The Genius Brand

Launched in September 2015, The Genius Brand says it’s on a mission to “change the supplement industry”. Its headquarters are in Auburn, Washington in the United States.

The brand’s LinkedIn profile describes the company as a “rapidly growing human optimization company” dedicated to “maximizing human potential”.

How does it aim to help its customers reach their goals? The Genius Brand says it uses all-natural raw ingredients and clinical dosages to create “scientifically-proven”, high-quality, “innovative, industry-leading wellness supplements”.

According to the Genius Brand website, the company ignores what it calls a trend in which “everyone copies everyone” in favor of doing “the right thing”. It claims to achieve this with supplements that are driven by science. Why does it do this? Well, the people behind the brand say they are committed to “helping people”, “bettering human life” and “improving athletic performance”.

So what does the website say goes into every one of The Genius Brand’s products? As part of “The Genius Promise”, customers can expect “clinically dosed supplements” that are free from proprietary blends, artificial sweeteners, artificial dyes, artificial flavors, banned substances and needless fillers which have no practical use in any formula. To help maintain quality, all of The Genius Brand’s products are made in an FDA-inspected facility.

Products in The Genius Brand’s range include GENIUS BCAA (amino acids), GENIUS BEAUTY (for “glowing skin and hair growth”), GENIUS CAFFEINE (caffeine + L-theanine), GENIUS DIET PILLS and more. Meanwhile, GENIUS BURN is a curious multi-purpose cognitive enhancer, fat burner, appetite suppressant and stress reliever.

The Genius Brand also offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. So if any customer is not satisfied with their purchase(s) within 30 days, they can return it for a full refund.

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