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As a man, testosterone fuels most of what you do. It provides determination, strength and ambition, all of which are necessary to set and achieve your personal goals. Let’s not forget the role it plays in the bedroom, as it’s common knowledge that high testosterone means a high sex drive. Now let’s slowly take all of that away as you age and ask that same man if he’s happy about that, what do you think he’ll say?

He’d probably ask for a solution, and luckily there are plenty of testosterone boosters out there that work by stimulating the body’s natural testosterone production, boosting testosterone levels without relying on synthetic testosterone or any sort of anabolic steroids. This avoids any of the nasty side effects that are typically associated with hormone replacement therapies whilst giving you all of the benefits.

Today we’re taking a look at Testofierce, a testosterone booster made by trufierce, a well respected brand that is marketed mostly to the gym bro’s among us. We’ll cut to the chase for those who are looking for a quick answer and basically it’s a good supplement, but there are some practices we touch on during our brand overview that calls some integrity and honesty into question. That being said they do have a fully transparent formula and it’s actually good, but it’s over-bloated with doses that far exceed what they need to be, and this just takes up space that could be better served for more ingredients instead.

That’s why instead we’d like to direct your attention to Testofuel, another testosterone booster that is marketed primarily towards gym bro’s that has a similarly great formula to testofierce, but instead of bloating out it’s doses we instead have fantastic ingredients such as oyster extract and maca root. They also conduct themselves in a far more consumer friendly manner, and all of this comes in at a very close pricing, with Testofuel coming out a little bit cheaper at $65.

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With that in mind lets take an in-depth look at Testofierce.

Brand Overview

Testofierce really push the masculinity edge with their branding, which is honestly very befitting of a testosterone booster. Their website is plastered with muscly men to the degree that it’s gratuitous, but again we do see what they’re doing here, it’s just getting that brand image that you might look like that too; if only you’d buy their supplement.

They make some bold claims on their website, such as being “The most powerful (and natural) testosterone booster on the planet”, which hilariously hints that perhaps they’ve encountered an interstellar testosterone booster that has them beat. They also make such claims as “without testosterone, you’d be merely a shell of a man” and as much as we see their angle here, it kind of comes across as this weird shaming tactic to try and sell their product, and we can’t respect that in all honesty.

One thing we’d like to draw attention to is the serving size of Testofierce, as it requires a whopping 7 capsules per serving. They claim that the reason for this is that it’s the small price to pay to get a “real, natural dose of power and manhood” and we’ll get into whether or not that’s true in our ingredients breakdown. What we’d like to point out right now is that there are other options such as Testofuel, which are perfectly capable of providing a high dose of scientifically proven ingredients with only 4 pills per serving.

Let’s take a look at how testofierce tries to stand out from the crowd and how it represents it’s competitors. Despite what we said about claims of being “the most powerful” there’s a section of Testofierce’s website that unironically says that other supplements are “overhyped with exaggerated claims.” We understand marketing is hard but come on, that’s a bit silly. Either embrace how over the top the game is or condemn it, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

There’s also their 100% money back guarantee, which one their front page is a 60 day money back guarantee, but when you dig into the refund policy you’ll find that you need to have been consistently taking Testofierce for a full 90 days as instructed by the packaging as well as: Performed regular exercise and eaten a consistently healthy and calorie controlled diet. This means that first of all, you need to have purchased a three month supply. Secondly, you need to have kept a diary of your workout and diet. Thirdly, you need to compile all of this information and submit it to be verified by a biased adjudicator so that they can nitpick it all and determine no refund will be given out. There’s nothing 100% about it.

We’ve been a bit negative so far so to give credit where it’s due testofierce provides fully transparent labelling, disclosing all of it’s ingredients and the doses of said ingredients which is genuinely a very respectable and redeeming move. Their product is also proudly made in USA, FDA approved facilities which goes a long way in building trust with their customer base.

Ingredients Breakdown

Vitamin D 125mcg

With the amount of time we spend indoors during the day in our modern lives, Vitamin D deficiency is very common, with an estimated 41% of Americans being deficient. This can spell bad news for your bodies ability to produce testosterone naturally, as data suggests an association between vitamin D level and testosterone levels in Men.

We found a study aiming to evaluate this that took 200 participants (of which 165 completed the trial) and split them into control (placebo) or intervention (supplementing Vitamin D) groups and tested their progress over a 1 year period. The control group were found to have sustained low levels of both vitamin D and testosterone, where the intervention group found significant increases to both, suggesting that vitamin D supplementation can increase testosterone levels in men [1].

The dose for the trial was 83mcg daily, so 125 is more than you really need, but that’s not so much of a bad thing at the end of the day.

Vitamin K2 (MK7) 20mcg

Thanks to it’s abundance in foods, Vitamin K deficiency is quite rare luckily, though it’s a very popular inclusion in many of the best testosterone boosters because of it’s association with testosterone production. That being said, it’s definitely one of the lesser backed ingredients and hangs onto it’s place in test boosters in more of a “well, it’s cheap, takes up very little space, and the evidence we do have is promising so may as well keep it in” way rather than it being a must have ingredient.

This is because the supporting evidence comes from animal studies, so further research is necessary to support claims that it will boost testosterone production. Such studies have concluded that dietary vitamin K affects testicular vitamin k levels, which may facilitate the inhibition of inflammation and work towards maintaining steady levels of testosterone [2]

Vitamin B6 10mg

Another ingredient that sits in a similar place as Vitamin K, but actually with a bit less scientific evidence. Pyrodoxine is again, not a very common deficiency, though if you’re vegan you will have to resort to supplements to get your daily intake as it’s mostly present in meat and animal products such as dairy.

The best supporting paper for it’s inclusion in any test booster is from 1984 and was an animal study. This trial observed that B6 deficiency increased of testosterone into the prostate, suggesting that vitamin B6 has a function on steroid hormones, including testosterone [3]. Not the best supporting evidence really, but again it’s hardly going to harm anyone for being here and it’s hardly taking up any space at all, so it gets a free pass really. Not necessary in any regard, quite possible not very helpful at all, but it’s hard to complain about.

Magnesium 200mg

A highly abundant mineral in the body that is naturally present in many foods, magnesium has been identified to play roles in protein synthesis and muscle function, which suggests that without optimal levels you could be losing out on potential muscle mass and muscle growth. It’s also been clinically identified to posses testosterone boosting properties.

We found one study that wanted to assess how magnesium supplementation affected testosterone levels in both athletes and more sedentary people, and as such split the groups into supplementing with prescribed exercises and supplementing without any exercises prescribed and exercising without any supplementation. Testing showed that supplementation with magnesium increases free and total testosterone levels in both groups, with the athletes who supplemented seeing the greatest rise [4].

Zinc 30mg

This essential mineral is one of the most abundant in the body, and deficiencies are generally considered uncommon, with the groups at highest risk being pregnant women and those who follow a plant based diet. With the rise in plant-based diets, this has caused deficiencies in Zinc to be more common as well, and in men severe and moderate zinc deficiencies are linked to hypogonadism and is known to be linked with testosterone levels.

This has been observed clinically in a comparative study. In this study 40 healthy men and measured their testosterone levels before and during zinc deficiency induced by a zinc restricted diet. They also measured 9 elderly men who were found to have a zinc deficiency already and provided them zinc supplementation for 6 months. The zinc restriction resulted in a significant decrease to serum testosterone after 20 weeks, and the elderly men experienced a similarly significant increase to testosterone after 6 months of supplementation. This led the researchers to conclude that zinc plays an important role in modulating testosterone in healthy men [5].

The dosing is a little high at 30mg as the recommended daily allowance is 11mg for men and 8mg for women. This isn’t going to cause you any problems but it’s another showing that Testofierce is more interested in telling you it has high doses of everything rather than making those doses actually count for anything; there’s no evidence that more Zinc will result in more testosterone. Just evidence that deficiency causes low testosterone, so any more than the RDA is just gratuitous.

Ashwagandha Root Powder 300mg

This evergreen shrub grows in Asia and Africa and is most commonly known for being a potent anti inflammatory, as well as it’s anxiety relieving affects. This was it’s role in ancient medicine but it’s been on the radar as potentially helpful for testosterone for quite some time now, especially when it comes to libido in men.

This has led to a fair bit of research into the topic, most of which does have a positive association such as a 16-week randomised, double blind crossover study that observed significant increases in testosterone in it’s subjects [6]. This has led to it being a fairly common inclusion in some of the best testosterone boosters out there, but it’s not without controversy.

Denmark have actually banned ashwaganda root powder in 2020 after conducting their own research on the plant and concluding it has dangerous affects on sex hormones and thyroid activity, though the ashwaganda industry have defended themselves by making the claim the Danish research had failed to differentiate between the leaves and root of the plant. We’re not sure Denmark made the right call, as it’s common for plants that are used the world over to have similarly dangerous attributes such as Rhubarb, which has poisonous leaves but the stalk is common in desserts.

D-Aspartic Acid 3,000mg

You’ve more than likely heard of the most important amino acids such as branch chain amino acids and essential amino acids, of which D-Aspartic acid is neither. That isn’t a case to write it off just yet however, as despite it not being a necessary kog in the machine of your body’s natural testosterone production, there’s evidence out there to suggest it is helpful.

One such study thats 43 men and divides them into a control and intervention group randomly, and the intervention group say a 41% increase to testosterone [7]. There’s also evidence to suggest D-Aspartic acid can help to build lean muscle mass, but this is currently contested in the scientific community, so take such claims with a grain of salt.

The dosing here is again questionable as it’s just so much. The evidence for D-aspartic acid typically falls around 2,000mg so again they’ve included far more than necessary in order to support the idea that they’re so highly dosed, but more isn’t always better when it comes to testosterone supplements.

Fenugreek Seed Powder 300mg

Though it’s commonly used in Indian cooking as the spice “Methi”, fenugreek also has a long history in traditional Indian medicine which is likely do to its affect on digestion and blood sugar, mimicking insulin, and was even at one time considered some sort of aphrodisiac. This has been found in the modern day to be due to Fenugreeks ability to increase testosterone production in men and even the female hormone estrogen in women.

This one of the most well researched and generally accepted natural T boosters around so we won’t beat around the bush too long here. The best supporting evidence we found was a systematic study that selected 4 RCT’s and from them concluded that Fenugreek has a consistently significant effect on serum and total testosterone in men [8].

Asian Ginseng Powder 150mg

Native to the far east, Ginseng is similar to fenugreek in that it was used as traditional Chinese medicine for it’s positive affects on blood sugar and was also similarly believed to be an aphrodisiac of some kind. This time it’s more likely ginsengs ability to ameliorate erectile dysfunction, though it’s also been found later on to improve testosterone levels.

This is a similarly well studied and generally accepted ingredient, so you can expect to see it in pretty much every competent t booster and especially in those that are marketed towards older men thanks to it’s observed ability to improve erections [9]

Boron 10mg

A trace element that is naturally present in many foods, Boron has been studied for it’s potential as an essential mineral, though it’s not quite earned that title yet, for it’s effects on plants, animals and humans growth hormones, leading some to believe it’s possibly responsible for the evolution of life across the planet.

These grandiose claims aside, it’s a solid choice for any testosterone booster and testofierce have done a good job for including it and resisting over-dosing it as has become a bit of a pattern at this point. We found one comparative study exploring the effects of Boron supplementation on testosterone, and it was found that after an hour the sex hormone binding globulin had increased significantly, and then after a week testosterone increased dramatically, as well as a similarly dramatic fall in estradiol in the blood, the precursor to estrogen in the male body [10].

Black Pepper Fruit Extract 5mg

Black pepper fruit extract is a very popular choice in pretty much every dietary supplement going. this is thanks to the active ingredient in black pepper, Piperine, which is also responsible for the biting flavor that black pepper is known for. What piperine does is it increases the bioavailability of all of the other ingredients, which is a fancy way of saying they will be more easily absorbed by the body, increasing their potency.


Overall testofierce is actually a good testosterone booster. It’s got a great array of ingredients that have obviously been very carefully selected and they’re all clinically proven to be effective. The main drawbacks are the way it presents itself being a bit on the nose, the poorly implemented money back guarantee scheme which is so complicated it’s 100% sure you won’t be getting your money, and putting in far more than is necessary of particular ingredients only to serve the claim made that they’re so highly dosed compared to other brands.

If you can look past all of that then you will be getting a decent product, but at this price point the competition is really fierce so we’d recommend you look elsewhere to spend your money more wisely. A great example being Testofuel, which is the most similar to testofierce we could find that drops all of the nonsense surrounding it. For example, all of the ingredients are dosed properly, there’s no shenanigans going to to try and convince you it’s better than it is. It’s just a great t booster designed to help bolster athletic performance and increase muscle growth, and we highly recommend you check it out.

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