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GI Juice is a greens supplement made by Redcon1. It is designed to help you meet your recommended servings of fruit and vegetables without adding too much sugar to your diet.

The products provides eight servings of “fruits and greens”, as well as digestive enzymes. Fruits include blueberry, pineapple and broccoli in powder form, while digestive enzymes include amylase, pepsin and lipase.

The CEO of the Redcon1 says GI Juice is rich in micronutrients, which help the body better process the macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates and proteins) in the diet.

The brand website also states that the “high-alkaline plant-based ingredients” help fight free radicals, while the low sugar content “improves digestion”.


5 reviews for GI Juice

  1. workoutguru

    If your looking for that healthy dose of reds and greens than GI Juice is what you need.
    —-Quick Summary—-
    I think a reds and greens product is something a lot of people over look and find they are and can be very helpful. I have used a few products like this and find it to be very beneficial. I don’t consume my fruits and veggies like I should be and this is great to have at helping me to get them.

    First off I want to thank RedCon1 for letting us troopers have the chance to give this product a try. This is their new fruits and veggie drink. I am not one to consume my fruits and veggies like I should and by having a product like this can be really helpful for me at times. When I heard they were coming out with this I knew this was something I had to try. This product really surprised me a lot and turned out to be a much better product than I thought it would be.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    This has a highly concentrated dose of 13 fruits and veggies. Each scoop contains a concentrated 11.25g dose of micronized fruits and vegetables, including several antioxidants for maximum immune health. GI Juice also contains a complete profile of digestive enzymes and probiotics for optimal digestive support. I posted the ingredient profile below so you can see what all they list in the 11.25g.

    They have an enzyme complex that contains betaine HCL at 250 mg, amylase at 100 mg, protease at 100 mg, pepsin at 50 mg, papain at 50 mg , pancreatin at 50 mg, ox bile at 30 mg, lipase at 25 mg, bromelain at 10 mg, cellulase – 10 mg

    Also in each serving you are getting 5g of sugar, 28 calories, 2g of fiber, an 7g of carbs.

    This comes in one flavor pineapple banana. A lot of green products usually taste pretty bad and makes it hard to want to drink. I think they did a really good job at masking the taste of all the fruits and veggies. This was something I looked forward to drinking each time. I thought this was real refreshing on taste and did not have to slam it because the taste was so bad. You should have no problem at all wanting to drink this.

    Mixing was not to bad. You may get just a little bit of grit on the bottom of your shaker cup if you let it poo to long or don’t shake it up enough. I would do one scoop in the mornings.

    Like most bodybuilders reds and greens are something we don’t always consume enough of and I am one of these. I do enjoy eating them but it seems to be a lot harder to do. We tend to consume a lot more proteins rather than reds and greens. Having a product like this to help you get your reds and greens is great to have. I don’t always use products like this but once in awhile I will use them.

    I would normally take this in the mornings. I figured mornings would be the best time to use this because of what’s all in this and to help get me going more. I really like that this has enzymes in it to help with digestion and any gut issues you may have. I know after I was on this for awhile I started to feel a lot better and seemed to be more healthy like. I noticed at work in the mornings I started to feel a little better and this seem to help give me a little more of that natural energy boost. Also my immune system seem to be better (thanks to the antioxidants they put in here) because I had no unwanted colds or feeling weak or sick like. I did notice that in the mornings I seemed to have a lot better bowel movements and it seemed like I would release a lot more than I normally would and it helped make me feel a lot better afterwards. It also seemed to help make that process go a lot smoother.

    I would say if your something that maybe has some issues with your plumbing or any kind of gut issues this will work really well at helping you be more cleaned out and feel better overall. I know when I was taking this any kind of gut issues I may have were very much improved and noticed minimal bloating. Also I noticed that while I was taking this my hair and nails seemed to grow a lot quicker. I think by getting more of these nutrient in me caused my hair and nails to growth a lot quicker. Also my skin seem to be more cleaner without as much acne because I feel this will help balance out your PH levels a lot more.

    One thing that I did notice that really seemed to stand out a lot for me was that I noticed a lot more of the fruits part than the veggies. Even in the taste of this you seem to notice more of that fruit taste. Since I have been off this I can tell that I don’t feel the same as I did when I was using this. It just seems like I am missing something right now and don’t have that good sense of feeling healthier or that energy boost I was getting before. That right there really tells me that this was working for me since I can tell a big difference from not being on it now.

    I was able to find this on for $34.99. This price is not horrible but could be a little expensive for some people. I would not care to spend much more than this price for a reds and green product.

    —-Side Effects—-
    Nothing I noticed.

    Overall I was very pleased with this product and how it helped me. It you have plumbing or gut issues this will really help you a lot with that. Since being on this and the way I had been feeling is not nearly as good as it was when I was using this. That only tells me it is a much better product than I thought it would be. Also being able to get those reds and greens in you from this is a big plus since they are not always that easy to eat or want to eat. One big plus is that they did a great job on masking the taste of this and making this much more enjoyable than a lot of other products like this. Also price wise this is priced fairly decent I think and would highly recommend giving this a try if you can. I do think this is one of the better reds and greens product I have used and have tried a few different ones. And yes I would be more than happy to give this another try at some point. Again I want to give RedCon1 for making this product and letting me have the chance to give it a try.

  2. bctuthill

    Ox Bile has never tasted so good!
    —-Quick Summary—-
    GI Juice isn’t an all in replacement to veggies and fruits, and won’t provide you with the same amount of fiber or vitamins and minerals, but it can help you realize some of the benefits! You’ll also benefit from easier digestion of the other foods you eat thanks to the added digestive enzymes. If that’s not enough, it’s also very tasty. If you can get past the premium price, try this now.

    First off, thank you to Redcon1. This was the third product of theirs I’ve tried (2nd through the TROOPs), and all three have been a huge success. GI Juice was no exception. I’m always a bit of a skeptic when it comes to greens powders, and I’ve yet to see one that is really an apples to apples comparison of eating real food (what a bad pun!), but the way Redcon1 structured GI Juice intrigued me and I was looking forward to learning the benefits!

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Redcon1 provides a transparent label on GI Juice, as with most of their product line. It is mainly fueled by an 11.25g serving of their Green Blend. This blend contains a lot more fruits than it does vegetables, and while I think that helps it taste as good as it does, I would’ve liked to see more veggies in here. All the same, it doesn’t take anything away from the product and its effectiveness.

    Following the greens blend is an interesting panel of ingredients aimed at improving digestion, including all 3 digestive enzymes used to break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates (protease, lipase, and amylase respectively). DaSlaya did a great job breaking down each ingredient in order, so I’d rather refer you to his review rather than regurgitate the same information or steal his thunder.

    I do want to talk about the Ox Bile though. That got me at first. Do I really want to drink powdered Ox Bile? Yes. Yes, I do. Why? Because it’s going to help you get the most out of the food you want, and process the stuff you don’t out of your body faster. Specifically, it will help you process the fats you eat while increasing the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Not digesting fats well can lead to gallstones, as well as high cholesterol and constipation. I definitely want nothing to do with any of those!

    Taste: GI juice currently comes in one flavor- Pineapple Banana. It looks disgusting, but it tastes delicious. Redcon1 always seems to have very strong flavors, which isn’t my favorite, but I just compensated by using a half scoop at a time. I drink enough water throughout the day that getting at least 1 full serving daily was easy through this method.

    Mixability: This never really mixed fully for me, and there was always a bit of grittiness to it. It wasn’t bothersome, but for the large part, much of this is going to end up suspended in liquid as opposed to dissolved. You’ll need to keep swirling it as you sip.

    Dosing: I took this at varying times throughout the day, preworkout on at least one occasion for an afternoon lift, with and without food, and usually multiple times daily because of the split dose to make the flavor lighter. Regardless of how or when I took it, it always produced reliable results.

    There were definitely some noticeable benefits when drinking GI Juice. After drinking it I’d always notice a slight increase in my energy levels. Not like caffeine by any means, it was subtle– but noticeable. When taking it preworkout on an empty stomach after work it seemed to help stave off hunger until the end of my workout. When taken with or before food it seemed to help my stomach settle and help the food digest more easily. To put it politely, it resulted in noticeably better digestion… end to end. Surprisingly given the amount of fruits, I think it also helped make my system more alkaline. I get heartburn really easily, but noticed I never got it on days that I drank my GI Juice. So, overall this seemed to be beneficial in a well-rounded, natural way.

    The best price I found for GI Juice was through PricePlow, using their coupon code on RedCon1’s website. That took the price from $39.99 to $34.99 for 30 servings. You’re still over my preferred threshold of $1/serving or less, but if you’re having any issues with digestion, or been a victim of gallstones or high cholesterol, it’s a small price to pay for an easy, tasty, potential solution.

    —-Side Effects—-
    None. It combated side effects of other things, if anything.

    Overall I think this is a must-try. It might fall into the novelty category, but if you care about your health I think you’ll justify it to yourself. Even if you ignore all the health benefits, it’s still a great way to add some flavor to water. When you actually do consider all it can do for your gut health, it becomes a no brainer. This is something I will probably always have in my kitchen and office for the foreseeable future, and I suggest you consider doing the same!

  3. Wis3guy

    Will GI Juice turn me into a super soldier? or just a super eater……
    —-Quick Summary—-

    GI Juice is a greens and digestive support supplement. Most of us notoriously avoid green stuff, so even though that is not true for me I wanted to see what adding more could do for me. I believe this is a beneficial supplement, for me however I would avoid it while cutting.


    Hello all of you supplement junkies. I am a 46 year old guy who is still trying to fight my age and chubbiness…… I have been doing really well and wanted to add this to see if it could boost my fitness level. I have been using bodyweight exercises such as Insanity, Asylum, P90x2 as well as my TKD Training and teaching. I am recovering from a slipped disc that has put me on a more mellow pace as I try and fix it. Thanks to the SRTrooper program and RedCon1 I had the opportunity to try this and see how it would work.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    We have a Green Blend of 11.25g’s. My problem is the first 8 ingredients are fruits. This is listed as a Greens product and really should be a Fruits and greens product. Even their description on the bottle says we are missing fruits and greens. Not really a big deal just one of those things. Any way you look at it their is a bunch of “stuff” in this product and it works. I am not sure what I would change other than the ratio, more greens, add some kale or spinach. That is just me though.

    As for other stuff that I found interesting anyway are the following.

    Betaine HCL @ 250mg: It is used to help digestion. I found dosages all over the place, up to 7 grams for people with stomach acid issues. But hey whatever works for you right?

    Papain @ 50mg’s: This one is interesting as it “Can” treat a bunch of stuff. I assume it is the “aid in digestion” they are going for. However WebMD disagrees with that. However if you have shingles or a sore throat this might be the ticket.

    Bromelain @ 10mg: This is another digestion aid. However I think they could change the dosage as lists the lowest dose to be 200mg’s.

    So these are the ones that I happened to find interesting. Why you ask? Well it is kind of simple. I Bet on any given day how much Pain I can put my body through Bro…………


    The taste of “Green” products is normally pretty rough, let’s just say the bar is pretty low (orange triad comes to mind). This is Pineapple Banana, and honestly was really good. I think they are a little heavy on the fruits, which makes it taste better for sure but makes it more of a fruit greens product?

    I had no issues mixing this in my shaker cup. I use one that has a whisk, and I shake then drink. Their did tend to be some particles in it, but hey we all drink protein shakes so you should be able to handle it.

    The suggested “optimal” dosing is first thing in the morning or with breakfast. (additional servings can be used). I followed this protocol and then switched it up because of a side effect I was having. They suggest 10 to 12 ounces of water or beverage for best taste. I believe I used anywhere from 8 to 16, I think for me 10 worked the best for my taste preference.


    How do you determine the effectiveness of a greens product? To me it is kind of like vitamins, you might not be sure if it works depending on your diet. I personally have a smoothie just about every morning for the last 8 months or so. So I didn’t notice a huge difference. However, my daughter who never gets sick was sick for a little over a week. My son was sick. I did not get sick. Because I work from home and my lovely children bring it all home with them this is a good sign. My bodily systems (if you know what I mean) really didn’t change much, but once again I do get my Vegetables in anyway. I noticed a slight energy boost and overall feeling of Healthiness? So I believe it did add to my wellbeing.


    As of 5/7/2018 Redcon1 is selling this for $39.99 for 30 servings.

    Vitamin Shop has it for $34.99.

    So for under 40 dollars a month you can get a bunch of dried fruits and greens into your system. Plus if you have digestive issues this product might help you there as well. Which for me is a price range I can accept.

    —-Side Effects—-

    Ok, now DaSlaya ruined my surprise, but anyway, this stuff made me hungry for food. Unfortunately not always “good” food. So when I took it upon waking I would be hungry all afternoon and get some sweet tooth activity in the evening. This went away when I used the product in the late afternoon to evening. It also is gone now that I have been off the product for over a week. What this means to me is the digestive aids are priming my stomach for food. So if I wanted to gain some weight I would take this. Since I am going to start cutting again, I will have to pass.


    GI Juice surely made my system work better at kicking bad guy bug butt, but it also made me hungry as a polar bear in the spring. I firmly believe that with the taste of this product and the assumption that a lot of us don’t eat enough veggies that this is a great product to add to your system. The price for this product isn’t too out of line so you should be able to fit into your budget. If it happens to make you a healthier you, then you will have more time for the gym and other fun activities (I know, their is no other fun activities……) all the while protecting your immune system and your digestive system at the same time. I say go out and give this a try.

  4. zbikowski88

    Redcon1 GI Juice has the digestive enzymes to fix your internal plumbing issues
    Big thanks to Redcon1 for giving me the opportunity to review GI Juice. Lately I’ve made a big effort to consume more fruits & vegetables in my diet. I’m doing this for the added benefit of vitamins, minerals, digestive help. This isn’t my first time trying a greens/phyto-formula powder and most have tasted like dirt & grass – almost unbearable to drink. When GI Juice came along I had to grab it to help supplement my intake of fruits & veggies.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Redcon1 GI Juice features 11.25g of a Greens Blend – Concentrated dose of 13 different fruits & veggies. Most of the Greens Blend is made up of fruits with four of the first five ingredients coming from berries. In fact one serving of GI Juice is equivalent to one full serving of fruit & veggies. The blend is designed to help fight off free radicals in the body. There are digestive enzymes added to the Greens Blend to include Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ).

    Other Enzymes included:
    Betaine HCL 250mg – gut balance
    Amylase 100mg – carbohydrate breakdown
    Protease 100mg – protein digestion
    Pepsin 50mg – protein digestion
    Papain 50mg – protein digestion
    Pancreatin 50mg – mixture of enzymes for protein digestion
    Ox Bile 30mg – fat digestion
    Lipase 25mg – fat digestion
    Bromelain 10mg – protein digestion
    Cellulase 10mg – plant digestion

    Taste – Redcon1 GI Juice comes in only one flavor which is Pineapple Banana. Most greens powders I’ve used have been unbearable tasting like dirt & grass. However GI Juice was rather refreshing and this was the first time I didn’t mind drinking a greens powder. There was a slight after taste but nothing that wasn’t too bad. Overall I’d give the taste an 8/10.

    Mixability – I only mixed GI Juice with water and had no issues with mixability – no clumping, settling, etc…..

    Dosing – Mixed one serving with 10 oz water upon waking up in the morning.

    Besides for the vitamins & minerals your getting (1 scoop = 1 serving of fruits/veggies) the biggest benefit for me was digestion. I had more frequent bathroom visits which made me feel a lot better during the day. Sorry if this is too much information but I feel like its important to note…. My stools were larger & softer. Before using GI Juice I noticed I had some stomach discomfort and bloating. However once I started using GI Juice that seemed to go away, the digestive enzymes were a nice added touch to the greens blend. I also noticed an overall increase in wellbeing seeing my energy levels rise and just feeling healthier in general.

    In regards to value the cheapest I found was on the Vitamin Shoppe website for $35 + Free Shipping. Each tub contains 30 total servings and I consider this to be one of the better values for a supplement like this. This is one of the very few supplements where I consider taste to be really important – I don’t think there is a better tasting greens powder out there. For that alone I’d have no problem paying $35 for a tub.

    —-Side Effects—-

    In conclusion Redcon1 GI Juice helps fix the internal plumbing issues you may be experiencing. Along with that your getting a full serving of fruits & veggies which = added vitamins/minerals. This is a greens powder that I recommend given the effectiveness and taste. As a reminder this isn’t a replacement for eating fruits & veggies, it’s a supplement to help getting you on track along with extra goodies such as antioxidants and digestive enzymes. Once again I’d like to thank Redcon1 for participating in the SR TROOP Program.

  5. pfajgen

    Drink it regularly to stay regular

    First off, big thank you to Redcon1 and the Troops program for giving me the opportunity to review this product. GI Juice is a Fruits and Greens supplement that is intended to aid in digestion and improve overall health. I know that I don’t get enough greens or fruits in my diet, so this product really spoke to me. I have used other, somewhat similar, products in the past but never had any noticeable results. I had two expectations with this product. First, I expected improved digestion and reduced bloating. Second, I expected to have overall better health due to the greens and fruits that my diet so badly needed.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    GI Juice is a fairly straightforward product, consisting of a greens blend and several digestive enzymes. Overall, there are 15g per serving. Of those 15g you get 2g of fiber and 5g of sugar for 28 calories (which isn’t bad considering how good this tastes).

    Green Blend 11.25g:
    blueberry fruit powder, black raspberry powder, mulberry leaf powder, pineapple powder, bilberry leaf powder, papaya juice powder, camu camu, monk fruit, broccoli powder, carrot powder, purple sweet potato powder, kelp, fructooligosaccharides, chlorella, papain, bromelain, pyrroloquiniline quinone, and acai juice powder.

    You will notice that the majority of the Green Blend is fruit, which is a little deceiving. That being said, you are supposed to be getting the equivalent of one serving of fruits and veggies per scoop.

    Digestive Enzymes:
    Betaine HCL 250mg, Amylase 100mg, Protease 100mg, Pepsin 50mg, Papain 50mg, Pancreatin 50mg, Ox Bile 30mg, Lipase 25mg, Bromelain 10mg, and Cellulase 10mg.

    This blend of digestive enzymes is supposed to help with your body’s ability to digest carbs, proteins, and fats. I found it particularly interesting that it includes Ox Bile (lol).


    I received Pineapple Banana. This is the only flavor available at the moment. It is absolutely delicious and was by far the best greens/fruit supplement that I have ever taken. I honestly looked forward to drinking my GI Juice every day. The flavor was more banana than pineapple in my opinion.

    I would consume one scoop each night with my dinner. Dinner is typically one of my bigger meals, so I believed I would benefit the most from the digestive enzymes at that time.

    I had no trouble mixing GI Juice. I would throw a scoop in about 8-12 ounces of water and just kind of slosh it around for a few seconds and it would be perfectly mixed.


    GI Juice kept me regular. I would drink my one serving each night after dinner and then would wake up the following morning to an awesome bathroom experience.

    The other major benefit of GI Juice was that it kept me from feeling bloated and lethargic after big meals.

    I wanted to wait for a week or two after completing GI Juice, to see if I continued to have regular bowel movements and continued to feel less bloated post-big meals. After finishing GI Juice, I no longer got to enjoy my morning bathroom trips and I began to feel noticeably bloated after dinner. Given the change in regularity and bloating, I truly believe this product worked.

    As for overall health, I didn’t notice too much extra energy or benefits. That being said, you could consider my lack of lethargy post meals to be a form of increased energy.


    GI Juice ranges anywhere from $28-$35. Currently Vitamin shoppe is the cheapest at $27.99. Also, you can always expect to find some sort of promotion at Redcon1’s direct website. Given the phenomenal taste, lack of bloating, and regularity–I would say this product is certainly worth $28.

    —-Side Effects—-

    No negative side effects.


    Give this a try if your digestion needs some help or you just feel like you’re missing fruits/veggies from your diet. It is surprisingly tasty and was more effective for me than other similar supplements.

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