TestoFuel vs Centrapeak review

Many people believe low testosterone levels are an inevitable part of life for men over thirty, like death and taxes.

While it’s true that as men age their testosterone levels tend to drop, some research suggests this has more to do with lifestyle and environmental factors, such as obesity, depression and smoking, than with the natural ageing process. [1]

Much is still up for debate in this nurture vs nature tussle, but the broader point is that every man has the power to significantly slow down or even reverse declining testosterone levels.

But for what purpose?

Research tells us that healthy testosterone levels are essential for men’s physical and psychological health.

It plays a crucial role in regulating our libido, building muscle mass and strength, burning fat, producing sperm, and improving self-esteem.

Many men look to attain these benefits by hitting the gym and eating well. This is, of course, important but if your testosterone levels are already low, then your progress will be slow and it will be easy for you to lose motivation.

Testosterone, sometimes called the male hormone, is the building block you need to get the results you want and there is now a way to boost testosterone safely and effectively.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

As our understanding of how the body’s hormones work, more and more men have become interested in supplementing their training regime with a natural testosterone booster.

Unlike synthetic steroids, which mimic the effect of testosterone in the body, these testosterone boosters stimulate the body to increase its natural testosterone production. This means that they are healthier because they lack the common adverse health effects from hormone replacement and the results last much longer.

As such, these products have become incredibly popular in recent years. With so many to choose from though, it’s important to understand how they work and which might suit you best.

With this in mind, we’re going to look at two high-quality natural testosterone boosters – Centrapeak and TestoFuel – to assess and compare their t-boosting claims. Let’s get started.

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Centrapeak Testosterone Booster Review

Centrapeak is made by Peak Nutrition Ltd, a UK-based nutritional supplement company with more than 15 years of experience.

Centrapeak is its flagship “male vitality supplement” product, designed to support healthy testosterone levels and promote cognitive wellbeing.

As would be expected with a product manufactured by a well-established company, Centrapeak conforms to GMP standards.

Indeed, it is manufactured in an AA grade facility under the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, which is the highest such grade available from the BRC.

Like many other natural testosterone boosters, Centrapeak claims to boost energy levels, build strength, recharge confidence and enhance libido by stimulating testosterone production naturally.

What’s more, Centrapeak puts special emphasis on its mental health benefits, claiming that the inclusion of ingredients typically found in nootropic supplements work to further enhance mental clarity and feelings of wellbeing.

The idea is that as your psychological health improves, your motivation to develop productive habits increases which in turn further benefits your mental and physical health, thereby creating a ‘virtuous cycle.’

Sounds great, but let’s take a look at the ingredients and doses in greater detail to see how the claims hold up to analysis and whether Centrapeak really does boost testosterone production.

Is Centrapeak the testosterone booster it declares itself to be?

Centrapeak Review: Ingredient Claims Overview

Centrapeak makes a lot of bold claims regarding its effectiveness which it claims is backed up by clinical research.

They are as follows:

  • Stimulates Leydig cells in your testes to produce testosterone
  • Reduces cortisol levels and other stress hormones that inhibit testosterone production
  • Optimizes neurotransmitters to enhance mood and mental health
  • Suppresses estrogen production and effectiveness
  • Support muscle protein synthesis
  • Reduces inflammation for a speedier recovery
  • Increases metabolism to burn calories faster

These claims all come down to the carefully selected and formulated ingredients that comprise Centrapeak, of which there are fourteen.

Mental and physical wellbeing are intimately linked. The better you feel, the more likely you are to form healthy habits.

But while Centrapeak claims its formulation sets it apart from other testosterone boosters in the crowded natural t booster market in terms of promoting mental wellbeing, it only contains three ingredients that aren’t typically found in their competitors. Let’s take a look at those first.

CentraPeak Review: Ingredients

CentraPeak contains a number of ingredients that can enhance cognition and boost testosterone. In this section, we will take an in-depth look at each of them.

Phosphatidylserine – 100 mg

Centrapeak contains 100 mg of phosphatidylserine (PS), a phospholipid found everywhere in your body but primarily in brain cell membranes where it acts to repair neurons and optimize neurotransmitters like acetylcholine.

In short, PS is essential to your brain’s healthy functioning. Low levels of PS are associated with cognitive decline and low mood. [2]

In particular, it blocks the stress hormone cortisol, which inhibits testosterone production [3], making it a popular supplement for athletes.

Many of the studies attesting to PS’s positive benefits on psychological health, brain functioning and sports performance, however, tend to be based on higher doses of PS (600 mg or more) than is found in Centrapeak, but there is little questioning its effectiveness.

Rhodiola Rosea – 100 mg

Rhodiola Rosea is another ingredient in Centrapeak testosterone booster that’s more commonly found in nootropic supplements than natural t boosters.

It is an adaptogen, meaning it helps your body deal with stress by reducing stress hormones and cortisol levels. [4]

Studies indicate it can help combat mild to moderate depression [5] and reduce mental fatigue in stressful situations. [6]

However, as with PS, these studies are based on doses that are double or more than that present in Centrapeak, so it’s reasonable to presume the benefits won’t be as pronounced.

Pine Bark Extract – 75 mg

Centrapeak also contains 75 mg of pine bark extract, a natural antioxidant with both physical and cognitive benefits.

It triggers the release of nitric oxide which, in turn, increases blood flow around the body thus allowing for more testosterone uptake. [7]

In terms of its cognitive benefits, one 2014 study suggests 150 mg of pine bark extract taken daily can increase memory capacity by 3.6 percent and sustained attention by 13.4 percent, although all the participants in this research were over 55 years old. [8]

Zinc Magnesium Aspartate (ZMA) – 90 mg

First up, Centrapeak has 90 mg of Zinc Magnesium Aspartate (ZMA), comprising 20 mg of zinc, 50 mg of magnesium and 10 mg of vitamin B6. Centrapeak uses zinc citrate and magnesium citrate to boost absorption.

A staple of many testosterone boosting supplements, ZMA encourages testosterone production in men who are deficient in one or more of these nutrients, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6.

One study from 2000 showed a substantial increase in the t levels of 27 college football players after just eight weeks. [9]

It’s worth noting this study while giving equal amounts of zinc and vitamin B6, administered nearly ten times more magnesium though!

Zinc supplementation can help to reduce depression, it can also increase human growth hormone levels. Zinc also helps to aid testosterone release allowing more testosterone in your body.

Vitamin K2 – 45 mcg

A deficiency in vitamin K can lead to a drop in testosterone levels in men. Studies have shown that supplementing with vitamin K can help with free testosterone production, muscle growth and recovery [10].

Vitamin D3 – 82.5 mcg

Vitamin D3 is also a common deficiency in men, which can lead to reduced testosterone. It is the only vitamin that can be increased via exposure to sunlight. But particularly in colder countries, it is often necessary to supplement.

Like vitamin K, vitamin D3 has been shown to increase testosterone levels, strength, and muscle growth when supplemented [11].

Vitamin D and K work well when supplemented individually, but when taken together they are even more effective. [12]

Vitamin D supplementation has also been shown to reduce body fat, which can help with testosterone levels over time.

Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) – 200 mg

Centrapeak testosterone booster also contains 200 mg of indole-3-carbinol (I3C), an anticarcinogenic and antioxidant-rich nutrient included to inhibit estrogen production, the female hormone that suppresses testosterone availability.

One 1997 study with an admittedly small sample size found administration of I3C daily over one week significantly increased urinary excretion of estrogen.

Again, however, these female hormone reducing results are based on doses much stronger than those found in Centrapeak.

Ashwagandha – 500 mg

Ashwagandha has many uses, it can help to reduce stress and anxiety, lower cortisol levels, and it also works well as a libido enhancer. There is also a lot of promising research looking into the effects it has on testosterone.

It can help to increase energy levels by lowering fatigue, and it also has a strong motivational effect.

It can improve sperm quality, helping to increase your chances of conception. All of these benefits explain why it is so popular in Ayurvedic medicine.

Ashwagandha is an ideal ingredient for anyone suffering from low testosterone. It can help to improve your mood, your libido, it can help with weight loss, exercise performance, and it can lower cortisol levels and stress. An ideal addition.

Mucuna Pruriens – 75 mg

While mucuna pruriens is one of the more effective testosterone boosting ingredients, its ability to improve sperm quality, count, and concentration are its most well-documented benefits. Mucuna pruriens has also been found to lower stress hormone levels such as cortisol.

Mucuna pruriens can also help to improve your mood and may be able to increase motivation and self-esteem. This is a smart ingredient to add to a testosterone booster.

Korean Panax Ginseng – 100 mg

Korean Panax ginseng is often combined with mucuna pruriens and ashwagandha, as they work well together.

In fact, a 2016 study looked at the effects of ashwagandha, mucuna pruriens, and Panax ginseng on serum testosterone levels.

The study found that all three significantly increased testosterone in male rats after eight weeks of dosing, though no mention was made of free testosterone levels. [13]

Ginseng is a great ingredient in its own right. It can increase libido, improve sleep quality (which has a knock-on effect on testosterone) and can lower LDL (bad) cholesterol.

It also appears to lower your risk of certain cancers (colorectal, pancreatic, and ovarian).

Ginseng may be able to improve cognition, or at the very least prevent cognitive decline. This may not feel important now but in 40 years? Ginseng is also used to improve recovery from exercise.

Improving blood flow, reducing blood lactate, and reducing inflammation all help your muscles recover from a strenuous workout.

Luteolin – 50 mg

Centrapeak contains 50 mg of luteolin, which inhibits the aromatase enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen, [14] It also has anti-inflammatory properties that may help to protect the testes and testosterone production.

Despite its scientific name, luteolin is naturally found in a wide variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It may have cognitive and mood-enhancing benefits, but these are still being researched.

Boron – 10 mg

Boron potentially increases the bioavailability of free testosterone by as much as 14 percent, [15] Weekly boron supplementation could help to create significantly higher testosterone levels over time.

Bioperine – 10 mg

Centrapeak also contains 10 mg of Bioperine, a patented black pepper extract believed to enhance the effects of all the other ingredients. [16]

Centrapeak Review Summary

A review of the scientific literature shows the ingredients Centrapeak includes in its formulation undoubtedly have the potential to improve mental wellbeing. However, given the doses involved, it’s likely the claims are somewhat overblown.

Physical and mental wellbeing are codependent on one another. In this sense, one of the most crucial factors that will determine your mental wellbeing is how well prepared you are to improve your physical health.

And this, of course, is largely determined by your natural testosterone levels.

On this count, Centrapeak boasts an impressive array of ingredients, proven to naturally boost testosterone levels.

However, once again, it comes up a little short when it comes to dosing. Most of the ingredients present in Centrapeak are a little on the low side.

In total, each capsule of Centrapeak contains around 1225 mg of active ingredients. TestoFuel, on the other hand, contains 3000 mg of active ingredients. A long and impressive ingredient list isn’t everything. Quantities matter too.

On that note, let’s look at what TestoFuel has to offer in greater depth.

TestoFuel Review

Testofuel is formulated and manufactured by Roar Ambition, one of the UK’s leading health and workout supplement brands.

With GMP-certified facilities in both the USA and the UK, TestoFuel is manufactured to the highest standards and shipped worldwide for free.

If Centrapeak bombards you with a shopping list of t boosting ingredients, TestoFuel takes a more direct approach.

It contains nine active ingredients proven to stimulate testosterone production and availability, and it provides them in hefty doses.

As such, TestoFuel effectively increases free testosterone levels, and total testosterone, leading to increased muscle growth, lean muscle mass, better muscle function, brain cell growth, a stronger immune system, higher sperm count and improved male fertility.

Let’s take a look at how TestoFuel does it.

TestoFuel’s Ingredients

As with Centrapeak, TestoFuel contains the ‘base’ ZMA nutrients required to restore testosterone levels for men who are deficient in these.

It does so, however, with a more generous 200 mg helping of magnesium, while its 10 mg serving of zinc is compensated by the presence of 100 mg of oyster extract.

Aside from being an incredibly zinc-rich food, oysters are about as good a source of testosterone boosting nutrients as you are likely to find.

It’s not for nothing that this mollusc has its reputation as an aphrodisiac.

One 2021 study in China found oysters contain a compound called Crassostrea oyster peptide 3 (COP3) that elevated testosterone content in mice, leading to increased erectile function. [17]

Centrapeak doesn’t contain oyster extract, but other shared ingredients between it and TestoFuel include the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2.

We’ve covered the benefits of vitamin D and K, but it’s worth noting TestoFuel has more vitamin D3 (100 mcg) but less vitamin K (18 mcg).

The final shared ingredient is Panax ginseng which, like Centrapeak, is present at 100 mg.

Now let’s consider the natural ingredients in TestoFuel that aren’t present in Centrapeak.

D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA – 2300 mg)

D-aspartic acid is the main ingredient in TestoFuel by dose. It is an amino acid that stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone, which is necessary for the production and release of testosterone.

One of the most commonly found natural ingredients in natural t boosters, research demonstrates that D-AA significantly increases testosterone levels in men by increasing the presence of luteinizing hormone.

One 2012 study reported increases of as much as 60 percent within three months of taking D-AA. [18] Crucially, this study used daily doses of 2600 mg of D-AA – more or less what TestoFuel contains.

D-aspartic acid is well known for its ability to improve male fertility, with sperm count, motility, and quality all seeing significant improvements when DAA is supplemented.

There may be an increase in androgen hormones, which could lead to weight loss and muscle gains in the future.

Fenugreek Seed (100 mg)

Fenugreek is a lot more than a cupboard staple. While traditional Chinese and ancient Roman societies primarily used this herb to alleviate pain and swelling, modern-day research has shown it to have exceptional testosterone boosting qualities.

One 2017 study found that 500 mg of fenugreek administered daily over 12 weeks elevated testosterone levels in men by an average of 46 percent in 90 percent of the participants. [19]

Another study from 2016 reported significant reductions in body fat alongside increases in muscle mass and strength in volunteers who took 300 mg of fenugreek daily over eight weeks. [20]

Fenugreek is also known to increase your libido, with a 2011 study finding that men aged between 25 and 52 saw significant increases in arousal and libido when given fenugreek. [21] There is some evidence that Fenugreek can help to reduce body fat.

A 2010 study found that fenugreek supplementation led to a reduction in body fat percentage, with body mass unaffected. [22] This could point to a small increase in lean muscle mass, as this would explain how you could lose fat while not losing overall weight.

Interestingly, fenugreek supplementation may lead to an increase in HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol).

This is useful as HDL cholesterol is converted into anabolic hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone.

An increase in growth hormone can help with muscle building as well as recovery. While converting more cholesterol into testosterone can help with low testosterone.

TestoFuel Ingredient’s Summary

TestoFuel’s ingredients list is straightforward and effective. Big doses of the most proven testosterone boosting ingredients, with necessary attention given to base nutrients alongside vitamin combinations that bring the best out of each other.

Are Centrapeak and TestoFuel Safe?

Centrapeak and TestoFuel are both manufactured in certified facilities by reputable companies with a proven track record. You don’t need to worry about quality or contamination when it comes to either of these t boosting products.

However, if you are on medication of some kind, it’s always a good idea to consult with a doctor before making any big changes to your dietary habits.

Centrapeak Or TestoFuel – Which Comes Out On Top?

Centrapeak and TestoFuel are both high-quality products that will undoubtedly complement your training regime by boosting your testosterone levels and thereby maximising the benefits.

Centrapeak not only claims to boost t levels, but it also states that its ingredient formulation improves cognitive function and helps combat signs of depression by lowering stress hormone levels. Quite the miracle formula indeed!

Testosterone can be massively affected by mental health, with things such as stress-induced fatigue affecting sleep and exercise leading to weight gain and low testosterone. Using ingredients that reducing stress such as Rhodiola Rosea is a great idea.

Finding ways to reduce cortisol levels, boost testosterone and create hormonal balance is going to help reduce stress and improve mental performance.

While it is a good testosterone booster, Centrapeak’s biggest weakness as a testosterone booster isn’t in the ingredients it contains, but the quantities they are available in.

Put simply, 1225 mg of active ingredients, of which only 1000 mg are known to directly elevate testosterone levels and increase its availability, is a little on the low side compared with the 3000 mg that TestoFuel packs in.

It’s also a bit of an oversight not to include D-AA, a proven testosterone booster. Sure, it has vitamin d (the sunshine vitamin) but so does TestoFuel.

So, while Centrapeak is a fine product you probably won’t be disappointed with, we think TestoFuel is better for pure testosterone boosting effectiveness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CentraPeak safe?

Yes, CentraPeak contains perfectly safe ingredients in sensible dosages. You should always check with your doctor before taking any new supplement, just as an added precaution.

Is TestoFuel safe?

TestoFuel is completely safe to take, and all of its ingredients are thoroughly checked. Speak to your doctor before taking TestoFuel, or any supplements, as an added precaution.

Does CentraPeak work?

Yes, CentraPeak contains ingredients that can boost testosterone and increase your libido. It can also help to reduce stress and anxiety and improve your mood.

Does TestoFuel work?

Yes, TestoFuel works incredibly well at raising testosterone levels in men, particularly in men who lead stressful lives, have bad sleeping habits, and men who may be overweight.

How long does it take for CentraPeak to work?

It should take around 8-12 weeks for CentraPeak to show signs of success. This can vary depending on a number of factors though.

How long does it take for TestoFuel to work?

TestoFuel should take around 6-12 weeks for results to start showing, depending on your unique genetics, your lifestyle, and a number of other factors. Some people may see results quicker, while others may take longer.

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