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Does T Hero Really Boost Testosterone Production/Testosterone Levels?

Once you pass the age of 25, Testosterone levels begin to decline. This is something that affects others more severely, but it will affect everyone. This can cause major issues to both your energy levels, muscle mass, and sex drive, not to mention the effects all of this can have on your mental health. Luckily there’s plenty of clever people out there that have put together testosterone boosting supplements that use natural ingredients to boost your bodies ability to natural produce testosterone.

The question is, how is anyone supposed to figure out what’s actually worth your money when all of these brands claim to be the best? Well that’s where we come in, combining our expert industry knowledge with a fantastic research team in order to sort the very best from the very worst.

Well then you’re probably wondering what we think of T Hero, and for those looking for a quick answer we would not recommend this supplement. T Hero isn’t a terrible supplement by any stretch of of the word, containing some fantastic ingredients that are clinically proven to boost testosterone levels, it’s just that there’s similar products that take things to the next level, such as one of our favourites Testofuel.

Let’s get on with the article, but for those interested you can Browse Testofuel Deals Here.

Ingredients In T Hero (Ingredients Breakdown)

Ashwagandha Extract 600mg

This ingredient has a long and storied history of use, particularly in traditional Indian medicine where it’s use can be traced back as far as 6000BC. It was mostly used a a general tonic, but was noted for it’s effects as an aphrodisiac and stimulant. More modernly it’s known as an adaptogen, with some thinking it’s able to reduce swelling, calm the brain, lower blood pressure and, of course, increase testosterone levels, but some dispute these claims.

That being said, the clinical data is largely positive for ashwagandha extract as a testosterone booster, such as a randomized, double-blind study we found which took 43 men and treated them with either 300mg of ashwagandha extract or placebo. The findings of this study revealed that although an increase in testosterone levels was found in the intervention group, there was no notable difference in stress hormone levels, fatigue/ vigor, or sexual well-being [1].

As promising as it is to hear of an increase in free testosterone, it’s clear more testing is required to fully understand the mechanisms with which this is achieved, as many of the desired effects of increased testosterone levels were not observed.

Shilajit Extract (20% Fulvic Acid) 500mg

Shilajit, also called mineral pitch, contains fulvic acid and many other minerals. There are numerous possible benefits of shilajit. Taking it as a powder or supplement may help boost brain function, slow the aging process, increase fertility, and more. More modern times have people claiming shilajit can prevent or slow Alzheimer’s disease, raise testosterone levels and even treat chronic fatigue syndrome, though not all of said claims are backed by scientific research.

One scientific study carried out focused on testing sixty-three active men using this extract in order to examine the results. The verdict of this test concluded a retention of maximal muscular strength following the fatiguing protocol[2]. This also elicited favourable muscle and connective tissue adaptations. Overall this is a beneficial extract towards seeking muscle retention based on a similar dosage examination on a test group.

Diindolylmethane (DIM) 100mg

Diindolymethane is a biproduct of a chemical called Indole-3-carbinol which is most commonly found in cruciferous vegetables such as brocoli and cauliflower. Its use in testosterone boosters is because it’s thought to reduce estrogens effects, though there’s some contradicting evidence for this.

We found a clinical trial that states diindolymethane leads to a decrease in sperm quality as well as cell death in the reproductive system [3] so it seems we’re going to need further testing to prove whether or not this is going to be useful. The data for Indole-3-carbinol is much more clear cut for limiting estrogen production, leaving us wondering why they didn’t just include that?

Boron 5mg

Boron is known as a trace mineral due to the small amount found in the human body. It is also known to be useful towards growth and bone maintenance, beneficial towards healing and also impacting the absorption of other important essential minerals like magnesium and vitamin D. Boron is quite extensive towards it’s beneficial properties in general health but what effect does it have on testosterone production?

We discovered a review examining the effects Boron has on human health and the extensive collection of positive data led us to a clever article title “Nothing Boring About Boron”. This study includes four studies directly related to Borons effects on sex steroid hormones, all of which had highly positive reviews. One such study demonstrated the doubling of testosterone levels whilst testing with people who had a low boron diet [4]. Like we discussed with the previous extract small doses are unlikely going to make any immediate changes and we must keep an open mind when learning about the advantages of certain natural ingredients.

Black Pepper Extract – 10mg

There’s a distinct, biting flavour to black pepper that it seems to hold exclusive rights to, and the cause of this taste is Piperine. This alkaloid is also the main cause of black peppers super power – the ability to increase the bioavailability of nutrients, or to put it more simply – the ability to increase the amount of nutrition you can absorb. It doesn’t do a whole lot on it’s own then, but pair it with a bunch of ingredients that all boost testosterone and you’ll end up with a far more effective formula overall.


So with the review of T-Hero coming to a close we’ve learnt a lot from what this product can offer. The insights into how different extracts can be greatly beneficial towards your health. But overall T-Hero fails to deliver a truly amazing product mainly because of the small amount of ingredients resulting in diminishing effects. Low dosages aligned with a small set of ingredients fails to offer true value for money. There is one other product that does offer much better value and that product is called Testofuel. These findings are based on extensive research to discover the best results from a range of supplements.

Our recommendation – TestoFuel

Testofuel’s formula excels when it comes to enhancing your testosterone levels, offering a quicker and more efficient result for those seeking immediate effects. There’s simply a lot more to it, giving you better value for your money as well thanks to not only more ingredients, but ingredients that are better proven by clinical data.

TestoFuel is an excellent alternative focusing heavily on the importance of testosterone levels, performance and strength. Extracts include Vitamin D3 & K2, Magnesium, Zinc, Oyster Shell, Boron etc. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium in result helps with bone strength, muscle functionality and assisting the immune system against invading bacteria and viruses[5]. Vitamin K (MK-7) has health-beneficial effects in cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes. Magnesium is an abundant mineral in the body that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function and bloody pressure regulation[6].

A vital component not used in T-Hero is D-Aspartic acid, an amino acid that plays a significant role in controlling both growth hormones and testosterone levels. It also triggers the release of a hormone known as the luteinizing hormone. One thing often overlooked with this ingredient is it’s crucial role in enhancing sperm quality. One clinical trial demonstrated that just 90 days of supplementing with D-Aspartic acid led to a 30-60% increase in testosterone levels and a 60-100% improvement in sperm count [7].

Another vital mineral not found in T-Hero is Zinc. Zinc is a vital trace element for normal function of the living system. In men, zinc is involved in various biological processes, an important function of which is as a balancer of hormones such as testosterone. Studies have also proven the importance of zinc while examining test subjects and their deficiency in zinc. Tests have concluded a reduction in testosterone levels and that zinc supplementation improves testosterone production[8].

As you can see, although T-Hero is certainly a competent testosterone boosting supplement, there are many benefits to using TestoFuel. Both supplements provide some essential elements but overall TestoFuel provides a much greater response when seeking testosterone production. For those seeking muscle growth and a greater level of testosterone production from supplements look no further as our research has demonstrated which offers a better result. For those seeking a change in workout performance and muscle growth TestoFuel covers all the criteria towards improving not just your physical health but also overall mental health/ability.

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