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Mutant Whey is a protein powder made by the Mutant brand. It is formulated to “optimize absorption”, which in turn could improve muscle growth and boost recovery.

Each serving of Mutant Whey delivers 22g of protein. This is derived from the product’s “4 Whey Protein Blend” which features whey concentrate, whey protein phospholipid concentrate, whey isolate and hydrolyzed whey.

Other nutritional information varies according to flavor. For example, one serving of “Triple Chocolate” features 150 calories, whereas a single portion of “Vanilla Ice Cream” holds 140 calories.

According to the product website, Mutant Whey contains added digestive enzymes to increase absorption.


2 reviews for Mutant Whey

  1. DomYanee23

    —-Quick Summary—-
    Fast becoming regarded as the ULTIMATE whey protein blend, new MUTANT WHEY is a unique 5-Stage Whey Protein that triggers noticeable muscle growth


    —-Ingredient Profile—-




    —-Side Effects—-


  2. User

    Barely drinkable. Not the one.
    Tastes awful, I bought 12lbs of vanilla flavoured on special, its taken me 5 months to get halfway through it, and to do so I’ve had to mix it 50:50 with a more palatable protein to be able to stomach it. It smells wrong, like it was stored badly in the heat or something, which is a shame, because I really wanted it to be a brand I would go back to. Never again.

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