Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

Founded in 2011, Ronnie Coleman Signature Series is a supplement company that’s owned and run by the retired professional builder Ronnie Coleman. It is based in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Ronnie Coleman (the man) won the Mr Olympia title eight times in a row (tying the record set by Lee Haney).

Coleman says that the main difference between the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series and rival brands is that he and his business partner treat their customers “how we would want to be treated”. In other words, they use the products themselves – which they use a sign that they truly “make the most-effective products on the market”.

And because the founders believe they make the best products out there, they refuse to offer any kinds of discount – they believe these are supplements for people who are prepared to pay more to get the best.

According to the brand website, Coleman built “this company from the ground up through grass roots marketing efforts”, rather than simply relying on his worldwide fame.

What’s more, Coleman says that every product that must have his approval – he insists on testing each product and ensuring its quality before it hits the market. Furthermore, all Ronnie Coleman supplements are designed and prepared at “FDA-registered manufacturing facilities in the USA”. As a result, the company’s manufacturing process follows strict cGMP and NSF guidelines.

The Ronnie Coleman Signature Series product lines include pre-workouts, proteins and gainers, intra/post-workouts and fat burners. The brand’s best-known and perhaps best-selling supplement is the Yeah Buddy pre-workout – it boasts a “non-crash formula”, provides “extended release energy” and is named after the company founder’s famous catchphrase.

Other popular Ronnie Coleman products include Pump Shot (for muscle pumps), King Whey Protein Crunch Bar and Resurrect P.M. (“ultra-concentrated” sleep aid).

According to Owler, Ronnie Coleman Signature Series has an estimated annual revenue of $3.7 million.

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