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Dicaffeine Malate

Also known as: Infinergy, di-caffeine malate

Combination of caffeine and malic acid the provides a sustained release of caffeine into the body and eases the effects of caffeine on the stomach.

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What Is It?

Dicaffeine malate, also known as Infinergy, is an ionic bonded combination of caffeine and malic acid (malate), trademarked by Creative Compounds LLC. Infinergy contains approximately 75% caffeine and 25% malic acid by molecular weight.

Interestingly enough, Coca-Cola was the first company to utilize this alternative form of caffeine. After cocaine was banned from use in consumer goods, Coca-Cola began using dicaffeine malate as a replacement stimulant.

What Does It Do?

Dicaffeine malate is a buffered form of caffeine that produces the same stimulatory effects of caffeine but with a few additional benefits. Specifically, malic acid supports healthy digestion, thus offsetting some of the GI distress many users deal with when taking in high amounts of caffeine anhydrous. Additionally, malic acid is also a key player in the Krebs Cycle, the intracellular process of energy production.

Perhaps dicaffeine malate's biggest contribution is its ability to provide a more prolonged, smooth and sustained energy compared to caffeine anhydrous. Often times, regular forms of caffeine create a huge surge of energy, leading to jitters, and eventually, a huge crash. The combination of malate and caffeine provides a smooth uptick in energy that lasts several hours longer than traditional caffeine and has a smooth ride down.

Aside from increased energy, Infinergy also imparts the same benefits as regular caffeine in regards to performance including: reduced fatigue, improved concentration, increased physical performance and greater alertness. On its own, dicaffeine malate is incredibly effective, but when used in tandem with caffeine anhydrous, the two form an ideal punch of quick hitting energy that will last long after you've finished your last set for the day.

Benefits of Dicaffeine Malate

  • Increases energy

  • Heightens focus

  • Elevates mood

  • Boosts metabolism

  • Delays fatigue

  • Easy on the stomach

  • No crash or jitters!

How Much?

Typically, you will not see dicaffeine malate used as the sole source of caffeine in a dietary supplement. More often than not, it's included as part of a blend of stimulants to help provide a long, smooth, and sustained energy throughout the workout and long after.

Amounts vary greatly, but most commonly it's dosed in the 75mg-150mg range.


Caffeine is a stimulant held in high regard for its numerous benefits it imparts to physical performance and overall health. Dicaffeine malate is the "next generation" form of caffeine that combines the best aspects of caffeine and blends it with the endurance-boosting properties of malic acid.

If you've never fared well with high doses of pure caffeine, dicaffeine malate provides the ideal option to get all the energy increasing effects of caffeine without any of the unwarranted side effects.

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