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Magnum Quattro is a blended protein powder made by Magnum Nutraceuticals.

According to magnumsupps.com, the product uses four different sources of protein for “timed digestion”. It is also said to offer “sustained energy” and help the user achieve “leaner and denser muscles”.

A single 36g serving (one scoop) provides 30g of protein, which comes from a blend of whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate, micellar casein and egg protein isolate. This mix of slow-acting and fast-acting protein may help prolong protein synthesis and prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue.

Magnum Quattro is sold – or has been sold – in two flavors: “Chocolate Love” (4lb), “Fruity Hoops” (2lb and 4lb).


3 reviews for Quattro

  1. Xcmiler

    Magnum Nutraceuticals Quattro Is an Effective Protein Supplement
    I have seen Magnum Nutraceuticals products over the years but never tried them. They always seemed to have interesting profiles especially there preworkout, Limitless. So, when they put up their protein powder for review I wanted to try it to get a feel for the company.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Each scoop of the salted freakin’ caramel of Magnum Nutraceuticals Quattro has 140 calories, 1g of fat, 2g of carbohydrates, and 30g of protein. The protein source in this product is a blend of four different whey protein isolates. You have whey protein isolate (90%), milk protein isolate (90%), micellar casein “isolate” (it says isolate on the side of the bottle but not in ingredients) and egg protein isolate. I like how there are multiple sources of protein but I will note I did not notice a difference over just straight whey protein isolate. The rest of the ingredients are standard to what you would find in a protein powder. I will note that some of the ingredients are labeled as organic such as organic cane sugar and flaxseed. This also has bromelain for digestion and is sweetened with sucralose. One of the great things about this product is that it is lactose free, gluten free, and nut free. I personally like the ingredient profile especially since it has a slightly higher protein count.

    I received the salted freakin’ caramel version of Quattro. I would always use a blender bottle with a blender ball and after mixing it would have a slightly chalky vanilla caramel smell. When you first drink you are hit with an almost milky vanilla taste that is followed by a salty taste (in a good way) then a caramel aftertaste. I will be honest I thought it was just okay but bear in mind I prefer chocolate for a protein powder flavor. So, if you love vanilla and caramel this could be worth a try for you. The flavor was by no means bad it was just not for me. I will say it definitely was above average and I would say better than Nutrabio flavoring. As far as mixability goes, it mixed fine but there were some particles still left over I could feel as I drank it. As far as dosing goes, I really just used it to fill my protein macros so it really depended, it usually was one scoop a day. I will note that if you use more than 8 ounces of water I felt like it was too watered down, I usually stuck with 6-8 ounces.

    Magnum Nutraceuticals Quattro was definitely an effective protein powder. While taking it I noticed that I was recovering faster after my workouts. I have been doing an FST-7 workouts and I have been extremely sore. This product definitely helped me recover and gave me a clean protein source to use right after the gym. It was also light enough on my stomach that I was able to go running shortly (20-30 minutes) after taking it. Other protein powders will weigh me down and I will feel sluggish. The recovery aspect of the product really shined when I went on vacation without supplements. I continued with my training at a hotel gym and noticed I was a lot more sore than I usually am. This leads me to believe that Quattro was helping me recover. Granted, it could have been my diet was a little lax on vacation and I was not meeting my protein goals. But, still if this was the case then Quattro would still be effective in helping me reach my target protein macros.

    I mentioned previously how light on the stomach this protein was. I did bring this on a long distance bike ride and drank it during the ride. With other proteins I have done this with I would sometimes feel weighed down and with this I never was. In terms of satiety, after two hours I was usually hungry again. Overall, a solid protein choice.

    Magnum Nutraceuticals Quattro currently goes for $38.71 for a 2 pound tub and $70.99 for a 4 pound tub on bodybuilding.com. This makes it $1.55 per serving or $1.39 per serving for the 4 pound tub. I will note that the flavors available in the 4 pound tubs are less than the 2 pound tubs. Comparing this to Nutrabio whey protein isolate, that retails for $39.99, which is $1.38 per serving for a 2 pound container. There are other isolates out there that are cheaper such as Iso-100, which is about $1.11 per serving ($0.99 if larger tub). However, many are not gluten free, lactose free, nut free, and kosher like Quattro is. I am unsure if the nut free means it is made in a nut free facility or contains no nut products. I will note that I rarely see magnum nutraceuticals products go on sale. I think this product is a little pricey but I would pay it depending on my supplement budget for the month.

    —-Side Effects—-
    I had no side effects while taking this product.

    Overall, Magnum Nutraceuticals Quattro is an effective protein supplement. It is on the pricey side but it is high quality. It has some unique features being lactose free, gluten free, nut free and kosher. The taste of the salted freakin’ caramel was just okay but vanilla and caramel lovers may really enjoy it. I would like to thank Magnum Nutraceuticals for sending out the product.


  2. bromine2122

    This is the Quattro drive protein for all of your recovery needs.
    Huge thank you to magnum nutraceuticals for their support of the SR Troops program. This review is for their protein powder called Quattro. Which magnum claims to be the world’s most advance protein formula? So the real question does Quattro live up to this claim? Let’s find out. This product is also lactose free, gluten free, and nut free.
    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Magnum Quattro uses a 4-stage protein blend. First you get a whey protein isolate 90%, then you get a milk protein isolate 90%, followed by micellar casein 85%, and finally you get egg protein isolate. So you will get a nice blend of protein sources with this product. Also 1 scoop yields 140c, 5g of sugar, and 30g of protein. Magnum uses both natural & artificial flavoring along with including digestive enzyme in the product.
    The flavor I received was sea salt caramel which tasted really good. Didn’t have any mixability issues with the protein. Dosing was take 1-2 servings 2-4 times a day with 12-16oz of water. I normally took 1 serving twice a day.
    Magnum nutraceuticals did and amazing job with Quattro I was surprised with how effective this product was. I would take it twice a day doing one scoop each time. I would normally take a scoop in-between my breakfast and lunch. Then I would take another one right after my workout. When I would take Quattro I didn’t have any digestive issues with this protein. Other proteins in the best would give me stomach issues along with giving me really bad farts. But with Quattro there was not issue here. I also notice the four different sources of protein blends really kept me full. When taking it as an in-between after breakfast and before lunch the protein always kept me full in till I was able to eat lunch. And as a post-workout protein drink this product helped replenish my muscles from an intense workout out. If you are looking for a complete protein source give Quattro a try you will like it.
    Bodybuilding.com had a 2lb tub of Quattro for 38.71 which is a 1.55 a serving that of course if you took one serving a day. The price would double with the use of multiple servings. Not the cheapest protein by any means but it worked really good with me.
    —-Side Effects—-
    Protein gainz
    If you are in the market for a new protein to give Quattro a try it will not disappoint. But this protein also comes at a cost. It will get expensive if you buy it all the time.

  3. kalans

    Blended Protein Product, Good Taste On Some Flavors, Expensive Pricing, and Digestion Issues.
    —-Intro Supp Facts—-
    I can’t imagine how many protein powder products I have had, let alone the ones I actually reviewed for SR.. This product is defiantly a high star on that list in terms of the content, but that isn’t always the answer to all my needs. Many different factors to look at on this product: it is lactose gluten and nut free, kosher certified, high quality (my opinion) sources, blended product for extended digestion, relatively clean with not many fillers for tastes etc. The isolate sources are really good options and are for quick digestion:
    Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Isolate (contains some casein by default, which is slow), Egg Protein Isolate. Lastly you have Micellar Casein protein which is good for a slower digesting protein source. The bad: it doesn’t have the content of the proteins used listed as dosages, so it is possible for it to be higher in isolate and milk isolate protein rather than having much egg protein contained. Some people won’t like the added CLA or flaxseed, but it doesn’t seem to be dosed high. So on paper this product is clean and appears high quality (my opinion).

    Claims from the manufacturer: “Magnum Quattro is a 4 isolate, time-released, smooth digesting protein. With no lactose and a combination of 4 high-quality isolates, essential fats like flaxseed, Magnum Quattro is the great-tasting protein you have been waiting for!”

    Taste was best with the Salted Caramel, and the vanilla ice cream was too bland. I have had less tasty protein before (NutraBio), but typically the less flavoring they add the better the protein per serving which means a better value. This stuff does mix good, didn’t seem to do as well with cold water but will work perfectly with room temp water at which you can add some ice in afterwards. I simply dosed this based on my macro dieting needs, which would be smaller than a scoop at time and all the way up to 2 scoops. It tasted best with less water, again less fillers adding to the taste.

    —-Effectiveness 6.4—-
    Protein Powders still can be felt in some ways, but isn’t as noticeable compared to other supplements. Of course this did help me hit my macronutrient needs, although I did feel digestive issues with bloating and had some protein farts which hasn’t been a issue for me in a long time (since the days of amino spiking). I tried to consume this in my food to see if it helped with digestion, but it wasn’t much improvement. Taking this post workout can truly benefit you in recovery, because essentially you are consuming Amino Acids which is always equal to the protein content (30g in this case). I did notice a slight increase to my recovery, to which I didn’t consume any BCAA’s only this protein. Content wise this product is above the par for other blended proteins, however I would still prefer taking an whey isolate product for not only quicker digestion of the total protein content but also the non digestion issues. This score accounts for the side effect of digestion issues I faced below.

    —-Side Effects—-
    I experienced digestive issues each time I consumed this product, which I took it while fasted and not fasted. It gave me bloating that turned into gas, yet I haven’t had digestive issues before. Being it contains added cla/digestive enzyme/Flaxseed (of which are probably not high dosages), I am surprised that I kept having issues.

    —-Value 5.5 —-
    This isn’t a cheap costing protein powder, especially since it is a blended source of protein. At the 36g serving size, you net 83%+ protein per serving which is a great percent even more impressive because it is a blended protein product. This runs around $38 at the 2lb size with 25 servings costing $1.52 per serving, and $71 for the 4lb size with 52 servings costing $1.37 per serving. This isn’t not cheap enough to rival even the isolate protein products out there. Value for me is calculated on the intention of cost with value of the item to myself, and unfortunately the product isn’t as highly valued due to cost AND the issues I faced even with the added digestion enzyme.

    —-Overall 6—-
    I have consumed so many types of protein products as most on this site, and I must say on paper I am impressed with this product.. However I wasn’t impressed past that, especially with the high cost. If you factor in taking multiple supplements each time you work out, the $1.52 per serving or even the $1.37 is more expensive than I can see myself spending on top of the cost for other supplements.. I do recommend it if you are looking for a cleaner product that contains a good protein percent ratio, yet only if the cost isn’t of your concern. Thank you Magnum for allowing me the opportunity to review your product, and I apologize for the extended delay in writing this review.

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