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Waterboard is a diuretic made by Redcon1. It is designed to help reduce excess water and improve body composition.

The product contains eight ingredients. Horsetail extract is said to contain anti-inflammatories and antioxidants and could help prevent fluid retention. Meanwhile, uva ursi is thought to have mild laxative and diuretic effects. In addition, green tea contains caffeine, which is thought to raise blood flow through the kidneys and could induce urination.

According to the Recon1 CEO, Aaron Singerman, grains of paradise and gamma butyrobetaine ethyl ester HCI (as Lean GBB®) could “convert to L-carntine in the body”, which in turn may help “mobilize body fat”.

Each container 10 servings of 3 capsules per day.


1 review for WaterBoard

  1. Wade419

    Strong Diuretic with Well-Dosed Effective Ingredients at a Doozy of a Price

    —-Quick Summary—-
    It was only a matter of time before RedCon1 decided to give the diuretic supplement category try considering their insane impact on pretty much every other aspect of the supplement world. It does include plenty of effective ingredients that are used in most popular diuretics and thankfully with a fully disclosed label but it costs nearly 2x more than the second highest priced diurectic on the market with only a 10 day supply, which is actually more than enough considering the label says to not use more than 3 consecutive days. I personally enjoyed the product quite a bit and since diuretics are such a niche category in supplements and you really need to know what you’re using if you plan on taking this stuff for photoshoots or bodybuilding, I will likely be a future buyer but I do believe the product is significantly over-priced, but with that being said the results are worth the price especially after you’ve gone through a 10-week prep to look your best! Great product but I can’t wait for either a price change or a rival company to release a more competitively priced item!
    RedCon1 has truly made a significant splash onto the supplement scene with their release of products in pretty much every category you can think of! I personally have been a fan of MOST of RedCon1’s products so when I heard about the release of Waterboard and saw the high pricetag I figured that they must have included some super special expensive ingredient that would help transform me into a whole new shredded beast! So made sure to get my hands onto one as soon as I saw it available for Troopers! Let’s see how it stacks up!
    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Horsetail Extract 500mg Dandelion Root 4:1 500mg Uva Ursi 400mg Goldenrod 450mg Juniper Berry Extract 100mg Green Tea Extract 100mg Grains of Paradise 25mg Gamma Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester Hcl 25mg There isn’t too much clinical research available on diuretic supplements concerning their exact dosing concerning the specific effect of water loss, so I looked around at other comparable products and was able to compare dosing. Waterboard appears to be on the higher end of most diuretic products but it also needs to be put into account that the dose is split into 3 parts throughout the day whereas other products are based on one daily dose. I do believe that separating doses throughout the day is a much more effective pathway to getting into the system and establishing a stable dose of the ingredients in the body throughout the day. I also must give props to RedCon1 for not creating any proprietary blends for Waterboard which is not the case for the leading product on the bodybuilding scene, MHP Xpel.
    There is no discernible taste due to pill capsule form. The dosing is kinda funky and a little bothersome since it must be split into 3 daily doses that are spread out evenly throughout the day which may prove tedious for some.
    I do have an upcoming competition in February 2019 that I will be using Waterboard for, so I will post before and after pictures that showcase its effectiveness over a 3 day span but I mainly just used Waterboard for this period to test if I would be compatible with taking it with minimal side effects since I’ve had trouble with taking diuretics in the past. After the first 2 pills, you should start noticing a significant increase in urination frequency that only really increased over the coming days. Since you must drink an increased amount of water while taking this product, the increase in urination is really insane…like every 30 minutes crazy. I’m definitely not a fan of utilizing a diuretic unless I’m on peak week for a show but I had to give Waterboard a preliminary test! I do feel like the water loss effects are significantly more than MHP Xpel and since it’s recommended to only take for 3 days it’s a lot more convenient than Xpel which I took for 5 days prior to competition. I did feel like my body looked drier and tighter each day which it pretty much had to be from using the toilet all the time! The product was very effective and does what it says it will do!
    I found a pack of Waterboard on Amazon for a whooping $45, which I believe should be priced at least 1/2 that value to be properly priced, though RedCon1 does have discounts fairly often so I’d give the nod if you can manage to snag a bottle for under $30.
    —-Side Effects—-
    Severely increased urination frequency
    RedCon1 did a fairly good job with creating a product that’s essentially already been on the market but just at different doses and a better consortium of overall ingredients from various products. I just wish that they could be a little more fair on their pricing BUT when you spend 10 weeks working your ass off for a competition prep, looking your absolutely best on stage is pretty valuable and probably worth the extra $$$ for this product. If you’re old school to the way of MHP Xpel but want to give something new a try and have extra cash to spend then give Waterboard a try, otherwise I’d say to stick with your old ways and wait for another rival company to outdo RedCon1 on pricing. Cheers Fellas!

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