Mega Premium Liquid Multivitamin

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Mega Premium Liquid Multivitamin is a multivitamin made by Tropical Oasis. It is designed to help you support an active lifestyle.

The product is intended to provide “100% or more” of your recommended daily allowance (RDA).

Described by the Tropical Oasis website as a “mega multi”, the product contains 110 nutrients. These include 85 vitamins and minerals, 23 amino acids and coQ10 (also known as coenzyme Q10). In fact, it contains 833% of your daily RDA of vitamin C, 1500% of B6 and 200% of vitamin A.

Tropical Oasis is free from artificial colors, flavors and sodium benzoate.


3 reviews for Mega Premium Liquid Multivitamin

  1. DaSlaya

    Soak up those vitamins and actually ingest your RDA’s worth!
    38 years old and I lift 4 times a week, and try and do some conditioning work on the days I don’t lift. Like most of us, I try and live a healthy lifestyle and part of that is keeping a Multi Vitamin in my daily regiment. I have never tried a liquid Multi before, so when I saw this product offered up here, I could not resist. Let me thank Tropical Oasis and the TROOPer program for this opportunity.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    If you have read my other multi V reviews, you know I am going to break it down by the 12 most important vitamins, the ones I find important after that, and anything special about this product. This product contains a TON of ingredients, about 110 to be exact.

    Vitamin A – This is good for healthy eyes and general growth and development, including healthy teeth and skin. 3,000 IU per day for men is the RDA, and here we get 10,000 IU ensuring you get your daily share and then some.

    Vitamin B6/B12 – B6 aka Pyridoxine, is a major vitamin to have in your body daily. It aids in the functions of movement, memory, energy expenditure, and blood flow. 1.3mg daily for men ages 19-50 is the RDA and here we get 30mg, so we are well covered here. B12 boosts your mood, energy level, memory, heart, skin, hair, digestion and more. This vitamin is so important for you, mainly getting you that energy boost, that you will see it sold a lot as a stand alone. Here we get 200mcg which is well above the RDA of 2.4mcg.

    Vitamin C – Good for strengthening blood vessels and giving skin its elasticity, anti-oxidant function, and iron absorption. RDA for men is 60mg, and we get 500mg.

    Vitamin D – Good for strong healthy bones, and as I said very important to me living in Washington State (not so much in the summer, but mostly winter) since it rains a ton and the sun only makes an appearance for a few months a year. RDA is 600IU and we get 400IU, which is a bit low. I would like to see the dosage here upped to 600IU.

    Vitamin E – Good for blood circulation and protection from free radicals. The maximum dose you want of this daily is 1,500 IU, here we get 200 IU leaving you enough buffer room to not go over the maximum daily allowance if you have almonds, nuts, seeds, or tomatoes in your diet.

    Folic Acid – This aids in cell renewal, as well as reducing the risk of birth defects for pregnant women. RDA is 400mcg for men over 13 years old and here we get an exact 400mcg dose.

    Calcium, Chromium, and Iron are listed under the 2.24 ML Colloidal Mineral blend. Colloidal Minerals just mean that the minerals are taken from clay or shale deposits.

    What I do see missing here is Vitamin K, Zinc, and Magnesium. I looked closely at the small print on the label, but did not see them. The other blends that you get are 20mg of Amino Acids and 1mg of Aloe Vera Gel. There are 23 different Amino Acids here including the Big 3 (BCAAs), so thats a nice addition I think. Aloe Vera has a multitude of effects for you, so another nice addition.

    All in all there are a few key Vitamins missing here, but there are some nice extra’s that you get as well. Fairly complete multi vitamin for the most part anyways.

    Taste: There was no flavor listed on the bottle, but it reminded me of a mango type flavor. I was honestly not a big fan of it, its very drinkable, but just was not good enough to get me excited each morning. However, it did not taste horribly either, I would give it an average taste.

    Mixability: Nothing to mix it with, just pour it and drink it.

    Dosing: The dose here is 2 tablespoons daily. Because I have OCD when it comes to dosing things, I measured it out the first time I took it. Then I poured it into the cap, and yup 3/4 of the cap is 2 tablespoons. So I used the cap and it was fairly easy. I recommend the company just say 3/4 of the Cap maybe with 2 Tablespoons in parenthesis so people know.

    As always this is tricky. One thing to note here, is that while taking this my wife got a little bit of a cold for a couple days. Typically I will get sick right after her when this happens, but nope not while taking this, so I do believe this aided my immune system. One thing that did stand out to me here compared to multi vitamins in a pill form is that I never had any weird color pee and never felt it was too potent in my digestion system. It just seemed like a normal liquid in my body, and I never did get sick while on this.

    The huge pro’s here are the fact that this is a liquid multivitamin. I did some research on which is better and a good stat that I found was that “Research shows that liquid vitamins have an absorption rate of up to 95%. Vitamins in liquid form bypass the digestive process and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Liquid formulas should not upset your stomach.” ( So yeah, after taking this for a month I would say that is an accurate statement. I did not feel any extra energy off this, but its hard to tell since this is in a stack of many supplements that I take throughout my day. I also could not really tell if the Amino Acids helped me out with recovery since I do take a seperate BCAA product, but the more amino’s I can get in my body a day, thats great in my book.

    One thing to be wary of when taking liquid vitamins is that since you absorb almost all of it, is getting too much of a vitamin. The doses here were at a good benchmark I think so you would not run into this issue, but obviously that is why you need to stick with the recommended serving size per day and not exceed it. It took me a while to get used to drinking a multivitamin, but once I got it in my routine it was no big deal. You do have to keep this refrigerated once you open it, so that was a challenge for me when I flew to Cancun. I kept it packed in my bag in my little cooler bag I usually pack lunch in and it worked fine for my trip. I am pretty much becoming a fan of taking multi’s this way.

    So right now you can buy this from Tropical Oasis’ website for $34.95, which is pretty steep. However, I did find it on Vitacost for $18.99 currently which makes this a pretty good deal. This is on par with the lowest prices I have seen for Pill Multi’s and you are obviously getting more bang for your buck with the liquid version. The Vitacost price comes out to 59 cents a day for 32 servings, which is pretty sweet when you realize you absorb 95% of the actual listed vitamins, plus some minerals, plus some aloe vera, and top it off with Amino’s.

    —-Side Effects—-
    None at all.

    If you can find this on sale or at a cheaper rate online its a pretty sweet deal. Liquid multivitamins actually allow you to absorb more than pills, so this in my opinion could be the wave of the future for supplements. The taste takes a bit of getting used to, but its worth a shot. I highly recommend this product, and if you have never tried a liquid Multi before, give this a shot for your first time, you will not be sorry! Tropical Oasis appears to be leading the way so far with liquid supplements, so this makes me look forward to trying their other products. Solid Multi V!

  2. medinacirilo

    An affordable, fast-absorbing vitamin option! Just enjoy the “Spicy Mango” goodness
    I cant recall EVER taking a vitamin supplement that was in liquid form, so this had me intrigued as to if it “felt” any different, or even how it would taste. I don’t really take any multi vitamin as a staple, other then what I’ve reviewed on here in the past. Huge thanks to Tropical Oasis for making this available to us Troopers for review. Huge apologies on my part for taking so long to get to this review. Like i said before, i’m not a huge vitamin guy, but i do like tot splurge once in a great while on one of the expensive “complex multi” such as Animal Pack or Orange Triad. So when i seen the label on this bad boy, and coupled with the fact its in liquid form, i was compelled to give it a run

    PROFILE- 9
    This is a MAJOR complex of vitamins and minerals, administered into a 2-Tablespoon serving. DaSlaya broke it down way better than i ever could, so feel free to check out his review. Or peep the label and be amazed! Its missing zinc and magnesium, but it does have Amino’s thrown in, so it has that going for it.
    The canister claims there are 32 servings in a bottle yet I felt like I got much more than that. And (after first measuring with a spoon) i was pouring almost a full cap-full which turned out to be a little more then the recommended dose.

    after trying this the first time i was taken back by the overwhelming mango flavor, followed by an uncomfortable spicy aftertaste in my throat! this wasn’t painful and i got used to it, but i wasn’t super excited to take every morning. But it wasn’t bad at all. This absorbs FAST, because if i urinated right after it’d be a neon color every time! and never pee that color unless taking vitamins or drinking an energy drink. Vitamins are difficult to actually rate and review, as there are no physical change to be seen, or huge increases in any lift or activity. But drinking this reminded me of taking a “health shot”, and I did feel healthy and had a mild boost in natural energy throughout the day. I’m certain my immunity was boosted, since I always get (deathly) sick when the weather changes but this season all i had was a mild runny nose. which may have just been allergies. Anyways, i felt healthy and supported while taking this.

    Besides the spiciness in my throat, right after consuming; I really have no other issues with this! No burps or nausea after taking, which I usually get after taking most generic multi-vitamins. No other side effects. An issue i did have, which isn’t a side effect at all but more of a hangup on my part; since this has to be refrigerated, i would forget it even existed in the morning and not take it until later at night. Or not at all! I only missed it a few days during the first week until i made it a part of my morning routine. This is entirely attributed to not being in my supplement shelf as i’m a creature of habit. Not a problem, just a brain fart of my own.

    I found this for about 16-20$ online, and this might be a little high if shopping for basic vitamins (ie; Walmart brand). But when compared to the “higher end” complete vitamin brands, I feel this is a steal! I would have no problems buying this or recommending it.

    OVERALL- 8.5
    I enjoyed this product, and kinda miss it! A little “health shot” of vitamins is a good thing, and I have no problem recommending this to any consumer. And thats about all she wrote!

  3. htevans

    If You Want A Ready-To-Drink Liquid Multi Then Look No Further, But Beware Of Heavy Metals.
    I’d like to apologize to Tropical Oasis for taking so long to review this. I claimed this on TROOPs because I was in need of a multivitamin and keen to try a different approach. I am a pretty loyal Orange Triad + Greens fan when I can afford it so I am not entirely new to liquid multivitamins. However, this was my first introduction to premixed liquid multivitamins. I admittedly came in with a bias against this product thinking that most of the premixed liquid multivitamins were either 1) underdosed 2) overpriced 3) using poor sources/forms of vitamins 4) disgusting. Even with these somewhat entrenched biases, Mega Premium Liquid Multivitamin managed to change my mind.

    —-Ingredient Profile—- 7/10
    “Mega Premium Liquid Multivitamin” has a somewhat unique profile in my mind. 2.4ml of a 30ml serving contains colloidal minerals. I won’t even pretend for a second that I know the pros/cons of ingesting all of these different minerals. From what I could gather through some online research, colloidal minerals are akin to ingesting trace minerals in the more common multivitamin pressed tablets with which we are all familiar. Most people don’t get nearly enough of these trace minerals due to deficiencies in the modern diet so supplementation can help close this gap and optimize overall health and performance. Now, there are a host of purported benefits including everything from weight loss to increased energy to improved resting blood glucose levels. I don’t buy into that so much but I do believe that it will help in promoting overall health by closing any nutritional gaps one might have. All this being said, I came across sources warning against heavy metals in colloidal mineral supplements. I noticed that the colloidal mineral complex does contain heavy metals and very clearly so (hafnium, mercury, gallium, thallium, cadmium, etc.). I have no idea if there is any reason for these to be in a health supplement as opposed to extracting only beneficial colloidal minerals. That is a bit out of my wheelhouse but I will say it concerns me and I should have done more research before taking this.

    In addition to a colloidal mineral complex, there is also Aloe Vera Gel 200:1 extract, an amino acid complex (including BCAAs and EAAs) and Choline, PABA, Inositol, CoQ10, Quercetin, and Grape Seed Extract. While I liked that these were included (who doesn’t like a few added bonuses to their multis?) they seemed to be underdosed for the most part. Tropical Oasis claim that their liquid suspension product is absorbed 96% compared to the standard 18% absorption of pills. If that claim is true, then perhaps these are not as underdosed as they appear, however, I have no way of verifying that claim and honestly couldn’t tell a difference during my run. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt with the claim for rating purposes since I can see the logic in taking a liquid based multi over a tablet/pill (after all I do run Orange Triad+Greens as a staple).

    Finally, this is a multivitamin [and mineral] supplement after all so there is a B vitamin blend as well as vitamins A, D, and E. All are technically well dosed but I would have liked to see Vitamin D dosed higher for those of us who lack sun exposure in the winter. Still, it make the 100% RDV threshold so it will at least allow you to cover your bases knowing you’re not at risk of deficiency. Notably missing is Vitamin K, which from what I have seen is a bit of a hit or miss in multivitamin supplements. I would have liked to seen its inclusion here but it is not the end of the world to me.

    —-Taste/Mixability/Dosing—- 10/10
    I received the original flavor and it tasted fine. It was an orange-ish taste that while not “to die for” was certainly palatable. I can’t imagine anyone having trouble taking the 30ml dose every day. Mixability is not really an issue but the bottle does recommend shaking it before serving. I usually did this and didn’t seem to notice a difference from the days in which I forgot but its easy to do and surely can’t hurt. Dosing was similarly easy. I had weighed out 30ml in the bottle’s cap and found that a full cap was approximately 30ml so I took a cap full each morning with breakfast. If I was ever in a rush to work or class I took it with lunch. I sort of looked forward to it because I rather enjoyed the taste. Can’t get much easier than this.

    —-Effectiveness—- 8/10
    Multivitamins and multiminerals are one of the harder supplements to review for effectiveness. These products work on a cellular level that you can’t feel like you can a beta-alanine rush. That being said I have used metric of wellbeing (before and after use) in my previous multivitamin reviews and find it relatively useful. In keeping with that trend, I’ll be judging this in part based off that metric. During the use of this product, I felt healthy (i.e. I didn’t get sick). Of course, there are multiple compounding factors as to why one becomes sick or does not, but I always think it is a good sign if you remain healthy while taking a multivitamin and multimineral supplement. I see it as a sign of a strong immune system supported by well-rounded nutrition and supplementation to fill any nutritional gaps. Knowing that my diet is not the best, I have to think some of that is owed to proper supplementation, especially in the form of multis. Additionally, during my use of this product I felt a slight increase in general subjective wellbeing. For example, I felt like it was a little easier to slog through a rough day. Was it akin to a caffeine boost? No. Was it in line with I have come to expect from a halfway decent multi? Yes.

    The other way I can evaluate effectiveness for this product is by judging the absorption claim (or try to). While I can’t say if this absorbs better than other forms of multivitamin supplements, I can say it absorbs quicker than tablet/pill forms I have used in the past. I would always have neon urine from excess B2 in my system the next time I’d use the restroom after taking my daily dose. To add some perspective, that’s probably about 30-45 minutes in the morning hours at work as I try to rehydrate by drinking the free filtered water in the office as quick as possible. This is on par with what I have experienced with Orange Triad+Greens and Animal Pak powder [that become liquids] formats. So at least this is absorbing quicker than tablets/pills if not ~5x better.

    —-Value—- 8.5/10
    I found this on Amazon for $19.99 for the original flavor and $22.99 for an orange-mango flavor. From what I can tell there is no difference in formulas between the two aside from flavoring. Therefore, I’ll use the $19.99 figure to rate the value. This price works out to $0.62/fluid oz (1 serving). In contrast, my beloved Orange Triad+Greens is about $1.1/serving from Amazon. Mega Premium Liquid Multivitamin is about half the price per serving and $15 cheaper per container. Given that it covers the major vitamins, except for K, and minerals (perhaps even the harmful ones?) this is a great deal. Does this have all the extra goodies that some multis have? No. However, is this an extremely barebones and cheap [quality] product? No. I think this is a good middle of the road product that will suffice for most people and this is a great deal for such a product.

    —-Side Effects—- 10/10
    I experienced no side effects while taking this product.

    —-Conclusion—- 7.8/10
    I get to a 7.8 rating by averaging the Ingredient Profile, Effectiveness, and Value sections to get a 7.83 and then rounding down for my concerns over heavy metals. I also did not give a usual bump for good Taste/Mixability/Dosing and Side Effects scores as is customary in my reviews as a way to factor in these concerns. In short, I think this is a solid middle of the road multivitamin and multimineral supplement for most people. Some of us will want more extras in our multis like digestive, joint, and probiotic blends. However this is not really catering to that audience. So while it may fail to meet those expectations, it is a solid [and tasty] ready-to-drink for those who need to cover their bases on a budget or who do not need/want all the extras that more deluxe products offer. I’d only caution people to look into the heavy metal thing a bit more before purchasing. Personally, I’ll probably stay away in the future just so I can ignore the risk altogether but if I knew with some certainty that there was no reason to be concerned then I would definitely use this again.

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