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Genius Estrogen Balance is an estrogen blocker manufactured by The Genius Brand. It was created to help both men and women reduce the symptoms of hormone imbalances.

The product features three ingredients: DIM (3,3’‑Diindolylmethane), grape seed extract and black pepper (as BioPerine).

According to, DIM could “positively shift estrogen balance” and help reduce spots and other skin blemishes. Combined with grape seed extract, DIM is also said to offset exposure to “environmental toxins” which could reduce estrogen levels.

Genius Estrogen Balance uses an all-natural formula that does not need to be cycled.


3 reviews for Genius Estrogen Balance

  1. JayT

    Didn’t notice much of anything
    —-Quick Summary—-
    Under-dosed product in my opinion; had to eventually increase the dosage and still did not notice much from this product.

    The Genius Brand has been a company that I have been a fan of for a few months now since I have seen some pretty good results with a few of their other products. I like how they list their dosages, third party tested, and use clean ingredients.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Pretty simple ingredient profile here. 150 mg of 3,3′ diindolylmethane which is an aromatase inhibitor and estrogen blocker, 150 mg of grape seed extract, and 5 mg of bioperine to help with absorption. The reading that I have done on grape seed extract shows that it is an antioxidant and can help with estrogen control and testosterone boosting. The capsules are vegetable derived, so that is a plus for me.

    The label is kind of confusing to me. The suggested use is to take one capsule with an 8 ounce glass of water 20 minutes before meals. It does not specify how many capsules you are supposed to take in a day, though. I asked the rep how many capsules I should take, and he/she responded that this product is one capsule per day. I think they should include that on their label.

    Unfortunately, this was a miss for me. I did not really notice any leaning out with this product even after doubling the dosage. I did not notice an increase in vascularity or muscle hardening that is common with estrogen blockers. I did not receive any joint pain, which can be a plus, but it is also usually a symptom of a good estrogen blocker. I am pretty disappointed that this did not work since I have seen good results with some of their other products, but maybe a few more ingredients or higher dosages will benefit this. I cannot really write much else here since I did not see much effectiveness from Genius Estrogen Balance.

    The price is not awful at about $25 for 30 capsules, but I had to increase the dosage. So now that affected the value. If you could get away with one capsule a day, I think it may be an okay price, but if you are looking to double the dosage, the value is not really great. Each capsule is worth $0.83, so really the value all depends on how much you need to take.

    —-Side Effects—-

    Really was not impressed with this product. For whatever reason, I did not get much of anything out of it. Disappointing because I do really like this company. Maybe it would have been better if I stacked it with their Genius Test like it mentions on their suggested use, but then that is more money being shelled out. Thank you to the Genius Brand for giving me the chance to try it, but I am sorry I cannot write a better review for this.

  2. Vaughn

    Doesn’t take a genius to make this simple, cheap, and effective product
    —-Quick Summary—-

    A simple and effective estrogen control product.


    Hey SR, back at it again to review the estrogen blocker Genius Estrogen Balance by the Genius Brand. Being almost 37 years old and hitting a lot of my natural plateaus especially in terms of body composition I always look to a good test booster/anti estrogen product to make a little of headway. Because of the more athletic, cutting, recomp cycle I’ve been doing I look for to the anti estrogen products as they help with leaning and definition in my opinion. I have had a lot of success with DIM in the past so I was happy to give this a try.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    Fully transparent and very simple profile. We have 150 mg of DIM, 150 mg of Grape Seed extract, and 5 mg of Bioperine for absorption. DIM is a pretty well known estrogen blocker, and grape seed extract a well known antioxidant. Genius says the combo of these two ingredients helps block estrogen, control cortisol, treat acne, etc. Overall, I really like the simple, pure approach as it gives you a chance to really evaluate an ingredient and/or dosages.


    No taste or mixability, one easy to swallow pill per day before a meal. I always took before dinner. About as simple and easy as you can get.


    So natty test boosters/anti estrogens aren’t going to be game changers, you really should look to them to help boost through a plateau and/or help a little with body comp. For me, this excelled at both. I felt a boost at the gym with this after the first week of taking and several of my lifts increased. I also became much more defined, especially in the shoulders and pecs. My waist slimmed some as my pants felt looser, but my weight stayed about the same. I felt a slight increase in libido as well while taking this which was nice, but did not notice anything with acne/skin but I don’t usually have a concern in that area. Overall, I thought this was a great product that helped in me in a lot of ways.


    Another strong point of this product is that it’s pretty cheap at $19 for a 30 day supply. Most test boosters cost a lot more than this, so if this turns out to be as effective for you as it was for me than it’s a great bargain.

    —-Side Effects—-



    I think this is a very simple, cheap, and effective anti estrogen product you should try if you need to break a plateau.

  3. htevans

    Estrogen Balance May Just Wind Up Causing Your Wallet to be Imbalanced.
    —-Quick Summary—-
    Estrogen Balance may help with balancing out your bad and good estrogen ratio but you probably won’t notice it.

    I picked up Estrogen Balance in an effort to naturally lower my estrogen and find an alternative to arimistane.

    —-Ingredient Profile—- 8/10
    1 capsule provides 5mg BioPerine, 150mg DIM, and 150mg Grape Seed Extract. DIM is a natural “anti-” estrogen that helps convert “bad” estrogens in the body to “good” estrogens. However, DIM can also block mTOR and androgens. The former may be helpful if you have something like cancer but not so much for muscle building purposes. Grape Seed Extract is purported to be a natural anti-estrogen/aromatase inhibitor but a further look into the science dispels much of this science. It appears GSE contains procyanidins that express AI behavior in the lab but from my understanding and reading of the science, it doesn’t translate well in vivo. BioPerine is a well known nutrient absorber, although the science behind it used 10mg.

    All said, these ingredients are not bad for a natural AI/E-blocker. These seem to be the staples in this department, despite the lack of scientific backing. But hey, that’s supplementation as a whole for you sometimes. However, if you were going to give this a shot, it would be best at double the dose for BioPerine and GSE and anywhere from 50-100mg more DIM. As of now, you have the best ingredients (albeit of questionable effectiveness) at mediocre doses. I’d prefer higher doses if I’m putting stock in these ingredients for my AI/E-blocking goals. I should also note that some newer natural ingredients Chrysin and Acacetin are becoming popular and may be worth including/substituting in but I admittedly don’t know much about them.

    —-Taste/Mixability/Dosing—- 10/10
    There’s no taste/mixability with this supplement as this is a capsule based product so I will substitute after-taste and ease of taking. The capsules had no aftertaste and were extremely easy to swallow/take as they were relatively small. I dosed this at 1 capsule in the morning for 3 weeks and 2 capsules in the morning for a week to see if I noticed any difference.

    —-Effectiveness—- 6.5/10
    This is a hard section to rate. I noticed no consciously discernible effects. Ever. So why 6.5 and not 0? First off, I buy into the science behind DIM promoting the conversion of bad estrogen to good estrogen. BUT I also tend to believe that at the higher doses where this may become most noticeable there is a good chance you’ll also be blocking vital mTOR and androgen pathways necessary for building muscle (all of our goals – right?). I don’t buy into the GSE science much though and I never noticed any typical AI effects like I did with arimistane. No sore/poppy joints. No dryness. No strength increase. Nothing. So perhaps I’m too nice here on the effectiveness rating, but I feel that even if I can’t tell the difference there is something going on microscopically (ie estrogen form conversion) that should be rewarded in some way. I guess the best I can say is that gave me some peace of mind.

    This will not provide results similar to tried and true AIs/E-blockers/SERM like Virtus, Arimistane, or any pharmaceutical grade drug like Letro, Nolva, Clomid, etc. Maybe you’re not looking for the latter but I think most of us are looking for the former (competitors to Virtus, Arimistane, etc) so keep this in mind.

    —-Value—- 6.5/10
    I found this for $18.99 on Amazon for a 30 capsule/30 serving container which is $0.64/serving/day/capsule. At first, that doesn’t appear too bad, but a closer look reveals competitors with better effectiveness reported from users/reviewers on here for similar price. For example, look at VMI Sports’ Arima-XD – it has an average rating of 8.0 for $25.99-29.99/60 capsules/30 servings. Similarly, Virtus commonly goes for about $35 for a 30ml (30-60 serving) container (with a coupon – 40% off which is typical for their holiday sales) and it is 2.2x less strong than Letrozole. Simply put, your money may be better spent in other areas and on other products.

    —-Side Effects—- 10/10
    I experienced no side effects while taking Estrogen Balance.

    —-Conclusion—- 6.5/10
    I got to a 6.5/10 by averaging the Value, Effectiveness, and Ingredient Profile sections which gave me 7/10. I then deducted 0.5 to account for the serious lack of discernible effectiveness. I feel that is fair because at the end of the day effectiveness matters most. If something works amazingly well then people will find a way to pay whatever premium for it. Unfortunately, this was not one of those products. In short, I’d recommend looking elsewhere for you AI/E-blocker goals.

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