TestoFuel v Nugenix Total T Review 

Low testosterone can be a heavy burden to bear, causing low energy, increased fat retention, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, decreased bone mass, poor memory, and even depression. What’s more, low testosterone makes achieving your fitness goals a whole lot harder.

In short, adequate testosterone is essential for men’s health.

With the creation of natural testosterone boosters, there is no longer any need to endanger your health by taking synthetic test boosters to gain the benefits of proper testosterone levels.

Made principally from plant and trace minerals, natural testosterone boosters give your body the tools it needs to boost free testosterone which you need for a happy, healthy, functional life.

If you suffer from low testosterone, or simply want to get a boost to improve your situation, then using dietary supplements, like a high-quality, natural t-booster can have a dramatic effect.

Many men who use a natural test booster to boost free testosterone report life-changing results, including heaps of energy, improved sexual health, boosted mood and confidence, and better results in the gym.

The first step towards enjoying these benefits is to find a test booster that suits your needs. The ingredients and the doses are the most important factor.

To appreciate the total testosterone boosting properties of a natural booster you will need to be certain that the ingredients are proven.

Furthermore, those ingredients need to be supplied at doses high enough to make them effective.

Today we will compare to popular t-boosters, Nugenix Total Testosterone and Testofuel by Roar Ambition. We’ll say upfront that there is a clear winner between these two boosters (hint: it’s Testofuel).

This review will demonstrate the importance of carefully examining the ingredients list of any testosterone booster you decide to buy.

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Nugenix Total T 

The Nugenix Total T testosterone boosting formula is a well-known product on the testosterone booster market.

The manufacturers claim it will naturally and safely boost testosterone, increasing your muscle strength and muscle size while reducing body fat.

Additionally, the manufacturers claim that the Nugenix Total T supplement will spice up your sex life by increasing your libido, sexual health, and sexual performance.

For those suffering low levels of testosterone, these promises could make it sound like Nugenix Total T is everything you’ve been looking for, but before we jump for our wallets, let’s take a careful look at the ingredients to make sure it lives up to its claims.

Nugenix Total T Ingredients 

The testosterone boosting formula created by Nugenix Total Testosterone includes an unusual array of ingredients and doses. Unfortunately, this does not add to the power of the formula, as the unique ingredients are not backed by scientific studies and many of the doses are too low.

That said, there are some key ingredients that will lead to muscle strength and size gains, safely boosts free testosterone, improve sexual performance, and increase energy levels. Let’s take a look at the good and the bad of Nugenix Total T.

1. Vitamin B6 – 2mg

Vitamin B6 plays an important role in several bodily functions, including brain functioning and haemoglobin production. It has also been found to have a beneficial impact on your eyes, skin, and hair.

Research suggests that vitamin B6 is also a testosterone booster, thanks to the way it stimulates hormone production and limits the production of estrogen [1][2].

What is also clear from the research, is that being deficient in B6 can result in extremely low testosterone. B6 may also be able to increase growth hormone levels, but results are mixed at this moment in time.

The recommended daily amount of B6 is 2mg, meaning Nuganix Total T should ensure you are not deficient in this particular vitamin.

2. Vitamin B12 – 2.4mcg

Vitamin B12 is known to play a role in red blood cell formation, support bone density, and may help to maintain a stable mood and prevent depression. A lack of vitamin B12 has been shown to lead to a decrease in testosterone levels that can be reversed by taking B12 as a dietary supplement.

Supplementing with B12 can also help to reduce fatigue and may help to improve your mood. Further research is required, but it is noted that people with depression tend to be more likely to be deficient in vitamin B12.

Nugenix contains the recommended daily amount of B12 for adults as part of its testosterone boosting formula, meaning it will maintain your B12 levels ensuring it does not cause or contribute to reduced testosterone levels.

3. Zinc (Chelate) – 1mg

Zinc is well-known for having powerful testosterone boosting properties and is considered the main active ingredient in oysters, which are thought to be an aphrodisiac.

Studies have shown that a zinc deficiency causes lower testosterone levels. One study, conducted on 40 healthy males, found that when zinc was removed from their diet their testosterone levels dropped dramatically [3].

Zinc is highly effective at improving mood, particularly in those who suffer from depression (but do not respond to certain medications). It is also excellent for recovery from exercise, reducing inflammation and increasing human growth hormone levels.

It also has cognitive benefits, helping to boost focus and increasing male performance potential.

Unfortunately, Nugenix Total T contains a ridiculously low amount of zinc, just 1 mg. The standard dosage is around 5 to 10 mg.

It is hard to see how just 1 mg of zinc will have much impact on your testosterone levels. Other test boosters, including TestoFuel, contain better, more effective dosages of zinc.

4. L-Citrulline Malate – 1125mg

L-Citrulline is an amino acid that the body uses to create L-Arginine. Now a well-regarded supplement, L-Arginine has been proven to be a testosterone support booster that will help you to build lean muscle and lose weight [4].

As well as increasing t levels, L-Arginine helps to increase blood flow by widening blood vessels. For this reason, it is also used to treat erectile dysfunction and heart disease.

Since L-Citrulline is included in Nugenix Total T in high amounts, it’s likely this testosterone booster lives up to its claim to improve your sexual performance.

Increasing blood flow is also useful for working out, which is why Citrulline is commonly used in bodybuilding. It can also help with recovery, which can help to boost total testosterone.

5. Fenugreek Extract – 600mg

Fenugreek extract is a common testosterone boosting supplement found in most of the top testosterone boosters, including in Nugenix Total T.

It contains furostanolic saponins, which prevents certain enzymes from converting testosterone into estrogen, thus protecting your t levels from the influence of the female hormone.

What’s more, fenugreek has been scientifically proven to boost testosterone in a number of clinical studies. One showed significant increases in both total testosterone and free testosterone levels after fenugreek was taken as a dietary supplement [5].

Another study reported an increase in free testosterone levels by 46%, along with an increase in sperm count [6].

One interesting benefit of fenugreek that is rarely discussed is its potential ability to regulate appetite. There is a lot of research currently looking at whether fenugreek works similar to regular fiber, increasing satiety and reducing your need to snack. This could lead to weight loss which can further increase testosterone.

Nugenix Total Testosterone contains a reasonable dose of fenugreek that should result in the promised testosterone level increases.

6. Ancient Peat Extract and Apple Fruit Extract – 150mg

One of the most unusual ingredients included in the Nugenix Total T formula is ancient peat extract, along with apple fruit extract. Despite not having testosterone boosting properties, it has been suggested that these extracts boost gym performance in other ways.

The main component being increased by these extracts is adenosine triphosphate or ATP. ATP is considered one of the primary sources of energy in the body. Working much like a battery, ATP stores energy at the cellular level and then releases it in busts when called upon by the body.

A study into the effectiveness of an ancient peat extract and apple fruit extract blend discovered a significant increase in athletic performance in adult males over a 12 week period [7].

The study cited included exactly the same dose of the ATP blend as is included in Nugenix Total T testosterone, suggesting the testosterone booster will also increase your energy levels and gym performance.

However, the study was funded by industry and is not backed up by further research. What’s more, the extracts included in Nugenix Total T testosterone are part of a proprietary blend, which means we have no idea how much of each of the extracts is included and at what ratio.

Some scientists have also questioned what ancient peat extract is exactly, as the substance is not clearly defined in the literature. These are by far the worst ingredients in the formula and have no real benefits.

7. Eurycoma Longifolia Extract – 100mg

The seventh ingredient in the Nugenix Total T testosterone booster is Eurycoma longifolia, also known as longjack and Tongkat Ali. This plant extract has been used to treat erectile dysfunction, increase sexual desire, improve male virility, prevent bone calcium loss, and boost testosterone.

One study demonstrated Eurycoma longifolia’s ability to boost testosterone in older men. Each of the participants was given 200mg of Eurycoma longifolia as a dietary supplement [8].

Eurycoma longifolia is particularly effective at reducing cortisol, which is important as chronically high cortisol levels can damage the testes and lead to reduced testosterone in men.

Again, Nugenix Total T testosterone fails to include a high enough dose of this extract, with only 100mg included. It is unclear whether this amount will boost total testosterone levels and achieve the results we are looking for.

8. Boron – 10ml

Boron, like many trace minerals, is commonly found in many of the foods we all regularly eat; boron is even found in coffee.

It is an essential trace mineral that plays a vital role in metabolism, bone density, healing of wounds, increases magnesium absorption, reduces the harm done by pesticides, and improve the body’s use of vitamin D and, most importantly, testosterone [9].

One study, in particular, showed that Boron, given as a diet supplement, increased levels of free testosterone in participants and reduced inflammation [10].

This study gave participants 11.6mg of boron, not far off the amount included in the Nugenix Total T booster. Therefore, Nugenix Total T testosterone does offer the health benefits offered by adequate amounts of boron taken as a dietary supplement.

Nugenix Total T Conclusion

While Nugenix Total Testosterone contains extracts, trace minerals, and vitamins that have been shown to be an effective testosterone boosting formula, it also includes dud ingredients and ingredients included at such low doses as to be almost worthless.

In particular, the extremely low levels of zinc are unlikely to effectively increase testosterone production. Equally, the inclusion of the dubious ancient peat and apple extract is concerning as it does not suggest that the formula has been carefully researched and prepared.

Those ingredients that are backed by science are typically included at recommended daily amounts, which might not be enough for someone suffering from low testosterone.

If you are deficient in certain minerals or vitamins or have particularly low testosterone, you may need more than the amount recommended for healthy adults.

Nugenix Total Testosterone would not be our first choice of testosterone booster to try, far from it. The Nugenix Total T testosterone boosting formula is substandard, there are far better formulas available at similar prices.

TestoFuel – The better supplement

To demonstrate the flaws in Nugenix Total T, let us compare it to a high-quality, established testosterone supplement like Testofuel. By doing so, it will become evident what an effective testosterone boosting formula looks like.

Created by one of the leading dietary supplement companies, Roar Ambition, Testofuel, along with being high-quality, is perhaps the most popular testosterone booster on the market today.

Looking at the ingredients and doses, it will become clear why Testofuel stands out among the competition.

TestoFuel Ingredients 

Unlike Nugenix Total T, which includes propriety blends, the Testofuel ingredients are available and transparent. We can see exactly what is included in each serving and at what ratios.

Furthermore, the Testofuel formula includes more ingredients than Nugenix Total T – TestoFuel has nine ingredients while Nugenix Total T has only eight – and each one of those nine ingredients is scientifically proven to boost testosterone.

D-Aspartic Acid, for example, is considered one of the most powerful natural testosterone boosters and is one of the key ingredients in Testofuel.

One study found that testosterone levels in adult males increased by 30-60% after just 90 days of taking D-Aspartic Acid [11].

As noted, Nugenix Total T has only 1mg of zinc. This is so long it’s a wonder Nugenix Total T even bothered to include it.

TestoFuel, on the other hand, contains 10mg of zinc chelate plus 100mg of oyster extract. Combined, that’s plenty of zinc to boost your testosterone levels and help you build lean muscle mass.

Zinc tends to work very fast when it comes to testosterone, which is a huge bonus. Most testosterone boosters tend to take a few weeks to see any changes. While major changes will still take time when using TestoFuel, the zinc should lead to noticeable changes within a couple of weeks. Or even quicker!

Instead of including propriety blends that have not been properly tested, Testofuel contains vitamin D, one of the most carefully researched vitamins due to its abundant health benefits.

Vitamin D has been referred to as the sixth steroid hormone because of its testosterone boosting powers.

Studies show that vitamin D can increase testosterone levels by staggering amounts when taken at higher doses – at least 3,000-4,000 IU per day [12]. Testofuel contains 4,000 IU per serving, ensuring your vitamin D levels will be high enough to make those muscle gains in the gym.

Vitamin D has many other benefits too. Helping to lower body fat, reduce high blood pressure, and lower triglycerides. Making it highly beneficial for your health and reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Along with vitamin D, Testofuel has 18mcg of vitamin K2, which is not included in Nugenix Total T.

Vitamin K2 has been scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels significantly. By doing so, it plays a role in building lean muscle mass, stimulating sex drive, and boosting your confidence.

One study reported a 70% increase in testosterone circulation after just five weeks of taking K2 as a dietary supplement [13].

On top of these efficient and effective testosterone boosters, Testofuel also contains generous amounts of ginseng, fenugreek extract, vitamin D3, and magnesium. All of which have been proven to increase testosterone levels, improve libido, increase muscle mass, and contribute to healthy cognitive functioning.

TestoFuel v Nugenix Total T

Having taken an in-depth look at the ingredients of both TestoFuel and Nugenix Total T we can conclude that TestoFuel is a significantly better testosterone supplement than Nugenix Total T.

TestoFuel contains more and better key ingredients that are backed by research. While Nugenix Total T also includes some testosterone boosting elements, the inclusion of low doses and poorly researched ingredients lets the overall formula down.

If you want to gain lean muscle mass, have a better sex life, experience weight loss, and have more energy, then TestoFuel is more likely to deliver than Nugenix Total T. Though Nugenix offer a decent testosterone boosting formula, it comes up short in certain areas.

The TestoFuel testosterone boosting formula offers a way to escape the symptoms of low testosterone quickly, efficiently, and safely. Exhaustively researched, backed by science, and popular among bodybuilders, TestoFuel is sure to take your training to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nugenix Total T Work?

Yes, for the most part. It has an effective testosterone boosting formula, but also contains a few useless or underdosed ingredients.

Does TestoFuel Work?

Yes, TestoFuel has a powerful testosterone boosting formula that contains highly dosed, effective ingredients. It safely boosts free and total testosterone.

Is Nugenix Safe?

Yes, none of the ingredients is in any way dangerous and the label provides complete transparency. If you have a serious medical condition then consult a healthcare practitioner.

Is TestoFuel Safe?

Yes, TestoFuel is completely safe. It has complete transparency when it comes to the ingredients list, so you can easily consult with a healthcare practitioner if you have a serious medical condition or are taking any medication.

How Long Does it Take Nugenix to Work?

You can expect to see results within a couple of months, and perhaps some benefits will be obvious within the first week. This can vary depending on a number of factors.

How Long Does it Take TestoFuel to Work?

You should start to see testosterone boosting results relatively quickly thanks to the high zinc content. Most people see real results within six to eight weeks. But this may vary.


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