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Ranks #3 of 44 (better than 95%) of all Retailers

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Rep: +1,059
Trust: 100%
  April 13, 2012

I was going through my reviews the other day, and I was surprised that I hadn't wrote one for Lockout Supplements yet, when I was the one that suggested them to be added to the list a year ago lol.

I've been using Lockout for almost 2 years now. It is the first website I go to check when I want a specific product. They don't have the biggest selection, but their prices are some of the best. Come to think of it, all my prohormones have been bought from Lockout. Greg runs the website very efficiently and they do a great job on the customer service side of things.

One time I had accidently switched my billing and shipping address, and the order went through. I realized the mistake went they sent the shipping confirmation the next day. I emailed them letting them know if they could do anything because I had made an error on the ordering form, and he resent the order the same day. The other package ended up at my old address where 4 months later I ended up getting it. I wasn't expecting and I emailed Greg to let him know and they didn't care at all and told me to keep it. So I got hooked up that time.

But in general, every experience I've had has been great, quick, and cheap. There is a reason they are one of the highest rated stores online!
Rep: +184
Trust: 100%
  September 4, 2012

Wow. What can I say, these guys are the best vendor for supps, period.

Service: 10/10 On business days, Greg will reply to emails usually within the hour. They're located in Texas, and I'm in Houston, so I get my stuff in one day, two absolute tops.

Selection 10/10 These guys have it all, phs, protein, pwo, lift straps, shakers, sleep aids, u name it! They stick new items very frequently, and on the website it even shows you how many of each product are available, so you don't have to worry about wondering if anythings about to sell out.

Prices: 10/10 There's always a five percent discount, lockout05 or review for forum members. Yesterday was labor day, and there was a ten percent sale going on all weekend! They also do a daily deal, which I've seen go upwards of 55 percent off sometimes. Can't beat the specials and discounts, especially considering the prices are already better than and other spots.

Overall: 10/10 This is the only place I buy my supps from at this point, there's never any slip ups on my orders, and even free samples with every order usually. Give these guys a shot, can't go wrong!
Rep: +2,072
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 67
  April 12, 2013

Hey everyone, this is my first review for a Retailer I have posted here; Lockout Supplements.

We all have our favorite sites to purchase our goodies; I normally buy from TF Supplements, Muscle Feast, and Lockout Supplements.

Lockout Supplements is the one I use the most, one since its located McKinney Texas and I live in Dallas; however, that is not the main reason I use them.

Service 10 – You place an order and within a minute, you have your order confirmed in your email. In addition, when you do receive your USPS tracking number when it ships, it will actually pull up for tracking purposes. In the past I have ordered from TF Supplements and when they send out their tracking information, half the time I can never pull it from the USPS website. One other thing to mention, if you ever send the owner Greg and email, he actually replies; it’s hard to have an owner to respond to you since they are involved in the daily operations of the business.

Selection 9 – They carry all of the major and up and coming supplements companies. What I do like, they show you a count on how many units they have in stock. How many times have we ordered something we need for a stack we are running and then you get that call “We are sold out or on back order".

Prices 9 – Lockout has very competitive pricing, and of course, they have 5% off for all SR members. It may not sound as much, but when you are spending over 100.00, any discount helps.

Shipping 9 – As I mentioned before, they are quick to provide you the order conformation; however, the one thing I do like is that, they merchandize is at arm length. Its’ the reason for the quick turn time in shipping, they do not have to go to outside distributors to get their products.

Overall 9 – Lockout Supplements I will continue to shop there, they carry what I need, fast service, great customer support, and easy website to navigate.
Rep: +1,341
Trust: 100%
  August 31, 2013

This is my very first retailer review on this site. So I figured it should be about my favorite online supplement retailer: Lockout Supplements. I only first became aware of Lockout’s very existence after several months of being on this site and seeing the owner Greg posting daily deals. So one day I decided to check out the site, compared prices to the other retailers I was using before, and made my first order within a half of hour of first visiting the website. Been ordering pretty much everything else I’ve needed from Lockout ever since.

Selection: 10/10
Lockout has a very broad range and selection of products from all sorts of major, smaller, and less commonly heard of companies. With most, if not all of the products they carry being mostly bodybuilding/weight lifting specific, as compared to other sites that tend to include more general wellness items in their inventory. There have been a few times where I was looking for one specific product from a company and Lockout did not have it at the time. However, the company is always expanding its inventory and seems to always be getting something new in. Including the latest and “greatest” products to just hit the market. Or the full product lineup that an new up and coming supplement company has to offer.

Prices: 9.75/10
Lockout simply has some of the best prices to offer to its customers. All of their prices are well below MSRP and are generally noticeably cheaper, if not price matched to one of their many competitors who are offering low prices on a specific product. They do not tend to generally offer BOGO deals that some of the bigger and more expensive sites do, but this is because their price point may be still cheaper than the deal the other competitor may be offering at that time. Another great thing is that the company and Greg are always promoting and offering great discount coupons for various holidays and other blowouts that happen throughout the year. They also use USPS priority flat-rate mail as their preferred shipping method, which is another plus in my book.

Service: 10/10
Besides their prices, Lockout’s customer service is what keeps me coming back to them time and time again. As I previously mentioned, Lockout is always offering various discount codes and offers to new and returning customers. They are great about notifying me via email about new products and updates that I have requested about products I have purchased from them before. They are also huge on remaining loyal to their customers. A prime example of this is just this last Thursday; I made a new order from Lockout, my first in just over three months. And the following day they sent me an email along with my shipping conformation one, stating that they’ve noticed I haven’t ordered from them for over three months are offered me a personal 10% off discount code for my next order. No other company that I’ve dealt with before has ever done that.

Overall: 10/10
Overall I believe Lockout Supplements is a fantastic company and they offer a breath of fresh air to their customers. Especially to those that have been struggling with the problems in the economy these past couple of years. Their actions speak louder than my words so if you don’t believe me, give them a try next time you’re in need of something. I highly recommend them.
Rep: +21
Trust: 0%
  January 8, 2013

I am writing not because of Lockout's prices (which are amazing), not because of their selection (unmatched), but because of their SERVICE (are you other online retailers paying attention???).

I recently ordered from Lockout and due to the incompetence of a substitute UPS driver, my package was left outside, in an exposed area, for an inordinate amount of time (rather than being held since nobody was home to sign for it), and stolen.

I called UPS, who could not help me because I had not yet taken possession of the package. They informed me that Lockout would have to file the claim.

Upon contacting Lockout, they immediately e-mailed me back and told me they would take care of the process. UPS said they needed 14 days to perform their "inquiry", after which I inquired as to the status of the process. Lockout had still been told nothing.

Another week passed, with no word from UPS and do you know what Lockout did?

They replaced my entire order.

To this day, I don't know if UPS ever reimbursed them for this (if my experience with UPS Customer Service is any indicator, the answer is "no"), but they did what they thought was right.

In me, Lockout has a customer and a very happy source of free advertisement, for life!

Rep: +3,547
Trust: 100%
  December 17, 2011

I placed an order for a couple harder to find items including Eviscerate. The next cheapest place I have found to buy it that I've found was amazon for 10 dollars more. I had been searching online for a good source for eviscerate, but couldn't find it for less than 40 bucks a bottle, which to me is a complete ripoff! I finally found that and a couple of other items I needed at a great price and couldn't be happier with my experience.

Service (10/10): I placed the order through my phone (that's how easy it was) at about 1500 hours on Wednesday. I got an email saying my order had been shipped a couple hours later! Not only that, but for the 5 dollar flat rate USPS shipping, it arrived at my house Saturday morning, so I received my order from Texas to Pennsylvania in less than 72 hours. Cant beat that at all!

Selection (9.5/10): Lockout supplements comes up just short of a one stop shop. There are a couple particular products that are getting harder to find as it is that lockout doesn't carry such as Suppress-C by CEL (which has been discontinued I assume), but even though you cant get that specific product, they carry the same type of product that you need. If you are extremely picky this is a 9/10 but if you are a little flexible you can get everything you need for general sports supplementation and even prohormone cycles.

Price (9/10): Lockout has very competitive pricing, they don't try to gouge you like GNC or does sometimes, but they are trying to make a profit I'm sure. I would say the only companies I buy from that can touch their prices are orbitnutrition and nutritionarsenal, in which case it comes down to what you want, and if they carry it, in which case lockout wins a lot of the time because I feel like their selection is a little more comprehensive.

Overall (10/10): I think this is one of the top privately owed supplement websites there is. The owner is an active member of this forum and it makes you more comfortable to think that you are buying stuff from someone that is reaching to you from the same level so to speak. They always have great deals on combo packs because they KNOW it usually takes a couple bottles to make an effective cycle and they aren't trying to rob you blind. They also have a long running 5% off coupon code "review", which if your order is over 100 dollars (mine always are) is like getting free shipping.

Support this small business, the longer it is around the better!
Rep: +5,359
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 53
  June 17, 2015

For the past 4 years I have ordered 90% of my supplements from AllStarHealth (SR’s current #2 supply house) and what I can’t get from them I’ll pick up at a local supply house. However since AllStarHealth was missing several items from my most recent shopping list, I decided to give Lockout (SR’s currently #1 supply house) a shot.

My shopping list consisted of 9 different items.
Lockout had 6 of the items in stock plus 1 more listed that was currently sold out.
AllStarHealth had 5 of the 9 and all items were in stock.

In all fairness I should state that 2 of the missing supplements from both supply houses are items that can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer directly.

One thing I really liked about Lockout was that when an item is sold out, you can easily select an option to be emailed when that item does show up for purchase.

------Layout and Ease of Ordering------
Top notch!!
It was very easy to sign up for an account. Standard email verification system was quick. The website design was very easy to navigate and finding your desired items was as simple as typing the name in the search box at the top.

The home page has several appealing categories. A few I really liked was the deal of the day, featured products and specials for the current month.

Though nothing special, the checkout cart was also a breeze. Pretty much what everyone has grown to expect here. Name, shipping address, and credit card number. Email confirmation is almost immediate.

To compare with AllStarHealth on the 5 items they both had in stock at the time of my purchase:

Modern BCAA+___21.89______23.95 (+2.06)
100% Casein_____53.59______52.99 (-0.60)
Amino Energy____31.99______34.95 (+2.96)
Noxygen________15.89______14.95 (-0.94)
Alphamine______29.99_______28.95 (-1.04)
Shipping_________5.95_______10.95 (+5.00)

Total__________159.30______157.35 (-1.95)

This is unfortunately where Lockout fell on its face. AllStarHealth has a flat $5.95 shipping fee no matter how much you order and that order has been on my door step in under 24 hours and never more than 48 hours later. Honestly, that can’t be beat unless my local supply house made curb side deliveries.

Now I understand that UPS shipping from Texas (Lockout) to Las Vegas is going to take longer than if coming from California (AllStarHealth). However Lockout starts its shipping charges at $8.95 and goes up from there depending on your package size and weight. My 10.5 pound, 6 item order cost $10.95 and took 8 days to get to me. Horrible!!!

Now I know that I said above that Lockout had 7 of my 9 items listed with 6 of them in stock. This wasn’t exactly true. Remember how I said you could be email notified when an out of stock item arrived for purchase? Well of those 7 listed items, only 3 were in stock for my original purchase order. Afterwards I checked my email for order confirmation and noticed that all but one of the “out of stock” items were now suddenly “in stock”. I immediately went back to the Lockout website to get their customer service phone number so I could change my order. I was a little put off by having to leave a message, but I was promptly called back. It was explained to me that Lockout had received a shipment the night before and those items had not been entered into their system at the time of my original order. I was then given a couple of options to fix the situation. I chose to just have the original order cancelled and then did a complete reorder.

I’m not sure if this inconvenience prompted Lockout to be more generous than usual, but with my order I also received an extra shaker cup and 14 samples, 12 of which were PWOs. Certainly much appreciated!

Obviously my first go with Lockout was a little less than stellar and since I’ve never had an issue in 4 years with AllStarHealth, I am judging Lockout pretty strictly. Honestly though, as SR’s #1 listed supply house I think it is my duty to judge it harshly against SR’s #2.

Lockout’s website is top notch and I do prefer it over AllStarHealth in regards to its search function and product selection. I’m pretty sure AllStarHealth has more supplements to choose from, but so many of them are not necessarily geared towards the common SR musclehead such as myself. So for that I also give points to Lockout.

I think that it’s great to receive a preferential discount from anywhere, but this is especially true when it’s for just being an SR member. Unfortunately I was disappointed that it was only 5% as I was hoping that it would at least cover my above average shipping charges. So while my order was just shy of $200, my discount worked out to just over $9. Sadly after it was all said and done, I saved a whopping $2, but it took 6 extra days to receive my order.

Lockout’s service and email communication was great, but was heavily shadowed by its delays in website updates, phone callback and awful delivery time. Perhaps in your area of the country an order can be received much quicker from Lockout, but I would certainly take that into consideration when placing your order. I know I will…
Rep: +22
Trust: 12%
  August 22, 2011

Ordered here a few times, an extremely satisfied customer!

Shipping roughly takes 3-4 days, you get a tracking number an it's only 5.99 depending the weight. Faster than most competitors i've ordered from.

Prices are very low! I've never seen items priced so low on a daily basis, plus they often have SALES an Give out discount codes frequently. Usually i don't order popular products being they are so expensive but lockout has them all at a very low price compared to others. ( example: powerful agv price: $40+, lockout $29.95 )

Service, is great, i emailed support once an greg the owner responded directly an assisted fixing my mistake. I like the fact that he is very much involved with his costumers.

Only thing i don't like an it's not really a complaint is the variety, i like to order different vitamins an fish oils an stuff, that aren't sold on the site but the site does contain all main essentials.

Would i recommend this site to a friend?
YES, definitely, i encourage anyone to order from lockout to see for yourself an not just take my word for it.

Rep: +223
Trust: 100%
  March 12, 2012

I have used Greg before, and just did recently, so I thought it would be appropriate to do a review.

Prices: 9.5/10
Not sure you can find prices better anywhere else. Also, you are always elgible for a 5% discount code. Just look around the forums and in Greg's signature. They are always running deals, and the majority of the time you will not find a better price.

Service: 9.5/10
The only reason this is not a 10 is because the shipping takes a little longer than most places. Not bad at all, but just slightly longer. That's probably because their only warehouse is based out of Texas. Still, top notch service, and literally like a half hour after I ordered my order was shipped.

Selection: 8.5/10
This is probably the only weakness these guys have due to the fact that they do not always have everything I am looking for. Their website search query does not work very well, and it can be difficult to find products sometimes. However, they have still have a good selection, just not as much as some other competitors.

Overall: 9.25/10
One of my go to sources. I have about 4-5 top supplement sources I stick to, and this is one of them. I would definitely recommend Lockout supplements. They also offer a daily deal which is a bonus as well.
Rep: +1,082
Trust: 100%
  June 23, 2015

It's been a minute... Injury, life, a baby, a busy work schedule, various forms of recreation (mainly mountain biking) have taken me away from the glorious halls of my local gym. But I did return. When I grabbed my bottle of Fully Loaded out of the pantry and realized I had about 1 scoop of if left, I hopped on the pc and placed a restock order. And of course I used Lockout.

They stock every relevant brand or product. Back before the ban, Lockout was literally hands down the best place to order PH's from. And even though they can no longer sell them, I still shop here for all of my other supplements. They have the best selection of Purus Labs (my personal favorite), and many other great brands.

----Layout and Ease of Ordering----
If I had to knock anything about them, I would say that the website does seem a bit dated when compared to other sites such as But it's only lacking that "pizzaz" that some of the others have. The actual functionality of the website is fine, as well the ordering process. I would like to see a more mobile friendly option, as well as an option for saving credit card info for future purchases.

Their pricing is always cheaper or as cheap as any of the other guys. Nothing really to say here besides that. And they run specials around the holidays (as do most other websites) that you can get 5% or 10% off of your order.

Granted, I do live in Oklahoma and they're in Texas. But I would still recommend them to anyone in lower 48. Shipping is always fast. Usually 2 days for me.. I've heard complaints about shipping prices, but have you actually tried to mail a package lately?! Whether its USPS or UPS or whatever, shipping fees are insane. So when I factor in the low pricing on the supplements, the shipping costs are completely reasonable. I've ordered with some retailers that have a flat rate which is nice admittedly, but if you pay more for the product what difference does it make? It ends up costing the same or in most cases, more.

Order before 4PM CT and your order generally goes out that day. Can't beat that! Free samples are always in the box too.

There's a lot of retailers to choose from. I've tried seriously more than I can think of, but I always end up coming back to Lockout. I think there's a balance of pricing and service that are unrivaled in this business that they offer. I've found that it's the best option for me personally. I get what products I want at a good price, and I get them to my door quickly. I hope to someday visit their facility in McKinney, as they have a freaking awesome gym there as well as a showroom where you can buy the supplements in the store. If you haven't ordered from these guys, what are you waiting for? Try it.

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