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R1 Protein is a whey protein powder made by Rule One Proteins. It is designed to help the muscles grow and recover faster. The manufacturer describes the product as its “flagship protein”.

The product offers 25g of protein, which is taken from a blend of whey isolate and whey hydrolysate. One portion (scoop) also features 110 calories (5 from fat), 2g of total carbohydrates, 0g of sugar, 1g of dietary fiber and 0.5g of total fat.

R1 Protein is – or has been – sold in 15 flavors. These include “Apple Cinnamon”, “Chocolate Fudge”, “Café Mocha”, “Frozen Banana” and “Lightly Salted Caramel”.


1 review for R1 Protein

  1. jakel39

    Underrated Whey Protein Product
    —-Quick Summary—-
    Hey everyone; first review here, so naturally, I decided to make a review about one of my favorite whey protein brands that in my opinion, isn’t given enough attention. I learned that after purchasing this the first time, whether or not I would continue to buy from this company depends heavily on my priorities at that time. For example, if I have a few extra bucks to spare in exchange for this product’s pure formula and good taste (depending on which one you choose), I’d go for this, but if not, I’d choose another whey protein brand.

    After getting bored of using the same whey protein brand over and over, I decided to venture out and found Rule One. They boasted about their completely “pure” formula that caught my attention, led me to do some research on it and upon trying it myself, was surprised to see that everything that they had advertised was completely true.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    The absolute number one aspect that stood out to me (and what the company likes to advertise the most) is that it does not use whey concentrate, instead, it only uses whey hydrolysate and isolate. For those of you that don’t know, isolate and hydrolysate are the purest forms of whey protein there is, of course, indicating that it will usually cost a bit more. However, I would keep in mind that most companies’ whey concentrate formulas are improving and becoming a lot more clean, so whether or not it uses whey concentrate may be less impactful for me as time goes on.

    R1’s Protein also comes with a bit over 6 grams of BCAAs and added glutamine. It does not have sugars, and has a pretty negligible amount of salt and artificial flavoring.

    The taste was my second favorite part about this product, although I do have to include a warning after tasting my third batch from them. The first two bottles I got from them were Cookies & Creme, which was the best tasting whey protein I’ve ever experienced, but the third bottle, Vanilla Creme, tasted subpar at best. Obviously, taste is pretty subjective, but I would be careful about which one you get.

    The mixability and dosing is standard; mixes just fine like any of your other standard whey protein products, and a scoop post-workout will do the job.

    Its effectiveness was as expected; the 25 grams of protein allowed me to fill up the rest of my protein intake, whether it was post workout or as a meal replacement. I often used it as a way to replace my breakfast when I was running late to work in the mornings. Also, it is convenient that I do not need to worry about supplementing with extra BCAAs post workout, as it is already included in the product.
    In terms of how the product itself felt, it digested well and I did not have any problems with it.

    The value of this product is decent. It is a bit pricier than many of your typical concentrate-based whey protein, but it’s still very reasonable. With its impressive ingredient profile and solid taste, I personally don’t mind paying the extra money for this. The cheapest place to buy it was previously from their website, but they recently increased the price, so now your best bet would be off of Amazon. It costs $38 for 38 servings, but you can get a larger tub for a cheaper per serving cost, though I must say, the difference is not that substantial. If you can afford to buy it, want to experiment with a new company, or really need a super clean formula, I’d definitely recommend this.

    —-Side Effects—-
    No side effects.

    I could never understand why this product is so unknown. I’ve been using it for almost half a year now, and with the exception of one disappointing flavor, this product is definitely solid. It has the proper dosage of protein in its most pure form, includes a decently high amount of BCAAs and glutamine, and avoids added sugar. It contains all the components that are required in a great whey protein product. Definitely recommend this product.

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