scoop during the workday.


    Very tough to gauge the effectiveness of a whey protein supplement. I want a whey protein that doesn’t cause me any digestibility issues. Which I experienced none of, with this product. Some whey proteins can cause GI discomfort or bloating. Whey protein supplementation is just that, a supplement to your whole food protein consumption. Often I feel whey protein aids in some aspect of recovery for me, which I somewhat felt with this product at times. Feeling less tired post workout.

    As of this review, All Star Health has this product for $25.49 for a 1.6lb tub. If my abacus is correct (one time it was wrong on, that’s about $1.10 per serving. Pretty good value for a higher end whey protein. Other sites have this going for $29.99 as of this review. So you can save $4.50 by going to AS Health.

    —-Side Effects—-

    No side effects (No GI issues)

    I love this protein, its one of my favorites to date, in addition to the chocolate peanut butter flavor, which I am craving right now because the empty tub is sitting next to me for this review. For years, I have been very frugal with my whey protein, always looking at the deals and just buying whats on sales, not what I truly enjoy. I think this product may have changed me.

  5. AgeIsANumber

    I could use this protein exclusively… if my wallet would agree!
    —-Quick Summary—-
    One of the best whey isolates I’ve tried. There are cost concerns, but that’s primarily based on the category of product.

    My local gym carries this product and, though I didn’t purchase from there, I did buy a large tub online and decide to give it a try. I’ll have to say I’m a bit envious of those SR users that were fortunate enough to receive this product as part of the review program.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    We can briefly go over what you’re getting… but the real benefit with a good whey isolate (to me) is what you’re NOT getting. I look for protein density in a serving size and you’re getting 25g of protein in a serving size of 30g (1 scoop). Of that 25g of protein, 4.4g of that is from glutamine. Is that good? I think it’s good that it isn’t too high. You’re going to get glutamine as part of a normal diet, so you wouldn’t want an excessive amount of glutamine in a protein supplement. Also in the serving is 2.7g of leucine. Again, too much leucine by itself or not in the recommended ratios could cause a problem and Dymatize has taken time to try to break this down as part of their labeling, so browse around and read in detail if it’s of great concern to you.

    The other thing worth noting is that a serving size is 110 calories. Too many sweeteners or other added ingredients can cause protein supplements to get your calorie counts out of whack if you’re on a specific training program. With this product, I think you’re getting a good amount of protein in a small(er) serving size without excessive calorie intake. Translation: this shouldn’t wreck your diet! 🙂

    Taste: I tried the ‘cookies and cream’ flavor and I’m fine with that. Some don’t like that flavor in general, but I consume quickly and immediately post-workout, so I’m not savoring like as if I’m at a wine-tasting. It tastes fine to me and, though it’s sweet enough not to be bland, I didn’t find it to be too sweet.

    Mixability: I was really impressed with its ease of mixing. The label says it’s made for easy mixing and they’re spot-on with that claim. The protein is powdery without being chalky if that makes any sense at all. The label says to mix it with 5-6oz of water/beverage and I indeed tried to mix with that amount of water. A few quick shakes and this stuff mixed instantly with zero clumping. It mixes about as easily as anything I’ve seen.

    Dosing: This has probably already been covered. I’m a single-scoop guy, though I’ll sometimes throw in maybe 1/3 of a second scoop. I’d say you have to know yourself and your workout habits, but you don’t want too much protein consumption in a small window… certainly not more than your body can absorb and use in a given time frame. Anything more is a waste (and you can decide if there’s a pun there or not).

    I suppose this can be a bit subjective with protein, but I feel well and feel like the product is helping. Train hard and eat right and protein should help you develop muscle mass. I feel like I train pretty hard for a person my age and, when supplementing with this protein, I’m maintaining muscle. That’s about all I can ask.

    As I search a couple of my favorite sites in late 2018, I see this in the $65-75 range for a 5lb tub of this product. It isn’t cheap… but is that because this product is overpriced or because you’re simply going to pay more for a whey isolate? Even though I may ding this product a bit on value, I’d have to honestly say that some of that is due my being a bit of a miser. Whey isolate protein isn’t cheap. You’re going to pay more for a protein that is engineered to mix well, contain higher quality and ratio of essential components, etc. You can probably find a lower-cost whey isolate, but it might also be a product of lower quality. This isn’t a bad value for what you’re getting.

    —-Side Effects—-
    None that I’ve noticed.

    I might cry about the price of it, but I’ll end up purchasing this again because it seems to be a high-quality product that tastes good and mixes with zero fuss. I’ve seen other positive reviews of ISO-100 on SR and I can say that it isn’t just talk. It’s definitely worth trying to see if this needs to be a part of your supplement regimen.

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