Rule 1 Proteins

Also styled as R1 or Rule One, Rule 1 Proteins is a supplement brand based in Aurora, Illinois. It was founded in 2014.

The brand’s co-founders are Tony Costello and Mike Costello – also co-founders and former owners of Optimum Nutrition Inc. The Costello brothers currently own Nutrivo LLC and the Rivalus brand.

All Rule 1 Proteins products are exclusively manufactured at the Nutrivo facility in Aurora, Illinois. This 230,000 sq. ft. facility features large warehouses and laboratories, as well as blending, packaging, shipping and meeting spaces.

The Nutrivo plant includes “32-ft ceilings for superior” quality and blending. Meanwhile, its wide range of packaging options include pouches (1-12lb in size), sample packets and PET/HD plastic containers (8oz to 2 gallons in size). In addition, the facility’s 22 loading docks and in/out access points.

The blending space is equipped with “fluidized mixing capabilities”. In other words, it can produce “homogenous”, “instantized” and “agglomerated” formulas with “minimal mix times”. The production area includes fully-automated lines for large runs and semi-automated lines for smaller runs.

The production area also features an “in-line check weighter”, a “metal detector”, “capper”, “date/lot capper”, “box taper”, and a pressure-sensitive labeler.

In fact, all equipment in the Nutrivo plant is state of the art (less than five years old). The facility is also FDA-approved and carries GMP certification from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

What’s more, the Rule 1 Proteins website asserts that the brand delivers “the best protein powders and nutritional supplements in the world”.

As you may expect from a brand with the word ‘protein’ in its name, Rule 1 Proteins makes and sells a range of protein-related products – including casein, gainers, plant-based supplements, whey, BCAA and more. But it also sells pre-workouts, intra-workouts, fat burners, thermogenics and more.

Rule 1 Proteins athletes (endorsers) include – or have included – Suraqah Shabazz (IFBB PRO Men’s Physique), Delaney Jade Stein (NPC Bikini Competitor) and Kevin Kree (NPC Super Heavyweight Bodybuilder).

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