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A popular brand of testosterone booster, TestoFuel first came to the global market in 2012. It is made by Roar Ambition – a “specialist supplement company”.

TestoFuel is designed to raise strength, boost muscle growth and size, increase energy, enhance self-esteem and improve the moods of users.

According to testofuel.com, the testosterone booster uses D-aspartic acid to promote the release of the Luteinizing hormone – a precursor of the male hormone. It also contains vitamin D3 to “kickstart testosterone levels”, “increase strength” and increase “muscle mass”.

In total, TestoFuel contains nine “100% natural ingredients”. For this reason, consumers “shouldn’t experience any unwanted side effects”.


5 reviews for Testofuel

  1. InsaneGainz

    Ok but not blown away
    Been using TestoFuel for the last few months alongside my regualr training and have noticed some marginal improvements in my energy levels but nothing major in terms of gains. I’m gpoing to persist with the product for a little while longer and see how well it works. Its a great price if you get the 4 month deal (you get a free bottle). Seems good at the moment but nothing revolutionary, perhaps I expected too much!

  2. PiccoloPete

    Test this product if you wish to receive some decent Fuel, at a pretty steep price!

    —-Quick Summary—-
    TestoFuel is a products that is not widely available in any store or online. I only happen to find it at the websites below: 1 – https://www.testofuel.com/one-box-testofuel.html?tf_source=google&tf_medium=cpc&tf_term=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI05Tc-eaZ3wIVpiCtBh2AmgdHEAkYASABEgL5xPD_BwE 2 – https://www.roarambition.com/testofuel.html The price point for Testofuel is around a little steeper as you are paying over $2.00 a serving.
    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    [b]Vitamin Section[/b] Vitamin D3 5K iu Vitamin K2 18mcg Vitamin B6 5mg Magnesium 200mg Zinc 10mg [b]Test/Libido boosting ingredients[/b] D-Aspartic Acid – 2300mg – Has been proven to help increase lean body mass, and boost testosterone naturally. Asian Red Panax Ginseng – 100mg – This ingredient is really interesting as it is not neseceraly a test booster but it does help ones overall health, thus providing help with the boy down there. Some of the Benefits that you can expect are boost in immune health, increased energy, increase in brain function. Fenugreek seeds – 100mg – Has been used as test and libido booster and helps increase muscle mass after weight training. Oyster extract – 100mg: This is has been proven to help increase immunity and improve sexual health. They have also been classed as a superfood because they help at counteracting fatigue and benefit general health.
    0 Taste and Mixability Dosing was done as the bottle states. 4 capsules a day spread out throughout the day taken with a meal or snack.
    I have taken a few test boosters in my lifting life and know what to look out for as far as effect of a good Testosterone booster. I will be rating this product on 3 sections Strength, Performance and Libido. [b]Strength[/b] Score: 7/10 While taking Testofuel I noticed a slight increase in strength. I noticed that weights that normally felt heavy in my bench, squat, deadlift and overhead press were not as heavy. I wasn’t on a specific program where I was trying to get as strong as possible. I was and am training to be a better version of myself and not let myself go. There were days where I knew a specific weight should have felt heavier because of the type of day I had. As I have mentioned before I train in all types of Set/rep ranges depending on the exercise. [b]Performance[/b] Score: 7.5/10 This section is not very easy to review, because there are so many factors that can have an effect ones performance. I did notice that when I had a difficult/long day at work and was mentally and physically tired I was still able to perform and meet my expectation. [b]Libido[/b] 7/10 So as far as Libido goes, it was increased slightly. I noticed that I was more easily ready to go and a seconds notice. The wife also noticed that I was getting a tad bit more annoying and needy. All things considered Testofuel is a decent test booster. But below you will see why I gave a Meh!
    As I mentioned above I was only able to find this online from to places and both had the same price of $65 per bottle until you buy 3 bottles ($195) they give you a free bottle. So what I am trying to say is that at over 2 dollars a serving Testofuel may not be the most bang for your buck.
    —-Side Effects—-
    Some acne on back my upper back and my legs.
    My gathered thoughts on Testofuel is that it is a product that works and has proven ingredients that work well together. But that Price point is a Meh for me, especially with other products out there that will offer similar results at a better price point.

  3. WarMachine

    Was Not Expecting Anything Incredible, But Was Still Unsatisfactory For Me

    —-Quick Summary—-
    While I have tried many test booster in my lifting career, Testofuel did not give me the benefits I was hoping for in regards to what I expect from a ntrual test support supplement.
    A special thanks to Roar Ambition for their participation here on SR.com. Before I discuss my experience with Testofuel, I would like to apologize for the tardiness of this review. Natural test boosters are meant to help us men maintain the “alpha” drive we are known for both inside and out of the gym. Subsequent testosterone levels are needed for anabolic support in order to induce muscle hypertrophy as well as other functions such as libido and overall health. For me, I would expect a natty test booster to boost my libido, give me some gym aggression, elevate my mood, and give me a better overall feeling of hypertrophic induced recovery.
    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    The profile starts with some basic vitamins and minerals known for general health support and their role in testosterone support. They include Vitamin D at 5,000IU, Vitain K2 at 18mcg, Vitamin B6 at 5mg, magnesium at 200mg, and zinc at 10mg. Th included vitamins, particularly vitamin D, are known for the production and support of testosterone function and sex cells. They also have several other functions within the body. Similar, magnesium and zinc play roles in testosterone production and possess other roles in the body as well. Following in the profile, we have D-Aspartic acid at 2,300mg, oyster powder at 100mg, fenugreek at 100mg, and asian red panax ginseng at 100mg. DAA made a huge splash in the supplement industry after studies demonstrated its test boosting properties. However, its effective dose range was 3,120mg. So with only 2,300mg in this product, clearly we have an underdosing. The oyster powder and red panax ginseng are said to have libido boosting properties with potential test support properties as well. Though, I am not sure just how well documented such claims are. Fenugreek has been demonstrated to have test support properties, but 100mg is low considering most products have it at around 4-5 times that much. Overall, a familiar looking profile, but definitely underdosed ingredients in many areas. —-Dosing—- The directions call for a total of 4 pills taken daily spread. I took one pill 4 times a day. Each time with a meal. There were times where I simply took all 4 with my largest meal just to analyze any differences. I found no difference in results regardless, but I stuck with the spread protocol.
    As the title says, I wasn’t expecting anything mind blowing, but this product fell short overall. I did see a moderate increase in libido and gym aggression. I had some more frequent erections with better erection quality along with some improvement in vigor and desire. My workouts seemed somewhat more intense in the sense that I had a modest improvement in focus with a more “lift this F****ng weight” mindset. However, both increases in both areas were not what I would deem significant. I saw no difference in strength, mass, or the progression of gains. Truthfully, I never expect this primarily from a natty test booster, but I figured I’d see improvement in recovery at the very least. Nonetheless, no such improvement was seen. I had a slight improvement in muscle pump and hardness with better vascularity. Again though, this was insignificant in comparison to experiences with other past products. In summary, Testofuel didn’t deliver very well in the areas I was looking for.
    As of now, you can only purchase a month’s supply directly on the brand’s website for 65 dollars. That is a pretty poor value considering the underdosed profile and lack of efficacy. Your far better off shopping for cheaper more effective products.
    —-Side Effects—-
    In terms of any that may have been indicative of increased test levels………none
    Given the lack of efficacy and poor value for the price, this is not a product I would recommend. It did not give me significant benefits that would be indicative of increased test levels and falls short overall in every category. Your better off investing in bulk DAA or perhaps stand alone tongkat Ali or ashwagandha. WARMACHINE OUT!!! GO PATS!!!

  4. RJones

    Great product, actually works
    It’s rare that I get the opportunity to say this, but testofuel is a t booster than does work. I used it for the full 4 month course and have to say i was blown away. It seems to have solid reviews here and across the web, so it was a no brainer to purchase it. It took about 3 months before the benefits really started to kick in but when they did, i noticed huge improvements. I found it much easier to put on muscle, my energy levels make me feel 10 years younger and i’ve even noticed the difference in the sack! It loses a star just because there’s no such thing as a perfect t booster, but this is as close as you’ll ever get.

  5. Simmo

    Amazing gains
    I bought testofuel via an email offer i received and have to say i was a bit sceptical on some of the claims. The product said that it can help you build muscle mass by increasing the amount of testosterone in your system. I wasn’t sure that an ‘over the counter’ type product would do this, but I have to say I am impressed. I have been using for 2 months and while it’s early days, i have noticed bigger improvements than I have through training alone. I’m 45 and my mood has increased too. I have gained a few cms on my legs, chest and arms. I’ll definitely be taking it for the near future and would recommend if you’ve hit the wall when it comes to gaining.

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