Testofuel vs Test Boost Max Review The ultimate showdown…

Test Boost Max or Testofuel? Which Is The Best Testosterone Booster?

Testosterone boosting supplements have become very popular in promoting optimal men’s health. This is thanks to the importance of testosterone in building muscle mass; improving energy levels, sexual performance and mental well-being; and supporting heart, brain and bone health [1].

On the other hand many popular supplements that are branded as “testosterone boosters” lack the main ingredients that are needed to increase testosterone levels. These ingredients include: Vitamin D [2], Magnesium [3], Zinc [4] and Gingseng [5]. Testofuel is one of the few testosterone boosters that has all of these ingredients.

Below we compare Testofuel, developed by Roar Ambition, and Test Boost Max, developed by Sculpt Nation. Both claim to increase your testosterone level, by providing your body with the necessary nutrients to naturally produce more testosterone, instead of opting for harmful or synthetic products such as steroids. However, our investigation found some significant differences between Test Boost Max and Testofuel. This will be covered in more detail, but for those who prefer one, here’s a brief summary:

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Testofuel Basics

Roar Ambition specialise in making fitness supplements, such as Instant Knockout, and update their products regularly, based on the latest clinical evidence and studies, which are well referenced on their website. Several of their products are used and endorsed by various athletes and professional fighters, and Testofuel has many positive customer reviews worldwide. Testofuel is currently only available to buy on their official website but offers worldwide delivery at no cost.

Test Boost Max Basics

Sculpt Nation are a sports nutrition brand who also offer a range of fitness supplements, such as Burn Evolved, although comparatively are relatively new to this market. A quick search online for Sculpt Nation Test Boost Max reviews revealed that the majority of their customer reviews are mediocre at best, and closer inspection of Sculpt Nation’s claims show a lack of scientific evidence to back up their ingredient choices. Sculpt Nation has an impressive social media following, but this seems to be tarnished by a bad rep for some of their other products and their recurring credit card charges. Test Boost Max is similarly only purchasable through their official website, and whilst the delivery is also free here, it is only available for customers in the US and Canada.

Testofuel vs Test Boost Max – Ingredients

Both products boast a completely transparent, non-proprietary blend, so you can clearly see the dose of each ingredient on the label. They’re both all natural too so that’s a great start. Sculpt Nation Test Boost Max appears to contradict its name though, as the ingredient list primarily consists of mood and libido boosters, which don’t actually boost testosterone. Test Boost Max has some disappointing inclusions and omissions, like selecting other kinds of ginseng to the more effective Panax ginseng found in Testofuel, and omitting Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc and Boron entirely.

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Magnesium and Boron

Vital components in naturally raising testosterone levels. This product uses Magnesium Aspartate, one of the better, highly bioavailable forms of natural testosterone boosters [6]. It only contains 8mg of Boron per serving though, and studies have shown that a minimum of 10mg per day is more effective.

Vitamin D

Beneficial for numerous bodily functions and helps improve testosterone levels. Testofuel contains the optimal dosage of 4000IU [7] unlike most other similar supplements.

Vitamin K

Supports bone health and cell repair, as well as raising testosterone levels. Bonus points to Testofuel for using the more potent K2 variety, as opposed to the more commonly used K1.

Zinc and Oyster extract 

Zinc contributes to balancing hormones and a strong immune system. Oyster provides an additional source of Zinc to this product, along with a host of other important nutrients such as selenium and iron [8].

D-Aspartic Acid

Another ingredient proven to help improve testosterone levels [9].

Maca Root and Panax Ginseng

These ingredients are believed to boost energy, mood, libido and blood flow Ginseng has been found to improve testosterone level as well as symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Fenugreek Seed

This ingredient has also been found to naturally improve testosterone levels.

Vegetable Cellulose capsule

The brand recently swapped to this from a gelatine capsule, which now opens the product up to those on a halal or pescatarian diet. Although the addition of oyster means it is still unsuitable for those on a vegetarian, vegan or kosher diet.

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Sculpt Nation Test Boost Max


Well known for its effects on stress [10], by reducing cortisol levels and bringing hormones into balance, Ashwaganda is now a common ingredient in testosterone boosting blends. Despite this, it’s not yet proven to have any direct effect on testosterone levels.

Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero) and American Ginseng

Both of these ingredients are beaten by Panax ginseng when it comes to boosting testosterone levels. However, the former does offer a boost to general health and vitality [11], and the latter offers energy and mood boosts [12].

Bishop’s Hat (Epimedium Grandiflorum) and Longjack (Eurycoma Longifolia)

Both considered to have potent libido enhancing properties, but again, they are not strong contenders in terms of improving low testosterone levels [13].

Hawthorn Berry and Cordyceps Mycelium

Another couple of ingredients thrown in for general health boosting purposes, particularly anti inflammation and stress. Although once more, they are not great picks for testosterone boosters.

Tribulus Terrestris

As with Ashwaganda, Tribulus terrestris is commonly found in testosterone boosters, yet has little proven benefit in boosting testosterone levels and has conversely been linked to issues such as an enlarged prostate, sleep difficulties and stomach upsets [14].

Gelatine capsule

This inclusion makes Sculpt Nation Test Boost Max unsuitable for a variety of diets, including halal and vegetarian.

Testofuel vs Test Boost Max – Servings

Sculpt Nation Test Boost Max does well in the dosage department, but Testofuel comes out on top due to one small difference. Dose and frequency play a large part in the effectiveness of any supplement, and testosterone is no exception to this. Some testosterone boosters provide a serving size of only 1-2 capsules per day, but to ensure a constant supply of the relevant nutrients in your system, you need at least 3, preferably 4 each day. Both products hit the mark here, with Test Boost Max providing 3 per day and Testofuel providing 4 per day. This means they enable you to space them out over the course of day, preventing you from taking too much at once, whilst ensuring consistent benefits. One bottle of each supplement offers a 30-day supply.

Testofuel vs Test Boost Max – Which is Safer?

A successful testosterone booster will enhance your health and physique, not damage it. As a general rule, these kind of products tend to be safe to take, as with similar supplements like multi-vitamins, as long as you take them as directed and check the ingredients for any personal intolerances or allergens. It’s worth noting though that products of this nature should never be taken by under 18’s, and you should always consult your doctor when trying a new supplement to avoid conflict with any current medication. We also recommend avoiding supplements without a completely transparent ingredient list to avoid consuming any hidden nasties.

Is Sculpt Nation Test Boost Max safe?

We found it to be a completely natural and non-proprietary blend, made in US facilities that adhere to strict cGMP standards and containing ingredients that are unlikely to cause any serious risk. A couple of the ingredients in Test Boost Max here have been linked to some potential side effects such as sickness and dizziness, but the dosage is relatively low. This makes Test Boost Max one of the less potent boosters available but ensures that it can be taken safely over long periods of time for the vast majority of users. We would still encourage caution though as there looks to be a few Sculpt Nation Test Boost Max reviews out there where the tester developed nausea, cramps and an upset stomach.

How about Testofuel?

Testofuel checks all the same boxes. It’s 100% natural, doesn’t use a proprietary blend and meets the strict cGMP standards. We feel this has the better ingredient list of the two, and the small effective doses are safe long term. The only negative here is including shellfish, one of the most common allergens which isn’t included in Test boost max.

Testofuel vs Test Boost Max – Value for Money

Sculpt Nation Test Boost Max cost is $67.00 per bottle but looks to be on a perpetual $49.00 sale and offers a couple of multibuy discounts. Testofuel on the other hand, is priced at $65.00 or £39.99 per bottle, and again has a few bulk buy deals with discounts or free products. Both are only available on their official website, but they do provide free delivery. Testofuel is available worldwide whereas Test Boost Max is only accessible in the US and Canada. Testofuel offers a reasonable 90-day guarantee, but Test Boost Max claims to have a lifetime guarantee.

Sculpt Nation Test Boost Max is cheaper per bottle, whether you buy just one or a multipack, but the lowest price isn’t necessarily a good indicator. We’re looking for a winner in the testosterone boosting category and Testofuel just contains far more useful ingredients than Test Boost Max for this. It’s a higher price but comparatively it’s a premium product. If you’re looking for a general health and libido supplement, then Test Boost Max is still worth a try, but we feel there are much better formulas out there for raising testosterone. Testofuel is clearly better value for money out of the two.

Testofuel vs Test Boost Max review– Scores

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Testofuel vs Test Boost Max – Conclusion

Our Testofuel vs Sculpt Nation Test Boost Max review has a clear champion. At first glance, these competing products appeared very similar, but we can comfortably conclude that Testofuel is the better option. Testofuel has been one of the best rated testosterone boosters for years now, and we wholly approve of it. It’s even used and endorsed by the legendary Robby Robinson, 5 times Mr Olympia winner. Honestly, the only minor negatives we can muster up here are the addition of an ingredient that is both a common allergen and isolates those on certain diets, and the high price point which is arguably justified by the premium quality of the product anyway. Check out our top 5 best testosterone booster list to see how Testofuel compares to some of the other competitors. We’ll give you a hint though, it was triumphant there too.

They share some positive similarities, such as high quality and safe ingredients, but Test Boost Max falls short on the rest. Our score of 3.5/5 is probably a bit too generous in reality. Whilst it is comprised of some brilliant libido and mood boosting ingredients, we found the name to be misleading as it offers very little for actual testosterone boosting, which makes the lower price turn out to be poor value for money. Other Sculpt Nation Test Boost Max reviews seem to share our concerns, particularly about the questionable ingredient choices and their lack of ability to truly boost testosterone levels.


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