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Abnormal is a prohormone product made by Blackstone Labs. It is designed to increase testosterone and promote muscle growth.

The product contains three variations of 19-NorDHEA. It is said to be derived from nandrolone and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone).

According to Blackstone Labs, Abnormal delivers its ingredients “at a 95% rate of bioavailability” to reduce waste. The brand also states that the product is “non-methylated” to prevent harm to the liver.

Other ingredients include microcrystalline cellulose, phosphatidylcholine, stearic acid and magnesium stearate.

There are 60 capsules (60 servings) in each bottle of Blackstone Labs Abnormal.


2 reviews for Abnormal

  1. Vaughn

    Unfortunately, I felt pretty normal through most of this bottle..

    Here today to review the pro hormone/growth enhancer Abnormal by Blackstone labs. I am 35 years old, have been regularly training for over 15 years but have always been hesitant on pro hormones. I have had thyroid cancer 3 times, at the ages of 10, 12, and 17. Because of these endocrine system issues I have never really thought of trying PHs. However as I have gotten older, done more research etc. I thought this might be worth my while on trying. This being more on the mild side of the PH spectrum and it being advertised as being best for Lean gains and fat loss I thought this might be a good opportunity when it came up, but I ended up being a little disappointed. Here’s how it worked for me.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    I do t claim to be an expert with these compounds at all, but I will give props to Blackstone who has provided a ton of research and explanation on their website. Honestly this is why I pulled the trigger on this supplement as after watching/reading I felt I understood enough to make an informed decision. I definitely recommend reading their information if you’re interested in their products. Basically this is a 50 mg blend of DHEA, which ends up converting to Nandrolone. Since DHEA has a pretty bad conversion rate, Blackstone touts a liposmal delivery system to enhance the effectiveness, which they also have a ton of research and explanation on their website. Overall, I will give the ingredient profile a good score because of the explanation of their ingredients as well as their effort to improve effectiveness through new techniques.


    Good scores here as well as this was very easy to take. Two days a day, one in the morning and one in the evening with food. Just about as simple as you can get. These are small circle purple tabs that have no taste to them and are very easy to swallow. A protocol most of us will have no problem with.


    So I was really hoping for a pretty big boost compared to my natural growth enhancers, but honestly I just didn’t feel it. There was a slight boost near the end of the bottle where I noticed some increased muscle fullness and leaning as well as some libido, but that’s about it. In fairness, I did not run an 8 week cycle with two bottles and maybe this is better on a bulking cycle, but I just didn’t get much out of it. I was looking for all the tell tale signs of a testosterone boost with some acne, strength, aggression, etc. and I just didn’t feel it. I took this with some on cycle support from VMI and I took Testogen by RCSS as a natty test booster PCT after and I felt an improvement much more after taking a week of that than when I was taking the abnormal. I broke out a little bit and had a big libido surge while taking Testogen. Maybe this was a little bounce back from the Abnormal as well, I’m not sure, but with the price, risk, etc. I just don’t see enough to justify buying this again.


    As I just mentioned, this is very expensive. Lowest I saw is $54 from eBay for a month supply. Black stone does have a 20% of for troopers from their website which makes this $68. If you have to buy two bottles of this for noticeable results that’s very expensive, as well as riskier on your system.

    —-Side Effects—-

    Slight libido at the end of the bottle, but was void of most side effects both positive and negative. I did take VMI cycle support and Testogen by RCSS afterwards.


    I was just hoping for more. I know this is a very mild prohormone and you can’t expect life changing results from any supplement, but I have had better results from natty test boosters that are cheaper and safer.

  2. pancow

    Decent PH but I was hoping for a little more…
    Hello again SR! First I would like to thank Blackstone Labs for sending this out to review, and the SR TROOPS program for making the connection possible. I’ve been gone for a bit due to not having access to a computer for an extended period I wasn’t ready for, and can’t write reviews from phone. Abnormal was a decent PH to try, but 19-Nor based supplements just don’t seem to work the greatest for me. Slight changes noticed, but nothing omazing (yes I intended to spell that wrong).

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    Ingredient profile is relatively simple, and in this type of supplement it’s actually better. You have basically 3 19-nor variations that are supposed to allow your body the better chances of absorbing this type of prohormone and the tablets are supposed to be time released as well. Reason being so the tablets make it to your digestive track in order to work. Other than this nothing else added in worth noting.


    Bitter and powdery tablets probably due to one of them being crushed since I ended with 59 tablets and crumbs of another lol no mixing to report and dosing for me was 2 tablets before bedtime.


    Effectiveness is where it got me because I had hoped for it to work better. This is a great brand with effective products, but this one was just mild for me. Reason why I still recommend this is because 19-nor is a more beginners PH and I did experience some slight changes knowing it kicked in.

    First off was the strength gains. I was doing 20lbs. increases to single rep PR’s or anything, but I had the strength to put up more weight during 8-12 rep sets which is always the best part. Don’t expect a PH to do everything for you. Gotta be able to move that weight if you want to see gains. Muscle endurance was also noticeable as I was able to workout for a little of 2 hours without any worries. I did use pre workout too so I’m sure that mixed into the process as well.

    Appetite wise I didn’t feel like I wanted to eat like other andro based supps, which was kinda disappointing. So in the end a decent PH with mild effects, but fell short to my expectations even though this supp isn’t a “wet” PH. Libido was definitely higher and I was bugging wife even more while running this haha


    For the effects I got the $64.99 price tag i’m finding for most bottles of this just is kinda high. I know it’s in the fancier category of supplements, but for 19-nor I just think these should be a lower price than other andro variations. $64.99 makes it a little over $2.16 per serving, which should be lower for this product in my opinion and all 19-nor since effects are usually mild across the board by users.

    —-Side Effects—-

    Mild body pimples


    Abnormal from Blackstone Labs is a decent PH to consider, but probably more better off for those first trying a prohormone for the first time. A safer version to consider as well if you’re worried about any negative side effects for the body. Maybe 2 months of this stacked would work even better like a test booster and has me curious, but in the end this is what I have to report for you. Thanks again Blackstone Labs!

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