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  1. BroteinBoy

    ApeS**t? No, but ApeBuzzed? Yes

    Whats up SR, figured it was about time I dropped my review of the Untamed ApeShit by Primeval labs. I train early mornings before work, so I need all of the help I can get to make the most out of every workout. Shout out the Trooper program for sending this my way.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    Right off the bat I notice this product is split into a mixture of disclosed ingredients and a prop blend. Personally I’m not a huge fan of prop blends, might as well just disclose everything if you are already disclosing half of the ingredients anyways, but oh well. So lets go over what is disclosed and then the prop blend, keep in mind that this is broken down into a 1 coop serving and a two scoop serving:

    L-Citrulline – 2.250g (4.5g)
    Beta Alanine – 1.6g (3.2g)
    Taurine – 1g (2g)
    Agmatine Sulfate- 375mg (750mg)

    ApeSh*** Blend – 400mg (800mg)
    Choline Bitartrate, Caffeine Anhydrous, Caffeine Citrate, DiCaffeine Malate, Yohimbine Hydrochloride, Citicoline Sodium, Huperzine A 1%

    As we can see this is a very well dosed pre at the 2 scoop serving size, while we cant get an exact number on the stimulants, my guess is somewhere north of 300mg caffeine total.


    The flavor I received was the “Smashberry”, I honestly don’t know exactly how to classify it, I would say its a mix of blueberry and strawberry mostly. Regardless of the confusion it caused me it does taste very nice, a good amount of sweet without being over powering, mixes into a really nice bright blue as well. Mixability was flawless for me, no floaters or sinkers. Dosing is listed on the tub as 1-2 scoops prior to a workout, judging off the label I exclusively used the 2 scoop serving for my run of this product.


    In order to keep this short and to the point I’ll break this down into the classical pre workout categories.

    Energy & Focus: Okay since we have already noted that this does include multiple caffeine sources, so does it deliver on energy? You bet it does, the energy from this comes on very smooth and stays consistent the entire workout. Not a knock your socks off blast of energy but instead a nice lift off without a harsh crash at the end, you can that the Dicaffeine Malate for that. The yohimbine does help give you an extra kick that caffeine alone cant provide, more of a body stimulation then a mental one, you feel a nice whole body buzz and can feel the increase in your heart rate. The focus did lack on this for me, which I was disappointed about, I really love when a pre workout can really dial me in and give me that tunnel vision feeling, this was just simply not there with this pre.

    Pumps: Another area that was lacking, The L-Citrulline was moderately dosed in the 2 scoop serving and the agmatine is at the very low end of the clinical dosage. This really showed through, as the pumps I had during my workouts were pretty minimal, I would have liked to see higher dosages of the pump ingredients or perhaps the inclusion of some muscle volumizers such as glycerol.

    Endurance & strength: The endurance with this product was another bright spot, the proper dosing of beta alanine was the first thing I noticed because by the time I got to the gym I wanted to scratch my ears off. But this is a good sign, and it came along with a nice endurance boost that helped me survive some very tough workouts. Strength wise I am not sure what to make of it, as there are no direct ATP boosters in this, most of the strength gains seem to come from the stimulants.


    This retails for around $39.99 (40 serving tub), which means if you are using a one scoop serving then you are looking at $1 per serve, and $2 per serve if using 2 scoops. That does put this on the higher end of the pricing in my mind as I am not sure how effective this would be at a one scoop serving.

    —-Side Effects—-

    None, don’t take too close to bed time for obvious reasons.


    In conclusion this pre does deliver from an energy and endurance standpoint, but some glaring underdoages keeps it from being an amazing pre workout, a better pump profile alongside a more comprehensive focus blend could really have taken this to the next level in my books. Regardless if you are looking for something to get you in the gym without running the risk of having a bad crash, this is definitely an option for you. If you can get away with a one scoop serving then the price point is also much more manageable. Personally when paying $2 per serving I just simply want more from my pre workout, so keep an eye out for deals and discounts if you want to take a run with this.

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